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The Southeast Texas Political Review

From Groves:

I’ve pushed that elected officials be held accountable. They will. Also, to be a Groves City Council Member one should own property and live in the city limits, and to be fiscally responsible not just with City money but personal finances. How can a person who files for bankruptcy be a good manager  of money?  Also, if you were given a computer for another council member, that is in the State ethics charter as you would feel you owe that member (votes, agenda items, etc..) ! Puppet Master and two puppets, illegal!!! What City Manager will want to work for a corrupt council, let me tell you a crappy one; who has probably filed for bankruptcy at least once! New City Attorney was clueless in the negotiations and did not even know what that Charter said about firing a City Manager, but that’s Paul Oliver’s (aka Puppet Master) personal pick!

Answer: Something smells. We hear the OAG has been watching.

North Pole:

Twas weeks before Christmas, way down at the club,

Where mosquitoes were biting and sucking out blood.

The sailboats were few, and parked in the slips,

As the grinches had raised prices, man what is their trip?

When up at the clubhouse, there rose such a clatter,

Much rum had been consumed, so what is the matter?

Out at the gate, just what did appear,

You didn’t pay your slip fees, you can’t come in here.

“But my slip fees when up, by 82% and more,

They took all my money, and now I am poor.”

I have sailed on this lake, for years upon years,

Very bad decisions, have caused many tears.

Some friends are leaving, to dock their boats west,

With bars and hot tubs, living their best.

I will not get mad, for I am still a sailor,

Plus my sleek little sailboat, will go on a trailer.

Some folks are still working, to make a wrong right,

While it is easy to do, let’s not give up the fight.

For one day soon, common sense will prevail,

And back on the lake, we will once again sail.

Forever Grateful Daily

Answer: Very nice.

From Beaumont:

This past week, I was so proud of the judiciary in Jefferson County. Gone are the days of lawyers taking judges on jets to fancy locations. Actually, all most all of the judges were following the rules and ethics which is clear – you cannot get on planes as a gift and go to sporting events, stay at a lawyer’s home that they own, or even go to dinner. Why? You have to remain independent from all law firms to make a decision.  In 2007, the quagmire was deep & churning & nothing worked by law as it did in the rest of Texas. Hearing this cadre of nuts has been cracked open warms my heart & gives me hope. I know it wouldn’t have happened if not for you & your tenacious exposure of the corruption infiltrating the justice system. Thank you so much for what you did, and Happy Holidays to you & your family.

Answer: And to you as well. Merry Christmas!

From Beaumont:

Our family wants you to know that you are the only media left in East Texas that tells the story of what is going on in politics. We do not trust the TV people, we do not trust the newspapers, we do not trust those out there that try and emulate you. I have been in business since 2000, and I assure you you are a leader in the East Texas Community! Thank you, sir!

Answer – I am humbled by your comment. Thank you. 

From Austin:

Mr. Klien, do you want to know what the best decision of my life was? To move out of Beaumont to the Hill Country! 

Answer – We believe you.

From Beaumont :

Just read your most recent story. If what you say is true then I’ve been right about our District Attorney? If multiple serious charges are not brought against this drunk driver we are seeing the death of our Local Justice System.

Answer:  We like what the DA did. Now it is let’s make a deal time! Watch like we say – follow the money!

From Beaumont :

It seems Nederland football has lost numerous players this year due to Monte Barrow playing favorites or politics. I have heard as many as 7 players, 2 went to Memorial, 2 have gone to Kelly, 2 have gone to Orange field.

Can you confirm this as true if not it will deter people from spreading rumors.

Answer:  We are looking into it. Remember Nederland – it is a closed society. You are out unless you are in. Those school taxes are forcing many out. 

From Beaumont :

Glad to hear the kudos for Judge Stevens! The right thing to do is almost never the easy thing to do. I have had the privilege of serving as a juror several times in his court, and let me tell you, more than once he has taken those lawyers by the nose and stuck them back into the law books where they should have been in the first place, lol.

With him the law is the law and D/R, rich/poor, doesn’t mean a thing.

