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From Jefferson County:

I just started watching this show (The Morning Show) airing on Apple TV. I die laughing at Reese Witherspoon telling the producer she wanted to get her own stories…Listen to the 2 minute audio and you’ll see what I mean. Too funny. Sounds like KBMT and KFDM but their reporters would know a relevant story if it bit them in the ass.

Answer: Sigh, yes, we get it. Two more reporters have left this week from the two media stations. No replacements coming. 

From Orange County:

What trial were you watching? There was NO evidence presented. This was all because the Bush family was butt-hurt cuz the people didn’t want George P as AG. The Bush train was stopped and derailed. 

We are emboldened to fight. Dade has got to go. He’s an embarrassment. 

Answer:  We just don’t get you radical Republicans. Bush is the best you can do? The next trial is coming in around 50 days, and a jury of his peers will be picked to hear the criminal charges. They may vote not guilty – or guilty. If he is convicted he will have to resign. And Bush has nothing to do with anything. Silly stuff.

From Little Cypress:

How about child endangerment charges?

Answer: Na, why do that? That would be lawful. Golf carts are more important. 

From Groves

As a Councilmember, she should be ashamed of her conduct in the council meeting.  I applaud the Chamber for “thinking outside the box”.  Many festivals in the area have gone away due to a lack of attendance.   Believe it or not, alcohol will increase attendance.  Best wishes to Groves CoC.  To Rhonda how sad you can’t support your Chamber. How sad you can’t support potential tax dollars to your community.   Rhonda, you are a disgrace to your community. 

Answer: You tell her! And you are right. 

From South Newton County:

Keep your eye on the $1.23B Port Arthur wind Farm Project.  You know, the one bringing 4K jobs in by the independently black-owned company…?

With major current wind companies having trouble getting more tax credits from the government (source: Bongino Report), rising interest rates lowering profit margins, and supply-chain issues, many are walking away from these investments as they are no longer economically viable.  Offshore wind lease sales for three zones in the Gulf of Mexico flopped, with no eligible bids being rec’d.  Others are receiving the lowest bids (per acre) since the Obama administration…. While it ALL sounds good, let’s see if the fruit tree ever blooms….much less yield any fruit!

Answer: It is another scam like Pleasure Island. All is good in scamville!

From Port Arthur:

Wait, what, damn! You have a sitting city council member who doesn’t live in the city and nobody cares? Thank you Klein for keeping us up!

Answer: Well, we would say that you are welcome, however, nobody cares. Port Arthur is the sink pot of Texas. How about those students? We built all of you a 28 million dollars worth of school and were told that the grades would come. Wellllll….

From Nederland:

I have come to the conclusion that Joe Evans is a Trojan horse!  It was talked about in Democrat circles that is a tactic that they needed to adopt and I think they done so successfully here. The way he has handled his chairmanship and his ACTIONS on the school board tells me ALL I need to know about his true self and political leanings.

You and I have corresponded in the past. You recently had my son Noah in for a visit because he had expressed interest to Joe about running for office one day. I appreciate you taking the time to talk with him. He is teaching geography at Westbrook this year…. It is BAD!

Answer: Yes I remember your son and the many others out there that have contacted me. Joe Evans is a nice man. A good man. But he is a political novice and he blew a chance to stand behind a young man. Do I believe he should step down from the Republican Party – yes, now, do it tonight. I cannot be clearer than that. 

From Mid County:

The day after the City of Beaumont issued a water ration, I was driving down Dowlen. What do I see? A fire hydrant is wide open spewing gallons of water. OMG!

Answer: So it happens as they have to take the pressure off of the lines. What the cities are feeling right now is the lack of attention to older lines. But hell yes! We can knock a building down and make a park!

From Port Arthur:

Hey Mr. Klein you have to read these press releases! You are the only media that has gotten Southeast Texas right 100%. My wife and I are packed and outta here! God Bless You, Sir!

Answer: Well we try to tell all of you, but you do not listen. Port Arthur has had this rating for two years – Beamont is coming:

Port Arthur Rated Most Miserable in Texas History

Now, you will not hear this in the mainstream. Like roaches in the night, our political leaders are.

From Beaumont:

First off Phelan IS a Rhino and Paxton hasn’t done anything that 100 % of the DemoRats aren’t doing. As a conservative 2A voter Paxton is good to go for me.

Property tax reduction is a good thing as it has gotten out of hand, the appraisal districts have gotten a big head and money hungry.

I have been a long-time follower of your page and a supporter of people that think you are just a shit-stirrer, but this post is making me rethink my support. Long time a fan of Beaumont

Answer: Well, first thank you for being a fan. Sorry, you are mad and think I kick shit around – to which you are right – it is what is under the shit you have to worry about. Nate Paul, and please remember that name in Austin. He will go to jail. And Paxton will go to jail. They have him. When it is over we think that Paxton will escape the trial, but he will go down in the Federal Case. So there you go – look under the shit!

From Beaumont:

I promise you if a failing athlete was needing a grade to get a future scholarship to Alabama to play football, these same administrators would cook the books to get him whatever was necessary.  Marchand was right on point, he should have gone to Kelly and your Republican Party chair ….. part of the problem!

Answer: I hear you. And you are right. Just wait to release some of these emails we are sitting on by some of these great educators! You are going to love it!

From Beaumont:

Loved your response to that lawyer! It was great. You are really no bullshit! I went back and read your story and you never ever mentioned the lawyer in Beaumont. Wishing he would sue you! A nice parting gift story from Ms. Normand as she writes you a big old check.

