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It Is Over – Welcome To Port Arthur

Mouton Wins.

The Democratic Party Wins.

Thomas Flanagan Wins.

The Power Movers Lose.

The Jivad’s win – remember this.

The newest power player in town is now Audwin Samuels. 

Audwins liberal Agenda will pass like the wind. 

Pastor Politics and Taylor Neild will look like the political novice tax and spenders that they are. They DID NOTHING to help West.

Mike Getz – will look like the lone man on the island. 

The City of Beaumont no turns into nothing less than Port Arthur. And if you think we are kidding –  don’t put your house up for sale and enjoy the ride.

The city of Beaumont, which has one of the highest crime rates in the United States has elected a left-wing liberal backed by the Jivad family who dumped in thousands of dollars. And the black community of Beaumont made it happen. 

Now, the final numbers were where we told you they would be. They were 51/48. And now Roy West is done as a politico with his second loss. He is not electable, and he surrounds himself with people who do not listen. And that is okay – if you want to lose. He loses again. A nice man, that is arrogant. 

Now, here are the real power players that are going to run Beaumont, as Mouton could not run a wet paper bag to the trash. 

Oh, and you thought Becky Nails was bad – here is your new mayor cruising around in HER LIMO to the polls! No really look:

And how do we know that Mouton will be a figurehead leader? Well, follow the money. And we expect a major fallback as we make the following predictions :

  1. Just like Port Arthur, major businesses will begin Iokay continue) to move out of Beaumont. 
  2. Taxation will increase by over 32%. 
  3. Home sales will go wild as citizens will leave. 
  4. Beaumont, within 10 years, will look just like Port Arthur.
  5. The city manager will leave and the new hire will be black.
  6. The city police chief will leave and the new hire will be black.
  7. A mass exodus of police officers will leave BPD.
  8. Earl White might just get city manager.
  9. And you thought Refirio County was bad? Just wait and watch.

Here is the end of the Road for Beaumont, Texas. Remember our words. Elections have consequences. Never forget that. 

And so it begins. A new queen in her limo! God help Beaumont, Texas.

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