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Philip R. Klein, Editor

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The Southeast Texas Political Review

From Beaumont :

”Maybe CPS should learn a thing or two”?  “Too funny”! Seriously???  You have made fun of a very sad situation.  Did you see the gut-wrenching video?  That little boy deserves better “journalist” than you.  You just made a joke of child abuse.  That woman not only beat her child with a thrashing whip but she used every obscenity written while doing it.  This woman should be locked up and the key thrown away.  You think it’s funny?  You are a disgrace.  I’m sure you do not care but I will never read your website again and I hope many more will follow my lead.

Answer: Such drama! What we think is funny is how upset everyone gets over a parent whipping their child with a belt. What we think is funny is that when a high school kid got their but whipped in school while a teacher watched got no drama or outrage. What we think is funny is that parents think their poor little babies will do well with time out. And as for your comments on reading – we don’t care. That simple. 

From Nederland 

I hope that you are right. I would love to see someone go to jail for wasting the taxpayer’s money. But you may be wrong. 

Answer: Who knows. We hope so too. We wonder what would have happened if we did not bring the story to light. 

From Port Neches

As a 1981 graduate of PNG, I can assure you it’s a Black and White thing.

If the administration is competent and they want to get on top of this behavior they will expel both students, ban both sets of parents, and their siblings from attending PNG school district forever.   

  1. The white girl for baiting, taunting, bullying the black student, I’m sure she wasn’t innocent. 
  2. The black girl for acting out on her frustrations and hitting another student.
  3. The person filming should be expelled as they obviously knew what was going to happen.
  4. Fire the teacher who let this occur in their classroom.
  5. Fire the counselor who should have known this was going on.

Of course, you could ignore previous suggestions and just send them to their respective athletic coach for licks,  like it was done in the past,  not. 

Answer: Interesting take read on!

From Nederland :

We have the same thing here at Nederland High School. What is the big deal? A coach giving you licks? Not happening here! Mommy and Daddy would come out of their skin!

Answer: Mommy and Daddy? That sounds about right. 

From Port Neches : 

Go Indians! Go Cowboys! Go Dogs! Sign that girl up for MMA!

Answer: Sigh……….

From Beaumont:

I have an idea? Let’s do a fight night between all of the high schools. I have my money on the black girl from Port Neches!

Answer: It is assault in the real world. But this is Jefferson County outside the real world.

From Beaumont :

Klein, you have done it again! You are so right! We are being taxed out of the county. There are homes in Beaumont as well that are being sold! You called this six years ago!

Answer: Nobody cares. They will care in about two years. Watch and learn how the market crashes.

From Nederland :

Phillip the young wanted the new schools but after it passed they are finding out how much tax they owe and are moving out of the district. There are a bunch of homes for sale in the area.

Answer: I know right! Look around! Even the EDC director is too busy listing homes. And that is funny!

From China :

Citizens in North Jefferson county (including myself) would also like DD6 investigated for the Green Pond Gulley expansion.  The $50 million dollar ditch was supposed to take a 20-inch rain in half a day and suck it out “like a vacuum” they said.  Now after the ditch, the China area floods after a 2-inch rain.  They built a Levee which is basically a dam that is blocking our drainage from going into their 5,000-acre retention pond.  We’ve been told by workers there that Leblanc and other ma fudged the numbers so that their properties and friend’s properties would be less likely to flood.  Basically what they are doing is flooding out the northern part of Jefferson county which is 10ft higher to save the southern part of Jefferson county.

Answer: There is more to all of this. It is getting ugly. 

From Beaumont’s West End :

We sold out in Nederland three years ago (thank goodness) because we saw the handwriting on the wall with a big bond and new taxes coming.  We left the area for good, and now just come in to take care of my elderly parents in Beaumont.  We follow your site just to laugh and talk about how glad we are that we left in a nick of time!  Once my parents are gone, we may never set foot back in Jefferson County.  And yes, when I visit I am carrying if I take my Mom or Dad out.  Otherwise we just sit behind locked doors (in the west end no less) because it is just not safe enough for me to get them out after dark.  If I could get them out of Beaumont I would, but they are just too set in their ways.  I pray I don’t get a call that someone has broken in and hurt or killed them.  I grew up in Beaumont, and our kids in Nederland.  We are all gone……so sad.  The good news is that once you get out of Jefferson County, there are some really great places to live….in Texas and out of State!

Answer: We get it.

From Lumberton :

Klein, you are so right! We moved to Lumberton to get out of Beaumont and the schools. Our kids are doing great! I ride some traffic in the morning that anyone can handle! Thank you, sir! You and your site were one of the reasons we left!

Answer: I am very happy for you. Lumberton has it going on!

From Groves :

You called for the recall of Mayor Bailey after a 53 second video of him tossing a camera back to one of the gang of three which has harassed his family on many occasions over years so instead of telling the whole story what led up to the incident you jump on the recall bandwagon that many did on Facebook where I saw comments ( and my sisters ) wanting Bailey to step down be recalled all because of a 53 second video. So I called my sister and explained the whole story so at least she would know. First of all, I can’t believe you. You are no better than the rest of this bunch in Jefferson County. You are a joke. Why didn’t you mention the other side and their behavior that led up to this incident! If you and your family were done like Bailey was done what would you do? Send your bodyguards out to find them and teach them a lesson? Your nothing but another politician/blogger instead of getting the story straight and get at the TRUTH you do the other? What a phony you really are!

Answer : We know folks – sometimes it is too easy. So here we go!

Sir, An elected official should never ever assault anyone. It is that simple. Neither should a person harass an elected person and their family. But when you sign up to work for the people – sometimes people want you to listen to them. And when they feel you don’t things get out of control. The mayor, even though harassed, should never act in the manner he did. As for the young man, if you read us which it seems you do not, should have stepped down. Naked on the internet trolling for male dates is not really what Groves stands for. Lastly, don’t be a dick. Look at the big picture. I see your friend got hammered in the press. He should have. Personal responsibility. Remember that. So take your pills, get a good nap, and let’s see what tomorrow brings. 

From Groves :

Mr. Klein, I think you were very fair to the mayor. He really needs to look at himself and why he threw that phone. What if an elderly person or a child was sitting there? Keep up the good work!

Answer: Ya, it is pretty simple huh?

From Nederland :

“Klein you called it again! Everyone calls you names and bashes you, but you are right all of the time. Nederland has a scam going. We all knew it!”

Answer: I am starting to think they think the taxpayers are stupid or will never know.

From Beaumont:

Mr. Klein you piece of shit. Why don’t you leave this area! Or go back to school and learn some grammar!

Answer: I mean what do you say? Really what do you say?

From Houston: 

Did you see how many people elected a leader in Port Arthur? What is your thought?

Answer: Less than four thousand. Either they don’t care or are felons and cannot vote? What the hell do I know – right? Other than we did not see this coming. 

From Nederland :

“Sounds kind of like a communist city in Russia?” Sounds like Washington DC to me. Or Austin. Or…. Anywhere, USA.

Answer: Big government is in!!!

From Nederland:

We sold and moved for years ago after retiring. We grew weary with the tax assessor raising our home value astronomically for two consecutive years. If this bond passes, who will be afforded their tax bill three years from now, given the tax assessor’s valuation skyrocketing? This bond will increase ALL citizens tax burden, when is enough, enough? I happy I SETX, they abuse the taxpayer. IMHO.

Answer: Why would you say that! Move, get out, you do not belong in Nederland! Ya, we get it, cool kids don’t. 

From Nederland:

I voted early. I voted for each candidate that lives in their respective ward. Makes sense to me. I also voted no to THIS BOND. I am not a Nederland cool kid. I live here, but am not from here, although I have lived in the county all my life. I do not have a NO sign in my yard. I hope a lot of citizens are like me, don’t want anyone trampling through my yard, removing signs or worse and without out any hassles or ugliness. My thoughts and hopes are that many are like me, no signs in the yard mean NO to THIS BOND. I hope many votes and make informed decisions.

Answer: Stop being so level headed. You have to be cool first!

Comments On The Nederland Bond :

Since it is considered a rich school district, would any of it go toward the Robin Hood law? Also the buildings slated for demo were built to withstand hurricanes & have proven to be strong enough to do just that! Why would you want to replace that with metal buildings? I see roofs ripped off these type structures quite often after bad weather. So…I will be Voting No in NISD

How about doing a story on the latest numbers from the wonderful Jefferson Co. Appraisal District. What shocker, mine went up to $15 grand co-worker $100 grand another $75 grand another $20 grand. Talk about a back door tax increase.

You guys rock….stilll!!!

Klein even though the NISD signs are illegal me and several people from LL ballpark laughed at what they wanna spend money on. Especially at the stadium, no dressing rooms still?! Sigh. The silent majority will speak come poll time. This bond won’t be passed! Vote No people.

I’m thinking one or two school board members think they are in the Mafia. Property taxes were excessive when we left Nederland four years ago. If they pass this, I suspect there will be loan defaults due to high taxes and the inability to sell due to said high taxes. Just my two cents. Keep shining the light on the roaches!

Answer: Folks this is just a sample….?

