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Ya, here we go!

It’s Wet – Wow, rain? Not in Southeast Texas. Everyone is working. All is good! We all will be okay.

Chambers County – Took the direct hit all the way over to Hamshire / Fannett. 

Six Counties Have Disaster Aide – The usual group of southeastern county wetlands. 

Trump – Comes to Houston – and maybe here. That is the talk. 

Finding Bodies – And now the recovery. Two bodies so far. More to come we are told. 

Beaumont Enterprise – Did a good thing. Free E copy. We love it. Good job!

Another One Coming – Watch the Gulf starting on Monday we are told. Cat 1 or higher. 

KBMT – Still on the air after getting washed out. We understand that they have teams in there drying the place out. Sorry to hear that – you have to have a beachhead. 

Politicos- They are picking on Mayor Ames – we understand that she is and has been in the command center since hour one. Leave her alone – she is doing her job. 

Politicos II – Working for a living? Well, not this week as the parttime mayors has been working as well. Vidor is in trouble we are told. Massive water. Chief Carroll is said to be doing most of the heavy lifting. He can handle it – he knows what to do.

Tricky Nick – Lampson on the defensive? Check this out :

“As is the norm, when rumors are left unaddressed, they fester like an untreated wound. When I narrowly lost to a vulnerable two-term incumbent in the 2018 Jefferson County Judge race, there was a strong undercurrent of lies and half-truths meant to impugn my motives for seeking elected office. Here is a direct quote that exemplifies one of the lies: “I would wager that if Nick Lampson wins, one of his big goals will be to get all of the Jefferson County employees switched over to the healthcare system owned by his Muslim master.” This is one of many comments regarding county healthcare.

Besides referring to my friend and colleague as a “Muslim master”, which is bigoted in and of itself, it’s also patently false. The very idea that I would commit such a major conflict of interest is laughable. Keep in mind, these same people have no issue with the current president’s daughter and son-in-law taking an active role in our federal government. Can you imagine if one of my daughters were hired to take on county responsibilities had I been elected? Local Republicans and the Examiner would have a field day. It just shows how truly pitiful some voters have become in trying to poison uninformed minds. Here’s a tip: don’t take a rumor and run with it like a school-aged girl or boy. I miss the days of adults.”

Our Take – Lampson is setting up a run for something. We are told that it will be county judge again. 

Silly Picture – So Biden sneaks into town. No media. So the Enterprise does what? Posts a picture of Biden…but it is in Houston? GO!

Calvin Walker Trial – Blah Blah Blah, water, water, water. Everyone says hung jury. Starts back up next week. Giggle. 

Have a great weekend – get ready for next week. Another storm? Gezzz….where are the cold fronts this time of year? Oh…ya…wait…global warming. We forgot.

Walker Trial

Talk about the girls club? 

Sources inside the Jefferson County Courthouse that have been around for a while say that the Calvin Walker trial is about as exciting as watching it rain in Southeast Texas. As five sources we spoke with today tell us if there is not a hung jury they would be surprised.

We have learned that the jury is made of almost all women. There are three black ladies on the panel and they are watching the case very closely. 

The evidence? Well, the evidence is very clear – someone overbilled someone. And according to the defense, it was a mistake made by his part-time bookkeeper – Calvin Walker’s wife. Ya, she got thrown under the bus by her husband. However, as the prosecution continues to dribble out the facts, that story seemingly goes to the sidelines as the billing invoices are interestingly enough not adding up. 

We want you all to remember the word “intent.” Did Calvin Walker “intend” to do what happened – which was millions of dollars were spent with Walker for nothing – or used on other jobs. 

What hurts the prosecution? Easy – it happened 10 years ago. And it is hard to go back ten years ago – but it looks like they are doing it. 

We kind of think that Walker will pay some type of price – but who knows. 

Around the courtroom, some interesting faces are showing up. Old board members, city council members, and legal community scholars. All watching all day to see how the prosecution is doing. Which many give the grade of B+ as the defense gets a surprising grade from the five sources we spoke with of a B. 

