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Philip R. Klein, Editor

Welcome to Reader Mail! This section of our website is dedicated to the email sent to us, comments made on other websites, and the answers to questions asked of us in public.

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The Southeast Texas Political Review

From Beaumont :

Just read your most recent story. If what you say is true then I’ve been right about our District Attorney? If multiple serious charges are not brought against this drunk driver we are seeing the death of our Local Justice System.

Answer:  We like what the DA did. Now it is let’s make a deal time! Watch like we say – follow the money!

From Beaumont :

It seems Nederland football has lost numerous players this year due to Monte Barrow playing favorites or politics. I have heard as many as 7 players, 2 went to Memorial, 2 have gone to Kelly, 2 have gone to Orange field.

Can you confirm this as true if not it will deter people from spreading rumors?

Answer:  We are looking into it. Remember Nederland – it is a closed society. You are out unless you are in. Those school taxes are forcing many out. 

From Beaumont :

Glad to hear the kudos for Judge Stevens! The right thing to do is almost never the easy thing to do. I have had the privilege of serving as a juror several times in his court, and let me tell you, more than once he has taken those lawyers by the nose and stuck them back into the law books where they should have been in the first place, lol.

With him the law is the law and D/R, rich/poor, doesn’t mean a thing.

We love what you do, keep it up! Your website is a light that shines in a weary Jefferson County and we appreciate you and your staff!

Answer:   Well thank you for the comments! As for Judge Stevens – give us FIVE OF HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY! He is the best. We hear this may be it for him – the last four years! 

From Beaumont Port:

The law enforcement presence at the port is high this morning. 

Texas DPS, Homeland Security, and USCG Law enforcement people with dogs?

Answer: Sending a message.

From Port Arthur:

Well, Urkel was once a hall monitor back in the day for PAISD.

He was an employee of Kelly Services. (contractor for the hall monitors)

His role was to just make sure the kids are in class and not skipping.

He apparently tried to get a female student’s number and the student reported it to her parents.

This triggered an investigation with the district and Kelly Services.

Prior to being confronted he resigned in lieu of termination.

This was before he later became a school board member.

Answer: Too funny. Imagine that!

From Port Neches: 

Unless those judges and lawyers come forward and resign.
But that might not solve it.
Because there would be no way to know if ALL came forward.
Until the commission reports.

Any trial before the courts till this is resolved could be thrown out because trials will be done possibly by judges and lawyers in question.

Answer: It will never happen. Judges get on planes and go to fine places every day with lawyers who practice in front of them. Never forget. It is called corruption. 

From Beaumont:

Is it just the streets that I drive on or everyone renting or selling their homes lately.

Answer: Abandon Ship – Get Out Of BISD and Jefferson County!

From Mid County: 

Klein, we love you! Thank you for standing up for us all! Can we talk you into running for office? You could do SO MUCH! Love to you and your family!

Answer: Thank you so much for your kind comments. My answer is no. I have no intention nor do I have any want or need to try and fix this place. That is now for law enforcement. 

From Beaumont :

Phillip, you sing the praises of our DA. He is the top Law Enforcement in the County, right? This couldn’t happen without his being involved, right??? So what gives???

Answer: Sometimes you just sit back and watch. The fruit shall come as they say.

From Beaumont:

Philip, I wanted to make it clear that Jefferson County has valued Pho Ha at only $23,100 for tax purposes.  Not that their tax bill was $23,000.  I looked again at how I wrote it and it may have appeared that I was saying that their taxes were $23,100.  Sorry for the possible confusion.

Answer: We looked it up. Found some stuff. Give us a week or two!

From  Port Arthur:

I have been seeing ads on TV about a pipeline through Sabine Lake.  The ads are in opposition to the pipeline.  They list a web address .  So, I went there to see what they had to say. 

Turns out the site is for PACAN run by Mr. John Beard Jr.   Is this the scam artist?

Where is he getting his money to run these ads?

Answer: It is Port Arthur. Everyone has a side hustle. This gig is one near and dear to John. He feels that he is making a difference like Uncle Hilty. When in fact, you could shut down all of the refining groups in Port Arthur, leave the town a ghost town, and then boohoo because everyone has left. Kind of like they are doing now. The scam artist is a little harsh – but a liberal democratic operative could be about right. 

From Beaumont:

Thanks for your article on the difference in prices on electric/gas autos and fuel/charge. One other thing to consider is that should the electric car catch on fire, as we have seen more and more reports of this happening, the Fire Department just stands back and watches them burn. No fault of the firemen, they are NOT equipped to fight an electrical fire from their trucks! It takes a special solvent to put out electrical fires. 

And the price to replace the batteries on the car – and how often is that required would be worth looking into, also. 

Answer: You are very welcome. Do you want John Beards’ phone number? Or just watch local TV. 

From Beaumont :

Our family wakes up in the morning every day laughing at what you write! We love you Mr. Klein!

Answer : Thank you. It has been fun to point out what the media does not.

From Groves:

Why don’t you write about Groves? We have so many problems. Crime is one of them. Help us! Please!

Answer: Groves is fine. They are trying. And it is working. We will snoop around a little. 

From Beaumont:

Your hatred of our city shows every time you write something about Beaumont. I bet we won’t see that on your stinking page. F*** Mr. Klein!

Answer: Ech…nice try. Not gonna bite. Nobody hates anyone. We are not fluffed media. We tell it like it is. 

From Beaumont:

I see that Mary’s current address is ___________________________ Bmt. I live at ______________________ and own my home. I’m pretty sure that’s a rental where she allegedly lives. I don’t know where she puts 4 kids in a 2 bdrm 1-1/2 bath! I’m retired and nosey. I’ll be checking it out when I go to the mailbox and walk my dog. Orange County needs to MTRP and revokes her probation. That is a privilege and she’s already blown it!

Answer: We too are asking why CPS is not involved. Maybe they will be when Mary goes to jail next week. Oh, sorry, we forgot, Mary Never Goes To Jail. 

From Beaumont:

I guess teachers at BISD have done such a great turnaround at the district they deserve their due and more money – wow – I was thinking we needed a refund of our school taxes. Help me understand where this is coming from.

Answer: Well, all we can say is that you are right. And then…

From Beaumont:

Thank you, once again. Needham would have never been fired so quickly & publicly had it not been for your article! We all know these are the tales that never end! Keep telling us!

Answer:  You are welcome! Over twenty many years now? 1992?

From Beaumont:

I really want to read your coverage of this recent event.  I was a teacher in the district for 30 yrs…How can I see the story?

Answer: Sent us a formal request and we will EMAIL it to you. Please be specific on which story. 

From Beaumont:

At about 3:30 am this morning I was outside smoking and heard a single gunshot just a few blocks from my house. I immediately called BPD and reported it. A few minutes later there was another single shot fired from a different location within walking distance from the first. Within 5-10 minutes there were at least three patrol units in the neighborhood. I live in a really nice neighborhood close to Westgate and Dowlen. 

Answer: Ask any cop – Beaumont is not safe. We are #2 in the state for murder per capita.

From Port Neches:

If you’d like to take a look at a little more hypocrisy regarding the PNGISD clown show created by Disney and Cherokee Nation Chief Hoskin (despite the fact that Disney still pimps out Pocahontas for-profit dollars without a peep from native Americans), look no further than where the Cherokee Nation resides in Tahlequah, OK. where their primary school is Sequoyah High School. Chief Hoskin has previously demanded PNGISD to cease using any references to their heritage, including the mascot, the Indian. He claims that it’s a gross misrepresentation and is racist. Want to take a guess at what the mascot is for Sequoyah High School? That’s right, they are the Sequoyah Indians. I wonder if Chief Hoskin has any plans to change the mascot at his reservation high school….

