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In the old days…friends had friends who had friends in government that would stop the raping of citizens and the business community. Today, nobody has friends – except for a guy named Brent Coon.

Coon is a long-time lawyer here in Southeast Texas. Coon is also a businessman who has owned clubs, or part of some clubs, a touring company for music acts, and he has owned property here in southeast Texas. He has had some really great times in business – and he has had some really hard times in business. But Coon stuck with it. When it got rough, he worked harder. When money got tight – he sucked it up. Got rid of the toys (okay most of them) and he made a decision that he was going to make it big – and now he has done it again.

Now, for historic purposes, he despised our editor. In fact, he really despised our editor. But one day long ago there was a meeting and now is all good. Again, a historic lesson for the guys over at the Southeast Texas Record who hate Coon and Klein. Okay, they hate Klein more. 

So Coon got this round of crazy filings by the Jefferson County Appraisal District. Some of the values of the business, personal and historic on homesteads rose almost 400% in some venues, as those that worked on the appraisal district including management and some of the appointed officials were not really even touched. The elected officials being Beaumont, Port Arthur, and the smaller cities said nothing as the cash was fixing to flow. Coon, who owns a bunch of property saw his taxes go through the roof – so he started talking to citizens and other business people. They were all mad – so he told them to follow him into a class-action lawsuit against the Jefferson County Appraisal district in a message saying if they were going to not follow the law, he was a lawyer and could file suit. 

So he did. 

And now the woke folks in Jefferson County are signing up as fast as they can. These fat cat-elected officials who can spend money like it was toilet water and turds are now going to get a taste of things to come. The question is who is the leadership at the district talking to? Well, that is going to come out in depositions and Coon has a bloodthirst as he has been lied to in the discovery phase already undertaken. And Coon is smart – he has some inside people who have objected to what the Board and Management has done and they are cooperating. 

Was that noise someone shitting their pants?

Southeast Texas is run by a bunch of liberals now as most of the business community has moved out. Other than oil and those who supply equipment to the plants – most everyone is gone. You cannot hire, you cannot train, and most of all you cannot qualify due to the poor education system (s) in Jefferson County. 


Well, you know, nepotism. John’s brothers, his uncles, and on and on get a government job with average pay, good benefits, and a super-duper retirement. And if the governments need more money – well they have their ways like raising your property values! 

And if you object – SHAME!

Folks, we encourage you to call Brent Coon’s office. Make an appointment or let them lead you to their place you can go to sign up. DO IT. Not for us, not for Coon, but for you and then attempt to control YOUR GOVERNMENT that is way out of control. 

Our message to Coon – get ’em! Our message to you – give Coon a chance to do what he is good at. And fix Southeast Texas while he is at it. 

We are just saying. 


The only ones that are making a real profit in the “pandemic” and storm season are the grocery stores – and man we are told their profits are up 11% over the prior year, which was a banner year as well. And get this – with this most recent storm – some stores are showing a 30% increase in sales over the banner year before.

Why? Our citizens are drones now. Simply drones. Panic here, panic there.

“Klein, I have to tell you I am so fucking happy right now. My employees are all getting raises and my bonus has been 9 times what it has been in the past. People are so funny to watch. They panic if their name is called,” said our source with a local chain here in Southeast Texas.

They went on to tell us: “You guys have to understand, people and in these markets as the upper-income folks continue to leave, are scared to even have a low count on their toilet paper. Think about this – we put 11 pallets of paper up on the shelves and it was gone in 39 minutes. That brought in over 5,000 in one day on toilet paper. Who gets that kind of profit?”

Our take?

See below – it is what is happening in the United States today. We Americans live in nothing but a 24-hour fear box. Now, when the sun comes out today, another day of school will be wasted and the cry baby citizens won’t know what to do. Sad isn’t it. Very sad. 

Welcome to America folks…the home of the fear. And the POLS know it and breed off of it. 

How Much More – Kids

The question is now being asked as the backlash has finally begun with the children of Southeast Texas. How much more can the kids take? 

We here at the Review asked that question months ago. Kids were out of school. Kids were going to have to take the vax. Kids were scared of the consent running away from storms, terrorist attacks, and mostly fear itself as their parents were acting stupid with every little thing that went boo. 

Now, as the kids sit at home as a storm comes by that MAYBE will have three inches of rain, and be scared of the booo of the week, you have to ask what is next? 

Jefferson County Texas has a problem. The districts are running in fear. Masks, vax, and now storms. And they think they are helping – but they are listening to some in Washington that seemingly don’t understand what they are dealing with. The flu. 

Can you get sick? Yes. Can you die? Yes. But when you talk about the flu that has a 99.9% survival rate? When driving a car has less than a 95% survival rate? Well, you know. 

The time is now for parents to look at themselves in the mirror. You are raising a bunch of kids who fear everything. It is killing our country. 

We wonder what all of you would do if parachutes were to come down over our cities and troops converge on the beaches. Run? Hide” Or fight?

Ya, it is that bad. Bless the babies. 

Nederland EDC – Get’s Worse

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that the Nederland EDC Board, as well as vendors that do business with the EDC, and the investigations that it is currently undergoing, now includes the IRS General Counsel’s office in Washington DC.

The question that investigators are looking at is if any city council members, members of the board, or relatives of such have received EDC funds (nepotism) from the EDC operating fund, above and beyond what state and federal law is on the books. And, to add to matters, were others (companies or applicants) overlooked for those close to the EDC. 

Well, the answer is yes. As we here at the SET Political Review have laid out to you for years. 

The EDC of Nederland is maybe one of the most mismanaged EDC’s in years. And quietly the federal government is watching every move they make, and Kay DeCuir, the queen of Nederland, has been under the spotlight. She works for the EDC, draws a paycheck from the EDC, and has her own company that she manages during work hours. And to make matters worse, she got caught lying to the Board and Council about EDC-controlled money, and the money that has been wasted away with GLOW investments – even while the Jefferson County Commissioners told GLOW and the Nederland EDC to go blow. 

FLASHBACK: The Southeast Texas Political Review employees go to Glow Headquarters after DeCuir touts how great Glow is and finds that the headquarters is made up of a desk, a phone, and an answering machine in an empty office building on Voss Road in Houston. Then, after being told that the GLOW headquarters had been moved to Sugarland, Texas, the Review sent a crack employee over to those offices to find? Well, nothing but a Doctors’ Office? 

Here is the deal. There is way too much smoke coming from the EDC. DuCuir is buying up property around downtown and on side streets now. Taking them all off the tax rolls. Saying that the money saved will, well, you know, come back in spades. The government-speak. 

Here, from her website is her gang:

Our question again is this – how can you manage the Nederland EDC, a government agency, paid for by YOUR TAX DOLLARS, and own your own company? How is that possible? You cannot. 

So as the citizens get fleeced – and the decisions made by Kay and Co at the EDC take more and more properties off the tax rolls, well, you get it. It is going to catch up to her. Even Queens have rules to follow. 

Hey, but don’t believe us right?

# # #

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