Your Tattoo Looks Like Crap


Philip R. Klein, Editor

I travel a lot. I mean all over the United States and beyond. Sometimes in my travels, I sit next to people on airplanes, And now that I am slowly becoming more anti-social (it comes with age) I am blunter when dealing with people that engage me. The same is true when I go out to eat. Managers, watrisses and some in the public walk up to my table and ask if I am “Philip Klein” and I always say yes, and say something nice. 

Not so much anymore.

This past week I was out to dinner, by myself, enjoying some seafood and working on notes for a project that I had due the next day. I was laying it out how I would write what needed to be written. Out of nowhere a very nice lady walked up to my table and asked a question. Of course, I am, thank you for asking. She went on to talk about how much she enjoyed the Review and what I do around the United States. She was a very nice lady and as she spoke I noticed on her arm a thing my kids told me later is called a “sleeve” which is a group of tattoos on an arm or leg. As she turned I asked her what was on her arm, and she proudly said that it was a sleeve. She showed it to me. And I asked what it meant – and she told me nothing – that it looked cool. 

And I knew the next question from her, “Do You Like It.” And here came the blunt answer.

“I am sorry, I don’t. I think in years you will regret it and I think that you will realize it is a mistake.” 

As she smiled and walked off, I said “I am sorry if that is rude or I made you mad.” She turned around and smiled again and told me she respected my opinion. And I told her flat out – I am now just an old guy and am only one voice. 

She then pulled up a chair and asked me what I didn’t like about it. I again said that I felt she was a beautiful lady and why would anyone want to carry ink all over their body just to be cool. She began to tell me about her first marriage and how it was dysfunctional and she was doing what her husband wanted her to do. As she talked I heard a bunch of hurt in her voice. She waved at her boyfriend across the room and he walked over and shook my hand. She pointed to him and said that he didn’t like it either to which he said the same thing. 

As they walked away I felt horrible, however, I felt good. These new generations somehow think it is good to write all over themselves until they get older and the wild horse on their leg looks like a clump of colors. 

And then I remembered what my father taught me long ago – which was always teach your children to love, not hate. Sometimes you just have to look away and ignore things. 

Tattoos are not cute. Just like some of this music coming out.

This past week I went to my granddaughter’s baseball game. It was a great game but something was strange. The song was a rap song. It had a good little beat – but I heard a word that sounded like a curse word. So I turned to a nice man behind me and asked him what that song was. It was a song about a man having sex with a lady while she made him a drink. I thought to myself why would these mothers and fathers allow this. I looked up the song words and get this – it was worse than even I thought. Why should my granddaughter even have to hear that? It is not cute, it is not funny and it is hurting these children.

The question I have is this – our kids think that painting tattoos on your body are cool, and letting the children today play nasty, really nasty songs at the ball field. What in the hell is going on? My kids say the world has changed and why not let the kids do what they want? My answer was simple – let the kids have some type of normal life. Let them enjoy their young age, throw the ball around and teach them that tattoos are not cool. 

All I got was a blank stare. 

Sadly, folks – this is the USA. We have to have the pot, we have to figure out what gets us drunk faster, or mix them both up, drive in our autos, and then pass out in our throw up. That is really not fun to me – but who am I?

I am hoping that maybe we will all wake up. These kids are our future. And right now we are not setting a good example. But to be honest, I see no change in site. 

# # #

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