From Hardin County :

Fuuny stuff Phil ! A special prosecutor looking into the David Bellows drama. If it’s the same “Special Prosecutor” that did all the cloak n’ dagger investigations into the apparently supposed local corruption, David doesn’t have a damn thing to worry about. If I didn’t know better, you could have posted this story on April 1st. Special prosecutor “investigating”…….haahahhaaaahhaa ! Now that’s funny stuff,…..your killin’ us dude !! Keep the comedy coming!

Answer : Okay David we will.

From Houston :

This SP should hand Bellow a little of what he needs. Jail. 

Answer:  Eh…..we will see. He has nine lives. He needs to worry about the Feds. 

From Nederland : 

Thanks. I still hold to vote NO & NO

Answer: The silence is becoming easier to listen to. 

From Nederland : 

Editors Note : From The Net –

Answer : Sigh…..really sigh.

From Nederland :

Ya…another one from the net :

Answer: Look at this numbnutt. One of the ultimate cool kids in Nederland! Too funny – works at Motiva – our guess there is a file on this guy. Wanna Bet? When you are cool you can break the rules and you know… a Lonesome Day!

From Beaumont :

Holy crap Kman! I thought our ISD was screwed up! Keep putting it on them, Klein!”

Answer : Sigh, we know. 

From Houston :

Jefferson County is a pool of corruption. I wonder if you were not there what would happen?

Answer : Who knows…..who knows.

From Nederland

This board is one of the reasons we left Nederland.  They have ruined NISD.  Suzanne Isom will do anything to keep her seat…..including lying about other candidates (boldly in front of them I might add!).  Nick is a former teacher and principal in BISD (doesn’t that give you the warm fuzzies?). Kay is a joke, and loves to double dip with her jobs.  I could go on and on about these people.  The cool kids on the board all have relatives on the payroll in NISD.  They want to keep it that way too.  To me it is a conflict of interest to have a close relative working in the district.  I cannot believe they want a bond this big!  How will they pay for it?  Not with my money…..we said goodbye……

Answer: If you are not a cool kid or part of the cool kid group you just don’t understand right?

From Nederland :

Where is this groups campaign disclosure? When I ran for office I had to file one!!!! Klein get on it!

Answer: We are already there.

From Nederland :

Thanks for the board insight. I will be voting no and no on both of them

Answer: Good.

From Nederland :

I grew up in Nederland. Now I own a home in Nederland. These people trying to control the Nederland Bond are the same kids that were bullies in High School. They are too cool and don’t care about you and I. Our family is 5 votes NO NO NO!

Answer: I have heard that a bunch. Interesting take.

From Nederland :

Kline, I thought you were bullshitting us again. But I looked this bond thing up. I am not going to pay $1,000 a year. These people are crazy!

Answer: Just watch and see. Watch and see.

From Nederland :

Hey Neighbor! I thought Nederland was conservative? What did the hell happen? These people are a joke!

Answer: They are taking the AOC approach? Whatever it costs – we will find the money?  Here is a thought :

From Beaumont :

They misspelled “Chitty”.

Answer: Sigh…

From Beaumont :

I came to appreciate your website well after you began publishing (by fax! HA!) The stories of your early days may seem like old news to you guys, but I always gain perspective by hearing how your success has evolved. Great piece.

Answer: Read on…..

From Beaumont :

I wish I could stop you somehow. You are not funny with your tour bus story. I think you are sick. You can sign my name to your stupid reader mail. 

Answer: And read on!

From Houston :

I lived in Beaumont! Your depiction was perfect. I laughed my ass off! Dead bodies! Love you Klein!

Answer: Read on…

From Beaumont :

Oh God! I laughed so hard I peed on myself! My wife was laying next to me and she read it and laughed harder! 

Answer: Read on!

From Beaumont :

Kline, if nobody thanks you let me be the first! You brought to light the problems in Beaumont. There are going to be serious changes in this election. Keep it going bud!

Answer: I think Beaumont has had enough. 

From Beaumont :

We are all waiting for the shoe to drop? When Klein, when?

Answer: We are told it is coming.

From Beaumont :

Happy New Year Klein! Keep it up! We Read You Everyday! Morning Coffee, Phone, Shit, and Klein!

Answer: TMI

From Port Arthur :

Dude, too funny about the mayor’s race. You have to stay on it. Thanks for all you do to keep us informed. 

Answer: Welcome

From Port Arthur :

How do you like our new police chief? You have been silent. 

Answer : Give him time.

From Port Arthur :

Kline, you are right again! We love our new police chief!

Answer : He will do a great job. Old school guy – needs to do some cleanup and then rebuild. 

From Beaumont :

Read your predictions and you again were good. Sorry to see Tim Funchise not make it back in. That office was running great. It happens. 

Answer : You are right – it happens. Tim is one of the nicest and greatest guys you will ever meet. This Hallmark guy is certain to have a chance. We are going to watch this eat like a hawk. 

From Houston :

You people live in a judicial and corrupt hell hole. I just tried a cut and dry bench trial. Walking in I was told that I would lose because of the local lawyer is friends with the judge. My guy was in a dead stop at a redlight witnessed by 3 witnesses. The judge ruled against our motion for summary judgment. When I questioned it under the law 

Answer : I think I have said this 100 times – so listen : IT IS NOT THE LAW IT IS WHO YOU KNOW IN JEFFERSON COUNTY! Some of these judges will have to answer to that some day. 

From Houston :

Left the place a long time ago! But love to read of the bullshit! Klein you are the bomb!

Answer : Boom right?

From Beaumont :

I am a strong supporter of law enforcement, have family that is current and retired from the job and I believe in law and order.

In the past 3-4 months I have witnessed something that just doesn’t make sense. Beaumont PD has at least two Tahoe’s that they place along heavy traffic areas and just leave them there. These vehicles have very dark tint on the windows, including the windshields, you can’t see in them. I have seen them parked at the Fire Station on Walden Rd., on I-10 on the westbound side close to the Harley-Davidson dealership, under the underpass at Dowlen/Eastex Freeway and most recently on Gladys at Rogers Park. They leave them in the same location for many days. For the local people who routinely drive the same path to work it’s easy to figure out they aren’t occupied. What is the thinking behind this??? These vehicles are expensive, to have them sitting idle seems like a waste of money.

Answer : They tell us it is to scare the criminals and for recruiting. Yes…

From Port Arthur :

Kleinman! Just to let you know we love our chief! He has brought good ideas so far! The union loves him too! You called it again buddy!!!! Stay safe!!!

Answer : Tim will do a great job – if he stays out of the crazy politics of city Council. You guys stay safe! 

From Beaumont :

Why do you not sue the hell out of Jefferson County, the DA’s office and those that try to hurt you. If I were on a jury I would pay you millions to send a message! Keep the faith Klein! Thank you!

Answer : Because in Jefferson County you cannot get a fair trial. End of story. 

From Houston :

Easy to understand the inept and impotent DA’s office when you realize the Courthouse is simply a bad Gilligan’s Island remake and the DA is the bumbling Skipper (minus only the hat). Walker is just his Little Buddy that will ensure the County will never be rescued.

Answer: I disagree. There is a shadow government, however.

From Beaumont :

I’m sorry that is just too long to read. I don’t have that much patience or brain power to take in all that crap about Jefferson County. Just figure if it is in this county it’s corrupt and call it a day. It’s never going to change. With Gods’ help, we will be out if here soon. I am going as far north as I can get. Northwest Territories of Canada are looking pretty good.

Answer: The place is falling on top of itself. The cops are scared and just want a job so that they can retire nicely, and when those people that break the law and the cops do not stand – it is what it is. You get what you got. Just learn to duck when you hear the gunfire. 

From Port Arthur :

Klein, man, I am worried about you!!! You need to chill out. They are going to come to throw your ass under the jail!

Answer: They have tried twice in the last two years. When they figured out the FBI and SAG were watching they puckered up. I have more to come on Thursday. Get ready it has to do with law enforcement. 

From Kirbyville : 

I worked in a law firm in Beaumont. I got laid off. You know who I am and who I worked for. I watched them talk and come up with a plan to take you out. Remember the incident at the Mexican Food Restaurant? Her husband thought he was a real badass. We all just laughed at her. When I was laid off and got out of there I figured it all out. Mr. Klein, there are many in that office that respect you and laugh at those stupid lawyers. We loved Chip (Ferguson) and many of us wanted to go with him. But we see him for who he is now. Good luck. We are cheering for you!!!

Answer : Yes….thank you….I know who you are and your family. Thank you for your words. 

From Nederland :

Mr. Klein – thank you as always for what you do for our community.  There are a lot of us that appreciate it.

In regard to today’s posting about the Nederland Sanitation Department, I thought I would share a photo of the handiwork of our sanitation workers, and what they did to my cans a couple of years ago because I – gasp! – put my cans out at 7:30 a.m. (but before the truck got to my house).  

My story was similar; when we would put out the cans at night, a neighborhood dog would knock them over, every single time, and make a mess in the street.  So I started putting them out in the morning.

What you see on the cans was painted on them (that is not chalked) – it would not come off either – by the garbage collection worker, who got out of his truck and took the time to deface my garbage cans.  When I called to complain, the Solid Waste folks gave me a half-ass apology and said they would look into replacing them.  

