Judges And Elections


Philip R. Klein, Editor

One of my main jobs in life is in the legal industry. We are a service group for lawyers and law firms. We have been so since 1992. The second generation of our firm has begun. They are hard workers, but, they are having trouble trying to understand my generation.

This past week, I was so proud of the judiciary in Jefferson County. Gone are the days of lawyers taking judges on jets to fancy locations. Actually, all most all of the judges were following the rules and ethics which is clear – you cannot get on planes as a gift and go to sporting events, stay at a lawyer’s home that they own, or even go to dinner. Why? You have to remain independent from all law firms to make a decision. 

It was a far cry from what was going on when I first got started. It was who you know, and why you know it before you could even run a case. And if you were in front of some judges, you knew the outcome before you walk into the door. Bias was the least of the issues, corruption was upfront. 

There have been so many investigations ongoing into Jefferson County, which, somehow, get closed for no reason. Sadly, some that have been abused by the justice system are still hurt today and there is ZERO they can do about it. 

This election cycle has been one of the worst for the judiciary. There have been flat-out attempts to try and abuse the system. From attempting to garner votes from mail-in ballots to having a mail-in ballot counter fired for signs put next to her car. It is crazy…and now for what I see as even crazier.

This past week there was a party, fundraiser, or whatever you want to call it for Chelsea Ramos. She is running for the divorce court and she is a stanch republican running as a Democrat. For some reason, she allowed four judges to show up at her fundraiser which is a direct violation of the canon of Ethics for any and all judges. I was sick to my stomach seeing names like Sanders, Wortham, and West show up at these parties. Not because I think they are bad people, but because they all know that it is improper. If I were a defense attorney, I damn sure would show the photos and have them removed from my case. The political implications are horrible and we all know who is pushing the gig. 

You want to have faith in the justice system. You want honesty from the Judges that we the people hire. If Ramos loses you will know why. She is behind in the polls, the republicans are out voting, the mail-in ballots are out and returns are down by almost 60%, but like we tell anyone who will listen, watch October 29, 2022, when the mail-ins close. And know that the state is watching this closely. Our guess is that the mail-in ballot board, less one republican, will get a huge amount of mail-in ballots on the 29th. And if that happens – watch out. 

Jefferson County has never been known to have fair election (s). It is known for ballot stuffing and late-night boxes showing up with surprise ballots that swing elections even after the media has called the race. But again – who is going to investigate this stuff? The Enterprise? The TV People? And there are no radio people. Again, those judges know this and there is no downside for them. 

But let me leave this thought for all of you – it says more about the judge’s integrity than it does about the lawyers. They could have said no – but they didn’t. Why? They like their power and they like their money and retirement. Unless COVID comes around and they stay at home and refuse to come to work – right?

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