The COOL KIDS of Nederland


Philip R. Klein, Editor

There is a war in the sleepy little town of Nederland. Seemingly the “cool kids” of Nederland have banded together – got some of their political cronies on the “Board Of Education” (which there is no such thing) – and pulled a fast one in trying to pass a $156,000,000 bond.

In the meantime, the “other kids” in Nederland who outnumber the “cool kids” 10-1 are getting this bond shoved down their throats. And if you don’t agree with the bond – well you are to leave town. No, really there are some numbnuts that are telling people to leave town if you do not like what they have to offer. 

And now, as I predicted, this $156,000,000 war has bled off into the Mayors Race in Nederland as the frontrunner Don Albanese was seen at a fundraiser for an illegal PAC that has formed (more on that this week), was seen at the Fundraiser thinking he has to have the cool kids vote. A huge political mistake as his running mate, Ortiz, has not come out publicly regarding the bond. He will have to because the bond if passed, will suck any GDP available out of the Nederland economy. 

Today we want to introduce to you a vocal and loud supporter of the bond – named Patti O’Brien Bobbitt. She is a local Realtor for American Real estate in Nederland, Texas. 

Here is her sales pitch to hire her :

Patti Bobbitt has been serving Southeast Texas housing needs for over 7 years. Specializing in residential, and first time home buyers, Patti works hard to put the customer at ease by instilling trust and building long term relationships. She takes the fear and unknown out of the home buying and selling process by educating her clients each step of the way! New home buyers are her favorites as she loves leading them through the adventure of buying their first home. 

Patti was recently awarded the $2 million Production award and Senior Residential Counselor certificate from American Real Estate, ERA powered.  She also is a proud Realtor® member of both the National Association of Realtors and Texas Association of Realtors. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from Lamar Institute of Technology with an Associate of Applied Science degree in Real Estate. While at LIT, she was named to the Phi Theta Kappa honor society for 2-year colleges. Prior to working in real estate, Patti was employed in the travel industry for over 30 years. She has extensive sales and customer service experience, as well as management and education experience. She has trained teams of high performing employees in the call center business and has managed several travel agencies over the years.

Patti has lived in the Southeast Texas area since 1970 after her parents returned to their roots. Coming from a military family, she has traveled all over the US, but it’s Nederland she calls home. She graduated from Nederland High School, where she met and married her high school sweetheart. They had three children, who also graduated from NHS, and have now graduated from various Texas universities. She is very familiar with all of Southeast Texas, allowing her to service the needs of her client through knowledge and awareness.

“I believe that we need to listen to our clients, to help determine their needs and wants. This allows us to be on the right path, being respectful of their time, while allowing us to reach the correct goal. My clients are valued, and I want them to feel that way, every step of the way!”

Now I am not the smartest egg in the basket. Right? But I am smart enough to dig around a little regarding what people are looking for in a community to move into. Here is the top five as given by the NRA (for those of you in Newton County – National Realtors Association) :

  1. Jobs
  2. Cost of Living
  3. Taxes
  4. Events – Public
  5. Schools

Ya…okay…so the first two affect just about everyone. But then you get to number 3, and this is why millions have moved into Texas – for the tax rates. 

So here is the question for Patti, and of course for American Real estate? Why are you pushing a bond that will lower jobs, increase the cost of living for the average resident and raise taxes? Why? It is anti-small business, it is anti GDP growth, and most of all it is a community killer? 

I will tell you why Patti is for it.

Patti is a cool kid (see above in red). She gets wrapped up in the thought of the moment – and she forgot the greater good of the community because her other cool kid friends want great schools. It is not about the money – because if it were her money alone – she would not bulldoze buildings that were just given improvements on the last bond (that is not paid off). She would improve what she has – at a very lower cost. 

Our gut is that Patti, who everyone says is a nice lady, would think twice about it – if she had to spend the money. She is smarter than that. 

In the end – this is the Cool Kids v. Everyone. And we are going to point it out in the next two months as a swell of support has begun to the VOTE NO camp. If the election were held today – it would go down 70/30. And if we were in the Mayor’s race – we would start thinking about that. 

Just saying…and by the way – the Cool Kids of Nederland don’t get they are in the minority. They will though…

Remember, the cool kids are the ones that covered up the $300,000 that got stolen by another cool kid. No charges…nada. Ya know, the Heritage Festival mess? Where was their outrage? And it is all of the same players that are pushing the bond. 

Just stuff to think about! GO DOGS!

# # #

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