A few days later, a city pickup truck pulled up in front of our house after dark around 8pm at night.  The guy got out of the cab, got in the bed of the truck, and literally flung the two new cans in the middle of my front yard and drove off.  

I would ask that if you share this on your site that you do not include my name, as our house was mysteriously passed up by the garbage truck for a couple of weeks after this incident, even though we had the cans out the night before… 

And to be fair, we haven’t had any recent problems.  For now, anyway.

Answer : Thanks so much for the email… is the photo that you sent us – we get it. 

From Port Neches :

And that is why Port Neches does not want the city issued garbage cans. I will gladly put my garbage in a bag and tote it to the curb.

Answer :  Ya…we get that too!

From Beaumont :

For about 10 minutes after Trump was elected, I thought there might be hope for Jefferson county. But, following your reporting of an extensive investigation around Larry Tillery’s gambling arrest, and seeing NOTHING happen as a result, I think the area’s FBI & DOJ are as impotent as they’ve ever been. What did I expect after 2 years of watching Russiagate & NO charges against the Clinton machine or DNC? Sad, as the Donald would say.

Answer : It is over…it is gone. 

From Port Arthur :

When will you acknowledge that this whole dog and pony show, gratis the taxpayer, is about discrediting the 1st black female Sheriff in the history of Texas, & you promoted it? Say, how is Hollis Horton doing? or the most corrupt courthouse in Texas? or ANYONE else to whom Tillery gave money? All I see is the continued ineptitude of the Feds in JeffCo, and the continued practice of only sending black people to prison.

Answer : Let me answer shall we? First, nobody has accussed the sheriff of anything here. We just report on what they are saying. If you are suggesting that there is some super secret group going after the sheriff you need to get on meds. Second, I have no idea how Horton is doing. He is a republican with an agenda. The greatest thing about an appeals judge is that he has a long history or rulings. When you have those rules, for example, ruling one way for one attorney and another way for another attorney on the same exact question – you tend to be called out. The most corrupt courthouse in Texas is doing just fine making their own laws. Third, don’t know about Tillery – he gave money to a bunch of people they say – nothing will be done. And you may be right in some aspects – but I do not believe it is about black or white….it is about power. Look at what they have done to me – and I am white.

From Beaumont :

That is some good stuff Beaumont City Council is smoking. I can’t stop laughing getting a visual in my mind of a ferris wheel. 

Answer : We can all play the body game – how many bodies can you count in the river?

From Beaumont :

I disagree with you regarding the proposed Ferris Wheel.  It is a great idea to revitalize downtown Beaumont and the cost is very reasonable.  Since the corruption in Beaumont goes around and around, we need a city-owned Ferris Wheel so the taxpayers can go around and around too! 

If the Ferris Wheel is big enough, the taxpayers can see Victory Hospital when they are at the top and be reminded that appointing a fiscal genius like Becky Ames to be CEO leads to automatic tax exempt status. 

I heard a rumor Valero is thinking of hiring Becky Ames as CEO.  I understand Valero’s accountants are pushing for it, due to tax reasons.

It is almost impossible to understand anything Audwin Samuel says.  I bet his words will make more sense when he gives a speech while riding the Ferris Wheel.  I doubt we would be able to hear him when he is rounding the top of the Ferris Wheel.  That would be a great improvement in the quality of life of the taxpayers.

Some citizens are concerned that Michael Getz always looks so serious.  A bet a good Ferris Wheel ride when the temperature is 97 degrees would make him smile.

You need to stop worrying about the water situation.  Beaumont has a massive supply of water.  Half our streets are flooded.  If the taxpayers are thirsty let them scoop up water from the street or directly from the Neches.  All they have to do is pour the water through a strainer packed with cotton balls.  That will purify the water very cheaply.  We do not need to waste taxpayer dollars on water mains or water treatment facilities.   A Ferris Wheel is cheaper, more fun and more necessary.

Mr.  Klein, you need to look on the bright side of life!  I am excited about the prospect of going around and around with our City Council members.

Answer : Different perspective……..

From Beaumont :

Haven’t heard about the amusement ride but do remember plans to dig ditches off the river to irrigate downtown! If I remember correctly didn’t city council take over the , formerly exclusive Beaumont yacht club? Has it made money yet? 

 Does Jefferson Theater?  Does Hotel Beaumont?

If any of these facilities ever make a profit would citizens property taxes go down?

Unfortunately i know the answer & like you am powerless to stop it.

Just have to wonder whats next!

Answer : Anyone and I mean ANYONE that votes for it – is not a conservative. 

From Beaumont :

Buy a broken building and put up a ferris wheel in “Beaumont”? Klein, I think you’ve been drinking the tainted water too because you misspelled “Detroit.”

Answer : Are we in Detroit? Oh….click our heals….there is no place like home?

From Port Arthur :

Do your research and get it right. xxxxxxxx is still on patrol. Did not retire. Allowed to go on sick leave until Melvin left. Owens took care of him.

Answer : Thanks for the info – we got it. Keep it coming!

From The Jefferson County SO :

Klein, you got the story right for once. We are all sickened by what happened in our parking lot. Some of us have sent you the video and we hope you show it. Out front it shows you the corruption! Don’t beat us up as cops. These are the core group of cops that make this county corrupt! Go get them Klein! Thank you for supporting the “good guys” in the departments!

Answer : I know and I want you to know I give a crap! Sorry had too. You guys should be upset. I have had so many calls like this : “Ya know Klein if that were you, you would be spending life in prison!” Uh huh!

From Port Arthur :

Mr. Klein, you never cease to amaze me.  For years you have complained about the ineptitude and corruption of the Jefferson County Sheriff’s Dept.  You have also complained about both of the last two Sheriffs.  You even claimed the Dept. has targeted you for unjustified charges.  Now, you complain about a drunk cop relieving himself on the Sheriff’s Dept.’s parking lot.  Instead of complaining about the cop, why not praise him and recommend him to be the new Sheriff for Jefferson County?

This Port Arthur cop obviously knows how crappy our Sheriff’s Dept. currently is, and that intoxication is the best way to tolerate our Sheriff’s Dept.   Also, perhaps this cop could order the use of Tillery’s cash as toilet paper for the Sheriff’s Dept.  Imagine our cops switching from their current money laundering to money flushing.   This would be an improvement. 

What are your thoughts?


From Dallas :

A PAPD officer gets drunk and gives 2 shits on a JCSO parking lot? I’ve been to Jefferson Co. Maybe that man had his reasons.

Answer : Exactly

From Port Arthur :

You said it would make us sick. Well, it didn’t. You see some of us out here have had to deal with this for years. You have just scratched the surface.

Answer : I get it. 

From Port Arthur :

I’m glad this isn’t the story that was supposed to make us sick. For years this was common everyday stuff at PAPD. It was kept hidden, now most of them are gone. We are becoming passive about this stuff. No big deal. Not in old PA.

Answer : It’s that bad where it is okay for a cop to take a dump in the parking lot of the SO? OMG….it is that bad. 

From Houston :

Maybe the Port Arthur City Council could learn from this :

Answer : No……..they are smarter than us all.

From Beaumont :

There seem to be too many “stories “ about the immigrant children. I heard a story just now that 80% of these children arrive alone, without adults or parents.

Answer : You would be correct.

From Beaumont :

Any story on the Groves recall petition? Seems like there is more to the story on both sides and we need you to dig into it.

Answer : Nope….

From Houston :

thought you might find this article from the Houston Chronicle interesting.  The article was in the online edition of the Houston Chronicle on June 4, 2018. “Motiva won’t expand oil refining in Port Arthur.”

Ya….but the good news is TOTAL is. We will see how it works out. 

From Beaumont :

Yes, there are likely as many predatory teachers who are female as are male, and they’re all bad. But, the male ones in our area get crucified? I love you guys, but you KNOW that doesn’t pass my smell test. I’ve never seen a place as lax on predatory teachers as here. And the reporting on sexual assault on students? I gotta say, thank God for you guys.

Answer : You are welcome – see the next email. 

From Beaumont :

I am an excop. I know how these things get shoved under the rug. Mr. Klein don’t you let up on this new police chief Porter. This is where he will get his bones or just be another chump! Great work! We have you at least!

Answer : Well, kind of. A $300,000 theft got shoved under the carpet. However, the new police chief is not a pushover and was never a cool kid. There are many watching what happens and how he handles this one. 

From Beaumont :

Never heard the final numbers on $ or attendance this year (Heritage Fest).  My personal view when attending every evening is the numbers were down. Is there still investigating occurring ? Hope so…..

Answer : I heard they are working it. 

From Port Arthur :

Mr. Klein, I was greatly distressed by your article about Layne Walker becoming District Attorney.  Walker cleaning up Jefferson County is equivalent to Adolf Hitler becoming Prime Minister of Israel.   Werden Kopfe Rollen!

Answer : Exaggerated ….. a little. 

From Beaumont :

You’re nice to compare Layne Walker to a cat with 9 lives. In reality, he’s more like herpes.

Answer : Ouch.