We love what you do, keep it up! Your website is a light that shines in a weary Jefferson County and we appreciate you and your staff!

Answer:   Well thank you for the comments! As for Judge Stevens – give us FIVE OF HIM EVERY SINGLE DAY! He is the best. We hear this may be it for him – the last four years! 

From Beaumont Port:

The law enforcement presence at the port is high this morning. 

Texas DPS, Homeland Security, and USCG Law enforcement people with dogs?

Answer: Sending a message.

From Port Arthur:

Well, Urkel was once a hall monitor back in the day for PAISD.

He was an employee of Kelly Services. (contractor for the hall monitors)

His role was to just make sure the kids are in class and not skipping.

He apparently tried to get a female student’s number and the student reported it to her parents.

This triggered an investigation with the district and Kelly Services.

Prior to being confronted he resigned in lieu of termination.

This was before he later became a school board member.

Answer: Too funny. Imagine that!

From Port Neches: 

Unless those judges and lawyers come forward and resign.
But that might not solve it.
Because there would be no way to know if ALL came forward.
Until the commission reports.

Any trial before the courts till this is resolved could be thrown out because trials will be done possibly by judges and lawyers in question.

Answer: It will never happen. Judges get on planes and go to fine places every day with lawyers who practice in front of them. Never forget. It is called corruption. 

From Beaumont:

Is it just the streets that I drive on or everyone renting or selling their homes lately.

Answer: Abandon Ship – Get Out Of BISD and Jefferson County!

From Mid County: 

Klein, we love you! Thank you for standing up for us all! Can we talk you into running for office? You could do SO MUCH! Love to you and your family!

Answer: Thank you so much for your kind comments. My answer is no. I have no intention nor do I have any want or need to try and fix this place. That is now for law enforcement. 

From Beaumont :

Phillip, you sing the praises of our DA. He is the top Law Enforcement in the County, right? This couldn’t happen without his being involved, right??? So what gives???

Answer: Sometimes you just sit back and watch. The fruit shall come as they say.

From Beaumont:

Philip, I wanted to make it clear that Jefferson County has valued Pho Ha at only $23,100 for tax purposes.  Not that their tax bill was $23,000.  I looked again at how I wrote it and it may have appeared that I was saying that their taxes were $23,100.  Sorry for the possible confusion.

Answer: We looked it up. Found some stuff. Give us a week or two!

From  Port Arthur:

I have been seeing ads on TV about a pipeline through Sabine Lake.  The ads are in opposition to the pipeline.  They list a web address .  So, I went there to see what they had to say. 

Turns out the site is for PACAN run by Mr. John Beard Jr.   Is this the scam artist?

Where is he getting his money to run these ads?

Answer: It is Port Arthur. Everyone has a side hustle. This gig is one near and dear to John. He feels that he is making a difference like Uncle Hilty. When in fact, you could shut down all of the refining groups in Port Arthur, leave the town a ghost town, and then boohoo because everyone has left. Kind of like they are doing now. The scam artist is a little harsh – but a liberal democratic operative could be about right. 

From Beaumont:

Thanks for your article on the difference in prices on electric/gas autos and fuel/charge. One other thing to consider is that should the electric car catch on fire, as we have seen more and more reports of this happening, the Fire Department just stands back and watches them burn. No fault of the firemen, they are NOT equipped to fight an electrical fire from their trucks! It takes a special solvent to put out electrical fires. 

And the price to replace the batteries on the car – and how often is that required would be worth looking into, also. 

Answer: You are very welcome. Do you want John Beards’ phone number? Or just watch local TV. 

From Beaumont :

Our family wakes up in the morning every day laughing at what you write! We love you Mr. Klein!

Answer : Thank you. It has been fun to point out what the media does not.

From Groves:

Why don’t you write about Groves? We have so many problems. Crime is one of them. Help us! Please!

Answer: Groves is fine. They are trying. And it is working. We will snoop around a little. 

From Beaumont:

Your hatred of our city shows every time you write something about Beaumont. I bet we won’t see that on your stinking page. F*** Mr. Klein!