Answer: We love Port Neches Groves!

From Beaumont:

A couple of things that Ray had that Justin apparent doesn’t are integrity and principles.

Bet he was giggling like a little schoolgirl when they were planning all that.

Answer: Well, politicos usually fall on their face when they get arrogant. We will see. We will be there when it happens. We don’t know the guy – but knew his daddy. A good man. He never showed up in a bar with a robe on and drink? We got the photos. But let us say we do not know the man. 

From Jefferson County:

Yep Philip, that was a threat. I’m waiting to see what you dig up on this guy. So what is it about Jeff.Co. politics that has a “bodyguard” from Louisiana threatening you, and some guy from Hardin Co. sending out flyers about a Precinct 4 JP candidate to everyone in Jeff.Co.? (yes I got one and I live in precinct 2)    I think Jeff. Co. has enough clowns and dummies of it’s own, so why the interest from neighboring counties and states?

Good luck P.K.

Answer: He is now on the radar of Law Enforcement. He is a punk. 

From Houston:

DUDE! You scored 85% again! Awsome! I am betting with you over in Lake Charles!

Answer: You got to know these guys – then you can predict! Thank you!

From Lumberton:

Keep David Bellow in Tyler County, please! He is crazy as crazy can be. I lived near him with so many problems! I feel bad for his wife. We love you Kline! Love you too!

Answer: Yes he is – and we think he will kill someone someday! Hey, KLEIN please (giggle from a bad speller). 

From Houston:

What in the hell is going on in Southeast, Texas? Number one in Murders? 

Answer: Yes, per Capita. It is a great award! Complete social breakdown! Go Jefferson County!!!

From Beaumont:

Mr. Kline, I want you to know that I believe as my family does that you are the last real source for news! You hit the democrats, you hit the republicans! Love to you from all of us!

Answer: Thanks! Stay safe.

From Lumberton:

Read the story on David Bellow.  The attorney that got involved with must not be too bright, or is money hungry.

Answer: He doubled down again. Another mailer. Too funny! The attorney is a favorite! You will love it when we release it!

From Beaumont:

There’s a lot of land clearing going on between Foreman Road and State Hwy. 1006 in Orange. Who owned the land and who bought the land?  What is going to be constructed?  Some folk thinks it will be some sort of chemical plant…  What will the product be?  Solids, liquids, what? Can we find this info anywhere?

Answer: We called – it is a chem plant. 

From Beaumont:

Why do you constantly call Judge RAQUEL West by the wrong name? Surely you know her correct name after all these years. It seems you would have the common courtesy of using it.

Answer: I apologize and take full credit for the mistake. We will try not to, after 25 years of misspellings, try and not misspell again.

From Beaumont:

Market Basket 105 & Eastex, 11-21-21

 I walk in and a nice man asks if I want a free Sunday Beaumont Enterprise. 

I bit…I asked for it and I got it !!

They had a promotion where you pay $ 20 and they give you a $10 MB gift card… I bit !!

 So I pull out a $20 bill and another potential customer had walked out to her car and returned with her $ 20 dollar bill !! The person said they do not accept cash because of fear of robbery so she left but i decided to go ahead and give them a CC # ….(read the fine print) !! Spent the gift card and went home anxiously awaiting the comics & next day cartoons too!!

No paper Monday but Monday afternoon I was texted by a circulation person asking if i got my paper and I replied no. Texted with no reply on Tuesday and Wednesday, I left town Wednesday until Monday 11-29 and had a good neighbor watching for a paper while I was gone!

No papers upon return so I called Monday morning and asked to have my $20 refunded and was told there is a no refund policy !!! 

I told them to keep the papers and cancel my subscription and hung up.

Called my CC and asked them to stop payment on the subscription and was told they could not stop it, I had to cancel it & only if they charged me after that could they refuse payment!

They get the $20, but to call back and confirm the cancellation, which I did, and they would dispute the charges possibly resolving it with a refund. 

So I guess the news is that the BEAUMONT EMPTYPRIZE is $ 10 dollars richer tonight but lost a former customer, FOREVER, that decided to try them again !!

And they wonder why?

Because I sure do !!

Answer: It happens….sigh.

From Beaumont:

Damn it klein, I just pissed myself from laughing so hard in your story on Port Arthur! Now I have to go home and change. Damn you!

Answer: Ya, I get it. Sorry!

From Beaumont:

Mayor Mouton has lost her mind.  I use to have some respect for her, but that is GONE!!  For her to boldly say that, if she did is so unprofessional. The color of one’s skin should not make them the desirable candidate for the position of City Manager.  Candidates should be judged on their qualifications.  Any candidate for any job should be judged on merit, qualifications, and are they a leader that can work with multiple personalities.  There are candidates from all races that could easily qualify for that position.  

Chief White and Chief Singletary are amazing in their positions and are definite leaders.  Mayor Mouton could take lessons from both.

Answer: Well, maybe she has or has not. We will see. She wants a black Beaumont just like Port Arthur wanted a black Port Arthur. And there it is. And I agree – color means nothing. 

From Port Arthur:

why is there not more noise about port arthur council member cal jones and his crime spree??

seems some port arthur council members also used federal money to get their wifes hired and city manager fired them, now we yet another battle in port arthur…. going to be a good council meeting on the 30th. will these 3 council people step down for the betterment of the city ?  the power struggle is real and has gone to the mayor and council members heads

Answer: Maybe this is a question for the City Police Chief. It is time for him to step up we think!

From Beaumont:

Mildred building is a Beaumont treasure but the lack of basic maintenance is embarrassing. Filthy walkways, rusted fixtures are but obvious symptoms of neglect…

Answer : Yes, but this is Beaumont, and well when you make insider deals. Maybe a secret meeting would help?

From Austin:

Was she buying using the EDC account tax-exempt?  If so, the State Comptroller’s office should be doing an audit.

Answer: Do you think? That would mean that the Nederland EDC Board would admit they have a problem. Speaking of problems – have the lines been redrawn for Silvia Root, the chairman to even have a seat on the City Council? Shhhhh, don’t say anything. A secret. Do you get it yet? 

From Jefferson County:

A criminal with 4 previous felony convictions was recently sentenced to 27 mos. For felon in possession of a firearm. Whatever happens to habitual offender sentencing guidelines??? And everybody wonders why Beaumont has a crime problem? WTF??????

Answer: Jefferson County is what happened? Shocked…oh please. 

From Beaumont:

Abbott is gonna force all the toxic legislation ( Conservative friendly) he can down their throats. Only then will Redistricting will be considered…

Gotta love hardball politics.

Answer: Deshotel is gone. Game over. 

From Beaumont:

Phillip, how are you?  I guess you saw in the Beaumont Enterprise that 18 million dollars is going to be spent to “upgrade” the airport.  And the money is coming from Covid funds.  Not sure of the correlation!  Are you going to do a story on it?  Thanks!

Answer : We are all good in the bunker. Yes, we saw that. Typical. Covid spending. too silly – feds know and will shut it down.

From Nederland:

Mr. Klien, My wife and I have just sold our home in Nederland. We cannot afford the taxes any longer. We are in our 70’s. We did not believe you when you said that the Nederland community was getting fleeced by those in power. We know most of them and believed them. They lied to us and you were right. My homes taxes this year went up $1,738. We live on social security and this put us well over our budget. We are moving to East Texas near the lake in a nicer home, and our taxes are only $822 a year. Almost down $4,000. For two old people that means something. God bless you sir for standing up for the little people like us. We will pray for you and the Nederland Community. You are right sir, Jefferson County is dying. 