From Beaumont :

Just short of 30 years in the law enforcement, where I’ve seen politics bust the ass of the good guys (cops)…..  Finally some action for the good hard working cops.   Keep them indictments coming.   And, you bet your ass if a beat cop was indicted for a felony they would be suspended!!!!  I’ve seen plenty suspended for less than a felony. 

Answer : Uh huh…read on!

From Beaumont :

We are all so proud of you Klein. You have fought them! You stayed on the up and honest side! From all of us at **** PD! Way to f’in go! Clean it up!

Answer : No no….was not me….I just was the town crier. 

From Beaumont 

The feds stick their thumb into the sewer that is Jefferson Co, and pull out Zena Stephens? She has a bit of toilet paper stuck to her shoe, but everyone else is up to their ears in pee & poo & vomit & blood & used hypodermics & dead fetuses and you want to throw her out 1st thing? Hell no, Zena shouldn’t go. Show us a few white male power brokers getting forced out of their jobs based on these indictments & maybe we’ll talk. The crisis here is caused by feds looking at 52 individuals and STARTING with the best sheriff this county has seen in years.

Answer : I love Zena too. I think she has a great heart, a great push to do what is right, and most of all the want to improve this county. With that said, if I were advising her, I would tell her this, you don’t take cash money from a known bookmaker with connections to the mob. If you did that – then stand up and say I did – take your punishment – and show the world that you what you say you are. Even if you lose your seat. It is that simple. 

From Beaumont :

Your latest article on Jeff Dorrell reminds me of a story. A blind rabbit & a blind snake meet in the forest. Each asks the other what sort of creature he is. Neither knows, so they agree to feel each other to see if their species can be identified. The snake goes first. “You’re furry & soft, and you have long ears…. You’re a bunny,” he says. Then, it’s the rabbit’s turn. “You’re long & slimy, and you have no balls…. You’re a lawyer!”

Answer : Funny – but true. He is hooked up – or was hooked up with one until Friday – with a new law firm. We are watching to see what the new law firm does with his buddy. Maybe a story?

From Houston :

I’m mystified how foreign intelligence surveillance is involved.

Answer : A phone tap is under a FISA statue in some cases. Judges have to sign a search warrant to listen in I am told. And they have been listening in. 

From Mid County :

Wow. Just wow. I wish there was something I personally could do to help you with this. Waiting to hear what drops, hopefully, next week. Read you faithfully. Please hang on to keep us informed where mainstream media sometimes fails.

Answer : You can do nothing. We the people either do not have the power – or we are drones voting the same way everyday.

From Port Arthur :

What’s up with the seemingly vacated Navigation District office on Turtle Creek Drive? What’s being navigated…the flow of tax $?

Answer : Flooded? Who knows…….love the flow of tax $ suggestions.

From Beaumont :

Charlie Wiggins is a part time Deputy in Pct 1 under Earl White. Former Constable Joe Stevenson is the Chief Deputy under Earl White. Maybe we should poll Wiggins would be a great return…..

Answer : Who knows – let’s let this play out.

From Beaumont :

I hate this f****** county. It is so corrupt. Where does it end?

Answer : It simply doesn’t – sorry – deal with it. 

South Newton County :

In difference to the famous words of Led Zeppelin, I am not in the mood for a Melody! After listening to that banter, if I was a Jeff Cty voter (especially an undecided or Repub), I would be both fired up and scared of this possibility! Get out and vote!!!

Answer : The GOP is pissed. No doubt. 

From Beaumont :

So the legal enabler of Carroll Thomas and the massive corruption, theft and fraud at BISD is concerned about the future of Jefferson County? The fact that she is even in a runoff for a judgeship of any kind is beyond belief, but simply illustrates the pending death of the county. Hopefully, she is sent packing in defeat. Perhaps she can then retire to her taxpayer-funded Belize estate down the road from Dr Thomas.

Answer : You can blame law enforcement and prosecutors on that one. When we lost that – we as citizens loose it all. 

From Beaumont :

So what’s your take on Chief Bush retirement? The city manager already announced it will be a internal hire. Which I don’t agree with at all…

Answer : I think he paid his dues. I wish him luck (as I said to him in person) and as for not going outside – it is what it is. Nederland has a problem as they fear outsiders. Sometimes its okay – but you give up power when that happens and thus….well….you see. 

From Beaumont :

Remember when Port Arthur was the All American City and our school District was #1.  1950- 1995.    This was  when the city council cared about the City.  They didn’t throw away money / didn’t over pay employees.   The city council only wanted what was best for the City of Port Arthur & the citizens.   This is very sad.  The City of Port Arthur needs to stop thinking about themselves.  

Answer : Its all about a power game now. That is all…just a power game. 

From Port Arthur

#1 I frequent a local hardware/lumberyard & thought about recurring violent events at an apartment complex located across Hwy 365. As I entered last week I noticed myself scanning the storefront for any signs of holes/or damage. 

To your knowledge have their been any reports of collateral damage along that stretch & do you think that area will ever be the same again?

#2 Annexed all the little towns around it & 15 miles into the Gulf of Mexico in the 70’s & 80’s , could areas like Pt. Acres form their own entities & secede from that mess?

Answer : Nope – nobody wants anything to do with Port Arthur!

From Nederland


As much as I hate you and I really do you are right. This Nederland project stinks. Glow this!

Answer : And I thank you! It’s spelled Klein….but I am not the best on the spelling gig. 

From Beaumont :

At my company(I retired 1/1/2018), we had an occasional pigeon problem in our warehouse. We were no allowed to kill them. We called out bill Clark to run them out.

Answer : You don’t work for Jefferson County Texas! Bring a gun to work and kill birds! You have to love it.

From Beaumont  :

No word from you on Central/Ozen merger.

Any chance the new name will be

Dr. Thomas Education Center


Walker Career Path Learning Center


Jessie Haynes Behavioral Center for Advancement

Answer : Why? I have told you all what is coming! Jefferson County ISD! Ask the Port Arthur ISD Super – who got a surprise visit. 

From Nederland Texas :

Hey Klein, why don’t you STFU about the Heritage Festival. Move out of town would be better!

Answer : Thanks for the advice. Not yet!

From Beaumont :

Why does the Southeast Texas Record have against you? They are lighting you up!

Answer : They just don’t like me. I picked on the Enterprise and they took it to heart. Libs v. Conservs. That simple. Yates does anything he can – with the grace of his management. That simple. 

From Port Arthur :

You need to do some investigating.  It seems the mayor or Port Arthur and some San Antonio based environmental law firm just protested Valero’s environmental permit request to construct a One Billion Dollar Coker Unit at the Port Arthur Refinery.  They did this on the last day possible.

Answer : Watch and learn. Sometimes you simply sit back and watch it play out. 

From Port Arthur :

What if the returning 5 did do the crime? If they went quietly they could keep their retirement and it wouldn’t open a lot of ugly stuff against admin. What does this do for the honest ones that stayed and played by the rules? Crooked is as crooked does. It stinks of corrupt city officials coming back to work and bringing back corrupt cops.

Answer : You cannot take someones job away on a what if. That simple. \

From Beaumont :

The Beaumont-Port Arthur unemployment rate is the highest in the state.  There are signs at businesses all over the area looking for help.  Maybe the unemployed in the area are not looking for work or they have a criminal record or drug  problem and no one will hire them.

Answer : It is hard to put that together and offer jobs to people that are on government assistance. Port Arthur has just over 54% of its public on the “check.”

From Houston :

I know it’s a stretch but, Remember when Ma Bell was run almost entirely by local residents? Although times were much simpler then, chances were if you had issues with your phone or bill, a neighbor was on the other end of the line helping fix it. Now you stay on the line, talking to a computer that keeps telling you it understands complete sentences until they connect you with “Donald” in the Phillipines! Do you think this kind of applies to our elected officials? The longer they stay in office the more people they hire between them & reality! Term Limits for all elected offices would be a good start. What would, “Donald” think?

Answer : Donald would think that he needs his people to have term limits…….just saying….!

From Beaumont :

“We love your site. My wife and I wake up every morning, get our coffee and read your site. Rumor has it that you are going to end this year? Any truth?”

Answer : I hate rumors. What that said – honestly – there is a point where you say what the hell – you cannot change anything. I really wanted to be “a” voice of change. I am told that I am from some very big time names in the political world and business world. I just don’t know right now. Is it in my mind – yes. I have been doing this since 1994 – and 1997 on the net. I have been eyeing 25 years – but I don’t know. Let’s give it six months and see where it goes. There is more than just me now that inputs on this site and it has grown so big. Over 124m page views this year. That is huge – number 2 in the state? Thinking that maybe it might be time to leave on a high…… you see where we are?

From Kountze :

Kountze chief of police lives in Crosby, Tx and drives back and forth daily using a city vehicle.  He was allotted living expenses which should have been used to lease local housing.  That has not been done.  Yet he takes the funds.

Answer : We are looking at it. 

From Beaumont :

I’ve noticed that for years the Beaumont-Port Arthur unemployment rate as reported by the TWC was always one of the highest in the state, but always lower than McAllen-Edinburg-Mission.  Well not anymore.  Not only does the area lead the state in per-capita murders, now it leads the state in unemployment.  Rock bottom can’t be too far away now!