Answer: Ech…nice try. Not gonna bite. Nobody hates anyone. We are not fluffed media. We tell it like it is. 

From Beaumont:

I see that Mary’s current address is ___________________________ Bmt. I live at ______________________ and own my home. I’m pretty sure that’s a rental where she allegedly lives. I don’t know where she puts 4 kids in a 2 bdrm 1-1/2 bath! I’m retired and nosey. I’ll be checking it out when I go to the mailbox and walk my dog. Orange County needs to MTRP and revokes her probation. That is a privilege and she’s already blown it!

Answer: We too are asking why CPS is not involved. Maybe they will be when Mary goes to jail next week. Oh, sorry, we forgot, Mary Never Goes To Jail. 

From South Newton County / North Orange County :

Just a few words from North Orange County,

We don’t have an AT&T building for sale here, but we have our own issues.

Did you know that to most over here, this is one place….and I do agree it’s often hard to tell where South Newton County ends and North Orange County begins, but…..did you know we are building a sidewalk over here? 

Not just any sidewalk, mind you.  This one’s going to be a half-mile (or better) long, running from the projects (off of MLK Drive and behind the Community Christian Church/School) to the Crawdad’s convenience store on IH10.  I guess the city buses can start picking people up and dropping them off there…? (Psst!….there are no city buses in Orange —yet, but I bet they’re coming!).  I guess the children can go to the store and use their parent’s EBT cards on overpriced items, such as popsicles….?  Or, the school kids can take a field trip to the Confederate Memorial….?  I hear the Confederate Roses are budding out and may bloom soon!

This isn’t just any sidewalk, but a 6’ wide one (for two lanes of traffic, I guess) and all up to DOT specs.

We can’t get the damn ditches cleaned out, but we can build a half-mile-long sidewalk to nowhere!

What a boondoggle!

Keep fightin’, Klein….Orange Countians read your blog, too!

Answer: What a great letter from South Newton County! God bless you guys! Hey, a walkway? Oh lord. We will look into it.

From Port Arthur :

Your article regarding the Ministry Alliance and PAPD, you have skewed into WHAT you WANT it to mean! The highlighted part specifically states the stages of review. 

“First, a case will be opened. Investigated by Internal Affairs Division (You, of all people know that IAD is a part of the police division – NOT ministers!) – IAD forward their findings to Chief who with then issue disciplinary action to the officer.” 

Now comes the part YOU chose to screw up ……… I’ll type is s.l.o.w. so you can comprehend …


The memo in no way, shape or form states that the Citizens Review Board gets the case FIRST and makes a decision!! 

Answer: Yes, we are slow. And now we see six spelling and diction mistakes in your note? Glasshouses. Oh, not to mention the separation of church and state? God help this county. 

From Nederland:

How is Nederland ISD Bond Propsal going? I see you were right on my taxes. Up over 32% in a year! Go DOGS!

Answer: We have a story coming – hang in.

Beaumont Mayor Race :

If Mouton wins I am moving to Port Arthur! Oh, never mind, as you say, Port Arthur will move here!

Answer: You get it!


Klein, is it true that seats on American Airlines that go empty are paid for by the county still?

Answer: Thanks for the reminder – we are going to have to follow up on that!

From Beaumont:

God Damn! I got my timbers shivered reading about Walker even running! Are you sure? Damn it!

Answer: Oh yes. Here he comes!

From Beaumont:

Mr. Klein, if Walker becomes the District Attorney, he will tell Zena Stephens to send the SWAT team to disarm you, because Walker knows you pose an imminent threat of harm to others.  The SWAT  team will, unfortunately, sustain body-camera failure.  You will be killed while vigorously resisting arrest, and there will be no video showing your final moments.

If Giblin becomes the District Attorney, he will order you arrested for domestic terrorism,  due to your dangerous, conspiratorial blog posts, that include your baseless theory judges should apply the law to the facts.  Due to your inability to control your violent tendencies, you will pick a fight with members of the Aryan Brotherhood in jail, and you will be stabbed and beaten to death. 

