The Stalkers Of Klein Updated!


Philip R. Klein, Editor

There are many times in my life where I have had to learn that sometimes people just who they are and will do what they do. I have also learned that when people come after you they usually have an agenda or a mental disorder where they try and set themselves up to be a victim. 

This “victim mentality” comes deep – and it comes hard and is usually manifested by a deep issued childhood problem. 

Many of you out there have communicated to me or come up to me and asked what is going on with my stalkers. I usually just give a canned response – and then the rumors start. So let’s dispell the rumors today so that we can get to the meat of the situation – as a shocking ending is coming for a few of the folks I am about to mention. 

First, let’s talk about the king of stalkers – Thomas Retzlaff of Arizona. He is now represented by (shocked look time) Jeffery Dorrell (read on). This is no surprise to anyone as the system has now caught up to Mr. Retzlaff and he is the only one on this earth that hasn’t figured out he is in serious trouble and his five (5) years he spent in prison is nothing compared to what is coming. He will tell you no no – but we all on the inside know what happened – what is coming – and the day of justice for many around the United States is here. And in fact – those that have come together with him have now been named, their emails found, and most of all three fingers of RICO have been met. Some that were warned will hear that knock on the door and their lives will be changed. That is all I can say – the wheels may move a little slow – but they move. 

Second, let’s talk about Houston Attorney Jeffery Dorrell. Jeff is an interesting person – who has now announced to the court his health is failing, he has too many things to do, and now he has to put things off in his legal cases. Jeff has three suits against my sister company. He has been outed as “Operation Kleinwatch” editor and writer, he has been outed in his relationship with Thomas Retzlaff, and when learning that Retzlaff had a bad situation going with the Federal Government, he jumped into action in his denial to four courts where we believe he outright lied, saying that he didn’t even know Thomas Retzlaff. Well, guess who is now a client of Jeff Dorrell and his law firm – none other than Thomas Retzlaff. You see Dorrell was rumored to have hired Retzlaff to recruit people to sue all of our companies. And he has three left – and speaking of the three – they love to run around the country and tout the “big” lawsuit where they sued me and my other firm for Eight Million Dollars. Oh, how they tout it and love to tout it. But they don’t tell you that we have announced for trial three times, had a day and time and jury pool for the trial – but yet they make legal moves to stop the trial. Ya – the plaintiff stopped the trial three times (being Dorrell). Why? Well, you can figure it out. They don’t have a case, Dorrell is too scared to get on the floor and try the case because he knows what is coming, and frankly anyone can sit behind a computer and write legal opinions. No really, he is about as bad of a lawyer than anyone can imagine. Over four (4) years of stalling. Even the judge in the last hearing, where Dorrell didn’t even show up, where we now have a firm trial setting, announced that he was filing Vex LIt charges on my defense counsel and if he didn’t win he would file an appeal which would stop the trial again! If we were his clients and he has such a great case – we would be demanding to get into court as soon as possible. What I am saying is this – it is not about the case (listen up Dorrells Clients) it is about the ride. Maybe Jeff should clean up his own house – as his former boyfriend has felony warrants for his arrest – filed by Jeff? Ya – that messed up. 

Neil Rauhauser has poofed again. He caught wind that Retzlaff was in trouble and they got his emails and IP addresses (he has warrants for his arrest too) and took off into the night. Got to give it to Neil he can and is good as scrubbing himself. Tick tock as we say on Neil. He will mess up. He will go down. Suggestion to Neil – another country would be good. 

Mark Sparks, who left ANOTHER law firm and ended up at The Ferguson Firm, which is Chip Fergusons Firm in Beaumont, Texas. Chip has been a long time former friend of mine who has hired the three-time convicted DUI criminal attorney, Mr. Sparks. The rumor is he tried to tag along with another enemy of mine – being former judge Layne Walker. That worked out for about 48 hours we are told before someone was sent packing. In my opinion, two very sick people that Chip doesn’t need around him. But Chip will learn as Mostyn, Umphrey, and others have. I still shake my head at how Mark Sparks gets away with being a three-time DUI convicted criminal and own a gay bar in Houston. It makes no sense. But he does it with pride. Here is a reminder of the ethics of Mark Sparks. This is a photo of Sparks after it was reported a young man fell down some stairs and was injured drunk. A caring lawyer huh? Someone you want on your team!!!