Answer: I am speechless sir. I know who you are and have met you before. I am so sorry you are selling and moving – but let me be one to thank you for your service to our community and thank you so much for all you have done. God bless you and keep you. Second, history will tell the story of Nederland and their spending spree and what they have done in taking a small town that was affordable to live into a town that is stuck on higher taxes and wasteful spending. Over $300,000 in spending for a downtown sign is simply stupid. 

From Orange :

 In the reader mail from the person who is retiring from the Jefferson County Appraisal Office, they are not telling the truth when they say they have no input on what the property sales prices are.  They get them from the realtors, from the replies of the new owners (the office sends letters to all new owners asking what they paid for the property, you see), and from the county clerk’s office.  Why do they lie about not having any input?  Probably because it is their nature to lie, any story to jack up the appraisals.  How much is their kickback from the realtors, anyway? 

Before 2005, Orange County properties were fair and only went up a few percentage points if there was a really good reason. Hardly anyone complained.  Then that no-good evil crook Michael Cedars took office and the war on the property owners was at full speed and hasn’t stopped since then.  Cedars used many illegal tactics to jack up prices, but when we complained to the Texas Attorney General, he said to take it up with the appraisal office.  Huh?  That’s like your house getting burglarized and the police tell you to write a letter of protest to the burglar.  What nonsense.  I caught Cedars using a “comparison” house a mile from my house and claimed it had been sold for 150% of my house’s worth.  The trouble is, that house was never sold and I had a signed statement from the homeowner saying it hadn’t been sold.  Cedars wouldn’t back down and the state AG did nothing.  That’s the kind of criminal activity we have to put up with in Orange County every year.

Answer: Yup…we hear you. Round and Round. 

From Beaumont :

As the sole person scheduled to leave employment at the Appraisal District in June, I feel compelled to respond to the ludicrous claims made by the disgruntled employee you’ve interviewed. 

I have been employed at the District for over 40 years.  In my time here at the District, I have been under the leadership of 3 different Chief Appraisers (the title of which Angie Bellard now holds).  I can say without hesitation that the job Angie Bellard has done since her taking the Chief Appraiser’s position has been exemplary.  She has worked hard to represent the District with integrity as well as perseverance to rise above the tendency of some to demonize what we do for a living.

The ex-employee’s intent and exaggeration of truth is beyond misleading.  You have every right to print people’s opinions if that seems to serve a purpose in your world – but I fail to see how a one-sided story without effort to verify the validity of some serious claims is beneficial to anyone.

I challenge you to print this – in rebuttal to said claims:

There are several employees here (myself included) who would testify that they have never been asked to lie by anyone in management, let alone our leader. 

The very nature of the hearings is to question the values we’ve assigned to properties.  District representatives are in the hearing to defend the values we have assigned -as are taxpayers in there to dispute that value.  The hearings are necessary because we have not previously reached an agreement of value with the taxpayer. 

That said, it would behoove you to also understand that the most telling fact of property value is what the property would sell for.  The Appraisal District has no input on sales prices.  However, this is precisely the point of contention that drives the State (the Property Tax Division of Texas which is located in Austin) to mandate increases in our area (because sales have increased).  In reverse form if and when sales decline, their mandate would be to follow that trend with our values as well.

A few other things to consider:

I cannot tell you the number of times a taxpayer has paid in excess of our appraised value for their property but still dispute the value, even to the point of having a hearing, insisting we’re too high on their assessed value (which is (in the scenario mentioned) lower than what they paid).

The belittlement of the review board members was a low blow, in that these members are representative of your taxpaying peers.

Every year, because of the climate we live in, there is always a slight concern that in dealing with irate taxpayers, we could potentially deal with one deranged enough to attempt to hurt someone.  It’s just a fact of the times we live in – much like other workplaces that have attempted to prepare themselves for the unthinkable.  This year’s increases have caused an excessive number of taxpayers to want to discuss their values, we don’t blame them, we welcome the chance to discuss why and how the values increased.  However, the article printed – that accuses the Appraisal District of being ‘an arm and a means to collect tax dollars’ and accuses our office of deceit furthers the risk of our safety.  Who will call you in to check for irresponsible reporting?

And lastly, having been employed in this office for over 40 years, I am leaving the district because I am retiring.  This is something I’ve looked forward to for many years and announced last year.  My retirement is just that and cannot be associated in any way with any motives other than I’ve worked for many years and intend to enjoy a few at my leisure.

Most importantly, you should know, the staff here consists of many good people who have worked diligently over the years to get the job done.  Many are long-term employees (that should speak well of the employment environment). We have been like family, celebrating life’s events together as well as mourning losses.  These are people who care about the public they work for.  To suggest otherwise is a disservice to us as well as to the taxpayers.  We are not the enemy.  Despite your unfair article and the disgruntled employee, when I leave here at the end of June, I will leave knowing I spent 40 plus years working FOR the people of Jefferson County.  I am proud of the work that we’ve done and I do not appreciate the attempt to paint my employment here in any other way.

Answer : Well now, angry aren’t we? Here is your letter – so may I retort it? First, explain your math (rhetoric of course) to those out there on a fixed income. You know, the teacher, police officer, fireman and on and on. You come off like an angry government employee who just doesn’t give a shit about the taxpayer. Pay your fair share? Right? Well, tell that to someone trying to pay their taxes. You are talking about people that are seeing a 40% increase in valuations and businesses that are showing in some cases over 100% valuations increases (small businesses too) just after being closed down a year for the pandemic. So excuse us here at the Review if we question you – the government. You work for us – not the other way around. Nobody, and we mean nobody, gives a shit about birthdays, or whatever. This is about TAXATION WITHOUT REPRESENTATION. So stop. Really – the feel-good bullshit doesn’t work here. Here is the bottom line – what the appraisal district has done is put the final nail in the coffin of many small businesses and raped again big business. It has created a serious problem for the tax base in some areas and allows the government to grow AGAIN AND AGAIN. It has created many horrible conditions. And if some of your employees (not just one) feel like they cannot lie anymore and become a whistleblower, well then? 

Here is a thought – maybe you cannot see outside the government glasses you were. Enjoy your taxpayer pension. You earned it. 

From Beaumont :

Just wait, Another employee with integrity is leaving in June…

Note that land valuations have not increased in over a decade. So any appreciation is due to the depreciating structure built on top? Really? JCAD’S methodology does not follow basic rules of appraisal where location/land  drives increasing value as used in Houston and Austin

JCAD is also using a rule that all evidence a property owner wants to use for appeal must be submitted prior to any hearing. I would suggest that the burden of proof is on the district and any evidence they used to increase values be provided upfront.   Folks would soon discover that even a simple site visit was not made and values were simply assigned and prayers made as to what would stick.

Forgo the deaf, dumb and blind review panel, who are too cozy drinking coffee with appraisal folks all day making their $ 200-day retirement pay. Also, forgo binding arbitration (with a $500 fee). File your complaint with the District court and politely ask for a jury of your taxpaying peers. It will never go to trial (certainly not in the next 2 years) and you only have to pay your current tax rate for now… This mob tactic needs to be beaten down hard. M&D Supply has the pitchforks…

Answer: That is a lot to take in. But…we see nothing wrong?

From Central Texas:

I had a summer job in the early 80’s for Gulf States Utilities. It was the year they were building their new headquarters.  We worked out of their old headquarters.  I never thought Beaumont would turn into what it is today.  Someone should tell the city council that building cranes are a sign of progress, not wrecking balls.

Answer: Amazing? No. An example of what happens when a big government takes over and the people are left behind. 

From South Newton County / North Orange County :

Just a few words from North Orange County,

We don’t have an AT&T building for sale here, but we have our own issues.

Did you know that to most over here, this is one place….and I do agree it’s often hard to tell where South Newton County ends and North Orange County begins, but…..did you know we are building a sidewalk over here? 

