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Happy Thanksgiving

We are wishing all of you a Happy Thanksgiving. We hope you enjoy family, food, and a wonderful comforting time with those you love.

We will post on Sunday.

The Battle For Evermore

And so it now begins, like we have told you since day one of Robin Mouton’s (the mayor of Beaumont) election. We call it is the Battle for Evermore. 

What do we mean?

This is the Battle for Beaumont, and now Jefferson County, for the battle to bring “equity” to the citizens of Beaumont and Jefferson County.

There is a mood floating around the black community that they have been oppressed by the police and government of Beaumont. And now they have the majority – and now they have the power – just like Port Arthur. Now, they have the decision-making power and the purse strings. And now they will put into office a new city manager and now a new city attorney. 

We told you weeks ago that Tyrone Cooper would be leaving – as well as Kyle Hayes. And we were right again. As many insiders around the dysfunctional City of Beaumont Council were chirping of upcoming events. And we listened to them just like we listened to the folks at the Port Arthur City Hall. Time was on their side. And now in Port Arthur you actually have city council members running illegal gambling and drug operations as the police do their dance (acting like they are proactive) but when it hit’s the prosecution side – well things have a tendency to go away.

Now Beaumont – case in point Mary Bond = who will now be a three-time felon with ZERO jail time. And we mean ZERO because she is connected to the Jefferson County Democratic Machine. 

But Bond’s gig is not what we all worry about. She is nothing. Just a common criminal that has 9 lives. We worry about the nut jobs that have the power of the tax and spend purse. Mouton and her five crew members now tell us all that they have a vision for Beaumont. Make it pretty. Lipstick on a pig – while citizens die every week from the vision when the reality of homicide and death from murder and mayhem. All the while – the media simply ignores it and runs with the press releases provided to them. 

So now, the lawyer is gone. And there will be a new one. And the city manager is gone. And there will be a new one. And we guess at a later date the police chief Jim Singeltary will be run off my Mouton that was mad at him already because her son was busted for a drug gig. Singeltary did nothing – as he should have. One honest man makes the system work. But he knows that deals will be cut on the prosecution side and he will keep his dignity and honesty in place. 

Equally, we learn that bigger changes are coming as the FEDS are bringing in an entirely new crew of Federal Agents? That is what we are told? Maybe an awaking as kids and adults all over Southeast Texas are dying from drugs that are brought in from our Ports every single day. Yet, nothing happens. 

Makes you go huh? Right?

Tyrone Cooper’s departure means only one thing. Get ready for a mess. It keeps us in business – but it kills our citizens. And that is coming more and more every day. However, it makes you wonder if Tyrone may not be the selection for the City Manager. We can only pray it is Earl White – but who knows? Right?

Just another day in the pigpen known as Southeast Texas!

The Vision?

So, now we get into fluff. What do you say? You know – the city council of Beaumont, out of the same playbook as Port Arthur, are talking about social programs to make the city look good. And they want to spend millions of dollars! Your hard-working dollars!

Here is the quote was given to the Beaumont Enterprise this week:

The council will also discuss some recurrent topics on Tuesday — image and beautification of the city, youth engagement, infrastructure, riverfront development, and the Battleship Texas.

Let’s take this one by one:

Image and Beautification: Ya, we hear that about everyone six years. Just google it. It is a waste of money, a waste of time, and when the city is falling apart and Fire and EMS, as well as Police, need more boots on the street – it is a slap in their face. 

Youth Engagement: Again, stupid stuff. No really, stupid stuff. Kids need reading, writing, and arithmetic. Period, stop the end of the story. 

Infrastructure: Yes! Start with the water plant. Then work on roads. Talk to the folks in the Pear Orchard.

Riverfront Battleship Texas: It has to be explored. It is a million-dollar project that the city of Beaumont would be a great destination point! We say do it. 

And so, there you go! Priorities. And we understand there may be a special election! Pastor Politics is floating around looking to run Joey D’s seat. Ya, right. Okay…on the democratic ticket? Shall we say we TOLD YOU SO!

Anyway, this is where we are. Pretty city – dead citizens. What? Too early?


How does that movie line go? Oh, ya, “This just got a hell of a more interesting!”

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that Dr. George Zuzukin’s family is considering suing KFDM, KBMT, and Jefferson County for defamation in Federal Court in the next three weeks as the fall out from his suicide continues to rock Jefferson County.

Now for those of you in South Newton County – Zuzukin was the county doctor for many years, however, he was canceled cultured starting by Audwin Samuels with the city of Beaumont and then by the county in negotiation to remove him because of a post he made on FACEBOOK. 

What was the post? It was silly and in fact, was put onto FACEBOOK as an exercise of his rights under the 1st Amendment. Two lawyers with direct knowledge of the case tell us here at the Review that the case has legs. “If we can get it to a jury we will be able to win,” said one of the attorneys. But first, we are going to need a visiting Judge from out of the area. None of these judges have the balls to move anything forward as they are more political than they are judges. It is the nature of the beast as we see it. 

And this will start ANOTHER black eye for Jefferson County and give everyone a peek behind the Curtin. And we like peeks. 

Hang on kids – this is going to be a ride. 

# # #

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