Klein’s Annual Commencement Day Speech 2021


Philip R. Klein, Editor

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Thank you so much for that warm introduction! How wonderful it is to see so many happy smiling faces in the audience! I can only imagine what you all have been through this past year in what many are calling a pandemic! I call it a farse run by our government – but our government and the media call it a pandemic. 

Now before I start my comments, I know what I have just said may seem to many of you a slap in the face. And I meant it to be just that – <pause> – a slap in the face. Maybe a wake-up call? Maybe a call to arms for you young people that some will enter the job force, some will fight for our country, and some will go to school and attempt to learn a craft or a skill, and even more some that will go to that place called college and fight off what many call the liberal thinkings of the left. 

I perfectly understand, and many of you here perfectly understand, that many have died from a thing we call COVID. What we are told now is that it was created and leaked from a lab in China. It had a 99.9% survival rate in America, and it put some of the greatest minds in America together, and they made a vaccine that saved many more lives. 

What you may find interesting is pretty simple. We found that the media lied to us because they say now that they could not believe what came out of the president’s mouth. Forget the facts, forget the science, forget common sense, the media ignored it all and lied to us all. It cost you, you wonderful graduates a year of your life. 

We were told first to wear masks. That would solve the spread – it did not. We were then told to stay indoors and don’t come out. That would solve the spread – it did not. We were told to take a VAX. That would solve the spread – it did not. Lastly, we were told, keep our elderly out of the public, put them in nursing homes away from the public. Keep away from them, and we did, and many died alone when they did not need to die. And finally, we were told drugs like products like v c, b-12, zinc, and other simple solution-able products would keep us from getting it – it did not. 

In the end, science was ignored, and hysteria ruled. And we American’s sit here in our lives – one year less or lost. 

Now for you, the wonderful graduates of the class of 20-21 – you win. You beat the odds – and you got one of the greatest learning experiences of all time. You have learned from us adults WHAT NOT TO DO <emphisis>

What? Yes, you heard it, we just taught you what not to do, and thus my crux of what I want to say to you today. 

The first lesson I hope you learned is the most simple one, love your family, love your life, and most of all love all of the trappings that come with it. The big mistake was staying at home with the flu that has a 99.9% cure rate. The big success was that we all got to know our parents better, our brothers and sisters better, and many of us learned how to bond again – as families. Remember those good times while mom and dad stayed home, you did things around the house, you may have even done crazy things like board games or even something even crazier – simply talked to each other. Use those skills that you have had given to you by this pandemic as you launch yourselves into life. Talk, reason, argue and thank one another. In my day, and boy does that sound old, we called that communicating. Learn to communicate better. 

The second lesson that I hope you have learned is that school cannot be taught by computer. There is no such real thing as “distance learning.” That is an excuse by some educators, not all now, but some, to get away with not doing their jobs. Many of you will be behind when you get to college. Remember, your professors don’t care and mommy and daddy cannot pull you out of bad grades. Many of you will have to play catch-up over the summer and during the semester. Some of you might have to work harder than you ever have worked in school – just to get a B. And friends – B’s aren’t that bad – said by a C student in College. 

The third lesson that I hope you have learned is for those of you that choose to delay college or maybe serve in the military is that there is such a need for strong young minds and bodies to serve our country. From being in the military, learning a skill such as a fireman, paramedic, police officer, or maybe even a non-college skilled job. The pay and benefits are outrageously good right now. Some of you will walk off this floor tonight and walk into jobs that will make you over $50,000 the first year. And if you stick with the job you might just have a job that will give you retirement benefits in the seven figures. Yes, the shifts will be hard, and you will be tired, but you will be giving back to our communities. 

Last, there will be some of you that will be heroes. Nurses, doctors, police officers, paramedics, firemen, and on and on and on.  Over this past year, you witnessed heroes in action. Some gave their lives so others can live. You watched nurses working 24 hours at a time. You saw police officers that carried the sick to the hospitals. You saw firemen race to homes to get the sick to a safer place and you watched doctors try to put them back together. May I humbly suggest that the glues that kept our country together are these men and women. 

My friends, my fellow countrymen, we have learned so much about ourselves, our country, the good in us, the bad in us, the lies, the truths, and most of all we have faced our fears. Never – ever <emphisis> forget that we are stronger than the flu. We are stronger than what China sent us. We are stronger than politics. We are stronger than we ever thought we could be. We are Americans. We, you, and our fellow countrymen may live in a society where phones rule our lives, Facebook tells us what to think, the media thinks we are not strong enough or smart enough to listen to a story and make a decision for ourselves, or for that matter some in our educational society try to change history. We learned that what is in front of us, or told to us, might just not be the truth – so we learned how to educate ourselves into what is the truth – and that truth is a little scary. Yet again – being scared is okay. Being scared keeps us on our toes. Be scared can be a great motivator. 

I encourage you all to remember this year. Believe it or not – I believe you may have gotten a better education than some schools put forward in a year. Just as you learned what to do, you equally learned what not to do in life. Remember the good, laugh at the bad, enjoy the in-between, and etch it into your minds so you can teach your children, your grandchildren, and anyone who will listen to what happened to you in your final year of High School. Was it stolen from you? Maybe – but did you get it back? You bet you did. Now take what you have learned – run with it – and be better Americans like your parents raised you to be. We need good Americans – we need hard workers – we need honest citizens – we need team players and most of all we need our youth, and yes our youth just like you, to step up to the plate and make it happen not only for yourselves but for your country.

As you have heard these words before – “step up and make it happen.” 

May God Bless you and keep you in your lives – and may God Bless our United States of America.  


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