Answer : Uh…businesses are leaving…ya know.

From Nederland :

When the State of Texas Education Agency takes over Jefferson county skools, have you thought of a “politically correct” name for the new merger?

Jefferson – out

Beaumont – no

How about,

Helter Skelter

for all the “fruit loops” left?

Answer : Funny

From Houston :

Carl the technician that works on the DD 7 pumps said they ran out of diesel DD 7 don’t watch weather reports ?the DD 7 manager said he never had to deal with any rain like what Harvey brought so what does that tell you DD 7 manager ? Do the Math and a mostly Democratic board and another Democratic failure ? Welcome to a blue county ? Yep

Answer : Sigh…….

From The Jefferson County Courthouse :

We love you Mr. Klein! They still don’t let us look at you at work but they let our bosses read you. We still have phones and when you post it is like we all grab our phones! Keep up the good work!

Answer : Thank you. 

From Friends At Beaumont PD : 

A 32 year veteran of Beaumont Police needs our help – Lt. Ky Brown has cancer.  Could you post this information about him on your blog and maybe we can push it over the limit to reach the goal for $15,000.  Back the Blue…………one of our own………

Answer : You bet we will and will do so on our front page! Here is the Go Fund Me Page!  

From Beaumont :

Answer : Your welcome. And thank you for the fingerprint we lifted. Nobody is that stupid. 

From Beaumont :

Former Army Ranger and current Pittsburg Steeler Alejandro Villanueva exemplified, Sunday Sept. 24th , what the National Anthem should mean to everyone that claims they are American.

We no doubt have problems in this country but that is disrespecting yourself, your family, your heritage & the same for everyone else in the country.

 WE are America

 All of us

 including those with no clue so our only hope is…

Answer : He apologized to his team for not staying with them. That from a Ranger.

From Beaumont :

Just read your latest postings.  <sigh>  Disheartening — it’s Isaiah Chapter 3 all over again; with a special emphasis on verse 4 — different nation; same path.  Lord help us all!

Answer : Every 250 years countries through out history have had civil wars. Just saying.

From More Snail Mail :

Editors Note : We love posting these from our stalkers – we have many but this one you can really tell the deep issues they face. Here you go – enjoy!

From Unknown Snail Mail :

Answer : Oh…let me retort by paragraph :

  1. McCain sucked then and does now. He is bitter and angry and he voted not because he wanted his piece of flesh from Trump. He got it. Now he dies with that wrapped around his neck. End of that story. 
  2. Ah….here is the better than you routine! Love it…..I am one of the 18,000,000. I cannot afford $2,900 a month. So save your bullshit – there are many of us out here. 
  3. Yes…it is flowing – and thanks to the Crenshaw family and Exxon – not the city. Wanna know a secret – don’t tell anyone – but the city will not be online and the new pumps will not be operative until JANUARY!!! But shhhh….don’t say anything. 
  4. Oh there will be a day for that. There will be day…but shhh again…no really….shhhh.
  5. You are welcome about publishing – we hope you enjoy your dinner at “the club” – if you even know how silly that sounds. No really – I am better than you and I am in a club type guy. What the Beaumont Club? Oopss….shut down. The Beaumont Country Club – dead. What club? The Black Club in Beaumont? Got flooded and is closed? Or maybe Pompano Club in Port Neches? Ooops…close due to water? What club? Here is some advice – since all the clubs are closed – go to one of the venues – Ford Park or just pick one. Giggle….how silly you sound.
  6. And now to the name calling! Fat Ass – well – down over 64 pounds – and working on it daily. Kind of like being a narcissist like you – you have to work on it everyday. We all hold our crutches right? Yours is a little harder than mine –  like being too scared to sign your name to something – using the term “we” in your letter like you represent some click or group – sad isn’t it not being able to stand up and be counted like a real man (or woman) – pick your poison? 

For you our readers….this is why Southeast Texas fails. NOBODY is tough enough to come up to me and say anything. And if they do – they end up walking away figuring out that we all have things in common and we all have things we disagree. But it is pinheads like you that simply refuse to come out like a cockroach hiding in the walls. 

So with that – enjoy your free lunch at “the club” (God how silly that is). 

From Unknown Snail Mail :

Answer : Well now – nice snide email from a gutless person that cannot sign their name. Usually I would ignore – but you set up the home run :

  1. The two months is still on dip shit. Read what we wrote – and then you will see we were right. Remember that the pumps STILL DO NOT WORK AND WILL NOT FOR TWO MORE MONTHS TO REPLACE THEM. Surely you are not that …..
  2. Nobody feeds us fake stories – you have to be silly to think that we do not check them out. What we are told is that we break the stories and there is a mad scramble to fix it and say : “See there was never a problem.” Shall we remind you of Fire Station 11 – and the story in Beaumont? We could go on – but you are again too much of a dip shit to figure it out.
  3. And last – and oh yes – the usual bad spelling thing. We get it. For now 26 years it has been the idea of the left and the power base that bad spelling equals stupid. That train died long ago friend.

Do you see folks – how easy it is.

From Beaumont :

Hello Southeast Texas Political Review, What are we to believe of the City of Beaumont news release, “The Lawson Pump Station intake system on the Neches River was put back in service at 3:30 p.m. yesterday, 9-6-17.” Does this change any of your thinking or any of your investigative  research into Beaumont’s current water issues, as to when there will be a permanent and safe for baths repair? I ask this question reference you post yesterday titled “Two Months” Thank you for all that you do to keep us informed.   

Answer : No – if you go back and read the story what we were told as exact. It will take two months for the system to be back fully online. What they have is generators – that are running the pumps. The other generators are not online. Our position was and will be that government failed. They knew of the problem and did nothing to solve it. But there is pretty bricks and there are nice senior citizens centers? Right?

From Houston Area :

I took your advice and moved from Jefferson County last year to Polk County, which voted 83% straight republican in 2016 presidential election. However, I still have a multitude of friends and follow Jefferson county activities pretty closely. For instance, I heard about the DD7 fubar almost before the flooding even went down. However, the commissioners for the district are golden, since they’re appointed by the county commissioners, who are insulated because of that layer of deniability. Still, I encourage you to raise a stink about there being poor preparation for the storm, despite having a week’s warning before landfall.

What I believe will be the BIG issue in the next 18 months will be if Allison Getz can purge the evacuated voters from the registered voter list before the 2020 census and the presidential election. Jefferson County could swing totally red if she can, 

The 2020 census is big in how it will affect Port Arthur’s automatic entitlement status for non competitive access to federal grants. Should the official # drop below 50M citizens, they will be on the same footing as Nederland, Groves, and Port Neches for grant money. 

It will be a interesting thing to watch.

Answer : Everyone will be watching that. Our belief is that the number being thrown around is 7,900 off the rolls. But we will see…..

From Beaumont : 

Port Arthur City officials contact Port Arthur Police Association for a sit down meeting. They want to negotiate an agreement on paying the officers. Say they don’t have enough money to make payroll next Friday. To much overtime due to storm. I can’t even comment on this it makes me furious. As a Port Arthur citizen I demand these officers get their entire pay they are due after all the crap they have had to put up with from both City and police admin. The city put the screws to them royally last contract now they want help from same officers. Not no but hell no!!!!!!

Answer : We are watching this closely. 

From Beaumont :

looks like this may be a little off? “Two Months”

Answer : Uh no……the water situation is NOT FIXED. It is on a temporary fix….two months to fix it. Read up. 

From Beaumont :

You are right sir. Your way with words tend to salt the wounds. If the wounded public can’t stand the harshness of salt in the wound then they shouldn’t scratch themselves. I tend to be hopeful that maybe just maybe the wounded souls of our community understand now that black or white or even brown that we are all in this together. When a politician is elected he is our politician. Hold them accountable each step. Shame on the ones who profit from position as well as all who do not participate in ensuring that they get some too. We end up living in trash when our house is not cleaned. Our community leaders are trash by letting this happen. I am getting my house cleaning done. If you change party you better be ready for a scrubbing if you want my vote. 

Answer : It hurts…but it is what it is. 

From Beaumont :

Your statement in the article was twice the number of employees and half the population.  Even per capita the number of employees is approximately the same.  Port Arthur has 653 employees and a population of 55,457  for 11.78 employees per thousand and Beaumont has 1298 and a population of 118,299 is10.95 per thousand.  If you consider that the City of Beaumont contracts for transit and those employees are not city employees by taking transit employees out of the Port Arthur total the Port Arthur per capita drops to 10.41.  No matter how you look at it does Port Arthur have twice the employees.

Answer : Sigh….

From Beaumont : 

I retired in 2012 to help my Dad care for Mom.

I priced health insurance for just me ,from before ACA & after

I thought my monthly earnings would be tight but would cover it. Boy was I wrong. My pension is $200 shy of qualifying me for ACA so that means I am put under Medicade guidelines ,but you cannot have any assets if you sign up (house, car, or pay your own way through life means nothing)

So I tell you this because I have sent numerous emails to Cruz, Cronyn, Poe, & Weber

Only Randy Weber has replied directly on this subject (not a form letter) & his aide interviewed me by phone about my situation.