Answer: Ech, he seems like a very nice man. He has his own set of problems. If he does, we will request a TCPA filing and go from there. Let’s all watch – I Posted his letter! And I know Marsha – someone is pushing her on this. It is like the Port Arthur story – TJ Prom from Hell. They ran like dogs when they found out the real story (had it on the website two days later. They paid that bill. Kind of the same. I hope I showed respect to him. 

From Beaumont:

We like her Husband, Vidor police chief Rod, but he mistakenly ran as a Democrat for Jefferson County Sheriff years ago and lost in the primary as he got none of his friends who wouldn’t go near a DemoRat ballot.

Answers: Yup, that is how we see it.

From Beaumont:

Sorry, but absolutely nothing will happen to Chesson for not paying child support in Jefferson County.

Attorney General and Jefferson County do absolutely nothing to enforce support!

I have a family member owed almost $100,000 and they do nothing! They send a letter every blue moon to his P.O. Box and do nothing else! They won’t go after him in court. They won’t go find him. They won’t find his employer. They won’t withhold support when told where he works and lives.

Jefferson County is useless when trying to collect support!


You have that right. We have lost our government to a bunch of insiders.

From Port Arthur:

Mr.Klein, I’ve been noticing more social media from former JCDP chairman, Joseph Trahan (Mary Bond enabler) which makes me think he’s gearing up for another run at the chairmanship. Just a heads-up.

Answer: God help us all.

From LaBelle:

Jasper County will have one of the best around if they elect Lt Chuck Havard.

Answer: A Huge win for Jasper County!

From Beaumont:

They are about to SPEND $17 million ($17,000,000) on their Riverfront Park

$17,000,000 for 41,827.5 square feet … that’s $41.08 dollars per square foot.

You could Silver Plate the whole area with PURE Silver ……$23.51 per ounce ….

$41.08 dollars per sq foot … you can put down 1.75 ounces per foot … that’s 0.022 thousand’s of an inch thick ….

Who all is involved in stealing from that cash pile ……

just wondering

Answer: Other people’s money – they do not care. 

From Houston:

I had a Protest Hearing this morning at the appraisal district trying to get my bloated appraisal for 2023 adjusted for my house in Vidor.  I have a 15% value increase from 2022 to 2023.

It was the same shit show with the “impartial” review board members being cordial but following the recommendations of the assigned appraiser to the letter.

I did get some relief but not what I requested.

The kicker was, a small part of my case was to show that Orange County was setting valuations higher than the adjacent counties.  I went on the associated appraisal district websites, pulled random properties (even the Chief Appraisers property in Chambers County), and presented this info into the record.   All of the research I found reflected that Chambers and Newton counties had generally a 0% increase and Jefferson had a 5% increase on the selected properties.

The assigned appraiser’s comment to that (under oath) was that ALL of the local counties had the same amount of increases in the appraised valuations.  I call BS on that and she said it twice.  It was a scripted hearing and in the end, the property owners are on the hook.

Answer: It is a scam. And if you do not think the appraisers and county government are not communicating – you have another thing coming. When you hear them crow that the tax “rate” was not raised just giggle. Those are the people you need to look at. 

From Beaumont:

“Meet Tyrone” is a powerful piece of writing. A tragedy of a life on the road to recovery being killed by stray bullets from his previous life. I’m glad he died in the arms of his family. But, what are we going to do about it?

Answer: Only in Jefferson County. You cannot write a movie any better than that. 

From Beaumont:

This is what happens when you put shrimp on sale! Love you, guys!


Woman gets beat up by chicken restaurant employees for being disrespectful
by u/GamerDabiTodoroki in PublicFreakout

Answer: What can we say? Port Arthur is in Beaumont!

From Beaumont:

Klien you have to give our new mayor-elect a break buddy. He has never run a multi-million dollar business like the city of Beaumont! He will do fine!

Answer: He will be okay – cut out the downtown crap. Flush pots, clean water, and fix the EMS system. Fast. Let the cops do their thang – and the fire department focuses on doing their thang…

From Port Arthur:

We lose a gain buddy! Another city council focused on getting their pockets lined! Thank you for your support of Super Dave!

Answer: Love us some super Dave! Port Arthur is a joke. 

From Nederland:

Everyone knows the best way to get your name on a building at Lamar is to run a successful sexual pleasure business. Whose name will be on the next building?

Answer: Oh Stop, but that is funny. Sins of the fathers. All will be well! Four whorehouses to choose from. 

From Nederland:

Man, I am getting a little nervous here in Nederville! They shut down four ladies in the night joints, two guys wake up a family in daylight and attempt to rob them, and big drug busts, shootings, car chases, and our friends from Port Arthur robbing us. Time to move? Kind of getting worried!

Answer: Now is the time to sell. The taxes are out of control, unemployment is high, and crime is crime. Out of control. 

From Groves:

We were able to track back the 1st attempt to Lamar University LIT Port Arthur.” So, once again, sources at Lamar University are working to subvert the truth & immobilize free speech? Glad you’re taking these pissant bullies on! So happy to have you back!

Answer: Thank you…sorry for the delay. We had to rebuild and put in new safety systems! 

From Houston:

We will trade you our mayor for yours. Right now. No cash down!

Answer: No way no how. 

From Beaumont:

I read your article today regarding Lamar’s football with great sadness.  I have been a season ticket holder since the beginning and have loved the game, even in the losing seasons.  I hope with all the hype this new coach has been bestowed he can bring the program back to winning one.

Answer: We get it. We will see.

From Port Arthur:

Port Arthur Mayor working hard for the city in DC????  Along with some of the council……Yes, this city is circling the toilet.

Answer: It is already there. Just turds floating around scamming the taxpayers. 


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