Answer : How much fun! No really – three hots and a cot? TV? Bad Boys? Come on!!!

From Downtown Beaumont: 

Hey dude…that was my building! Those aren’t ganged tags! Those are…well, gang tags! Just another great day in Beaumont!

It will be just another day in Jefferson County, Texas.

Answer: It is okay. We are having another good day! Right?

From:  Beaumont

So every morning my wife and I get up and read your website! And we love it! My wife says you are the best thing to happen in Jefferson County! Now to my question. How do you get your stories and why does everyone trust you so much?  Keep it going!

Answer:  We get the stories from those in high places because they trust us and they have an agenda. Sometimes it is political. So times it is personal. And sometimes (sit down for this one) it is because they see the corruption and they only want to do the right thing. We will “keep it going” and point out the corruption! Trust us when we say the best is always yet come? Why? The same players over and over and over. 

From Beaumont:

Klein, what is your lovefest for Becky Ames? I don’t get it? Why?

Answer: We all make mistakes. As we get older you see things differently. She gets it, but her ego…

From Beaumont: 

GOD BLESS THE QUEEEEEEEENNNEEEE! We love this website in our office. Everyone runs to their desks when they come in just to read you guys! Keep up the good work and keep us laughing.

Answer: You are welcome. 

From Beaumont:

Shiver Me Timbers! God, we laughed so hard! We all walk around our workplace and say Shiver Me Timbers every time those goofballs say something on TV!

Answer: Don’t get mad, but those guys you talk about? Those are hard-working dedicated people that believe what they are doing is right.

From Nederland:

Where is the media? Does anyone see them?

Answer: Shhhhhh, they are asleep right now. 

From Beaumont –

You have to give it to the democrats – they do not care. So the Republicans do care. Watch and see what happens in 22!

Answer: Not so fast. All politics is local. Never forget that. 

From Beaumont –

Judy Nichols has class! She could have pounced on Trahan but didn’t? Your thoughts. 

Answer: Judy is schooled in the world of politics. Watch her rise.

From Mid County –

Hey PK, great stuff on the Bond girl! Here is my question to you. Why is she not in prison? I will wait for an answer.

Answer: Great question. Maybe she knows somebody. But now they are running for the hills I would think. Again, we will all watch and see.

From Houston –

My town is not the town I grew up in. It is horrible here. Fire Fighters be damned right? 

Answer: You would be right. 

From Beaumont :

I am scared to live in this town right now. Ames leaving is a good step. Who cares about Covit – I am worried about bullets.

Answer: Get ready for more! Stay tuned. 

From Jasper :

Many of us are going to miss Billy Rowles. Thank you for what you wrote about him!

Answer: You are welcome. He is a good man.

From Central Texas :

So how did Bartie get an immediate hospital admission?  From what I’ve heard from others, and experienced myself, those that are sick and do not have serious breathing problems are told to go home and ride it out.

I read this on KFDM.  Supposedly it is a quote from Bartie.

“My daughter, she’s in charge of everything,” said Bartie. “She said, ‘dad, let’s go.’ She has contacts at a hospital in Friendswood and we drove there Thursday night. They’re giving me oxygen. I’m not on a ventilator.”

Guess he wasn’t sick enough for his doctor to admit him into a local hospital (Medical Center of Southeast Texas) (Christus St Elizabeth.  What does this tell the taxpayers?  He’s better than the citizens of Port Arthur?

Dang, he must be on the same level as President Trump.

Answer: We get it, too funny!

From Nederland :

Klein, are you following this bond debacle down in Nederland?  All Things Nederland Facebook page is lighting up after the PA News article where the IBI Architect is apologizing for their screw-ups.  Man you called this one before it ever happened!  Can you believe cutting 44,000 sf out of the high school plan, and calling it “Value Engineering”

Answer: Story coming!!!!!

From Beaumont:

OMG Klein! Like it is nice to see someone who tells the story! Love your site! Enjoyed meeting you. Everyone should meet you because you are nothing like you are portrayed! Keep it rocking my friend!

