The Stalkers Of Klein


The Stalkers Of Our Editor – Philip R. Klein


Over the past 7 years since this site has gone viral – our editor Philip R. Klein – has been stalked by a group of individuals that are currently under investigation by the US DOJ, two counties, and the State of Texas. We want to introduce them to you as they give misinformation and flat out lie regarding information they spew.

Furthermore, it has been announced by the spokesperson for the group that they are attempting to put Mr. Klein and his company out  of business. 

The more light you put on these roaches – the more you will see them for whom they are. 

Here they are : 



Mr. Dorrell is a partner with the law firm Hanszen LaPorte. Mr. Dorrell first appeared in a 202 filing (not a lawsuit) regarding subpoena’s issued to Google for two web sites that had made horrible statements regarding Mr. Klein. A 202 is not a lawsuit, as has been portrayed by the group, yet an exploratory request to the court to answer questions. Mr. Dorrell was eventually outed by internet operators as being the person behind one of the sites. The other, now dead, Neil Harrison, was one of the other operators of the sites – however – Google stated at the time there were multi entries. Google has saved those entries for law enforcement. 

Mr. Dorrell is married to convicted felon Michael Centro known as “Administrator Mike.” Mr. Dorrell has seemingly been arrested for DUI years back, and he is associated with known convicted felon Thomas Retzlaff. 

Mr. Dorrell has been involved with four legal actions against Mr. Klein and his companies, and there is an alleged suggestion regarding ordering Mr. Retzlaff to locate and find plaintiffs for Mr. Dorrell to sue Klein. There is currently an investigation ongoing regarding the charge of “Barratry.” 

Over the past four years, Mr. Dorrell has alleged to have used the Texas appeals courts, to not allow any cases to be tried, and has targeted Mr. Klein’s insurance companies. The state insurance commission is alleged to have an active monitoring on Mr. Dorrell, his firm that gives him grace to operate, and others that he is involved with. #jefferydorrell


Former Paralegal Michael Centeno


Convicted Felon Michael Centeno of Houston, Texas – who was reported to be a paralegal at Hanszen LaPort Law Firm in Houston, and is married to Jeffery Dorrell, is considered by many to be the person named “administrator Mike” on the known convicted felon and stalker Thomas Retzlaff’s web page called “ViaView.” Centeno has had a long and challenging issue with drugs – and has been arrested and convicted of drug and drug related charges. 

According to the Houston Police Department, in a freedom of information request, HPD advises that they cannot release any information and suggests that there is an ongoing investigation regarding Centeno. In what would be a horrible backtrack for Mr. Centeno and his drug problems over the years, Mr. Centeno is seemingly well on the radar of the Houston Police. Furthermore, Centeno is a Notary Public in the state of Texas – which on face value is illegal – however an investigation is ongoing. 

Klein has had zero interaction with this subject – and it is unknown (other than his association with Dorrell) why it is suggested that he continues to say the things he does regarding Mr. Klein. 




Mr. Camp is currently serving three years in the Colorado state prison system. He was convicted of stalking and harassment of a female in Colorado. He was seemingly assisted by Attorney Sue Basko and took advise from her. Basko is being monitored regarding her association with this group – however – she has not been directly linked. There are hours of phone conversations between Basko and Camp that are being reviewed by Law Enforcement at this time. Camp has been convicted in the past regarding assisting known pedophile and stalker to Mr. Klein Thomas Retzlaff. As well, Camp is a strong associate of Neil Rauhauser who is a wanted felon. There is a suggestion that there may be other charges that Mr. Camp will have to face in Florida – and that when his time is up in Colorado the US Marshals will take him into custody and fly him to Florida to face his charges. There are warrants for his arrest pending in Florida. 

Currently there is a strong suggestion in public and within law enforcement that Camp is very unstable and may in fact be a danger to the public. He will be monitored upon his return to jail in Florida to await his case.