I have always regarded myself as a pessimist & will argue the glass is twice as big as need be,     but…..

Our nation’s news gets worse by the day & it probably won’t matter much longer ,what DC does.

      God Bless America

Answer : Wow – okay – I am speechless. Never give up hope sir. Never. 

From Beaumont : 

Maybe a different perspective is needed. Many of us , who are responsible Pet owners, are sick and tired of the stray dogs and cats who crap on our vehicles , import fleas into our yards, and mate vocally every full moon outside our windows. People need to stop feeding them out their back door . They are not adoptable and need to be put down. We are compassionate and if the killing by injection is good enough for Huntsville death row folks ,it is Ok for the mangy animals. A  .22 bullet ( maybe 4 cents) would be cheaper but then those guns command a $100 cash card if turned in so that won’t work?

Answer : Interesting?

From Beaumont :

“In other words, even if the new tax rate passes, it will still mean area residents will have lower taxes than in 2006.”

Answer : Ya….we saw that. What a crock of crap.

While I continue down the path of unrealistically affordable healthcare insurance I continue to be unable to find any policy worth having I only qualify for catastrophic coverage & I agree if I needed it , would be good to have, but, $800 a month with a $7500 deductible is not affordable if you are working, much less retired.

Thats right over $17 thousand dollars a year & who knows if it gives you perscription help. If you never work & have nothing,  just entered this country illegally, or robbed a bank, (or if you just don’t care)

You get free healthcare. So my question is, While I agree John McCain is deserving of it, like all our vets should be, How much was his deductible & out-of-pocket for his latest surgery & does he have a go-fund-me page?

Answer : I LOVE YOUR QUESTION! He is an elite. And elites get everything better than you and me. He is a king – so kings get king stuff! Now for a little gogo for you – I just lost my healthcare. It was $400 a month with a $15,000 deductible. Now… the middle of the year – they raised it from $400 a month to $1,900 a month with a $25,000 deductible. I told them to go blow. For the first time in my life I am without health insurance. Screw congress I say. They could not even screw a light bulb in. 

From Beaumont :

Concerning the gun buy-back program in Beaumont:  I remember many moons ago (early to mid 1980’s?) an organization tried the same thing in Shreveport LA.  They opened for about five minutes, or so, and then shut it down.  Why?  Well, I’m not sure.  They ran out of money?? They said?  However, on the news footage, all I saw was a bunch of, what in my opinion, were big fat pawn dealers with dozens of rotted-out old Hopkins & Allen (or LK&Q) single shot shotguns.  I suppose that’s not what they were hoping for?  Were they hoping for something better?  Is the current buy-back in Beaumont hoping for something?  I’m not sure how it works, but if the milk is soured, can you put it in a different icebox and it will be better tomorrow?  I would suggest some preachers read about Jericho.  The prostitutes knew the gig was up; surly the gentry knew.  There always comes a time when you can’t stand the stench any longer, and no matter how much you don’t want to, you have to take out the garbage!

Answer : Giggle.

From Beaumont : 

Is there any funding from any local, state or federal government being used for this program? Have any of the gun buyback programs around the Country had anything other than marginal success in getting working guns off the streets?

Answer :  That program failed six times over in the 2000’s.

From Houston :

Okay Phil, here is where you can really help us gun owners. Please post dates, times, and locations for the gun buy back in Beaumont. You see, I have several worthless, rusty “Saturday Night Specials” that I have acquired over the years from friends, family, etc. They have absolutely no value to me or anyone else that I shoot with. But, if I can turn them in one at a time for a Benjamin gift card, I can use that $$$ to buy more gun stuff that I really do need. So, do all of us gun owners a favor, post the gun buy back info when you can, as I’m sure that I’m not the only one with thinking this.

Answer : Scam the scamers? Why do I want to come in on that?

From Houston :

So out of curiosity, what are the churches going to do with all these guns they collect?   Will they melt them down?  Will they lock them up that night in their church (I hope in a safe and not some room/building that a thug can gain entry in to an steal them back)?   Will they have armed guards protecting them while they oversee this project at night?  Will they turn them over to law enforcement? I’m pretty sure that the thugs won’t turn in any functioning gun they might need.  There will however be some stolen guns that are turned in for some freebies.  If the church takes in a gun that was stolen in the course of a burglary, are they then libel for holding stolen property?   If the church takes in these guns, and then they are stolen from them, are they libel for any damages from a new crime? If I had a gun stolen recently, I think I’d be wanting to know if my gun was turned in!  Just saying that I hope they have thought all the way through this process…….

Answer : Give them to the cops. The cops will process them and melt them. 

From Beaumont :

If all the good people leave the area, that means the bad can even do more to those that cannot leave….Stay and fight.  Make contact with all these elected officials and let them know you are watching .  Don’t expect  those “state appointed officials” to know everything. Go to ALL the meetings and speak your mind  .   If you have to, write down your thoughts and read it to the”Board” meeting you are attending.  This whole area is on the downward path and 2 or 3 people cannot be expected to fix it………..and Pray, Pray, Pray….. 

Answer : Sigh….I love hope!

From Beaumont :

Being Pro-Life I applaud the Kinsel’s daughter and and the baby’s father, and his parents for doing the right thing and allowing the child to live; it is NEVER, NEVER the child’s fault  for poor decisions made by the new parents to be; NEVER. There are alternatives, and solutions when the child is born; there will be time for that.  As to the Kinsels’ “shame on you” for what ever your reasoning is  for wanting to end the child’s life. I don’t care who you are, are, who YOU THINK you are, that gives you , or any other pro-choicer the right to decide who lives and who dies. Have you even considered the rights of this unborn child” blood of your blood, flesh of your flesh, he/she is part of you, have you even thought of that. To the daughter, and the father to be, stick to your belief(s), not for spite, but because it is the right the to do. No one knows the future, or how you will get by, but there are people and programs to help; hang in there.

Answer : Read on friends….

From Beaumont :

It’s hard to believe the other grandparents could have said anything as damaging to the Kinsel’s reputation as the facts of this case. Whose welfare is Sparks looking out for, his clients’ or his own? For goodness sakes, threatening your unemancipated minor with loss of shelter qualifies as criminal neglect under the Texas Family Code, not to mention the questionable legality of trying to strongarm a 16-year-old to have an abortion she doesn’t want. Any lawyer worth his salt should have calmed the parents down and convinced them that this is a bad idea.

Answer : And there are about six more – but let us say this – this all needs to go away. Way far away.

From Beaumont :

Where do you get off saying that black communities in Beaumont are infested with thugs? Do you live in any of these communities? I do, I for one am not afraid, and still attend bbqs and get together.. it seems as tho people just want something to talk about.. i, Devon Kelley, invite you to a evening with me in the North Beaumont for some lunch and take you around the neighborhood that I call home so you could have more of a n unbiased report on the recent crimes around Beaumont.

Answer : The same place you say that it is not? How about that? So all of law enforcement says there is a problem with people getting shot in the streets almost daily – primarily in the black communities – and all is good? I am glad you are not afraid because there are many more that are. Babies are getting shot in the neighborhoods now. Over 19 shootings in the past 45 days? But there is not a problem? I accept your invite only if you allow me to bring a dish to share. It is a start. So?

From Beaumont :

Has anything become of any of the investigations/complaints about Wanda Hollier stealing $350,000 and only paying back $100,000 (yes, those are estimates)?  I’ve seen other people do this type of crime, pay it back and still go to jail and get a fine above and beyond the pay back.  Why does she get a pass?  I know she’s connected, but seriously – the board can hold their heads high and think this is okay?  Did the Rangers ever contact you?  Sigh……….crime does pay in Nederland………..

Answer : NOT A PEEP!

From Beaumont :

The ACLU needs to go take a hike. It’s been a tradition since before I played sports there, late 90s, that players/coaches say the Lord’s prayer before/after an event. Even Phil Collins doesn’t have a problem with “In the Air Tonight”. You have muslim doctors in Michigan mutilating young girls and not a peep but God forbid someone prays! That’s the liberal agenda, it is anti-Christian and pro everything else. I guarantee that if a field full of students were praying towards mecca and chanting “death to America” the liberals in the area wouldn’t say a word. However, the moment someone prays FOR America someone’s civil rights have been violated. Every time I took a knee I never felt coerced or forced to pray, I did it willingly.

Answer : They are who they are.

From Beaumont :

Phillip, how are you?  Concerning your filing of charges on the Heritage Festival situation, was Bush’s response, sending it to the Texas Rangers, the correct response?  Thanks…

Answer : Here I will post it again – he did the right thing.  

From Beaumont :

New Orleans is foolish to tear down its historical, sited monuments. The largest city of the Confederacy, those sculptures represent the reality of their day, and were major tourist destinations. But, for all of the legitimate criticisms of the city, you chose “…… nobody goes to that smelly town anyway.”? Smelly town? You do remember where you live, right?

Answer : Uh….my bad?

From Mid County :

Any indication Mid-County school supers knew something about the new, Jefferson County ISD, forming? Who will be first to dip into that taxpayer funded cookie jar?

