You Are To Blame


Philip R. Klein, Editor

People and their behaviors really interest me. This week has been no different. And it is kind of funny and kind of sad to watch.

There is no doubt any anyone’s mind that Southeast Texas is dying. Industry is flush – but the folks that we need to run our industry are coming in from other areas because what is left in southeast Texas simply is not good enough. They are lazy, expect jobs to be given to each other and frankly our government officials do not allow that push for new blood to come into government. It is always the son of, cousin of, or the father of….that gets elected. 

The demise of the Unions is another great example. In the past your job at the plant was given to you by the Unions because of who you are, what you do, and what you have done to further the Union Cause. Now, the Unions are almost dead. Why are they dead? They were lazy, expected jobs to given to each other and government officials who told the leaders not to worry – they were in charge. The plants, managers and safety managers rose the bar – and when they did that – about 85% of the people in Southeast Texas became unqualified for the job in the plants. And they were not willing to go to college and qualify for the job.

I have watched intently how the leaders in Port Arthur are dealing with Motivia. They are telling the managers that they expect to get jobs out of the expansion and new offices downtown? What kind of jobs? Construction? Engineering? Plant operations? I say good – let’s give some Port Arthur Folks some jobs – if they qualify. That means they have to go to college and get a degree. Then, and only then, can they garner a job. 

But no the leaders of the cities say that is unfair? How can that be unfair? What is the problem? 

It all comes back to the entitlement issue. Because your company is in our city we are entitled to a job. And these elected officials push this stuff. 

Here is the message – if you want a great job pay the price and get educated. If you want to succeed in life work hard and do what you can – don’t let any stone lay there – kick them over. 

But here is our real message – stop electing these yahoos that think they are owed something. Elect good, fresh faces, that have no relation to anyone in the system in Jefferson County.

Think about that – because in the end dear voters it is really your fault. You vote them in. 

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