Not just any sidewalk, mind you.  This one’s going to be a half-mile (or better) long, running from the projects (off of MLK Drive and behind the Community Christian Church/School) to the Crawdad’s convenience store on IH10.  I guess the city buses can start picking people up and dropping them off there…? (Psst!….there are no city buses in Orange —yet, but I bet they’re coming!).  I guess the children can go to the store and use their parent’s EBT cards on overpriced items, such as popsicles….?  Or, the school kids can take a field trip to the Confederate Memorial….?  I hear the Confederate Roses are budding out and may bloom soon!

This isn’t just any sidewalk, but a 6’ wide one (for two lanes of traffic, I guess) and all up to DOT specs.

We can’t get the damn ditches cleaned out, but we can build a half-mile-long sidewalk to nowhere!

What a boondoggle!

Keep fightin’, Klein….Orange Countians read your blog, too!

Answer: What a great letter from South Newton County! God bless you guys! Hey, a walkway? Oh lord. We will look into it.

From Port Arthur :

Your article regarding the Ministry Alliance and PAPD, you have skewed into WHAT you WANT it to mean! The highlighted part specifically states the stages of review. 

“First, a case will be opened. Investigated by Internal Affairs Division (You, of all people know that IAD is a part of the police division – NOT ministers!) – IAD forward their findings to Chief who with then issue disciplinary action to the officer.” 

Now comes the part YOU chose to screw up ……… I’ll type is s.l.o.w. so you can comprehend …


The memo in no way, shape or form states that the Citizens Review Board gets the case FIRST and makes a decision!! 

Answer: Yes, we are slow. And now we see six spelling and diction mistakes in your note? Glasshouses. Oh, not to mention the separation of church and state? God help this county. 

From Nederland:

How is Nederland ISD Bond Propsal going? I see you were right on my taxes. Up over 32% in a year! Go DOGS!

Answer: We have a story coming – hang in.

Beaumont Mayor Race :

If Mouton wins I am moving to Port Arthur! Oh, never mind, as you say, Port Arthur will move here!

Answer: You get it!


Klein, is it true that seats on American Airlines that go empty are paid for by the county still?

Answer: Thanks for the reminder – we are going to have to follow up on that!

From Beaumont:

God Damn! I got my timbers shivered reading about Walker even running! Are you sure? Damn it!

Answer: Oh yes. Here he comes!

From Beaumont:

Mr. Klein, if Walker becomes the District Attorney, he will tell Zena Stephens to send the SWAT team to disarm you, because Walker knows you pose an imminent threat of harm to others.  The SWAT  team will, unfortunately, sustain body-camera failure.  You will be killed while vigorously resisting arrest, and there will be no video showing your final moments.

If Giblin becomes the District Attorney, he will order you arrested for domestic terrorism,  due to your dangerous, conspiratorial blog posts, that include your baseless theory judges should apply the law to the facts.  Due to your inability to control your violent tendencies, you will pick a fight with members of the Aryan Brotherhood in jail, and you will be stabbed and beaten to death. 

Answer : How much fun! No really – three hots and a cot? TV? Bad Boys? Come on!!!

From Downtown Beaumont: 

Hey dude…that was my building! Those aren’t ganged tags! Those are…well, gang tags! Just another great day in Beaumont!

It will be just another day in Jefferson County, Texas.

Answer: It is okay. We are having another good day! Right?

From:  Beaumont

So every morning my wife and I get up and read your website! And we love it! My wife says you are the best thing to happen in Jefferson County! Now to my question. How do you get your stories and why does everyone trust you so much?  Keep it going!

Answer:  We get the stories from those in high places because they trust us and they have an agenda. Sometimes it is political. So times it is personal. And sometimes (sit down for this one) it is because they see the corruption and they only want to do the right thing. We will “keep it going” and point out the corruption! Trust us when we say the best is always yet come? Why? The same players over and over and over. 

From Beaumont:

Klein, what is your lovefest for Becky Ames? I don’t get it? Why?

Answer: We all make mistakes. As we get older you see things differently. She gets it, but her ego…

From Beaumont: 

GOD BLESS THE QUEEEEEEEENNNEEEE! We love this website in our office. Everyone runs to their desks when they come in just to read you guys! Keep up the good work and keep us laughing.

Answer: You are welcome. 

From Beaumont:

Shiver Me Timbers! God, we laughed so hard! We all walk around our workplace and say Shiver Me Timbers every time those goofballs say something on TV!

Answer: Don’t get mad, but those guys you talk about? Those are hard-working dedicated people that believe what they are doing is right.

From Nederland:

Where is the media? Does anyone see them?

Answer: Shhhhhh, they are asleep right now. 

From Beaumont –

You have to give it to the democrats – they do not care. So the Republicans do care. Watch and see what happens in 22!

Answer: Not so fast. All politics is local. Never forget that. 

From Beaumont –

Judy Nichols has class! She could have pounced on Trahan but didn’t? Your thoughts. 

Answer: Judy is schooled in the world of politics. Watch her rise.

From Mid County –

Hey PK, great stuff on the Bond girl! Here is my question to you. Why is she not in prison? I will wait for an answer.

Answer: Great question. Maybe she knows somebody. But now they are running for the hills I would think. Again, we will all watch and see.

From Houston –

My town is not the town I grew up in. It is horrible here. Fire Fighters be damned right? 

Answer: You would be right. 

From Beaumont :

I am scared to live in this town right now. Ames leaving is a good step. Who cares about Covit – I am worried about bullets.

Answer: Get ready for more! Stay tuned. 

From Jasper :

Many of us are going to miss Billy Rowles. Thank you for what you wrote about him!

Answer: You are welcome. He is a good man.

From Central Texas :

So how did Bartie get an immediate hospital admission?  From what I’ve heard from others, and experienced myself, those that are sick and do not have serious breathing problems are told to go home and ride it out.

I read this on KFDM.  Supposedly it is a quote from Bartie.

“My daughter, she’s in charge of everything,” said Bartie. “She said, ‘dad, let’s go.’ She has contacts at a hospital in Friendswood and we drove there Thursday night. They’re giving me oxygen. I’m not on a ventilator.”

Guess he wasn’t sick enough for his doctor to admit him into a local hospital (Medical Center of Southeast Texas) (Christus St Elizabeth.  What does this tell the taxpayers?  He’s better than the citizens of Port Arthur?

Dang, he must be on the same level as President Trump.

Answer: We get it, too funny!

From Nederland :

Klein, are you following this bond debacle down in Nederland?  All Things Nederland Facebook page is lighting up after the PA News article where the IBI Architect is apologizing for their screw-ups.  Man you called this one before it ever happened!  Can you believe cutting 44,000 sf out of the high school plan, and calling it “Value Engineering”

Answer: Story coming!!!!!

From Beaumont:

OMG Klein! Like it is nice to see someone who tells the story! Love your site! Enjoyed meeting you. Everyone should meet you because you are nothing like you are portrayed! Keep it rocking my friend!

Answer: Sigh, I hear that a lot. 

From Beaumont:

I am responding to your article about the American public figuring out the media is lying to us constantly.  After the Presidential “election,” I decided the media was broadcasting only pre-planned propaganda, with no truth at all.  Accordingly, I stopped watching all television news stations, and I stopped reading any stories on the internet published by the Washington Post, New York Times,,,,,, etc. Even ESPN includes a dose of leftist propaganda in virtually every TV program and on its webpage, every day.

Now, in the mornings I drink my coffee while watching the Weather Channel.  While I cannot stop the media from lying, at least I am no longer helping the media make money by lying to me. 

Answer: We are there with you. We have lost the media.