Answer : Now what do you think? Good question!

From South Beaumont :

Just read your post concerning Maddie Peel (& other BISD candidates), and what I would like to know is, why is one of Ms. Peel’s roadside campaign signs posted at the corner of Spurlock & 18th St. in W.C.I.D #10?

Answer : Her name is Mandie – and people in Beaumont work in mid county?

From Port Arthur :

Just wondering about any updates regarding the investigation that is/was going on at the PAPD. So what’s up with all that? Some of us out here would like to see some updates on all that. You were told back in 2011 that Sterling and Chad Hogan were shady. Hogan’s corruptness was finally found out and proven, just waiting for more!

Answer : That is over. It was a blow up in the face deal for the new police chief. 

From Beaumont :

According to your story, the feds are about to indict many high placed people in the city of Beaumont…… How many times have you had reliable information similar to this and people would get excited only to see almost nothing whatsoever actually done. Until Beaumont is cleaned out from top to bottom, all of these supposed investigations have amounted to little pore than a bunch of cow pies.

  A forensic audit was to be done for BISD and the result—- nothing…..

  The man harassing you and your family was to be looked at and the result—- nothing….

  The case against Morgan and a wild judge to be looked at and the same result—- nothing…..

  The Nederland Heritage Festival thefts to be looked at and again— nothing……

Doing exactly nothing is just as evil when honest action is called for as the evil done originally!

Answer : You have street cred in your comments. You really do. 

From Beaumont :

The judge in the Morgan case is corrupt as are many in the area. You seem to infer that there are federal officials watching the thug who continues to make threats and my question is a simple one- Why has he not been arrested? My question about the judge in the Morgan case is the same- Why has he not been arrested? People are not free to make threats freely nor are they free to do as they wish in court. If they have not been arrested, there is a much bigger problem showing through and it is that the entire system is failing because of the corruption. You would think the FBI would be involved at some point, but alas, they are as bad as the judge they would be going after.

Similarly, the officials in Nederland are just as corrupt and are proving that we do not have a system of laws, but a system of greed and corruption taking care of their friends. The stories you cover may be different, but have the same theme. One difference is that it doesn’t seem to matter how much light is shined on the corruption because people are conditioned to accept it and the thieves know it.

Answer : Because unless you are one of the cool kids in Jefferson County – you live in civil and criminal anarchy. And you have not figured this out?

From Nederland :

Reading about DA Bob Wortham’s lack of leadership to pursue an investigation of crimes in Nederland make me wonder….. What are his stats like on prosecutions? Is he winning or losing?

Answer : This is in the eyes of the beholder – or the voter?

From Port Arthur Texas :

Mr. Klein, I read your site every morning with my coffee….I love it!!! However, one thing I find repetitive in your stories is the fact that you are always saying “someone needs to step up”, “someone needs to do this” or “someone needs to do that”.  This morning while reading your editorial on NHF you said “All they have to do is go to the City of Nederland and file a criminal report saying these words according to five lawyers I have spoken with. They are: “I came to the festival to contribute my money to the foundation for the betterment of the community. I have found out that the money I gave to the community was stolen and I want it investigated.” 

Didn’t you also say you’ve have lived in Nederland for 21 years and are a citizen of Nederland? YOU GO DO IT.  Why are you waiting and goading someone else to go do it.  Why sit around and wait for the other blind chickens in the area to do anything, because it won’t happen!!  Just do it.  As in most of your stories….you want things done but you want others to do it.  If you have all the inside information, which it sounds like you do, then just do it!!!  Instead of sitting behind your keyboard, be the Marvin Zindler of Southeast Texas!!  Do it yourself!!!

Answer : Do you know what? You are right. I will post my AFF on the web site. 

From Nederland :

Not a very good press release is all I can say…BULL S.  So bush did know about it and by law any law enforcement have to report any criminal use at any time?

Answer : Well…..some say it is good that he did what he did and some say not. I know what I would have done if it were me. 

From Nederland :

Okay, so apparently Wanda Hollier stole 300K+ from the Nederland Heritage Festival. That is bad, and it’s far, far worse to realize that, had you said nothing, not one single legal consequence would have befallen her. And, it’s a 100 times worse to hear Bob Wortham sit back, relying on a “report”, to act. It’s like when America watched New Orleans drown & couldn’t lift a finger because the mayor hadn’t contacted the correct people with the correct forms. But, to put things in perspective, what is the final dollar amount that BISD stole? 10M? More? What about the Indigent Defense Fund that Layne Walker ran out of the Jefferson County courthouse? Has anybody even audited it? Skimming money is a major industry in this wretched hell hole. And the good people of the Golden Triangle? Pure submission. Silent, passive, praying somebody will say something, cowering in abject submission?

Answer : Some would say it is the norm?

From Nederland :

How could NHF need that money so badly, when they didn’t know it was there.  Nor did they know how much should be there (so they say).   So who is paying for this lawyer?  With what funds? Has anyone looked at other nonprofits she has worked with?  I’m sure she had to work her why up to taking $7000 at one time.  She had to have been doing this for years. Funny how she bought a house around 1998, and started volunteering at NHF around the same time.  I believe she drives a 2011 car, wonder if NHF made those payments.  Oh I could go on and on.  I can’t even fathom how much money she actually took.  You know she has been taking money for years (which they didn’t look into).  You can’t let a felony be brushed under the rug.  This make Nederland look like a dumb hick town and that’s embarrassing.  I love this little town and it hurts.  

Answer : Ya….we get all of the above. Welcome to the Cool Kids Camp. 

From Nederland :

Wow. That good ole boys club of Nederland sure has screwed the community!! After working a booth for a number of years for the Cub Scouts, i really feel the theft personally and really hope an official complaint will be filed. I hope the community is as outraged as i am and if i am hearing correctly, anyone can file charges; however, i bet everyone is waiting for someone else to do it. Philip, i know you aren’t scared of anything or anyone so please get the ball rolling. With my luck if i filed the complaint it would backfire on me. I just hope this doesn’t mean the end for the festival and all that the community gets from it.

Keep up the good work champ!

Answer : Thank you….and yes the community is totally screwed up. 

From Nederland :

So is there any way a citizen, or just someone who spent their money at the festival, can raise a stink and make them investigate and prosecute?  All those years we spent our hard earned money out there, and to see it stolen………and Wanda Hollier to get a way with it…..makes me sick.  I will not spend another dime out there.  I am tired of those people who are connected literally getting away with everything.  I know my boss wouldn’t let me get away with stealing $350k.  And even if I tried to pay it back (or like in this case where someone else paid it back for her), they would prosecute me AND go after they money.  It’s not either/or – it’s BOTH.  

Answer : Unless you are a cool kid. Get it?

From Nederland :

Mr. Klein – I already consider you a Mid-County hero; thank you for everything that you do, and at considerable risk.  In regard to the Heritage Festival and Wanda Hollier’s fiscal escapades: once again, the Nederland “good ol’ boy”, or as you call it, “the cool kids”, network rears its ugly head. And children here are taught how the Nederland “cool kids” system works starting in school.  A while back, a bunch of 1st string football players get caught drunk by NPD one night on the roof of the NHS gym – no problem!  When asked about why they were not suspended or disciplined, Dr. Beagle replied that “we couldn’t prove the alcohol on the gym roof belonged to those kids”.  Yes…booze apparently magically & spontaneously appears on our high school gym’s roof.  If this had been a bunch of FFA kids, or Key Club kids, or just regular old kids – they would have been thrown in RAC for three weeks and kicked out of any activities in which they were involved.  If you had not intervened, that cheerleader with the school board connections would have never been disciplined for her horrible behavior that was caught on camera. If you are live south of Hwy 73 in Port Arthur and are in the Nederland ISD as a student illegally, but can play football and have an second-cousin-thrice-removed in the district who will let you use their address – the red carpet will be rolled out, even if your parents are not paying a dime in NISD taxes.  In fact, the city celebrated one of these very students with a day named in his honor just a couple of years ago, and he lived way closer to Proctor Street than he ever did Nederland Avenue.  However, if you are an honors student who just wants a better learning environment and do the same thing, but can’t contribute to sports, NISD will send the full wrath of their investigators upon your parents. Ultimately, all of this “cool kids” stuff is why more local businessmen and incredible guys like Jeff Ortiz cannot get into positions in our city government – or other committees like the Heritage Festival boards.  Its why the woman over the water department can curse at you without impunity and be defended by her boss, the city manager.  It’s why our streets and sidewalks look like something from a border town in Mexico, but the Golden Croissant gets 10k for a flashy sign on HWY365 from Nederland Development money.  I have had friends who worked for the city who related how city council members have used our city’s services as a weapon against their personal enemies, such as telling the garbage collection people to bypass their homes for weeks on end. 

And I could go on and on. 

How does this finally stop?  This “big fish in a small pond” mentality that these people display is destroying what used to arguably be the nicest place to live in Jefferson County.   I moved away for a few years, and it was amazing how great it was to live in another state in a fully functional city with ethical leaders.  I unfortunately came back after a few years to find the same Nederland mess that it was before I left.

