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Okay, we believe in when you make mistakes they can be fixed. And we believe in the local media having a voice. But we will tell you this – when it does not work it simply does not work. And thus it is from our friends at KBMT channel 12. 

We will not beat a dead horse today – other than to tell you that the new news (if you can say that) at KBMT is not working. It just isn’t. 

Let’s start in the morning – where SO FAR the wonks at the TV station in the media division have kept the two anchors being Venessa Broussard and Tracy Kennick. And we all say thank GOD! They are two of the most talented news people around. In fact, if KBMT were smart, they would move these ladies up to the evenings and push everyone down to mornings. 

Now, at the noon hour, who cares. Nobody is watching other than drug heads waking up for the day or people who work the midnight shift. Right? So who cares.

Where the big money comes in is over at the 5 p.m. and 6 p.m. news. That is the money shot as there is still (getting smaller) a group of those that come home, turn on the tv, and watch the local news. And there we have the real problem – being DeJonique Garrison and Jordan Williams. 

Ms. Garrison has a nice little resume. Her on-air for hard news really sucks. As she walks around the set and delivers the news in a way that just doesn’t work. It is like being in a dark room with no lights – and you bump into something and it barks at you. You are like what the hell was that? We are more than sure that Ms. Garrison is a nice lady. However, she is not a newscaster. You can dress her like one, you can train her like one, but she is not one. And GOD PLEASE someone to get a wardrobe person to her. Getto 365 is not a name brand for families. 

And now for that hard one – being Jordan Williams. 

Have you ever had your kids in the principles office? The look on their face – it is priceless. They do not want to be there. And you know how bad they were by the way they look down and around on you. You feel sorry for them – but then you remember they got their ass there. That is how Williams acts. And his on-air flow with Garrison is so fake, so silly, and so uncomfortable there is a race for the clicker to turn the channel.

Are these people bad people? No. Are they professionals? Ya – in what is left in the media. But GOD PLEASE someone to wake up over at KBMT. They cannot even pronounce the names of long-time political people correctly. They are the last stand in the media and the wonks in the newsrooms cannot even find a good pair.

Now we know – what would you guys do?

Okay, we will play.

  1. Move both off the air. Neither seems to give a crap. 
  2. Get some talent like Kennick or Broussard to move up and read the news and at least be able to know who they are talking to.
  3. Find a male, about 30, we some reading experience and put him with one of them. 
  4. Stop hiring these young reporters that look like slim shady get the work done. 
  5. Fire the people in the front office – let the news division be the news division – keep it away from the sales division and run HARD NEWS! Not reporting on press releases.

We guess what we are saying is this KBMT – it is not working. Fix it. But again…like we say…who are we?

Grade “A”

Well, the festival is over. And the City of Beaumont showed the City of Port Arthur how it is done. And millions poured into Beaumont over the weekend – as Port Arthur put up with robberies and stabbings and a shooting.

Yes, Mardis Gras of Southeast Texas was a huge success, according to those in the know. 

According to our sources, MGSET pulled in almost 350k more revenue than they did in their best year in Port Arthur. There were zero major incidents and only a few minor incidents according to the Beaumont Police Department. 

And as they say – it was a good time for all.

Now, the operations of the center were massive which made it easy for many to get around and enjoy the evening. The shortcoming was the parade routes which may be of interest over the next few months in the planning. 

How much did Port Arthur lose in revenues? According to our sources most likely in the millions. But they don’t care – they know what they are doing right? 

As we have said in the past – Port Arthur and their horrible leadership have almost lost the city. And did anyone say anything about the census? 

Oh ya…never mind. 

Beaumont gets an “A” from the citizens. They pulled off a good event. 

TPC Is Now A Real Mess

There is a real mess that has happened for the citizens of Port Neches, Texas. And folks – it is now a really bad legal mess with no good solution for the citizens of Port Neches. 

First, for those of you in South Newton County, put down the tools and stop producing (and using) meth. And listen. There was an explosion at a plant named TPC in Port Neches. It caused damages to hundreds of homes. In the beginning, the company did a great job (PR wise) in calming the citizens and telling them they will fix homes, business and their plant bringing everything back to normal. 

We now know that is not true.

Second, the citizens are left with these options for fixing their homes at this point :

  1. Fix your home at your own expense – by either, if you have money pay for it yourself, keep your receipts, and if it fits their model – they will pay you, or you can pay for it by taking a second mortgage on your home and they will pay you back (they say). There is no guarantees. 
  2. Hire an attorney to represent you, have them negotiate, and then your settlement will come less 35% or 40% if you go to trial – meaning whatever your settlement is you will never recoup your costs. 
  3. Trust the companies assessment of your home. Then you get 25% upfront of what they think your damages are, then 25% through the middle of the operation in fixing your home, then the last 50% upon completion. 

As you can see there are no good answers and the citizens are furious over the operations of TPC and the damages their plant caused to the local communities. 

Adding injury to everything, the plant managers have told the citizens they will rebuild. The SET Political Review has learned today that there is a “chance that we will not rebuild” according to a high ranking official who contacted the Review. 

“Seemingly, we are being told that we may not reopen and the plant may be scrapped,” our source tells us. 

Now, let’s be clear. TPC is responsible for the damages of the citizens of Port Neches. TPC is responsible for there plant. However, TPC is responsible for decisions that affect their company, stockholders, and employees. We said it here before – we would be shocked if they rebuilt. We are told by our sources that the number would reach over 100 million dollars. It might take up to four years to reopen. We just don’t see it no matter what anyone says. 

In the end – the day it happened is the day that Port Neches changed forever. And for those of you that have damage to your homes – don’t hold your breath – but be responsible. You cannot have a home that is on the tax rolls for 50k and expects a check for 100 k. And for those of you that are employed at the plant – be prepared to get another job.

We call it reality – not pie in the sky. That pie in the sky was the big fireball you saw. That is now over. And all that is left is a big mess. 


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