Neil Rauhauser


Neil Rauhauser lives in parts unknown. Mr. Rauhauser is a client / operations friend of Mr. Jeffery Dorrell. Neil has warrant (s) for his arrest according to both the media and those that track him on the internet. The warrants are for back child support, and since the now suggested felony warrants for his arrest have been issued Mr. Rauhauser now has gone into hiding. 

Neil is a former democratic operative for sub portions of the Democratic National Committee and other democratic operative firms on the East Coast. His finger print is to use social media to go after those he dislikes or is asked to destroy. Here is an example of his work and in red our comments (the truth) :

Neal Rauhauser “There seems to be some confusion about what has happened in the past and how the world actually works. Let me try to dispell <sic> some of that.

Klein’s libel suit in Bexar county had an insurance company assigned lawyer for the first year, but that lawyer withdrew from the case using a muddled excuse. This is interpreted as the insurance company admitting that the case has merit. I think there was another lawyer after that guy withdrew, but Klein eventually ended up with John Morgan. Keep in mind Morgan is the ONLY Texas attorney to ever face a TCPA anti-SLAPP action, and he’s got half a dozen of them aimed at him. He’s faced disbarment in Texas and Louisiana, as well as pleading guilty to a substance abuse related thing back in 2014 or 2015. He is … not well.

The Truth : The “insurance lawyer” got a visit from Thomas Retzlaff ‘s friends in the AB nation. As well, the “insurance lawyers daughter at a college on the West Coast got a visit and calls telling her that her “daddy” better get out of the case.” Morgan did face disbarment in Texas and LA – however – was found not guilty of any wrongdoing. The persons filing that complaint (s) – of course Thomas Retzlaff. Mr. Morgan never plead to any substance abuse issue – never ever. 

Klein’s employee, Stephen Hartman, was found guilty of a crime committed during unlicensed bail bond work where he ran an innocent woman off the road because he was after her passenger. I think there will be a suit over this event, too. Klein’s agency has troubles over this, but I do not understand the implications – perhaps another threat to their license. There is a criminal charge for the agency that appears on the Bexar county libel suit’s docket, and Phil felt the need to put out a press release stating that Hartman was working on his own when that event happened.

The Truth : Stephen Hartman was found guilty of a crime. Mr. Hartman was “freelancing”. He did not run anyone off the road. He asked them to pull over from our understanding. There is no criminal charge for the agency that appears in the Bexar county libel suit. What was filed was by Thomas Retzlaff – to which he filed a fake document. This is currently under investigation by Bexar County. We did release a statement – which is true – that Mr. Hartman never pulled a case file number and violated company policy. He was terminated in October of 2016. 

Klein has no lawyer for his Idaho case. I interpret this as his coverage either has lapsed or will lapse shortly, which means no more detective agency. The other interpretation is that he is going pro se with John Morgan’s assistance so they can conduct a discovery fishing expedition, which an insurance company lawyer would not do.

We are interviewing lawyers – and since we were served in the holiday – there was no chance to interview any attorney’s. Our coverage is just fine – and according to the state board of insurance – they will deal with Mr. Retzlaff. Again, this is how they work – throw a suggestion up on the wall and try and hurt Mr. Klein and his companies. 

This fishing expedition will be aimed at Thomas Retzlaff and GoDaddy. Klein and Morgan believe, incorrectly, that the GoDaddy records will show a business relationship between Retzlaff and I or my lawyer. No such relationship exists, but they cling to the idea, because they find the reality of the situation unbearable.

This is spin by Rauhauser. Neil has a relationship with Dorrell, and Dorrell has a relationship with Retzlaff, but denies it until the Feds go emails. And then it all went downhill. Justice is served cold in this one. 

Klein has been losing lawsuits like this since he sued Operation Kleinwatch and Sam the Eagle back in 2011. A simple review of case histories would be instructive – Klein never prevails, at best he spins some dilatory rear guard action.

