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The Blood Moon Over BISD


Philip R. Klein, Editor


    Now that the state has made their decision to take over the Beaumont Independent School District, there is a story that will go down in the history of Southeast Texas. That story will be of a Facebook site, and a lawyer that did the right thing.

Now I would like to give kudos to the Facebook site itself - but it was just a platform for everyone to work together. They were nice enough to allow myself and my staff to monitor it and from time to time post story announcements on it. Yes, there were some that were very very harsh on us - and we like that because it makes us better. But that is not the story - the story is this group that stood together as a small group of taxpayers that worked together to make a change.

And they did.

One of those members was an attorney named Mike Getz. We named him Gadfly of the year a couple of years ago. And many of you know why now. He did the right thing and would not back down. He stood up to the power of the government - he had the support of the group that I have mentioned above - he used his own resources and he had the help of three other lawyers that did hours and hours of work with no pay.

So now the kudos are out. All of the yum yums and pats on the back are over.

What is left?

Well, a huge political power vacuum. You see the state will not be here forever. Let's look into the future.

First, there WILL BE charges filed against many inside BISD. This shoe has not dropped. When this happens - I am told it will gut the district. Meaning a huge power play for high ranking positions. You the taxpayers should watch this closely.

Second, the voting district and the district lines will be drawn by the newly installed board. Politics will play very hard in this - as some of the old faces will try and come back into the district. I have hope that community leaders will step back, and put up new faces into the process.

Third, there is will be a new way to do business - and folks many of you simply are not going to like what is coming. From the teachers - to the employees - to the taxpayers. Either there will be drastic cuts in the way the district does business - or there will be a massive tax increase. Why? The finances are worse than anyone could have dreamed.

Forth, you clearly saw how weak our county and local government was. Not a peep from any city council person or commissioner (other than Getz) until they were pressured. Then a small blurb from two. Where was the leadership in any of this? They should have been screaming from the mountains. Is it weakness - or maybe they just don't care?

Last, the media is going to have to fix themselves. One of the reasons that this situation got so far out of control is because of the media. We have lost the media - they write and tell stories off of press releases. They do not have the talent in many cases that was once there. Reporters are not going after the stories that creates the watchdog mentality. Thank God for the Examiner - and KBMT who was very proactive on the case - but I say (as we say about myself) they could have done better.

So as the blood moon arises over Southeast Texas tonight - and everyone goes to bed thinking they have won - in the end there may not have been a big win - yet a new direction and new problems that nobody ever thought about.

God bless you all in Beaumont Board Watch, God Bless Mike Getz, God Bless the kids of BISD and God Bless Commissioner Williams for his leadership.

And so it begins - 4-14-14 - the day of the Blood Moon over Southeast Texas. May it bring change and may it bring change for us all in Jefferson County Texas.


# # #



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