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    There are only so many days left that the ugly can called "RIF" can be kicked down the road. In a packed room that resembled a high school pep rally - sometimes being almost silly - the board of managers of the Beaumont ISD kicked the RIF can down the road. And down the road goes the budget needs of the district.

The reason? Well we are told that they have no idea how much money is anywhere in BISD. In fact, there have been no controls in the accounting department and bank accounts that are supposed to have money - have none and those that don't have money - do. So says the new team that took over.

More of that later.

Then the big move to remove Dr. Tim Chargois - which frankly was met with respect to the crowd as they watched a man with a family get fired for "cause."

Equally - the districts newest legal team fighting the TEA got fired. And a new CPA team is set to come in.

Now the talk behind the scenes is pretty simple. The district is broke. And there are going to have to be major changes and tax increases. As well, there is talk that they might even have to go to industry and ask for tax money in lieu of next year just to make it through to October 1st.

And then something that kind of shook up the crowd when the new board president, Jimmy Simmons, advised the crowd that the freak show of comments ended that night - as the new rules - or maybe the old rules - will be put into place. Which is you can only talk about what is on the agenda and no more name calling. Effectively ending the all out freak show that is BISD Board meetings.

Now back to the RIF. Seemingly - everyone is focusing on two areas - and no it is not reading or arithmetic. It is planets and the arts.

The focus of the crowd, which is very strange to see, focused on trying to save the planetarium (who knew we had one and what other district Beaumont's size has one?). Save the teacher which has that job? Okay....and then of course we move to the arts programs - meaning drama classes.

Nobody got up and begged to keep on math teacher, English teacher, or one science teacher. Just those two. In fact it was surreal to watch.

What will happen next? Well the district is meeting payroll and we are told they did make a bill run today. But that is it. There is nothing more coming until the money can be found.

Our take is pretty simple - which is we get it. You have to know what you are running before you cut. In fact you have to know what you are going to cut. So we are going to give the board a little room here (if that even matters) but we have to say this - time is up. The staff needs to work seven days a week right now and 15 hours a day and figure it out. School starts in three weeks. Yes - three weeks. And the RIF has to be done and the employees have to know what the hell they are going to do. It is that simple. It is not fair to the employees and most of all the students.

So we say - make it the last kick of the can and then make the hard decisions. Enough is enough. And we mean it. That is enough. Not more stalling - as many in the room looked at each other with shock. How can this continue to go on. Another board, another week of unknown direction (s).

Now it is down to business - and again - enough is enough. Get it on - make the decisions and do what has to be done.

Our guess is there were four former trustees that laughed tonight....just like they set it up to be.


    And so a new chapter begins in Southeast Texas. And what may be either the death of a county - or a rebirth. Many are banking on the minds of the new state appointed manager to be the re-birth.

We are not so skeptical.

So here is our laundry list of issues that we think need to be undertaken to get this ball started :

1) Dr. Chargios must be terminated. Now - we think in fairness he should be paid through the end of the fiscal year being September of 2014.

2) The Beaumont ISD police department should be shut down. Local departments should absorb the good officers if they can in budget and the security and safety should be transferred to the City of Beaumont just like every other city.

3) There needs to be at least a $5.1 million dollar cut back in payroll expenses. However that has to be done to with the 28-1 ratio in mind - or change the 28-1 ratio. State average is 25-1.

4) There are going to have to be some school closures and some selling of assets. There is no way around it. The process must begin - today.

Reading the agenda - two of the four are being addressed tonight. But again - we want everyone to know - that what is about to happen is not going to make anyone happy. In fact, it is going to make a few folks upset, as the Board of Managers are there to fix a broken company and have it become lien and mean.

We have warned many of you that have wanted the trustees out of their seats - long ago - that this is going to be a very ugly process. And that process starts tonight.

As well, we want all of you to know, sources very close to the district tell us that they think there may be as much as $40 million dollars missing or not accounted for. Money will have to be spent on finding out what is what and who got what.

Now, the time is over. The District Attorney must act. It has been well over 90 days since he put his team together to work on the problems of BISD. No more waiting - either step up or stop the chatter. And for those of you keeping a score card - forget the feds. They simply don't get it - and their investigation team is in disarray. The FBI field office in Houston knows it, we have been told the same by some agents we know in Texas, and frankly, their inactions speak louder than words. If you cannot make a case on BISD then something is really wrong with your investigative skills. So therefore, it lands on the new young DA in Jefferson County. And all eyes are watching  - and we hear patience is growing thin.

So get ready - and watch the show tonight. Act one starts and maybe simply these men and women can release Jefferson County from so of the corruption that is dragging it down.

We will see - as we are not really holding our breath. We want action here at the Review.

And even the story which we thought was dead is alive again....and again....and again.

Brown Speaks

    Last week we told you of the story of Don Brown. He is from Vidor - running for congress against none other than Randy Weber in Congressional District 14. Brown, touts himself as a progressive democrat. Brown has a long history of...well...let's just say some financial crimes and a stealing a car which was adjudicated.

Now Brown, sits in a non-progressive area in Texas. That is may be getting ready to swing GOPER. And if it does go GOPER, well that means Brown will lose hard. Brown is also a strong supporter of gay rights, who himself is gay. His life partner, too has been convicted of numerous crimes in the financial world.

So we wrote a story - why? Well because it is a story. Brown is a convicted criminal running for federal office. The taxpayers who vote should know everything about their candidate.

This past Friday, the Review got a call from Brown's campaign advisor, Mr. Nicholas Cubides, who identified himself as "Nick." And he proceeded to tell us we published information from the Texas Department of Public Safety that was illegal. Of course he was out of line - and then went into a diatribe about Mr. Brown's criminal mug shot.