From Jefferson County (County):

What is wrong with Judge Walston? Open the courts and let us all get back to work. Excuse those that don’t want to serve on a jury and move on? Your call is right on the mark! Keep-Keeping us informed!

Answer: I have no answer. None. 

From Beaumont :

The more things change, the more they stay the same; I remember the original story well, and it sounds like you have another debacle in Beaumont, all over again.   I have never laughed this hard.  Have enjoyed your exclusive independent news for years and now that I have to pay for the other folks, well let’s just say you’re the only game in town.  Keep up the good work.

Answer: Man do we remember that! We got sued over that! Made some money on that lawsuit! We made the decision that if we ever got sued again we would file a countersuit. And send the message. And we have! Thanks for reading!

From Port Arthur:

Klein, no really, why are you for Greg Richard?

Answer: We want Richard to win down in Port Arthur. Seeing him up there in that dysfunction and watching the dysfunction grow greater! It will be the death of Port Arthur. You cannot rebuild until it dies. 

From South County : 

Got my tax statement from Jefferson County and guess what?

All five taxing entities increased the appraisal value of 15.75%-35.51% 

WD-10 was the highest followed close behind by NISD

Bought and Homesteaded in Central Gardens because of no city taxes and in 1987 my taxes were barely $600

It has increased 265%, if my math is correct, since then. (now an eerie $1666.27)

With about 3 years left before my rates lock-in @65, it seems they are trying to get all they can as quickly as they can!

Hate to think this but sure looks like our cities, states, and country are in for much worse before it gets better.

Answer: Oh….we tried to tell everyone. Here is one from Nederland!

Nederland Texas :

Mr. Klein, I wanted to write you a note and admit to you that I was wrong. If you remember me I was a big part of the Nederland Bond issue. I supported and my entire family got behind it. Both my mother in law and I are teachers. 

This past week I received my tax bill from Jefferson County. We now owe a year over $6,000 in taxes. I did not believe it until I read it for myself. My husband turned to me and said that we are going to have to move because we cannot afford the taxes. I am so sad. You popped up into my mind when my husband said that. You said that was going to happen. It has for our family. Our children are all under 10 years old and he works at the plant and makes great money. But that is not enough for our family. We are looking for homes right now in Lumberton and in Orangefield. Our agent says that taxes in both cities are almost 2,800 less. We love our family but that kind of money will add up over ten years as their college approach. 

Thank you Mr. Klein for being that voice to our communities in Southeast Texas. People say they hate you, but my husband and I just didn’t do our research. You were right. We were wrong. God Bless you, sir!

Answer: First, I am sorry that you are going through this. Those on the committee and those on the board of trustee’s lied to you. And they lied to the community. When you win on a lie – you must continue that lie. Like soil samples at the high school – should we go there? Uh..later. Best wishes and good luck to you and your family!

From Beaumont :

I was just made aware of your site/’page’ a couple of months ago and have asked myself why I have not been aware before now!

Do you have a site to go to to read up on past ‘home page’ things written along with past editorials?  Been in Beaumont for 31 years and have enjoyed your perspective for the last couple of months and can say I would have loved reading for years in the past….. 🤷‍♂️

Answer: Thank you and we do archive. We have worked on providing an archive site but have not completed it. We will. Thanks again!

From Florida

Although I no longer live in the Beaumont area or subscribe to the Beaumont Enterprise, a former neighbor has informed me about a recent article concerning where I live.

 I live in The Villages, Florida, a retirement community of about 180,000 people from all over the nation and world.  We live a great life here but we do have our differences.  And this does not exclude our presidential preference.

 According to my neighbor, a Beaumont Enterprise article stated how the residence of The Villages is now planning to switch from voting for Donald Trump to Joe Biden.

 This could not be more wrong!  Just driving around The Villages, you see Trump signage everywhere.  Golf carts, flags, banners, clothing, etc.  Rarely do you see anything pro Biden?  We do have our share of negative Biden signage, though. 

 So far, we have had several golf cart parades for both candidates and the number of carts that show up for the events tells the whole story.  Maybe one hundred for Biden and literally thousands for Trump.  So many for Trump that the police force asks that people not participate.

 And is the Enterprise even mentioning all of the boat parades we’ve had in Florida?  Probably not.

 Too bad the days of honest reporting are gone.  Shame on the media for trying to influence the sheep – the non-thinkers into helping with their agenda.

Answer: We get it. Same thing here. It will be 2016 all over. Thanks for reading!!!

From Beaumont:

Regarding Dejonique Garrison, she is as low as it comes, a real scumbag. And, her false eyelashes are huge!. We make bets with each other on when she will have lift off and fly. Never, ever, will we watch channel 12 since they got rid of Steel & the other lady who resigned ( I forgot her name – Erica?). We watched Garrison one time….and afterward, we said goodbye to channel 12. They can crash and burn in my opinion ASAP.  Good riddance. 

Answer: We agree. She is a radical and the news director leaves her in place. Sad day for Channel 12. 

From Houston :

I am a funeral director in Houston. I noticed your media this last week crying about funeral homes. We have seen a very small uptick in deaths. Not much to talk about. So I checked each website and found that there were only a few funerals or announcements? Care to comment on your thoughts?

Answer: Yes, sure. It fits the narrative. 

From Lumberton :

I am a mother of two children in middle school. What do you guys think about school opening?

Answer: Do it. That is what we think. 

From Port Arthur:

Today I am taking on an issue that annoys the hell out of me. I am standing up for the patrol officers at the PAPD. I know police officers aren’t the favorite right now but this is a matter of principle so everybody listens up.

It seems that when an overtime slot opens up on patrol and a Sgt. or Lt. sign up for it they sit in the station the entire shift and leave the officers out on the street hanging. When asked about this, ” It’s not my job.” is the reply. Then they shouldn’t be allowed to sign for it. Why are they? Because no one else wants it. Seems morale is low. Imagine that.  

It looks good on paper all positions are filled all beats are covered.

The taxpayers are paying for the brass to sit in the station pulling OT pay while letting the patrol officers work short-handed and leaving the beat they were assigned to with no police presence. 

I don’t think so. Get up off your ass and plant it in a patrol car and go do what I am paying you to do. 

The sign of a good leader is someone that would not ask of their men if they wouldn’t do it themselves. I don’t see that anywhere in PAPD. If you sign for the OT on patrol you get in the car and patrol. The way it is now patrol is short-handed either way. This may be the norm in most cities I don’t know, but I don’t like paying people money to sit on their butt when they signed up to work a shift and think it’s ok to sit in the office and leave all those guys on the streets struggling. 

Answer: Interesting…we will look into it.

From Nederland: 

     First off, thank you for covering the stories that other news agencies refuse to put on the air or in print.  Now the time for me to let off some steam. Why all of sudden does the word “black” have to be capitalized whenever it is used in the papers or articles.

Also, unfortunately, a lot of things in this country revolved around slavery.  Don’t get me wrong, I am 100% mortified that it happened, but no people left on this earth are guilty of this atrocity. All men are created equal.  But some of the things being done to eliminate history bother me.  Tearing down statues.  (breaking the law)  Looting (breaking the law)  Arson (breaking the law) etc……

And now there is an uprising on these issues and I offer a sarcastic solution.   The White House was built with slave labor. ( so tear it down)  The U.S. Capitol was built with slave labor. (so tear it down)  Yale was named after a slave owner. (some want the name changed, give me a break)  CSX Railroad was built with slave labor. (shut it down, and watch the economy crash)  Wall Street was used to broker slaves.  (yeah, 2000 years ago. So tear the street up) Jack Daniel’s distillery used slave labor.  ( okay, no more whiskey, shut them down) Products having to change their names: a syrup that’s been around forever: rice that is one of the best on the market: and on and on…………. Just let it go folks and try to change the future and forget the past.  It is over.  Act stronger because of the past.  Breaking the law and killing people is not the answer!   By the way, I have a great-niece who happens to be half black and I would lay down my life for her!!!! 