KIC Texas has not lost one lawsuit. This is a flat out lie. The OKW was not a lawsuit – it was a 202 Exploratory request for information that Mr. Dorrell was found out to be the web site operator. Again, watch how he spins words. 

The conviction of Hartman was followed fairly quickly by Klein broadcasting that he had information on a “swinger’s club” in Jefferson county. My read on this is he’s attempting to intimidate some of the powers that be in his home county. This is just one of a number of signs that the end might be near for KIC Nederland.

This statement is absolutely made up. 

In case it wasn’t clear, I have only cursory knowledge of the Kunz boy’s disappearance. I pay attention to Klein due to his relationship with Morgan and all the hassls <sic> those two have created for the lawyer on my case in Texas.”

Here is a question back – why does Neil care. Because he is a stalker. 

Mr. Klein doesn’t even know Rauhauser. But the question must be asked – why does he even care about Klein to go onto social media and spread lies? Because that is what he is paid to do? And one criminal hires another criminal that hires another criminal? Keep reading and you will understand.

Mr. Mark Sparks


Mark Sparks is an attorney that was based out of Beaumont / Houston. Mr. Sparks is well known to law enforcement in the area as he has been arrested three times and convicted three times of DUI. It is suggested Sparks got to keep his law license due to his connection (s) with Walter Umphrey of Beaumont, Texas, who is a well known and respected lawyer. A few years ago, the rumor at the law firm was that the firm was tired of the actions of Mr. Sparks and he was released. He landed at the Mostyn Law Firm in Houston, however, Mr. Mostyn died less than a month ago and Mr. Sparks was either in the process of losing his job – or had lost it. 

Sparks as well is well known in the gay community. He owns and operates – and is an investor in a gay bar – named TC’s bar. According to the state of Texas and the Texas ABC – there is question whether or not Mr. Sparks being a three time convicted DUI criminal, should or would own a bar. That is currently under investigation. 

Mr. Sparks has kept a low profile, however, has legally harassed Klein’s attorney John Morgan. There is a strong suggestion that Sparks and Dorrell has a close relationship with someone in Southeast Texas – and that exploration by LE continues. #marksparks


Thomas Retzlaff

Thomas Retzlaff is a convicted felon and admitted pedophile that lives in Arizona. Mr. Retzlaff spent years in Texas prisons after bringing a weapon onto a school property and violations of probation. Retzlaff is a well known stalker at the University of Texas San Antonio, a former law firm he worked at, and is known for Revenge Porn and showed up on CNN to support revenge porn. Shockingly, he attempted to garner an education by telling a college that he was a soldier in operations overseas. When the colleges checked his applications – it was found that he was really in prison. In fact, not only is Retzlaff guilty of stolen valor, he is known to have sodomized his wife, and lies to many about himself being a lawyer – 

Retzlaff is suggested to be working directly with Jeffery Dorrell. Some call Retzlaff the legal hit man – as he filed interventions in cases that Dorrell is involved in. This has become a long pattern that has now been well documented in Texas – which has been a part of many investigations. It is expected that Retzlaff will be indicted over this next year for his again criminal activities. 

There is a long history on Thomas Retzlaff that can be found at : 

He is considered a very dangerous person. 

So what does this all mean? Well it means that once again – there is a movement of criminals, felons, attorney’s and some folks that were associated with the DNC that are trying to shut Mr. Klein down. That is not going to happen – as criminals as they do – thing they are smarter than anyone other. Justice is coming to them – and to those that hey help destroy lives. 

Thomas Retzlaff uses the Facebook Screen names : Molly Santucci, Julie Wu, and other screen names. You should be warned clearly that interaction with Retzlaff usually ends in harassment the likes you have never seen. He will turn on you – as when he does you need to be prepared and have your family prepared. 

We want to remind you – never believe anything you read on the net. Do your research and you will find the truth. #tomretzlaff 

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