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Walston – Clean Up The Courts

Say what you want about partisan politics – but there is a new guy in town that is trying to clean it up and save the taxpayers millions.

Meet District Court Judge Kent Walston who appeared in front of the Southeast Texas Press club. And meeting Mitch Templeton, the newest Republican district judge. And both made a huge impression regarding Jefferson County and its problem. 

Walston started out the meeting by telling the press club about his plan as the administrative judge to clean up both the perception and factual feeling that Jefferson County residents, as well as those around the state of Texas and beyond that Jefferson County, has a corruption civil and criminal system. Walston told the overflow crowd that he and other judges have implemented a security system that attorneys can no longer walk into a chamber and yuck it up with the judge. They have to go out into the courtroom and have a seat and then discuss any cases in public and on the record. 

How did he do this? (Hang in a Great Story)

So Walston gets with the security people of the courthouse. And he asks for a system bid for each courtroom. It comes back from the county as over $125k. Well, Walston says hell no to the taxpayers forking out the money – so he goes on line and finds secure door locks with pass cards for $150. And then he goes to the Jefferson County maintenance division and asks them if they can put them in. He gets a hell yes – and the total cost to the taxpayers is? Less than $800 bucks to secure the courtroom doors. 

Okay…..there you guys go. Someone thinking. 

Moving on to Judge Templeton, who was matter of fact on a bunch of things – including Jefferson County possibly losing a bench due to the census and redistricting of judical benchs as the citizens continue to fly out of the area as fast as they can.

First, the newest judge says he was surprised at how many cases were on his docket. Second, after only being on the bench for less than two weeks he has been assigned his first criminal case and he is working his civil docket. 

Second, he is “all in” in working together with judge Walston and praised the administrative judge on how he is cleaning up the reputation of the court system. In fact, saying, that some of the rich big time lawyers are getting the same treatment as the one man shop guys. And that was backed by Walston saying he is not so popular right now – but that will change as the CITIZENS learn of the changes coming to the bench (s) in the courthouse. 

Our take?

Well, well, well. Both of these guys impressed us today. And in fact, we are excited to see the changes and maybe some of these attorney’s that go yuck it up will make a change? 

As both Judges say – it is time to change the image of Jefferson County and ensure proper justice. And that is a good thing and judge Walston is right – and he really does want change. 

There is a new player in town. 

As for Judge Templeton – we are liking what we are seeing. A judge that simply rules by the law with no ties or funny business! 

Is that a light we see in this tunnel called Jefferson County?

Screw You

Well, now, doesn’t this get interesting. The Mayor of Beaumont and the entire city council, less one, just told the public to go screw themselves and that they are going forward with buying the ATT building, calling Mike Getz a liar, and telling the overflow crowd that they were all there on the behest of Mike Getz and not because they did not like the  project. 

In other words – screw you we will do what we want?

No, it is for real and the ATT project moves on. Buy it, knock it down, and have an empty lot with pipe dreams of a riverfront downtown next to the closed Crocket Street.

Why do we smell a rat?

Now if this project has such a potential why not have someone from the private sector building it?

Ya! Because it will be ANOTHER GOVERNMENT FLOP. Millions of your tax dollars down the drain. 

Now there will be political fall out. We have heard this morning that there are two West End big guns that are recruiting two well-known individuals, one from the black community and the other from the white community to run Becky Ames, the current mayor. As well, there are two at large candidates that have announced that will run WL Pate, as some in the GOP fell Pate has lost all insight regarding the city. In the black districts, questions are being asked why some in the black community are supporting the project. 

“These black folk on city council have lost their minds,” said one black leader that called the Review. 

“They are going to support a Farris Wheel thing and venues that will flood when the river goes up?” they went on to say.

Our take?

The City Council of Beaumont hates Mike Getz so much that they will do anything, and we mean anything to prove him wrong. Equally, the entire city council sent a message to the taxpayers of screw you. Even insulting those in attendance as plants of Mike Getz. The numbnuts on council just insulted about 40 people in the audience and times that by 10. Over 400 people were told screw you – we are not going to listen. 

When Maury Meyers encouraged all of the folks in the city to vote for his vision of term limits – which was everyone runs for office at one time – he was a genius. No really – now there is an issue and there will new faces on the city council. 

Again – why do we smell a rat?

As the council goes after Getz to get him out – he is very popular in GOP ranks – and so is his wife. And he has a base. Ames just drew her a candidate or two, and the at large folks just got their names in the hate for candidates. And the babbling about how a Riverfront is going to put Beaumont’s downtown on the map is just that – babbling. 

Did we mention we smell a rat? 

There is something behind all of these kids. Something very bad. And we are going to find it. 

Stay tuned. 

Homes Going For Sale All Over Jefferson County

If you are going to try and bail out of Jefferson County – we want to warn you that it is fast becoming a buyers market. Homes are being dumped and people are simply walking away from their homes – according to our sources in the real-estate business.

“We are getting a bunch of listings. We have a good market. But the problem is that the taxing authorities have raised the prices so high on some of these homes – people are not buying and going to lower taxing counties. They will commute in rather than stay here,” said one Vice President of a local Real-Estate company.