Answer: We agree.  It is pretty silly sometimes. No, it is stupid. Look we are all Americans. Let’s keep it that way.         

From Beaumont :

You are so right, guys! Enough of this big government and little people. Either government is open or it’s closed. 

Answer: We believe we are right.

From Lumberton :

Do you have any updates on the Lumberton girl case?

Answer: Yes, next week. And it is again a shocker as this guy is still walking around. It is unbelievable. 

From Houston :

You guys rock! We love you and are so happy to be out of Jefferson County! A bad dream!

Answer : It only gets better. 

From Lumberton :

Mr. Klien I have read your page regarding the Lumberton teen and the issues she is facing. It sounds more like her parents could not control her doesn’t it sir?

Answer: Well, if you think that the children of the school district can run away and be held at a teacher’s house while the teacher’s son is older and an adult has sex with her? Well, maybe you are the problem?

From Beaumont: 

Your story about the student hit home. Our child had the same issues and is now in a very bad place. The BISD ignored it. Something is wrong with our school districts. Bad.

Answer: I am so sorry. A child’s life can change in a minute.

From Lumberton:

Thank you Mr. Klein!!! You are the only one that does anything to bring out the corruption in our area!

Answer: I am not the only one, but I am just one. Remember that. 

From Port Arthur:

I loved the story on American Airlines planes. Maybe the citizens of Beaumont who are bitching about their busses can get a flight paid free to another city?

Answer: Food for thought (eye roll).

From Houston :

I lived in Beaumont for years. And I am so glad to be gone from that shitty place. Ames is just a bi-product. 

Answer: Read on!

From Nederland :

The DA’s office is investigating? Stop making me laugh okay?

Answer: Read on!

From Beaumont: 

Kline, you have done it again son! The bigger the name the harder the fall! Get ’em, son!

Answer: We don’t set them up. They do that themselves. 

From Vidor:

Get off our ass over here in North Orange County! Beaumont is the new Vidor!

Answer: Too funny!

From Beaumont:

Mr. Klein, I am confused.  Can you please explain why Becky Antionette went to the nail salon?  Branick ruled that dog groomers are an essential business, so there were plenty of open places Antionette could get her nails done. 

Answer: We have said it before and will say it again – Jefferson county is corrupt. End of story.

From Beaumont :

“Mr. Kline, thank you for keeping us all updated on what is going on. God Bless you, sir! On a side note, as you like to say, you are so right on KBMT! I cannot stand to watch.

Answer : You are welcome!

From Lumberton :

We want more on the superintendent that quit. Everyone says you have the goods! Let us have them huh?

Answer: It is coming.

From Nederland :

“What happened to Tidbits? Our family loves them!

Answer: We have been busy!!! We will try and get back to normal.

From Beaumont :

“My wife and I watched your interview with Kevin Steele. We both had tears. We know you and have never seen that side of you. Thanks for telling me that story.”

Answer: You are welcome. I have kept that story very quiet and am just now willing to tell it. What a great thrill it was for me and my father.

From Beaumont :

“Klein, your best editorial ever on downtown! Loved it. Laughed as I read it! Then I got it.

Answer: Just saying what others are thinking.

From Nederland :

“Got interviewed by a Federal Agent this past week. You are right. Nederland has got issues.”

Answer: Call us and tell us more!

From Port Arthur:

Read your article on John Beard, Jr. He is a joke. He just likes to see himself on TV.”

Answer: Well, we think he simply is that but he wants to make a change in life. Hilton Kelly without the bling. He was working at Exxon. Do we wonder if he still does?

From Port Arthur:

“The town is run by a bunch of stupid ass people. You may just be on to something if they town goes under. Who will take it over?”

Answer: We are told the state of Texas has plans. They will lose millions in Federal Grants. It is not like we told them so!

From Beaumont

“The Review can suck it. You talk all the time about the problems in Southeast Texas? You are maybe the biggest problem. Suck it, Klein!”

Answer: And we thank you!

From Beaumont :

”Maybe CPS should learn a thing or two”?  “Too funny”! Seriously???  You have made fun of a very sad situation.  Did you see the gut-wrenching video?  That little boy deserves better “journalist” than you.  You just made a joke of child abuse.  That woman not only beat her child with a thrashing whip but she used every obscenity written while doing it.  This woman should be locked up and the key thrown away.  You think it’s funny?  You are a disgrace.  I’m sure you do not care but I will never read your website again and I hope many more will follow my lead.

Answer: Such drama! What we think is funny is how upset everyone gets over a parent whipping their child with a belt. What we think is funny is that when a high school kid got their but whipped in school while a teacher watched got no drama or outrage. What we think is funny is that parents think their poor little babies will do well with time out. And as for your comments on reading – we don’t care. That simple. 

From Nederland 

I hope that you are right. I would love to see someone go to jail for wasting the taxpayer’s money. But you may be wrong. 

Answer: Who knows. We hope so too. We wonder what would have happened if we did not bring the story to light. 

From Port Neches

As a 1981 graduate of PNG, I can assure you it’s a Black and White thing.

If the administration is competent and they want to get on top of this behavior they will expel both students, ban both sets of parents, and their siblings from attending PNG school district forever.   

  1. The white girl for baiting, taunting, bullying the black student, I’m sure she wasn’t innocent. 
  2. The black girl for acting out on her frustrations and hitting another student.
  3. The person filming should be expelled as they obviously knew what was going to happen.
  4. Fire the teacher who let this occur in their classroom.
  5. Fire the counselor who should have known this was going on.

Of course, you could ignore previous suggestions and just send them to their respective athletic coach for licks,  like it was done in the past,  not. 

Answer: Interesting take read on!

From Nederland :

We have the same thing here at Nederland High School. What is the big deal? A coach giving you licks? Not happening here! Mommy and Daddy would come out of their skin!

Answer: Mommy and Daddy? That sounds about right. 

From Port Neches : 

Go Indians! Go Cowboys! Go Dogs! Sign that girl up for MMA!

Answer: Sigh……….

From Beaumont:

I have an idea? Let’s do a fight night between all of the high schools. I have my money on the black girl from Port Neches!

Answer: It is assault in the real world. But this is Jefferson County outside the real world.

From Beaumont :

Klein, you have done it again! You are so right! We are being taxed out of the county. There are homes in Beaumont as well that are being sold! You called this six years ago!

Answer: Nobody cares. They will care in about two years. Watch and learn how the market crashes.

From Nederland :

Phillip the young wanted the new schools but after it passed they are finding out how much tax they owe and are moving out of the district. There are a bunch of homes for sale in the area.

Answer: I know right! Look around! Even the EDC director is too busy listing homes. And that is funny!

From China :

Citizens in North Jefferson county (including myself) would also like DD6 investigated for the Green Pond Gulley expansion.  The $50 million dollar ditch was supposed to take a 20-inch rain in half a day and suck it out “like a vacuum” they said.  Now after the ditch, the China area floods after a 2-inch rain.  They built a Levee which is basically a dam that is blocking our drainage from going into their 5,000-acre retention pond.  We’ve been told by workers there that Leblanc and other ma fudged the numbers so that their properties and friend’s properties would be less likely to flood.  Basically what they are doing is flooding out the northern part of Jefferson county which is 10ft higher to save the southern part of Jefferson county.

Answer: There is more to all of this. It is getting ugly. 

