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Steward Health – Has Problems

We reported on this about a year ago – and now we understand that the Texas Health and Human Services have opened files on the Southeast Texas Regional Hospital system this past month.

What now?

Well, we have learned that Steward Health Care Company, the parent owner of SET Regional Hospital has NOT paid their garbage bill forcing the hospital and the doctor’s offices to hold BIOHAZARD materials in their offices and in the hospital rooms for storage. They are hiding it from investigators that it was reported the holding areas from surgery, doctors’ offices, and emergency rooms could not dispose of the materials as the dumpsters and holding areas were overflowing. 

And we are not kidding.

Adding insult to injury, we have learned that phone service and internet services have been interrupted time after time over the past six months. Leaving no communication (s) from the hospital or doctors’ offices. 

“I have reported it to the state,” said one whistle-blower. “We are all trying to keep the doors open and it is hard for us to put bio trash in an exam room and hide it from the state. And their phones are out. And our internet goes out and we cannot even bill. We have asked Steward to pay the damn trash bill and they hang up on us,” said the whistle-blower.

Another nurse from the hospital told us this morning: “Ya, it is bad. We all keep waiting for the electric company to shut us off. It will come someday. They have had enough as well,” said the source.

So we talked to an administrator over at the hospital. They told us: “We are making payroll. That is about it.” 


Here is the bottom line friends – we are thinking now that things are really not good. We were told that they were able to hold off bankruptcy through some funding on Wall Street. And they did – but now they are in the same hole. 

Our bet is something big is going to happen. 

And So It Begins

As we reported to you this past month, the Tulsa office of the ABC Affiliate closed its doors. Sinclar Broadcasting did this as a test market in under-performing stations and news studios that were losing money by the millions. And now it begins in Beaumont.

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Sinclar has targeted six other markets in the United States and that Beaumont, Texas is one of them. Meaning? The news center that is owned by Sinclar will be closing sometime in 2024 – and Regional News will be reported by the Houston affiliate (s). 

According to our sources, the San Antonio affiliate will begin its broadcast of regional Texas News that has been broadcast from KFDM in Beaumont. There will be a skeleton staff of reporters but live news will fade out as contracts for news readers come up for renewal. 

KFDM will be affected the most, as FOX News will pipe in their list of shows for local news. 

“We have been working on this for years. Call it what you want, but we cannot find qualified people to run our newsrooms and broadcast the news and with technology, we can do it all from one base operation. We can pool our resources and only the best will be putting out the news product.” Said one manager for Sinclar. 

Our take?

The Local Media has been dying for years. If you look at the ratings you will see the decline of the ratings has been over 48% in the past ten years. Budgets were slashed and rookie reporters reported nothing but what was a press release or on their phones. And that is a shame. There are stories to tell. There is corruption. And places like this website are still trying to tell those stories. 

And there have been some wonderful names that have come out of these local media companies. That now serves on the national level. But with 13 national media desks that report the news in real-time, the opportunity to report news locally is not possible. The money is just not there.  And the question is pretty simple – can it ever come back? 

The long slow move to the death of local media begins. It will open the door to more corruption as another local team of reporters will not be there to report the news. And there is no way to tell the stories that need to be told – other than with your local bloggers who are not scared about telling the true story that goes on in Southeast Texas.

Timeline you ask? We are told by the 2nd quarter of 2025 the transition will be complete. And it is what it is…

A View Of The Death Of Port Arthur

There is a group of politicos in Port Arthur that want the city to die. And you shake your head with those words and say that we here at the Review are crazy. And we are not. We know because they tell us – and they are proud. “The white people are gone. They built this community and put the blacks in a bad place by shoving us into the West End and the South End of the city where the crime was high, the ground was contaminated and the old-school Italians made their millions. The big-name refineries came in and poisoned the community. They did not give the black community jobs. Now we will take their businesses from them.” 

And that is from just one elected official – who by the way is still in office.

They are doing just that – one by one – they are taking the community into bankruptcy and as the city, its crime, its water supply, and its face, the city continues to die as some in the black community continue to die. And they had good teachers – those in the white community. Years and years of trials, tribulations and the refining communities throwing money at the black community have done NOTHING to improve Port Arthur. Try finding a fast food place in Port Arthur. You cannot because they are robbed out of business or those they hire steal from them.

We want you, as history will, to remember some of the names. Hilton Kelly, Thurman Bartee and we could go on – but why? The city’s big claim to fame is Janis Joplin, who died of an overdose. She had maybe five famous songs. Other than that – she was a drunk drughead. No kidding – that is who they celebrate.

So today, we wanted to take you on a simple tour of Port Arthur TO SHOW YOU HOW BAD THE SITUATION IS! Don’t listen to the media, but ask any of the high schoolers reporting on the news if they would go down to Port Arthur after dark to report, and they will all tell you no.

Here is your tour:


Did you want to throw up? We did. It is very sad to see this city die. And die it has. They cannot even keep the water on in some parts of the city, flush toilets, or have a road to ride on. Not to mention police projection (they work hard on this) or Fire Service with more men on the trucks for safety. 

What is really the shame is that nobody will listen to the old guard, because of racism. They even call people out like us as “racist” when we are simply showing the leadership (if that is a term) of Port Arthur the actual criminals they have running council. Even one elected city council member is under investigation for not living in the city, the state, or county, as she says her “permanent residence is at her mother’s house, but she admits she lives in Virginia with her husband. And she thinks she is going to miss charges – and we are not so sure she won’t. You know, Jefferson County.

In the end, Port Arthur is dying, the citizens are losing, and Jefferson County suffers. And when it is done – don’t say we didn’t say it would. It is a bold prediction – but it is true. 

This is what happens when you let some criminals have power. And the criminals and bad guys are doing just that. 


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