I don’t know how to tell all of you who have never lived anywhere else outside of this weird little freak show known as Nederland – it does not have to be like this.  It is not like this everywhere.  And it starts with flushing the Wanda Holliers of this town out of positions of influence.  Here’s hoping that shining a light on her criminal behavior and the unethical actions of the HF board is the beginning of the draining of the Mid County swamp.  Which needs to occur before Nederland is driven into the ground to the point that we end up annexed by Port Arthur or Beaumont and become just another Port Acres, Pear Ridge, or Sabine Pass.

Answer : One of the best EMAILS that has ever come into the Review. Let me answer : 1) Cool Kids run things and then elections mean things. Get it? 2) It never stops because the public elects the cool kids with the other cool kids because it is cool. 3) There is an agenda – to help other cool kids and screw the others. That simple – it has not changed. 4) Do you remember my story on “Dan The Garbage Man?” It was a classic. I get the punishment thing. In the end – I am afraid unless this commission comes in from Austin and goes after the cool kids in Jefferson County – it might be time to pack them bags again. Oh…and do you know what the black community is screaming about?

From Nederland :

How is it that Darrell Bush, who is a sworn officer of the law, became aware (first-hand) of a felony crime committed in his jurisdiction and did not initiate an investigation? 

Answer : Maybe give him a call and ask him? 

From Nederland : 

“I am a resident of Nederland for 20 years. To try and explain the anger I feel right now is beyond expression. Mr. Klein you are a hero to many of us “peons” that give our hard earned money only to learn that those we trust steal from us. Thank you Mr. Klein. Keep it up!”

Answer : You are welcome read on!

From Nederland

Wanda Hollier, for all intents and purposes, was a fantastic Festival manager.  Even with the new information that has come to light, I still commend her on how well she did her job (save for her monetary bookkeeping, of course).  She was the first one to arrive and the last to leave at every event leading and up to the week of the Festival, and she knew the answer to literally any question anyone could possibly come up with in regards to the Festival.  She dedicated decades of her life to the Festival, which is a feat in and of itself.

That being said, the new information that has come to light, thanks to your website, has forever tarnished my, and every other citizens’, opinion of Mrs. Hollier.  Yes, she was good at her job on the surface, but now, we all question if she was really as good at it when she was out of the public eye?  How good was she at running this massive event, and the smaller events leading up to it, when she was behind closed doors? If she was as good at the rest of her job as she was at the bookkeeping (which, let’s be honest, she wasn’t very good at), then how much better could the Festival have been?  These are questions I have been asking myself daily since last week when you first thrust this story into the public eye.

It is incredibly shameful that someone with as much responsibility and public adoration as Wanda Hollier would abuse their power and STEAL from a charitable organization.  This single act, which was most likely spread out over many years, suddenly discredits everything she ever did for the Nederland Heritage Festival.  Did she truly love her job, the people she worked with, and the citizens of this town, or did she only stay in the position because it was a source of cash flow?  Would she have ever stopped or even have started slyly putting the money back if she had never gotten caught?  An act like this brings every single aspect of an individual’s character under major scrutiny; she shouldn’t be sheltered by the comments of “oh, but she gave so many good years of service to the Festival!” To that, I say, “frankly, my dear, I don’t give a damn.”  She lied to every single board member.  She lied to every single volunteer who gave HOURS of their time to making the Festival great.  She lied to every single citizen of Nederland and every single person who traveled to our town for the Festival.  She lied to the young children who look forward to Spring Break with a sparkle in their eyes because they just can’t wait to ride all the rides.  She lied to every single little girl who found the bravery to get up on stage at Central Middle School in a pretty gown to compete in a pageant.  She lied to EVERYONE, and that is shameful.  We all deserve better than that.  We deserve ANSWERS.

Answers are something that not even the Volunteers have been privy to.  Volunteers, who give HOURS of their time throughout the year and sacrifice their entire spring break for the Heritage Festival, were fed some bullcrap story by board members last year when Mrs. Hollier resigned.  The story I got was that Mrs. Hollier had gotten belligerently drunk one night at the Festival (copious amounts of beer can be found throughout the Festival week in one of the refrigerators at the Heritage Festival office), so drunk that Nederland Police had to be called over in order to calm her down and regain control of the situation.  The board essentially told us that Mrs. Hollier had too much to drink (something she had done on more than one occasion) and got out of control (again, something that would not be too surprising).  This, to me, did not seem like grounds for Mrs. Hollier to resign for “personal reasons.”  Shortly after her resignation, Shannon Hemby was designated interim manager, and was later promoted full-time manager.  This did not come as much of a shock to anyone at the Festival Offices (they officially announced Shannon as the new Manager at our yearly Victory Party in Spring 2016) as Shannon was one of the, for the lack of a better term, “good ‘ol boys” of the Nederland Heritage Festival.  At this Victory Party, the Volunteers talked (as we always do).  A hot topic last year was “why did Wanda resign?”  Along with the now-debunked story I had been told, people threw around suggestions of “maybe she was just ready to pass it on to someone else,” “she probably just wanted more time with the grandkids,” and “Boo probably convinced her that it was time.”  Whatever the reason, we thought, we hoped she was enjoying retirement and hoped for the best with Shannon as our new manager.

As I write this perspective and have to think back to last year’s events, I now know why Shannon was such an obvious choice for manager.  Yes, she had many years of service to the Festival, and yes, she was Wanda’s right-hand, but I now see that the most glaringly obvious reason is that she knew of Wanda’s wrongdoings and was aware of the deal between Wanda and the Board.  Even though she was not on the Foundation Board, her husband Danny was.  Both of them are “good ‘ol boys” of the Nederland Heritage Festival, so why wouldn’t they be privy to that information?!  Of course the Board wasn’t going to select a manager who was not aware of the real situation at hand; they would have started asking too many questions once they realized the books didn’t add up! The Board would never open themselves up to that kind of outside scrutiny, especially given the fact that the deal they struck allegedly only recovered 1/3 of the money stolen by Mrs. Hollier.  Questions are not something the Board wanted to risk, so they put an insider in the manager position (which, I might add, is a paid position; everyone else are volunteers).

Speaking of the Board, I bring your attention to one of the names you so graciously provided in your most recent article: Police Chief Darrell Bush.  Anything “common knowledge” (again, your words from the article) at the NPD is knowledge to the Chief.  It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to figure that one out.  If your (and, frankly, now my) suspicious are indeed correct, then Chief Bush knew about this injustice for who knows how long and did not take action.  If he did know, then this is a disgrace.  Our longtime chief of police having something to do with, well, I won’t say covering up, but not fully investigating such an injustice to the public is sickening.  If Chief Bush is not involved in any way, shape, or form, however, then I hope he seriously considers separating himself from such a scandal and that he and the department do all they can to further investigate such a travesty.

Finally, I wish to say that I sincerely hope that the Nederland Heritage Festival can overcome this and continue to be a wonderful annual event for our community.  I have been going to the Festival for as long as I can remember, and I know how much joy and happiness it brings to the young (Rides! Sweets! Late bedtimes!) and young at heart (No cooking dinner this week! Kids don’t say “I’m bored”! Thank goodness, something for the kids to do since school is out this week!).  The thought of an impending IRS investigation into the Board and the Festival scares me, but I do truly hope that we can overcome this.  It would be such a travesty if the Festival was brought down by this.  I do plan to continue volunteering with the Festival for as long as I can, and, in doing so, hope to help it maintain its good name in the community.  To the members of the Nederland and Jefferson County community (and anyone else who travels to our little corner of Texas just for the Festival): I hope you will still continue to support the Nederland Heritage Festival, as the wrongdoings of a few are not the sins of all.  90% of the Volunteers had no idea what was going on behind those closed office doors, and we still remain dedicated to the Festival and to you, the public.

Answer : You bring up good points.

From Nederland :

“I want that job! I want to work for a foundation and get a deck and $200,000! Robbing the bank? Did you read the Chamber of Commerce President? There is the problem Mr. Klein! GO GET HER!

Answer : It is all spin. Nobody has anything to do with anyone but they all serve on the same boards. Sigh…

From Nederland :

Do you think that the board members are in trouble with the IRS? It seems that if they signed a false and fake tax return they would be in trouble. Thanks for answering my email. 

Answer : Yes. Here it comes. 

From Houston :

Mr. Klein, I do not know whether to love you or hate you? Today I love you. Last week I hated you. Stop confusing me so much!

Answer : How many times have I heard that.

From Beaumont :

Seriously, some are offended by our flag?? But they’re comfortable enough living and working here? I’m offended they are choosing not to have the flag on the uniforms.  We should respect the flag and what it it stands for and wear it proudly. Why would you choose to live in a country where you would be offended by the flag?

Answer : Do you think that is bad? You should have heard the comments in the public meetings that were held. Question – what is the county doing with ICE? Maybe that is a news story?

From Port Arthur :

What kind of ignorance is this no flag CRAP. I am disgusted with this stupid explanation. The Mexican American citizens should be as well. We already know the city dont like Texas, or they would register the Louisiana buses, now it is the Union. maybe they can be their own little country, I guess they really already are. what a joke! 

Glad i moved out!

Answer : When liberals run a county.

From Po

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