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Do What WE Say…!

There is an old saying…do what we say not as we do…and that is becoming clearer as some in elected government are becoming camera hogs!

So, now Jefferson County wants you the citizens to stay home and inside your houses. As well, they are wanting you the citizens to stay at least 6 feet away from each other! And you the citizens will listen and obey or face arrest and or fines! Do you have it or are you going to pay the price! You will do as we say!

As Mayor Becky Ames ran to the microphones first – she marched in her band of city paid employee’s – here look!

Now, didn’t the mayor just tell everyone to stay home? Why march out these department heads in obvious objections to what order she just put out? 

Read on…

Just about two hours later here comes the Jefferson County Judge. And what does he do? The same damn thing? Here look :

It sends the wrong damn message. It says to the community – you will do what we tell you to do – but we will defy our own mandates and rules and do what we want! We are the government!

Our take and point?

Do the same thing you ask of the people. There is a brand new program called SKYPE! And FACEBOOK LIVE and on and on. Stop being stupid and lead by example. Stop being camera hogs and start being true leaders. Cut it out!

But common sense has been thrown out the window kids. It is stupid time! And stupid is what stupid does!

And they wonder why…..?

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