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    Another big week - here we go. Happy Easter to all!

It's Not Their Money - That is the reason for the appeal. When you are in power - it is hard to stand back. Even corrupt ones.

Thank You Easter Bunny - It seems that another reason is that Chargois needs more time to...well.....find another job.

The Jefferson County Military - Words don't do it justice - so we do it in pictures this week :



Street Cops - And still - for the entire county - there are only four cops on the midnight shift protecting you guys in Jefferson County. But be damned - we have a tank, nine boats, a plane and two helicopters. Even the street cops are shaking their heads.

Deweyville High School Kids - Oh those scrappy kids. The government trying to tell them what to wear. Isn't it funny how the children of the 60's want to use their power to control others by using the government? Then man! Giggle.

Funny Of The Week - Who is in the room?? You play!!!


And That Was Funny - Why now are we building a water park and a hotel when??? That story coming Monday

Speaking Of - We will not be posting on Easter - simply put - we hope you have a Happy Easter.

Westbrooks - Not coming to BISD. Figured out it is a mess....and protection is not there. TEA comith.

Everyone have a great weekend! Remember your family - remember your friends - remember your enemies. Forgiveness is important.

Now We Want Answers

    Okay folks - now we all want answers and we want them now.

Yesterday the Southeast Texas Political Review was given the 9th court of appeals ruling regarding his arrest in the 252nd District Court. We have said for months - that the judges have been hiding evidence from the public, from Hartman's lawyers, and from the judicial system.

Now - for the first time - we clearly have answers. We now clearly have the 9th court of appeals saying in their words - not ours that there IS IN FACT evidence that shows that there was cover up - that two judges IGNORED Brady evidence - and that there is evidence material to Hartman's defense.

Frankly - we want answers.

Here is the 9th court of appeals words :

So let's go over it for you folks in La La Land.

1) We have a SPECIAL PROSECUTOR that says - he doesn't need the tape because...well....he just doesn't need it for his prosecution. Yes - he has heard it and he does not need it.

2) We have a judge that listened to in the civil case - and once hearing it SEALED IT - and it clearly has evidence (according to the 9th court of Appeals) that shows Hartman's innocence and the plan hatched by at the time Judge Layne Walker and Deputy Broussard.

3) We have a FEDERAL JUDGE that listened to it also - and said there was nothing on the tape that made it relevant? A FEDERAL JUDGE? JUDGE HAWTHORNE? What the hell?

Here is where it gets really interesting :

So there you go - once again - the cover up is exposed.

Here is the worst part for the taxpayers - the cost of this case goes up and up and up and up. Because now it is exposed - and when the tape comes out - we are going to post it right here - and let you all hear what a special prosecutor would not let you hear, what a SITTING FEDERAL JUDGE would not let you hear, and what the trial JUDGE IN HARTMAN'S case try to prevent the jury and you from hearing that could have led to his innocents?

We think that Judge Johnson has some explaining to do - why would ANY JUDGE try to hide and hold back material that clearly shows (according to the 9th) that HARTMAN IS INNOCENT? And that there was a cover up?

Is this a simple case of Judges trying to cover for judges? Or does this go deeper? Does this go to fundamental corruption on the bench in both Federal and State courts in Eastern Texas?

Again - we want answers and we want them now. We are furious and we have never ever ever dreamed that two judges and a special prosecutor would hold back evidence that shows a young man is innocent and there was corruption and a cover up?

Judges should be screaming from the hills on this - how does this happen in our justice system?

First, Judge Johnson can no longer be seen as impartial.

Second, the special prosecutor should drop the charges now - before it gets too late for him.

Third, Judge Hawthorne needs to answer the basic question - why cover and seal the evidence which could prove that a man was innocent and this was an entire cover up of corruption? Who got to Judge Hawthorne? And don't try and say that it has nothing to do with the CIVIL CASE. IT HAS EVERYTHING TO DO WITH THE CIVIL CASE.

Folks - this is a very sad day for the justice system in Jefferson County. It is a bad day for us as citizens - and it is a bad day for you in now in two counties your trust of our criminal justice system is at risk.

We here at the Review publicly ask for a formal investigation by the Texas Rangers and the FBI as now you have the evidence look at you IN YOUR FACE. You cannot ignore it - or you too are a part of the problem.

Damn it - we want answers and we want them now.



Ya....we said it.

Breaking News - Give Up The Tape

    The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the 9th Court of Appeals has ruled this afternoon that Judge Johnson - the judge in the Stephen Hartman case has been ordered to release the Summer Tanner tape citing the tape contains "Brady Information" and citing that the defense has the right to hear the tape.

The move has shocked attorneys on all sides of the fence - and one sitting Federal Magistrate - as both judges, who have heard the tape, have sealed the tape citing the opposite of the 9th court of appeals in saying there is no Brady material.

The ruling has been released to the attorneys.

As well, shockingly, the 9th has ordered it to the judge for an immediate viewing by Hartman's defense attorney's.

