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Sex In The Jail?

Ya, okay, we get it. People are lonely in Jail. Notably the Jefferson County, Texas, Jail. Now please remember that we reported to you that the jail had failed their inspections. But, they were very simple things. And get this – they fixed them in a few days and the jail standards people left with smiles on their faces and all was well in the happy place called the Jefferson County!

A complaint was filed, we are told, by an inmate. That inmate was pissed because she didn’t get any loving by the jail guards. As she explained it everyone was getting laid by the guards but her. 

Well, it was not the male guards, but the female guards? Yes – female guards were getting laid by female inmates. Everyone was sneaking around like church mice and getting into bed with each other and playing around. 


Well, there was a secret indictment that was issued on a female guard named Donine Lewis. Seeming she posted a 50k bond. She was fired, she was charged with a crime of Sex with an Inmate, and according to our sources at the jailhouse – there are more charges to come. 

That is bad right? Hold on to your panties!

So we know now there are four more! And they are all former jail house guards! We are told their last names are Ford, Johnson, Blaze and Matherson! 

No charges you ask? Well the inmates did drop them in the drink – and two had other issues like contraband being cell phones and ya know….toys? 

Let’s stop and pray. “Lord…please let the media report this! It is our tax dollars…we deserve better!”

Back to the story.

This all follows arrests of male jailers that have had problems with inmates (having sex) over the past year. The question is who the hell are they hiring?

Our take?

You hear about it all of the time. It is every single county around. But it comes down to where the lines are drawn and where the morals end. It also comes back to the hiring process and the traits that they have at interview time. But you can never predict what can happen to an employee (person). 

Is it a mess? Yes – but we will say this – someone needs to clean house and start again? Just a thought? Are we wrong?

Sticker Shock

It is too funny to watch. And we predicted this long ago as the Jefferson County Appraisal District has been saying for years that they were going to change the way they valued business property. And they are. And they have.

We want you to watch this story by KBMT this past evening: HERE 

Welcome back….and now you know the gig. This nice lady owns a trailer park in Beaumont. The land and property have been rated $177,000. Now, after they “reviewed” her income on the land, she got jacked to $744,000. Meaning she got a 356% increase in her taxes. 

And she is not alone. 

According to our sources at the Appraisal District, Jefferson County and some of the cities and school districts are starving for money. They are getting pressure from elected officials to go after businesses and re-rate them. Mostly small businesses have been affected. However, there are some, like in the Port Arthur ISD squabble, have begun to fight back and lawsuits are being filed. 

And the stupid people that voted for the NISD bond in the business community are fixing to get a shock. The touted that it would only be a few dollars more in taxes a year. Well, they are either stupid, or they simply do not know what they were talking about. The taxes for small business are going to show a marked increase, visa vies the income stream that comes into the businesses. So there will be a double whack. So like the nice lady that owns the trailer park, the tax man is coming with an income tax based upon the valuation, and now with the valuation, they will have a huge bond tax increase. 

Ya…we tried to tell you so. 

The average small business, like daycare centers, that bring in money per child, will show over a 175% increase in their taxes. In some of the bond areas, that could actually increase over 650%. 

Meaning? Get your wallets out and now Jefferson County hits the top 10 most taxed counties in Texas. And even worse, Jefferson County, where government and pork projects are kings, now becomes one of the most expensive counties to live in with the highest crime rate in Texas and the highest unemployment rate in Texas. 

We have tried to warn you, our dear readers and citizens and haters, that this day was coming. It is here. Now with the NISD $156 million dollar bond passing, the economic doors of Jefferson County are now closed. It is too expensive to live in this blighted county. 

You got what you voted for. Enjoy the ride. We expect as soon as citizens figure it all out – the final massive flight from Jefferson County will begin to Orange, Chambers, Hardin and most probably anywhere but Jefferson County. 

And that is how they say is that. 

It’s A Mess

There is one thing that can be said about the legislator in Austin this week – it is a mess. No, really, it is a total mess as war has broken out in both sides of the house with the ultra-liberal gang hold up some reforms and the ultra-right gang holding up some very big bills.

What is normal? Nothing. It is crunch time and deals time and this is when those who make there living in the legislature and try to hold on the bills that are important to their clients.

What bills?

Abortion bill – which may pass in the last few days. But don’t get real excited.

Bathroom Bill – DOA as everyone has cooled down.

School Reform – How many times does this bill have to die. The government wants 3.5% more of your money for schools. Dead.

Voting Bill – If you vote in Texas and you are not eligible – it would be a felony. Ya, right, it passed pending in the Senate.

So what is the bottom line? Well, it seems as though Texas is drifting blue – and the blue is using the legislative process to move the line as fast as it can. That means? Well, get ready for what is coming we say.