Now for those of you in southern Newton County, it means that if Jefferson County had great schools and low crime – they might be willing to pay that high taxes in Jefferson County. Especially in Beaumont and Port Arthur.

Years back there was a huge movement for bond issues. Kind of like what Nederland is doing right now. Yes, Nederland is trying to back to the trough for more tax dollars IN ANOTHER BOND ISSUE. The pitch? Oh, the schools are in horrible condition and fixing them will improve the “childrens” education? 

Who said that? Oh ya…Beaumont and Port Arthur that has watched their drop out rate skyrocket and test scores go down just as fast. In fact, it is so bad that some of the nice schools are being turned into Charter Schools! YES! YOU ARE PAYING FOR THE PRIVATE SECTOR NOW!!!!! Love it!

So now it has come full circle – huge bonds, higher taxes, and everyone want out because high unemployment and taxation has made it impossible to live in Jefferson County! 

And here is a giggle moment – here comes the census people to the table this next year! Now that is going to be good!

Until then, more bonds, more higher taxes, higher crime, and higher unemployment! Sounds like another day in Jefferson County where the leaders do the same thing over and over and over and over and over – expecting a different result. Or as we say – insanity!

What is that song? Oh ya…when the Levee Breaks?

Here Comes Getz

There is one thing about being declared a Gadfly with this web site – it is the truth.

This week comes to some scary stuff. Out front and in the open which was hidden behind the curtains in the Beaumont City Hall.

The issue is the ATT building. In what was a quick move, the city of Beaumont was going to purchase the building and then knock it down for more Riverfront Property. They said it was in horrible condition and nobody was interested. It is located across the street from the thriving closed Crockett Street with their closed and now rat invested restaurant (s). Yes, another government failed project which the taxpayers were told would make downtown thriving again!

Uh no.

Now the city has a dream. They want a Kemha built on your tax dollars. They even want some type of huge Carnival type Merry Go Round so that everyone can see the beauty of Beaumont downtown. Or, in the alternative, watch the murder victims dumped into the Neches float by.

Here comes the fun!

According to sources at a local company that we spoke to this weekend – they say they want to buy the building, remodel the building, and bring up to 100 jobs to downtown! They say they have let the city know of their interests and that the building does have asbestos in it, but only in the flooring and that can be taken care of with no problem.

Oh, and the flooding in the basement – there is no flooding they say. And our source would know because of he a real estate guy that does inspections that are hired by the company. He further tells us that he thinks there is something going on?

He feels that way because of the last fiasco in a city council meeting. Here watch for yourself :

Ya, they shut his ass down. And everyone got mad at Getz. Well, not everyone, the citizens that were fixing to see their 1.5 million flushed got happy. 

Now, the city council wants Getz’s head on a platter. No…we are not kidding.

Here is where it gets tricky a letter, along with the video above, has been floated on the Net. Being FACEBOOK, and all of the trolls are out. In fact, we trolled and we got this tape and the letter. 

What letter? Here :

What you see above is a credit card to the City Manager to purchase the building in an upcoming action. And we looked up to try and find it – and found it in the CONSENT AGENDA (meaning no discussion). 


Ya, we said it too. HUH?

No discussion, no debate, just giving the city manager a blank check to go and get the property in an auction? What auction?

Well, it seems that the 1st plan did not work. So the second plan by the building owners is to auction it off. The bid? How about $700,000 ?

Now that leaves the city of Beaumont against a private group that wants to bring 100 jobs to downtown Beaumont? WHAT THE HELL? And they tried to sneak it in.

Now we are going to tell you how it is going to work. 

This matter has NOTHING to do with what is good for Beaumont. This has to do with getting Mike Getz and cramming another stupid, silly, high-cost project down you the taxpayers throat. And if anyone tells you different they are lying. 

The auction will be held, the building will be sold to the City of Beaumont, and you the taxpayers will lose millions in tax revenues from the building and future tax revenues – not to mention (get this) the possibility of bringing hundreds of jobs. All for an idea that is not even on paper. Just a pipe dream? 

We call this OPM disease folks. “Other Peoples Money” that all of the good people in Jefferson County that sit behind a desk seem to have. 

So as streets fall apart, fire trucks are shut down, crime goes nuts, water systems continue to fail, sewer backs up in streets, and police officers who continue to scream for more people on the streets continue to ask – but are told there is no money, the elected officials, black and white, continue to dance in the grave yard of a failing city.

Here is our advice to the City Council of Beaumont – just shut up. Really – people who are sick have to wait for ambulances because there are not enough EMS units. Ladder trucks in the fire department are shut down because of staffing. Cops who are trying to hold it all together are working their asses off and guys in the water and sewer department are running all over town jumping into ditches to make it right and fix the broken infrastructure – they all suffer. But be damned we are going to have a downtown Farris Wheel? 

And you wonder why people are leaving as fast as they can. And industry just shakes their heads. 

We are going to die laughing if one of those pinheads on council tries to take the debate racial. Here is the question we would ask: Mr. and Mrs. Councilmember – does your community have the money to even ride the Farris Wheel? And watch them squirm. 

Yes……another day in this place we call Jefferson County!

# # #

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