Ruling Released :

Hartman Ruling 9th.pdf 

Hartman Ruling 9th Pt. 2.pdf

Dead Birds - Dead Animals

    If you are a bird or animal lover - stop reading now. Really - we are not kidding.

We were tipped last night by a person that has a family member in the Jefferson County Jail. According to the tipster - their family member was taken to jail for not paying a traffic ticket. While in Jail - he noticed a bunch of dead birds laying around the perimeter of a jail. From big birds to little baby birds - that were flopping on the ground and some inmates were stepping on the them and killing them. As well as laughing about it.

So we made some phone calls to some friends inside the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office. And we found out that there is an "extermination" underway and that Jefferson County has put poison out to kill birds around the jail as they cause bird poop and damage to the building during their nesting period in the spring which is on going as we speak. So the birds are dying because the big birds are eating the poison bait and feeding it the baby birds. And the baby birds are falling out of their nests and the inmates are crushing their little heads.

Oh...and now it gets better.

Well, it seems that when the big birds see the baby birds dead - the big birds fly off. And when they fly off they land in the fields around the jail - and when they land some are incapacitated by the poison. And the little animals that like to eat birds are getting poisoned by the birds. And now we have Foxes, Wild Dogs and other Small Animals that feed on birds starting to show up dead at a local plant next to the prison.

We contacted one employee that works security near the plant that told us : "Ya, we are seeing a bunch of dead little animals. We don't know what is causing it."

So we told the security officer about the situation and the response was : "Well the might figure. Last year the same thing happened in the spring. We thought we might have a problem with the weed killer we were using. We started seeing a bunch of dead snakes as well."

No folks - we are not kidding - this is happening.

Now here is our take.

If you don't want birds at your place - send around your trustees to nicely remove the birds - or maybe even get smart and build a little bird palace near the prison - but putting out poison and smashing little birds heads?

It is government at its best. The easy way out...but this one has far reaching effects into the wildlife around the prison. We say save the money on the poison - and send the inmates around with brooms to scare them off. There are a bunch of inmates in there for financial crimes and traffic tickets - put them on bird duty which will save the money by cleaning up the bird doodie.

Just our thought for the day?

Gezzzz....wait until PETA hears about this!

Oh God Here We Go Again?

    And so it never stops - now we just move up the highway a little out of Jefferson County and into Hardin County? Another school district that some are calling BISD Light?

Yes folks - Kountze Independent School District is in trouble. And we mean big trouble as the little school district is in risk of bankruptcy over the next two years and the tax rates are pushing the ceilings. All over? Well a bond issue that has gone array and get this - and tell us if this sound familiar - money missing from the bond issue, documents missing, bad accounting and money that was washed out of the bond and given to big names in Kountze Texas?

FLASHBACK : The TEA and the Texas Attorney General does a full investigation of Kountze ISD and finds signs of wire fraud, misuse of funds, almost 50% of the funds that could not be accounted for. The AG says they are filing charges - and speak with District Attorney David Sheffield who was newly elected. And then nothing. All gone.

Well it seems the chickens have come home as the Federal Government cannot do anything because it is beyond the five years and they well...dropped the ball. And the AG's office got shut down - because they could not get anyone to prosecute - leaving the district with a bad financial deal that would eventually cause a fiscal collapse of the district.

Adding insult to injury - the voters were told that the bond would be a 15 year bond - when in fact it was really a 30 year bond that looks like it will be defaulted in the next two years. And that is just guess because - well there is no financial accountability and records are missing from the district. Oh...and the past five years have been in deficit spending?

Again - we may have a BISD light going on here.

So we made a few phone calls today and found out that in fact the KISD is the focus of a watch program by TEA.

"There was a very good investigation done that should have resulted in indictments. But there were none for whatever the reason is. Now we have a district in trouble. They will need to fix themselves or they may need help. I would say over the next two years we will having to step in unless there is a huge change in how business is done up there," said the source.

Our take?

The citizens need to stand up. They need to take over. They need to call the board into accountability before....well....take a look at BISD?

As for the citizens of Kountze - you got duped by some slick sales people that took your money. Over 50% of the bond money cannot be found? And you all are paying for it? we go again folks. Another school district going down the tubes....

We will keep you up on this one.

Ball Spiking Has Begun - But Wait!

    Oh we talked about this. We told all of you and you did not listen. And now we will tell you again. When the state comes in and takes over there will be some unhappy people. And it has begun as folks like KFDM and others begin to spike the ball. And spike it they will.

Okay - where to start?

First, the Texas Union is in complete panic mode. As nobody knows but contracts between employees and the district are not covered in the event of a State takeover. Meaning - bonuses promised, contracts signed WITH ANY EMPLOYEE INCLUDING TEACHERS and contracts with any vendor is not to the whim of the state. Meaning - there are going to be some bills out there that might not be paid to the levels they once thought. Why? No money.

Second, KFDM and others are running around spiking the ball. Well hold on kids - this thing is not over. If you thought that Melody, Dr. Chargois and others were done - well kids hang on it isn't over we are told. Not good....