Answer: Sigh, I hear that a lot. 

From Beaumont:

I am responding to your article about the American public figuring out the media is lying to us constantly.  After the Presidential “election,” I decided the media was broadcasting only pre-planned propaganda, with no truth at all.  Accordingly, I stopped watching all television news stations, and I stopped reading any stories on the internet published by the Washington Post, New York Times,,,,,, etc. Even ESPN includes a dose of leftist propaganda in virtually every TV program and on its webpage, every day.

Now, in the mornings I drink my coffee while watching the Weather Channel.  While I cannot stop the media from lying, at least I am no longer helping the media make money by lying to me. 

Answer: We are there with you. We have lost the media.

From Jefferson County (County):

What is wrong with Judge Walston? Open the courts and let us all get back to work. Excuse those that don’t want to serve on a jury and move on? Your call is right on the mark! Keep-Keeping us informed!

Answer: I have no answer. None. 

From Beaumont :

The more things change, the more they stay the same; I remember the original story well, and it sounds like you have another debacle in Beaumont, all over again.   I have never laughed this hard.  Have enjoyed your exclusive independent news for years and now that I have to pay for the other folks, well let’s just say you’re the only game in town.  Keep up the good work.

Answer: Man do we remember that! We got sued over that! Made some money on that lawsuit! We made the decision that if we ever got sued again we would file a countersuit. And send the message. And we have! Thanks for reading!

From Port Arthur:

Klein, no really, why are you for Greg Richard?

Answer: We want Richard to win down in Port Arthur. Seeing him up there in that dysfunction and watching the dysfunction grow greater! It will be the death of Port Arthur. You cannot rebuild until it dies. 

From South County : 

Got my tax statement from Jefferson County and guess what?

All five taxing entities increased the appraisal value of 15.75%-35.51% 

WD-10 was the highest followed close behind by NISD

Bought and Homesteaded in Central Gardens because of no city taxes and in 1987 my taxes were barely $600

It has increased 265%, if my math is correct, since then. (now an eerie $1666.27)

With about 3 years left before my rates lock-in @65, it seems they are trying to get all they can as quickly as they can!

Hate to think this but sure looks like our cities, states, and country are in for much worse before it gets better.

Answer: Oh….we tried to tell everyone. Here is one from Nederland!

Nederland Texas :

Mr. Klein, I wanted to write you a note and admit to you that I was wrong. If you remember me I was a big part of the Nederland Bond issue. I supported and my entire family got behind it. Both my mother in law and I are teachers. 

This past week I received my tax bill from Jefferson County. We now owe a year over $6,000 in taxes. I did not believe it until I read it for myself. My husband turned to me and said that we are going to have to move because we cannot afford the taxes. I am so sad. You popped up into my mind when my husband said that. You said that was going to happen. It has for our family. Our children are all under 10 years old and he works at the plant and makes great money. But that is not enough for our family. We are looking for homes right now in Lumberton and in Orangefield. Our agent says that taxes in both cities are almost 2,800 less. We love our family but that kind of money will add up over ten years as their college approach. 

Thank you Mr. Klein for being that voice to our communities in Southeast Texas. People say they hate you, but my husband and I just didn’t do our research. You were right. We were wrong. God Bless you, sir!

Answer: First, I am sorry that you are going through this. Those on the committee and those on the board of trustee’s lied to you. And they lied to the community. When you win on a lie – you must continue that lie. Like soil samples at the high school – should we go there? Uh..later. Best wishes and good luck to you and your family!

From Beaumont :

I was just made aware of your site/’page’ a couple of months ago and have asked myself why I have not been aware before now!

Do you have a site to go to to read up on past ‘home page’ things written along with past editorials?  Been in Beaumont for 31 years and have enjoyed your perspective for the last couple of months and can say I would have loved reading for years in the past….. 🤷‍♂️

Answer: Thank you and we do archive. We have worked on providing an archive site but have not completed it. We will. Thanks again!

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