From Beaumont’s West End :

We sold out in Nederland three years ago (thank goodness) because we saw the handwriting on the wall with a big bond and new taxes coming.  We left the area for good, and now just come in to take care of my elderly parents in Beaumont.  We follow your site just to laugh and talk about how glad we are that we left in a nick of time!  Once my parents are gone, we may never set foot back in Jefferson County.  And yes, when I visit I am carrying if I take my Mom or Dad out.  Otherwise we just sit behind locked doors (in the west end no less) because it is just not safe enough for me to get them out after dark.  If I could get them out of Beaumont I would, but they are just too set in their ways.  I pray I don’t get a call that someone has broken in and hurt or killed them.  I grew up in Beaumont, and our kids in Nederland.  We are all gone……so sad.  The good news is that once you get out of Jefferson County, there are some really great places to live….in Texas and out of State!

Answer: We get it.

From Lumberton :

Klein, you are so right! We moved to Lumberton to get out of Beaumont and the schools. Our kids are doing great! I ride some traffic in the morning that anyone can handle! Thank you, sir! You and your site were one of the reasons we left!

Answer: I am very happy for you. Lumberton has it going on!

From Groves :

You called for the recall of Mayor Bailey after a 53 second video of him tossing a camera back to one of the gang of three which has harassed his family on many occasions over years so instead of telling the whole story what led up to the incident you jump on the recall bandwagon that many did on Facebook where I saw comments ( and my sisters ) wanting Bailey to step down be recalled all because of a 53 second video. So I called my sister and explained the whole story so at least she would know. First of all, I can’t believe you. You are no better than the rest of this bunch in Jefferson County. You are a joke. Why didn’t you mention the other side and their behavior that led up to this incident! If you and your family were done like Bailey was done what would you do? Send your bodyguards out to find them and teach them a lesson? Your nothing but another politician/blogger instead of getting the story straight and get at the TRUTH you do the other? What a phony you really are!

Answer : We know folks – sometimes it is too easy. So here we go!

Sir, An elected official should never ever assault anyone. It is that simple. Neither should a person harass an elected person and their family. But when you sign up to work for the people – sometimes people want you to listen to them. And when they feel you don’t things get out of control. The mayor, even though harassed, should never act in the manner he did. As for the young man, if you read us which it seems you do not, should have stepped down. Naked on the internet trolling for male dates is not really what Groves stands for. Lastly, don’t be a dick. Look at the big picture. I see your friend got hammered in the press. He should have. Personal responsibility. Remember that. So take your pills, get a good nap, and let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

From Groves :

Mr. Klein, I think you were very fair to the mayor. He really needs to look at himself and why he threw that phone. What if an elderly person or a child was sitting there? Keep up the good work!

Answer: Ya, it is pretty simple huh?

From Nederland :

“Klein you called it again! Everyone calls you names and bashes you, but you are right all of the time. Nederland has a scam going. We all knew it!”

Answer: I am starting to think they think the taxpayers are stupid or will never know.

From Beaumont:

Mr. Klein you piece of shit. Why don’t you leave this area! Or go back to school and learn some grammar!

Answer: I mean what do you say? Really what do you say?

From Houston: 

Did you see how many people elected a leader in Port Arthur? What is your thought?

Answer: Less than four thousand. Either they don’t care or are felons and cannot vote? What the hell do I know – right? Other than we did not see this coming. 

From Nederland :

“Sounds kind of like a communist city in Russia?” Sounds like Washington DC to me. Or Austin. Or…. Anywhere, USA.

Answer: Big government is in!!!

From Nederland:

We sold and moved for years ago after retiring. We grew weary with the tax assessor raising our home value astronomically for two consecutive years. If this bond passes, who will be afforded their tax bill three years from now, given the tax assessor’s valuation skyrocketing? This bond will increase ALL citizens tax burden, when is enough, enough? I happy I SETX, they abuse the taxpayer. IMHO.

Answer: Why would you say that! Move, get out, you do not belong in Nederland! Ya, we get it, cool kids don’t. 

From Nederland:

I voted early. I voted for each candidate that lives in their respective ward. Makes sense to me. I also voted no to THIS BOND. I am not a Nederland cool kid. I live here, but am not from here, although I have lived in the county all my life. I do not have a NO sign in my yard. I hope a lot of citizens are like me, don’t want anyone trampling through my yard, removing signs or worse and without out any hassles or ugliness. My thoughts and hopes are that many are like me, no signs in the yard mean NO to THIS BOND. I hope many votes and make informed decisions.

Answer: Stop being so level headed. You have to be cool first!

Comments On The Nederland Bond :

Since it is considered a rich school district, would any of it go toward the Robin Hood law? Also the buildings slated for demo were built to withstand hurricanes & have proven to be strong enough to do just that! Why would you want to replace that with metal buildings? I see roofs ripped off these type structures quite often after bad weather. So…I will be Voting No in NISD

How about doing a story on the latest numbers from the wonderful Jefferson Co. Appraisal District. What shocker, mine went up to $15 grand co-worker $100 grand another $75 grand another $20 grand. Talk about a back door tax increase.

You guys rock….stilll!!!

Klein even though the NISD signs are illegal me and several people from LL ballpark laughed at what they wanna spend money on. Especially at the stadium, no dressing rooms still?! Sigh. The silent majority will speak come poll time. This bond won’t be passed! Vote No people.

I’m thinking one or two school board members think they are in the Mafia. Property taxes were excessive when we left Nederland four years ago. If they pass this, I suspect there will be loan defaults due to high taxes and the inability to sell due to said high taxes. Just my two cents. Keep shining the light on the roaches!

Answer: Folks this is just a sample….?

From Hardin County :

Fuuny stuff Phil ! A special prosecutor looking into the David Bellows drama. If it’s the same “Special Prosecutor” that did all the cloak n’ dagger investigations into the apparently supposed local corruption, David doesn’t have a damn thing to worry about. If I didn’t know better, you could have posted this story on April 1st. Special prosecutor “investigating”…….haahahhaaaahhaa ! Now that’s funny stuff,…..your killin’ us dude !! Keep the comedy coming!

Answer : Okay David we will.

From Houston :

This SP should hand Bellow a little of what he needs. Jail. 

Answer:  Eh…..we will see. He has nine lives. He needs to worry about the Feds. 

From Nederland : 

Thanks. I still hold to vote NO & NO

Answer: The silence is becoming easier to listen to. 

From Nederland : 

Editors Note : From The Net –

Answer : Sigh…..really sigh.

From Nederland :

Ya…another one from the net :

Answer: Look at this numbnutt. One of the ultimate cool kids in Nederland! Too funny – works at Motiva – our guess there is a file on this guy. Wanna Bet? When you are cool you can break the rules and you know… a Lonesome Day!

From Beaumont :

Holy crap Kman! I thought our ISD was screwed up! Keep putting it on them, Klein!”

Answer : Sigh, we know. 

From Houston :

Jefferson County is a pool of corruption. I wonder if you were not there what would happen?

Answer : Who knows…..who knows.

From Nederland

This board is one of the reasons we left Nederland.  They have ruined NISD.  Suzanne Isom will do anything to keep her seat…..including lying about other candidates (boldly in front of them I might add!).  Nick is a former teacher and principal in BISD (doesn’t that give you the warm fuzzies?). Kay is a joke, and loves to double dip with her jobs.  I could go on and on about these people.  The cool kids on the board all have relatives on the payroll in NISD.  They want to keep it that way too.  To me it is a conflict of interest to have a close relative working in the district.  I cannot believe they want a bond this big!  How will they pay for it?  Not with my money…..we said goodbye……

Answer: If you are not a cool kid or part of the cool kid group you just don’t understand right?

From Nederland :

Where is this groups campaign disclosure? When I ran for office I had to file one!!!! Klein get on it!

Answer: We are already there.