“Nobody is getting excited. Both lawyers are kind of just scratching through the evidence. Nobody is making good points and going back to them. Maybe the jury is getting it?” So says two sources we spoke with.

And get this – Calvin is giving his own review of the trial. This from today :

We don’t care who you are – this guy has balls giving the prosecutors hell?

Our take?

We think it will heat up later in the week when the defense goes after the prosecution’s case. And we think the fireworks will begin. 

Stay tuned! The interesting question is if the lawyers we spoke with today think it will be a mistrial – will Jefferson County prosecute it again?

Hello Joe!

Well, this was fun right? No media allowed other than print. No media allowed other than still photog, and of course no advanced notice to anyone – other than a very closed group. 

Yes, Joe Biden was in town this past Friday night. We were tipped off to it on Friday afternoon but was asked not to say anything about it. And sure enough, our tipster was correct. Biden came for a visit. 

Now let’s flashback to the Javad house about three years ago. It was 2016, wasn’t it? And guess who came calling? Was that Hillary?

Oh yes…there she is. And there is Nick Lampson – and the Javad family. 

And again this year, sneaking in Lampson, to the same group. The Javad family and Nick Lampson. 

Here at the Review, we like it. Why? Well, it is very simple. You get to see who supports who. Last time, Hillary walked out of here with a reported $400,000. This time Biden didn’t fare so well. He walked out of here with around $298,000, according to our sources close to the party. Remember – Hillary was going to be the stone-cold winner of the race. And well, we saw how that worked out. 

Now Biden has been having a bunch of gaffs of late. And really, nobody cares, as if Biden makes it to the show this next year, we think that he will lose 60/40. And you laugh? Biden is having trouble drawing crowds. Bad trouble. Trump, well last night in New Mexico not only did he sell out, but there were over 30,000 that could not get in. And according to news reports the streets were lined with supporters from the airport to the event. Over 35 miles of supporters. 

What are we saying? Who the hell knows? But what we are saying is this folk – it smells a lot like last time. The media is giving you one thing – and the people are doing another. 

Bring on Biden – or any of the other whackos we say. 

Fun Fun Fun! 

Bellow…Well…It’s Bellow

Here we go again folks – more stuff from the former political guy named David Bellow. He is the pool boy for many now, which we understand that he is really good at what he does. However, reality and reality are something that he just doesn’t get. 

This past week we started getting calls that David had starting posting over the internet. And we got kind of happy and excited for him as he seemingly gets himself in trouble, but then, gets himself out of trouble. Which is a feat in itself? Also, he hired former District Judge Layne Walker, who has had his toe in the water again, thinking to ourselves is there really nine lives in politics. 

So we got this email and checked it out on Facebook this past week – and we will let you read it (we did put the red in what we are going to talk about). Here it is : 

I’m David Bellow and I’m happy to announce I have been vindicated from Jefferson County Corruption! The horrible, political false charges against me of Stalking & Perjury are completely dismissed & the Texas Rangers have opened an official criminal investigation against Jefferson County & Corrupt District Attorney Bob Wortham and his office for abuse of office and official oppression against me with District Attorney Robert Trapp being appointed attorney Pro Tem as Special Prosecutor.
Among the many shocking details is that Jefferson County District Attorney Investigator Marcelo Molfino accepted CASH from wife to
my ex-falsely charge me during a child custody case in which she wanted to try to get the upper hand due to her having slim chances of winning after she had admitted to leaving our son in cars while she had affairs. Double worse is that Molfino personally wrote the affidavit to falsely charge me only after my Whistleblower complaint against him in which the state of Texas DPS determined that Molfino was violating the law.

