The City In Turmoil


Philip R. Klein, Editor

There are times when you have to take a good hard look at things and ask yourself a question – what is wrong with some people?

If you follow the Review you will have noticed that there are a loud group of young people that live in the city of Nederland that are trying to push the biggest tax increase in the history of the county per capita. They are trying to sell a $156 million dollar bond with a 30-year payout. Meaning? The average 1st grader will be 37 years old when the bond is paid for.  Yes, not only is it unreasonable, it is really financial suicide for the citizens of Nederland. Meaning? Again, the tax pressure on the city will force those that are on assistance (42% of the students) out of the city due to the families are on the government dime and/or living paycheck to paycheck.

But don’t tell that to a group of people we call the “cool kids” of Nederland. They have mounted one of the biggest and loudest campaigns to take money from the taxpayers and build what they see as a utopia school district. 

And if you are against them…well you must move out of the city, you cannot have your opinion, you stop doing business with them and they will boycott your business. 

There are two people that seemingly at the loudest in our opinion. And we want to talk about how they have now gone over the edge in their fight to raise the citizen’s taxes. 

 First, meet Lori Bell. She is a daycare owner in Nederland. She seemingly has issues with us calling me “evil” and other words I dare not to print. Again, she is in the kid business, daycare business. So she has a vested interest in kids, the parents that bring their kids to school, and how they get the latch key kids picked up. From all indicates, she is very successful. 

Her problem? Well, she got a list of email addresses of every single employee of the school district, loops the emails into the server at Nederland ISD and poof – every single employee got a political email from her and the group of wonks we call the CAC telling them to vote yes. She messed up. It is a felony according to the Ethics Commission. We wrote a story about it – and she got mad that she got caught s it seems to many she was trying to hide the email dump. But she blew it – and it implicated her and the CAC group. There is an investigation that has been spun up – and she cannot deny she wrote the email – as pissed off teachers wrote us and gave us copies of the email. 

Her mess will be played out after the election – our advice is to get a criminal attorney that can plea you down if they follow charges on you. Again, a good person that tried to screw with the system and in her excitement of wanting to tax you the citizens more in the name of children, blew it. Big time blew it as now even the teachers that want the bond to pass, are now questioning everything. 

To make matters worse, the morning from one of the poll watchers we learn that she is running around saying that: “If you have anything to do with Philip Klein, that monster, I will have nothing to do with you!” Ya…giggle. So what – who the hell is she. Arrogant? Okay…life is about choices but it has made many in town ask what the hell is wrong with her. Klein didn’t write the email and circumvent the email system. 

A good bargaining chip? Who gave you the email addresses? That will be a charge as well. Too funny huh?

Next on the list is a strange duck, his name is Ron Nicoles. He is a sort of an American Hero. He currently is the manager and executive director of Winnie Emergency Medical Services. He touts himself as a business person, but his operation is government funded and he reports to a board of directors so you see…he is a government wonk. I kind of like him. At least he has a set of balls and fights for what he believes in. 

Nicoles does not like me. In fact, at this point, I would say that he hates me. Which I like too. As I have said since 1995 when I started this site – I stopped caring what people think about me long ago. 

So Ron, who works for the taxpayers starts firing off the usual crap, Klein lies, Klein is hateful, Klein doesn’t care about the children, Klein’s web site is a gossip lie site, and blah blah blah of what we have heard from people like him for years. 

Here are some snippets from last night alone :

Then this guy starts saying that the group of NO PEOPLE has not filed the proper ethics report.  I retort well yes we have. And until he sees this – he doesn’t shut up. He is mad because his sister in the bond movement got caught doing dirty things with emails that might be against the law. So he is going to “get” Klein. 

Speaking of Ethics reports :

Again, he is being a numb nut and when caught he says this :

So what does he do? He calls the city of Nederland head office and files “an official complaint” against me, and others on the no side, wanting us charged for not have proper wording on a sign and some other violation. There are no violations – and get this – the city of Nederland has nothing to do with elections. It is the Texas Ethics Commission. As you can see, above, he is going to get us now! All because some young woman got caught using a government computer to advertise to government employees in a political race. 

Ya, two-year-old stuff. 

Now, of course, here comes the fun. Both have said to have consulted with lawyers to sue the Review! You have to love this one – as both are now declared public persons under Sullivan by leading a PAC and being on a CAC. Meaning, if we are sued, to which we pray we are, we will file the fastest TCPA counter that would be on the record. They are public political operatives under Sullivan.

Now, what has this bond done by these CAC Numb Nuts? It has torn the city apart. If they do win, which we think they will not, but if they do, the tax burden will sink this district into a Port Arthur and Beaumont and you will only see the taillights of cars getting out. And we predict the district will default. If they lose, then you can assume that after the Hillary Clinton crying, they will come after anyone that was against them. Be assured of that – because? Everyone was supposed to win a trophy – and they do not know how to lose. That simple. 

This is the last stand for Nederland. The next two weeks will tell a bunch about where Jefferson County will go and how fast. Can you imagine if Jefferson County needs more money? Or if the City of Nederland needs more money? The sticker shock to the county will be felt like a large earthquake by the taxpayers who were lied to…but that will come – I am guessing?

Cool Kids Rule? We are fixing to find out.  

# # #

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