So we wanted to see a little more about who Mr. Brown had representing him and sure enough ..... you guessed it we go again!

Meet Mr. Cubides - a two time convicted criminal from Harris and Montgomery County Texas. Arrested in October of 2007 for Reckless Driving, and then lowered to a simple traffic ticket, and then (wait for it) THEFT OF PROPERTY OVER $500? And he got another deal! Oh...and this young man ran for public office in 2011 in San Marcos and was last (5.1% of the vote in a four way race). We checked twice by Date of Birth and by address....

Here is Mr. Cubides mug shot :

Here is Mr. Cudides when he ran for Public Office in San Marcos Texas as a .... well whatever he was....but he lost with 5.1% of the vote? All grown up!


So we watched the internet and sure enough Mr. Brown himself speaks on a supporters site about being arrested. And here it is :

"Some unsettling questions have recently been raised about mine and my partner’s background by Klein and Associates Political Relations through their online blog. At first I shrugged it off. After all, the rumor mill runs without much effort – but not this time.

Of the many things that bother me about these allegations is people are going to be side tracked by this story that has no effect on the people of Southeast Texas. The facts are this area needs representation that is concerned with cleaner air, better jobs, improving education, dealing responsibly with the national debt and insuring a better future for all generations. We have to be subjected to stories like this because the Republican Party doesn’t have a positive record to run on. They have failed to do the most basic requirements of governing. They have been on the brink of causing our government to default on our promises, they have been the direct cause of the United States of America credit rating downgraded. The Republicans are more concerned with playing politics and have no interest in governing.

Then just on the heels of these allegations Randy Weber’s FEC report was released. And guess what? The same people that are smearing my name received a $3,000 contribution for "campaign research" from none other than my opponent and your sitting Congressman Weber!

I am outraged! My partner, my sister, and the Texas Department of Public Safety codes have been violated. The factual inaccuracies they are reporting are libelous. The only true statement is that in 1983, when I was 19, I used a bad check to buy a Boom Box.

This kind of dirty Washington style politics is exactly why I am running for US Congress. We need to restore sanity and civility to the people’s house. Instead of spending thousands on muckrakers and paying myself for gas, I have chosen the high road of actually representing the people of southeast Texas. We have all made mistakes, but this country has taught us to move forward gracefully.

Now I spend every day in our District out talking to the people and learning about their solutions to bring jobs here and new opportunities. Meanwhile, Randy Weber has been in Washington trying to impeach President Obama. Southeast Texas is ready for a change, and together through Democracy, we will bring it.

I ask that Klein and Associates removes the allegations hosted on his blog, issue a statement of apology for these actions, and pray that my opponent does the same.

Don Brown

Candidate for US Congress, Texas District 14"

So may we RETORT Mr. Brown?

1) Do you want to know what your sister said in a statement to the Beaumont Police Department? Okay - here it is being the public copy released:

Heck Don - After reading that - we are kind of mad too - at you for hitting a women even if it was your sister. In front of a child? Really - and you are mad at us? And to give the boom box story? How man boom boxes did you steal? Here is your record again :

1.     Unauthorized Use of Mtr Vehicle           04/29/1992      1Y Deferred Adj

2.     Theft By Check                                    11/13/2001      Concurrent $200 Fine

3.     Theft>=$20<$500                              11/13/2011      Concurrent $200 Fine

4.     Theft $200-$750                                  04/25/1985      180 Days Probation

Police Records w/o Convictions

1.     Assault – Family   (Sister)                      11/02/1994      Vict Dropped Charge

2) The republican party has done all of that? Wait - didn't the democrats have almost four years of unbridled control of our government isn't there a democrat named Reid and Obama that control legislation? Very strange you would make the BUSH is the PROBLEM rant. Uh Don....been gone six years now buddy? Do you read the papers?

3) No...we are not going to take it down - and no you have no idea to what you are talking about. None - but in the end we have just started?


Simple - we have enough criminals up in Washington. You sir, have a criminal record. Your partner has a criminal record, and now we find out your campaign guy has a criminal record? And what for? ALL FINANCIAL CRIMES AND WE WANT TO EVEN CONSIDER SENDING YOU TO WASHINGTON? ARE YOU KIDDING US?

The only thing you have left to accuse us of is Gay Bashing. And we are sure that is going to come. You know - the poor gay guy that is just trying to do good.

You can take that somewhere other buddy. Don't even try it.

Oh....and Mr. want to be Congressman - YOU DON'T EVEN LIVE IN THE DISTRICT! YOU LIVE IN VIDOR! And don't even try and say you live in a condo in the Westend. Sorry buddy - your campaign manager already screwed that up for you - we have it captured. You are just using that place as an office. Maybe the City of Beaumont needs to know you are opening offices in a zoned residential area? Oh never mind - it is just us Gay Bashing again - right?

In the end folks what we have AGAIN is this - a guy that lives outside of the district - trying to be someone he is not - and he is simply lying in our opinion.

Here is the great news for you Donny - the mainstream media might not investigate for themselves and might know report that you do not live in the district, have a criminal record, and beat down your sister who was night enough to drop the charges? Maybe another internet blogger that is an investigative reporter...oh damn wait a minute....he is too busy licking his wounds crying to lawyers about being a public person that cannot take a political hit. As we say to him and we say to you - welcome to politics. It is a hard dirty world - when you apply for a job with the people who pay your salary.

Here is an idea go get a lawyer...maybe a guy named Sparks or Fisher, and come after us. It has been said to us that they are "going to get us" and maybe you can get on the train and ride. So far - they are 0-7 against us. And they don't give up - which gives them points in our book.

Folks - be scared of this guy. He is a snake oil salesman - trust us.

# # #


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