This next cycle may just be a 2021 bombshell. Or not…..


This is one of those where we just don’t know what to say? Talk about out of control? 

So the back story is there is a segment of society that likes Jeeps. And they are called “Jeepers.” And every year they come calling to Crystal Beach Texas. And they drive up and down the beach showing off their Jeeps. 

Ya…people have that kind of time. 

Moving on!

So they converged this past weekend near a spot called the “Zoo.” And it became a Zoo. Drugs, drunks, and people that simply are the dregs of society. And then we have the cowboys, and then we have the punks, and then we have (of course) the nice people of Jefferson County. And all hell broke loose. 

According to our sources, it became so bad that they had to set up a MASH unit and bring in EMS units under a Mass Event grouping by the Emergency Management team in Galveston County. 

Now, according to who you listen too, there were one death and 600 incidents. EMS units flew out 7-10 critical injured parties and there were hundreds of folks arrested. 

Hell Chamber of Commerce!!!

This has left just about every government official angry and concerned that people could act that way and cause a riot. And it was a riot. 

Galveston County Emergency Management Director Doug Saunders is said to have been the one “who saved the day” when he made the call to bring in help from all over Texas. 

One commissioner told us this morning that: “Doug made all the difference. It was crazy. If Doug had not called in the help I think that we would have been in worse shape and it would have cost many lives. He brought us all together and he had us organized.”

Our take?

We know Saunder and we find him to maybe be one of the best Chiefs around. And from the witnesses, we have spoken with – if they did not have the plan in place there would have been a completely different outcome. 

Equally – the Fire Department and EMS worked together to land helos and prioritize injuries. 

And for those in the cop shop – they could do nothing. Why? Well, the problem is when you get that many people in one place – all hell can break loose and you will never have enough cops.

And for you Jeepers – that is over. We hope you enjoyed the last event. 

Lamar Drama

The University has so much going against it. Yes – we are talking about Lamar University.

If you look at it – and were really honest about it – you would see that Lamar University houses itself in the middle of a ghetto in Beaumont’s south end. It sites about .5 of a mile from many of the plants that are sometimes called ticking time clocks for a major incident. The student population goes up and down like yo-yo. And if you really want to be honest – Lamar turned into a commuter school many years ago and they have not really been able to shake the image. 

So what is going on and why is there drama.

A good first step was to have the Texas University System move it. And they made major changes and shook up some of the good old boy system that killed the University. But that was not enough. So they hired some names in the academic world to come in and “take Lamar to another level.” 


Ken Evens moved into the home on the rice field (the Presidents residence) about a couple of years ago with big promises. And frankly nothing has really changed. And some of that spilled over into the faculty of Lamar. And now the faculty of Lamar is on the war path. They want Evens out – and have in fact put together a vote of no confidence letter that everyone is shocked to hear has a 70% approval rate. Meaning, for those of you in south Newton County, it is not looking good for Mr. Evens. 

The vote was to be held last week, but they did not want to interrupt the graduation fun of this past weekend. So the leaders of the movement held back. 

Now many of these professors are whack jobs. They have never held a real job and they have dedicated themselves to teach not subjects they were hired to do – but push an agenda. Evens has kind of pushed back – but he is a believer of the Kool Aide. And he has drank such in the past. 

Equally, the Review has learned that Evens has sent out some back field feelers. As Evens is feeling the heat and he does not want to go out on a no confidence vote. It would be a carrier killer. 

 Now, that brings you up to speed.

The Review has learned, through sources in Austin, that the Regents don’t like bad press. And they are considering a clean sweep of the administration at Lamar. If the president is failing then the Chancellor as well may need to go due to his inaction with the president and the entire facility being upset – which leads to bad press which leads to lower enrollment which leads to questions from the Governor and Legislators. 

So we are told that a plan has been put into place to allow the president, if he wants, to go get another job and la la with the local media who will take the story on a press release and say no more and all will be well. Then later in the summer the Chancellor will transfer out or even retire – a big party will be held and that again will be that. 

Our take?

Lamar is, has been, and continues to be nothing but a drama center. Six governors have dealt with Lamar, and 12 legislative bodies have. And poof – nothing as usual. Kids are getting an education – but there are so many negatives that nobody can fix, being local politics, location, outside interests, and most of all drama created by some in the community. It is politics on a platter. It will never be a major university because it cannot. Wrong place, wrong community, wrong leadership that will not see itself out of the past.

What are we saying?

Watch and learn. Another president will come in. Another Chancellor will go down the road – and Lamar will be what Lamar is. A commuter school trying to stay alive. 

We know….it is what it is.    

# # #

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