From Nederland :

Thanks for the board insight. I will be voting no and no on both of them

Answer: Good.

From Nederland :

I grew up in Nederland. Now I own a home in Nederland. These people trying to control the Nederland Bond are the same kids that were bullies in High School. They are too cool and don’t care about you and I. Our family is 5 votes NO NO NO!

Answer: I have heard that a bunch. Interesting take.

From Nederland :

Kline, I thought you were bullshitting us again. But I looked this bond thing up. I am not going to pay $1,000 a year. These people are crazy!

Answer: Just watch and see. Watch and see.

From Nederland :

Hey Neighbor! I thought Nederland was conservative? What did the hell happen? These people are a joke!

Answer: They are taking the AOC approach? Whatever it costs – we will find the money?  Here is a thought :

From Beaumont :

They misspelled “Chitty”.

Answer: Sigh…

From Beaumont :

I came to appreciate your website well after you began publishing (by fax! HA!) The stories of your early days may seem like old news to you guys, but I always gain perspective by hearing how your success has evolved. Great piece.

Answer: Read on…..

From Beaumont :

I wish I could stop you somehow. You are not funny with your tour bus story. I think you are sick. You can sign my name to your stupid reader mail. 

Answer: And read on!

From Houston :

I lived in Beaumont! Your depiction was perfect. I laughed my ass off! Dead bodies! Love you Klein!

Answer: Read on…

From Beaumont :

Oh God! I laughed so hard I peed on myself! My wife was laying next to me and she read it and laughed harder! 

Answer: Read on!

From Beaumont :

Kline, if nobody thanks you let me be the first! You brought to light the problems in Beaumont. There are going to be serious changes in this election. Keep it going bud!

Answer: I think Beaumont has had enough. 

From Beaumont :

We are all waiting for the shoe to drop? When Klein, when?

Answer: We are told it is coming.

From Beaumont :

Happy New Year Klein! Keep it up! We Read You Everyday! Morning Coffee, Phone, Shit, and Klein!

Answer: TMI

From Port Arthur :

Dude, too funny about the mayor’s race. You have to stay on it. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed. 

Answer: Welcome

From Port Arthur :

How do you like our new police chief? You have been silent. 

Answer : Give him time.

From Port Arthur :

Kline, you are right again! We love our new police chief!

Answer : He will do a great job. Old school guy – needs to do some cleanup and then rebuild. 

From Beaumont :

Read your predictions and you again were good. Sorry to see Tim Funchise not make it back in. That office was running great. It happens. 

Answer : You are right – it happens. Tim is one of the nicest and greatest guys you will ever meet. This Hallmark guy is certain to have a chance. We are going to watch this eat like a hawk. 

From Houston :

You people live in a judicial and corrupt hell hole. I just tried a cut and dry bench trial. Walking in I was told that I would lose because of the local lawyer is friends with the judge. My guy was in a dead stop at a redlight witnessed by 3 witnesses. The judge ruled against our motion for summary judgment. When I questioned it under the law 

Answer : I think I have said this 100 times – so listen : IT IS NOT THE LAW IT IS WHO YOU KNOW IN JEFFERSON COUNTY! Some of these judges will have to answer to that some day. 

From Houston :

Left the place a long time ago! But love to read of the bullshit! Klein you are the bomb!

Answer : Boom right?

From Beaumont :

I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, have family that is current and retired from the job and I believe in law and order.

In the past 3-4 months I have witnessed something that just doesn’t make sense. Beaumont PD has at least two Tahoe’s that they place along heavy traffic areas and just leave them there. These vehicles have very dark tint on the windows, including the windshields, you can’t see in them. I have seen them parked at the Fire Station on Walden Rd., on I-10 on the westbound side close to the Harley-Davidson dealership, under the underpass at Dowlen/Eastex Freeway and most recently on Gladys at Rogers Park. They leave them in the same location for many days. For the local people who routinely drive the same path to work it’s easy to figure out they aren’t occupied. What is the thinking behind this??? These vehicles are expensive, to have them sitting idle seems like a waste of money.

Answer : They tell us it is to scare the criminals and for recruiting. Yes…

From Port Arthur :

Kleinman! Just to let you know we love our chief! He has brought good ideas so far! The union loves him too! You called it again buddy!!!! Stay safe!!!

Answer : Tim will do a great job – if he stays out of the crazy politics of city Council. You guys stay safe! 

From Beaumont :

Why do you not sue the hell out of Jefferson County, the DA’s office and those that try to hurt you. If I were on a jury I would pay you millions to send a message! Keep the faith Klein! Thank you!

Answer : Because in Jefferson County you cannot get a fair trial. End of story. 

From Houston :

Easy to understand the inept and impotent DA’s office when you realize the Courthouse is simply a bad Gilligan’s Island remake and the DA is the bumbling Skipper (minus only the hat). Walker is just his Little Buddy that will ensure the County will never be rescued.

Answer: I disagree. There is a shadow government, however.

From Beaumont :

I’m sorry that is just too long to read. I don’t have that much patience or brain power to take in all that crap about Jefferson County. Just figure if it is in this county it’s corrupt and call it a day. It’s never going to change. With Gods’ help, we will be out if here soon. I am going as far north as I can get. Northwest Territories of Canada are looking pretty good.

Answer: The place is falling on top of itself. The cops are scared and just want a job so that they can retire nicely, and when those people that break the law and the cops do not stand – it is what it is. You get what you got. Just learn to duck when you hear the gunfire. 

From Port Arthur :

Klein, man, I am worried about you!!! You need to chill out. They are going to come to throw your ass under the jail!

Answer: They have tried twice in the last two years. When they figured out the FBI and SAG were watching they puckered up. I have more to come on Thursday. Get ready it has to do with law enforcement. 

From Kirbyville : 

I worked in a law firm in Beaumont. I got laid off. You know who I am and who I worked for. I watched them talk and come up with a plan to take you out. Remember the incident at the Mexican Food Restaurant? Her husband thought he was a real badass. We all just laughed at her. When I was laid off and got out of there I figured it all out. Mr. Klein, there are many in that office that respect you and laugh at those stupid lawyers. We loved Chip (Ferguson) and many of us wanted to go with him. But we see him for who he is now. Good luck. We are cheering for you!!!

Answer : Yes….thank you….I know who you are and your family. Thank you for your words. 

From Nederland :

Mr. Klein – thank you as always for what you do for our community.  There are a lot of us that appreciate it.

In regard to today’s posting about the Nederland Sanitation Department, I thought I would share a photo of the handiwork of our sanitation workers, and what they did to my cans a couple of years ago because I – gasp! – put my cans out at 7:30 a.m. (but before the truck got to my house).  

My story was similar; when we would put out the cans at night, a neighborhood dog would knock them over, every single time, and make a mess in the street.  So I started putting them out in the morning.

What you see on the cans was painted on them (that is not chalked) – it would not come off either – by the garbage collection worker, who got out of his truck and took the time to deface my garbage cans.  When I called to complain, the Solid Waste folks gave me a half-ass apology and said they would look into replacing them.  

A few days later, a city pickup truck pulled up in front of our house after dark around 8pm at night.  The guy got out of the cab, got in the bed of the truck, and literally flung the two new cans in the middle of my front yard and drove off.  

I would ask that if you share this on your site that you do not include my name, as our house was mysteriously passed up by the garbage truck for a couple of weeks after this incident, even though we had the cans out the night before… 

And to be fair, we haven’t had any recent problems.  For now, anyway.

Answer : Thanks so much for the email… is the photo that you sent us – we get it. 

From Port Neches :

And that is why Port Neches does not want the city issued garbage cans. I will gladly put my garbage in a bag and tote it to the curb.

Answer :  Ya…we get that too!


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