And now there are two more added to the list. Interesting people from another part of the United States we call the left coast. 

First, meet Mrs. Kimberly Lukrich. Here is what she looks like :

The only way to describe this lady is “batshit crazy.” She lives in Santa Rosa California and attempts to latch on to every case our sister company has. She injects herself saying “we” in her writings all over social media. She is making it her quest to attempt to shut KIC down. What she doesn’t know is the RICO investigation that she fell into. She is now associated with a known pedophile stalker named Thomas Retzlaff. She denies that she has anything to do with him – but the evidence that we have been told about and shown is different. She at times is a lawyer, she at times is an investigator, and she at times is a policeman, and she at times is an FBI agent. She at all times lives in a fantasy world of crazy thinking she is the internet police. If at the time of her arrest that we believe and have indications is coming, pleads crazy – I will be forced to testify for her. In my opinion, she is what is wrong with society, what is wrong with social media, and frankly what is wrong with our legal system. Again – in my opinion, she is emotional, mentally and socially unstable. She makes the list now. And according to records that were reviewed with me, she has a whopping 21 screen names, 14 email accounts (and rising), and over 18 Facebook Pages (SOCK accounts). 

Ms. Lucrich will be deposed in an upcoming cause of action and this will for sure be a wild ride as recordings and statements of Lucrich will be placed in front of her asking why she lied and continues to lie to the general public. 

And meet Crystal Douglas – who owns and operates a site called “East Idaho Cold Cases” in the state of Idaho. 

Miss Douglas has an interesting background. A relatively poor girl that had the dreams of marrying a rich doctor – and dreams do come true with little girls. Douglas was a social worker that became interested in missing persons. She married her husband, a surgeon in East Idaho that has a great reputation, however, his wife continues to be and says she is connected with law enforcement all over Idaho. Well, she is, but not because of her spectacular skills as an investigator (to which she is not). It is because her husband is known and well respected in the community. So she takes the ride on the coattails so some of the movers and shakers must deal with her. 

Douglas got caught up in a case in that our sister firm was working in Idaho. According to those around her, she was not “getting the attention she wanted in the case” and began to bash the entire Child Rescue team from Texas and in three other states. Then that didn’t work so she went after me. She then got wrapped up with you know who – Thomas Retzlaff the convicted felon and pedophile – and in her anger and upset over not getting the attention that she deserves – made contact. She then lumped that into social media and had no idea that Retzlaff was under investigation and poof – she is in it. 

She thinks she is safe with her powerful husband – but what she doesn’t know is she is done. I even sent a letter to her lawyers asking her to apologize for her false spew, but, she was too good for that. I had the choice to take her on in the civil courts – as her attorney’s told her to tone it down and forget it – but she cannot. I am told that Facebook cooperated and she is known to have from her IP five sock accounts and six email accounts. Now, this knock on the door I will enjoy. And a fun fact – she refused and actually ran away from a process server that was attempting to serve her process from one of my firms. No really, the big strong Cold Case lady cannot even accept service? 

As well Ms. Douglas will be in deposition very soon asking her about her association with a man and his family who have been named suspects by the State of Idaho and the USDOJ? I will be sure to update this. This will be a classic story of the poor girl, married the rich doctor, thought she was something that she is not, ending in disaster for her family. The question remains why do people do what they do? A great life, doing pretty good things for the public, and then rather than sitting back and seeing where a case goes….well…..we all know what that means right?

So there you go – an update on our stalkers. Who they are, what they do, what they are up to and frankly where they are going. 

And my personal shout out to Joe Fisher at Provost Umphrey – thank you for peace in the Valley. It works – and good luck with your new firm. Many and much success to you. 

# # #

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