Apparently today the answer to a political enemy or a custody case is false charges. Praise God for giving me the strength to fight back and not give up and ending up not only getting the false charges dismissed but also uncovering much more corruption that these individuals had been victimizing people with and now the Texas Rangers are officially criminally investigating Jefferson County.
Check out the following article which explains my story in a little more detail with attached evidence. This only begins to touch the surface of the corruption.
Please SHARE this article to help expose corruption.
I look forward to making a move forward to fight for basic constitutional rights and criminal justice reform and child custody reform. It is hard to believe the current laws allowed for these blatant conflicts and unbelievably corrupt situations to occur, and unfortunately, many innocent people become victims of this corruption when common sense constitutional based protections would and should prevent it from occurring.

Okay, let’s talk about the stuff written in red. Ready?
1) “I have been vidicated” – No, that is just not true. What is true is that Bellow got caught putting a tracking device on his ex-wife’s car. He was charged with a felony, had a trial, got a hung jury, and then in a plea bargain with the state, had it lowered to a Class B (we think) Misdemeanor, to which he had to proffer to the judge that he in fact did the crime. In order to get the adjudication, and expungement as part of the deal, he had to tell the truth. He did so (yea David!) and the deal was done. His probation just ended and the expungement is in the process, or has happened. That is not vindication. 

2) “Stalking and Perjury is completely dismissed.” Okay, so, we gave everyone a chance this week to call us. No calls. Other than an email that said to us : I know you like doing what you can to get things right.  You reported that Bellows received “adjudicated probation” and if he completed it he would be eligible for an expunction.  This would not be true.  Under the Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Art. 55.01 basically if you do probation for an offense you do not qualify for an expunction.  However, if the person received deferred adjudication probation he may qualify for a “non-disclosure” after two years for a misdemeanor.  

So we looked it up and bingo – kind of what we said? Which leads Bellow to say that he is vindicated? No, he served the term on his sentence, and if he did or does then they will dismiss the case and the court will accept deferred adjudication probation. Ya, lawyers wordings. But he had to do the sentence to qualify. Does everyone get this?

3) My Ex-Wife to falsely charge me during a child custody case – In order to get the sentence, he had to proffer that he did, in fact, do the crime. He had in fact sat through one trial and knew what was coming. So he copped a plea. Which was a very good move by Bellows. In fact, it was the one time (as you can see) he didn’t try to spin out of things. Until now. 

4) I look forward to making a move forward to fight for basic constitutional rights and criminal justice reform and child custody reform – So now that we seemingly have a guy, who is telling the public, that he did not do the crime after he proffered to the court that in fact, he did do the crime, but we guess he was coerced into saying he did (that does not make any sense), he is going to carry the flag for all dads around the state of Texas saying that fathers rights trump any rights? Okay…?  

Now, he says that the Texas Rangers are investigating the DA’s office and some of its employees. Which we did on Friday and make some calls to our contacts in DPS – and found out that he is in fact correct. The Texas Rangers and DPS General Investigative officers are investigating the situation with Bellows and the DA’s office, but that investigation is over. No charges for anyone? But David is still under investigation and subpoenas were executed and served to FACEBOOK regarding “tampering with a government document.” It is on David’s FACEBOOK PAGE called “Jefferson County Corruption – Beaumont Port Arthur.” We are told he will most likely be charged in that crime. So out of the fire and into the flames? 

Look, we have said this before and will say it again. David Bellows is a public figure. David, at one time, was a great guy. He melted down in our opinion. Ever since the meltdown, he has made a bad set of decisions. And everyone thought that was over. But now we see it is not. He will never be elected to public office. He will never ever be anyone that elected officials will listen to. And if he continues the public humiliation of himself, well we just think he will end up in another bad place. Is he crazy? What is the definition of crazy? Who knows? We think he is and that we believe someday with another meltdown he will end up hurting someone. But that is our opinion. Some that deal with him says that he is crazy as the day is long. Some say the other way. 

This is the classic case of a man, who could have been at the top of his game, falling from grace. If you have to make it up – on all levels – maybe you are what they say you are? 

Who knows – but this is worth watching. It now goes political. 

# # #

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