Third, we are told that a march on Beaumont is being planned by the black community. We have received six calls to the Review from the black community telling us that they are going to make this situation "a national story." This is "about the blacks being held down by the whites." Going on to say : "This is nothing but the TEA PARTY trying to take over Beaumont."

Oh it gets better.

Sources tell us the Reverend Jessie Jackson is being contacted as well as Al Sharpton for "a walk on Black Rights for Beaumont."

Yes folks - the freak show might be coming to Beaumont.

As we have warned you - what you get might not be what you wanted - but you have it now.

Let the fun begin!!!

When The Levee Breaks - The Last 24 Hours

    The big news is the state of Texas is coming in to take over the district. The other news is - is how it went down and what is coming now - in the form of Lawsuits.

It was a wild last 24 hours that ended at around 5 p.m. Sunday - after a call between Dr. Chargois and commissioner Williams we are told.

Sources tell the Review that on Friday - Chargois came with a list of promises with former school board president Ambres. That list we showed you on Sunday was discussed at length over the weekend. On Sunday, William's staff wanted to add some provisions and some safe guards, however, it was shunned by Chargois who was described as "arrogant" and "angry" in some of his responses. The Review was told this morning that at around 5 p.m. - Chargois was informed that there was no turning back and that the announcement would be made in the morning. Chargois then asked to be a part of the solution - and was told that "it was not going to happen and that the district and the new board would be in place by the middle of June."

Austin sources also told us that on Friday - Williams staff was told that the new Jefferson County Corruption Task Force had over 100 charges for current and former employees of BISD they were looking at. We attempted to confirm those numbers and was told no comment by our sources.

Our Austin sources tell us : "Williams likes local control. He is a big time proponent of that. However, the levee broke when Chargios would not be responsive to the commissioners staff on certain items and the looming thought of keeping him in place if much of his Sr. Staff and others in the administrative building were going to have criminal charges brought. That was enough - it was over. It was done. The levee had broken."

Our take?

We will have more - but we will tell all of you this - the end is not really the end. It is just the beginning for what is going to be a wild ride which includes charges being filed, big names taking over the district, and a complete shot in the arm for Beaumont, Texas. And now we will watch the politicos and how they will respond - which has to be MORE IMPRESSIVE than their last statements.

In fact - the "leaders" sounded very weak in their last statements. We will watch for the fall out today.

Saturday Night Special?

    Ladies and gentleman - we have drama on the BISD front!

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned from two sources, both on either side of the BISD matter being the State of Texas and a source very very close to the administration of BISD that an 11th hour deal may be in the makings.

According to sources on both sides - the deal was hand delivered to the chairman of education Michael Williams on Friday by President Ambres and superintendent Tim Chargois. The sources tell the Review that the deal "is on the table" and could take the place of a state take over - and they "have been working on it fully over the weekend."

According to both sources - "no decision's have been made for the take over or the acceptance of the deal."

We have learned the following of the deal - which are the major parts according to both sides that demand anonymity :

1) That the BISD superintendent and the school board immediately hire an audit firm of the states choice to fully audit the bond books and the books of BISD with a three month deadline of a report.

2) That the BISD superintendent and the school board allow District Attorney Corey Crenshaw full and open access to work with the audit team - as well - give Crenshaw's team full access to BISD records without legal request - meaning full cooperation.

3) That BISD terminate the relationship between the BISD and current law firm and hire a new firm.

4) That a settlement be reached within 90 days regarding the 5/2 plan - with all challenges dismissed and no others to be filed.

5) That an over site committee of persons from the business, legal and public at large be formed and the superintendent meet with they every two weeks with direct reports.

6) That any and all audits, communications and operational issues be placed on a web site for the public to review.

7) That the superintendent will have a press conference every two weeks with the general media - in a question and answer form - not writing down questions.

8) Any employee that is found to have taken money or that would not cooperate with authorities would be terminated or placed on leave until an internal hearing is undertaken per policy of the district. Any person charged with a crime would be placed on unpaid leave.

The Review was told that there were other issues presented in the last ditch effort to try and keep the state out.

Shockingly, we are told that the education commissioner is "considering the proposal" and again "has not made any decisions."

"He listened. His staff listened. They said they would consider it. The plan is a trust building plan for the state and patrons of the district," said the source close to BISD.

The source in Austin told us : "It's plan. Whether or not the plan is too late, needs to be added to, needs to be thrown out, or considered is another set of issues. We will look at anything. We will consider anything at this point. The chair will make the decision in his time. He will make a decision for what is best for the public.

According to the source : "We were told that the plan has the endorsement of many in the business community and that is what they have wanted for years. I am not sure that is true - we will make our calls on that over the weekend."

Our source at BISD confirms to us that : "They have been on the phone all weekend with Austin - there are changes - there are additions but again no decision have been made. We have hope that the commissioner is listening to us. We need to keep local control and if this is the way to do it - we can live with it."

Our take?

Drama - simply drama.

If the commissioner of education falls for this - we would be absolutely shocked and sick to our stomachs.

But is BISD....sigh....!


# # #


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