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Murders Crank Up In PATOWN!

Well, that took about 23 days before the 1st murder happened in PATOWN! And to edition to the 1st murder of the year…and it proves up the article that was dropped by a business magazine telling the world how bad (okay just 2nd in the US) Port Arthur really is – and how it is managed. 

It is a big day for Port Arthur!

So this past evening someone in the once very nice area of Port Arthur, called Griffing Park, where the big houses now look like they are falling apart, and crime has moved in, had a shooting that left one man dead and lying at his front door. 

Now as any good cop will tell you there is going to be more about this case then the eye sees, but we will tell you it is just another shooting, stabbing and criminal activity that is killing Port Arthur, Texas.

Now let’s remind you what the world thinks of Port Arthur this past September :

Port Arthur, a city surrounded by oil refineries, has 55,000 residents. Fifty-three percent are working, and 30% are living in poverty.

The city was hit by hurricanes in 2005, 2008, and 2017. Harvey, the latest, caused $1.3 billion in damage. Officials fear that if people keep leaving, Port Arthur will fall below 50,000 people and make it ineligible for federal grants.

Yes, only 53% of the citizens are working! NOT KIDDING HERE FRIENDS! Meaning there are only 47% that are not working. Yes, half of the city is on the check of some sort. 

This year saw almost 7% of the people leave Port Arthur, over 10 murders, foreclosures, businesses closing, a school district with some of the highest dropout rates in Texas and if that were not enough, the city dropped to a 30% poverty rate.

Now we know what some of you are saying – why does the Review pick on Port Arthur? Let us answer!

  1. Port Arthur has a bunch of numbnuts running the city that is running a scam. Everyone in government has a scam.
  2. Port Arthur is crime-ridden because everyone is friends of someone and the drugs are pouring into the city from the Port of Port Arthur – and nobody is trying to stop it.
  3. Port Arthur seemingly loves to love and hate the industry. The dump millions in the community – but guys like Hilton Kelley (a scammer) and John Beard (who served on the Pleasure Island Board) beat them up every single day over – pollution that simply does not exist. 
  4. Port Arthur is one of the worst cities to do business with. Simply the worst. 

Our point? Get ready till the end of the year and you will see a city truly die in front of you. These elections mean nothing – as the numbnuts will be out of office due to term limits – but – other numbnuts who know nothing about how to run a city will step up with their scams. 

Our point again? PATOWN is done – let’s fire the state up and let’s get it taken over!

Sting Exposed

There is one thing that many never seem to learn in the political and spy world – that is we have eyes and ears everywhere. And when you think you are talking to someone you trust – many times they are one of our guys. 

This week, there are three people that we are going to expose that have tried to bring the Review and its editor down. We hope that everyone learns a great lesson as we expose some of the dweebs that have nothing better to do than screw with people’s lives. 

Meet Michael Cole – who we guess has a job as a writer at the Orange Leader, in Orange, Texas and rumored to be a writer at KBMT-12. Cole, a wannabee public official, seeming has it out for us here at the Review. 

Why? Who the hell knows why?

Seemingly Mr. Cole ran for office in Orange County a few times and lost. And he lost big. So we wrote about him (like we remember) and he didn’t like that. So, he has made it his goal, according to sources close to Cole, to come after us here at the Review. 

Here is Mr. Cole : 

He has enlisted a couple of other wonderful people, they say, to help him. 

First, a guy named Joey Ortega, who is a PI from California. According to our sources, Ortega is used as a sniffer to get information on all of us here at the Review. Why? Who the hell knows? Another guy with too much time on his hands. 

Check this guy out :

Now if this were not silly enough – Ortega communicates and is talking to a few others one of which is a Noelle Bruce – who says she is a Journalist. And check her out…

No people…you just cannot make this up. Really, you cannot. She also runs a site called “Mary Goodnight.” And it is a post-modern blog that really doesn’t talk about anything that we could understand. But that is us…

Now we have a guy that has put himself in the middle of this group and we have been given texts that our guy thought we should have because? Well,  it is part of a plan according to him, to “take Klein down.”

So today we thought we would give our response to these three lovely people who are alleged to be “coming after Klein.”

First, stand in line and pick a number. 

Second, now that we have flushed you out, get ready for your ride. 

Third, we learned a long time ago not to pick fights you cannot finish. You just picked a fight that you cannot win. None of you know what we have, and we assure you it is substantial over the past year (s). 

And last, get a life. As today we don’t have time for you or your antics. You are mad because you lost an election and want to play games now to make yourself feel better? Give us a break. Stay over at the Orange Leader and enjoy your job. And we understand that Cole is most likely doing writing work for KBMT-TV? 

This is kind of like the old KFDM team of long ago? Remember the Carl Griffith thing? Run as a hot box over at the old KFDM TV – and they got exposed as running it out of the TV station? 

So we have two “Journalists” and some long-haired guy out of California?  And they are going to take us down?

After 25 years of doing this site – we think we have seen it all – and have had stalkers of all types. Now we get frick, frack and frock coming after us? 

Just another day in Southeast Texas…right?

CD 14 Has A Problem

Just like democrats – the republicans have their own set of problems. One of those problems is that the GOP is blamed for having ties to White Supremecy – which is in fact wrong. The democrats are accused of having black radicals running their party – which is in fact wrong. 

Now, we have what is very disturbing to us here at the Review.

Randy Weber, who has been the congressman for CD14 for years, has someone running him. His name is Josuha Foxworth. And there are now questions regarding his connection with White Supremacy groups in Texas and around the United States. 

Ya…you heard us – White Supremacy.

So the story goes, Foxworth has made appearances in the national media. He is pushing certain things in his campaign that made some in the GOP spin their heads around. One of which has to do with race issues. 

So they did an interview, and well here is what came out of the interview. 

Yes, you read this right. Foxworth showed up on TV echoing what many are calling a campaign killer. He showed up talking on a white nationalist’s show. And in that show, he spewed outright horrible things. And it got documented :

And it got worse :

Ya….now you get it. There is a problem with this republican candidate. And at the same time, Weber, who really is about a squeaky clean as any candidate can come, got this from the president of the United States :

And that just ended Foxworth’s run for the Congress of the United States.

Now some of you might wonder why we are exposing Foxworth’s ties to WS in the State of Texas. The reason is this – there is ZERO room in the GOP for this stuff. And we mean ZERO. It makes us sick, it makes us angry, and it makes us want to expose it from what it is. Which is sick. 

The good news is in polling we have seen inside the GOP – Weber has a 76% approval rating. And he will win large in the primary – to which we think may crest 70%.

Anyone can file for office. And sadly this guy, Foxworth, has no place in the GOP primary. 

Welcome To Beaumont

Well now, there is a very important event coming to Beaumont, Texas, and sponsored by the Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. And you know that it is going to be a good one! It is…well we will let you see :

How exciting, right! Beaumont, Texas, rich with opportunity!

So, we happened to get a tip this past week regarding some of our youth, at a local Pizza Place? Like us, we said – send us the video! You know, our kids in Beaumont, a safe place to live and RICH WITH OPPORTUNITY!

We got the video over the weekend and sure enough – our youth in a kid’s place was at it again! Those young little whippersnappers were at CHUNK E CHEESE enjoying themselves with their moms and dads – and you know – other kids at birthday parties and enjoying their youth.

Here, watch :


Now it isn’t that safe and fun! The chamber of Commerce should be excited once again what Beaumont has to offer! Shootings, stabbings, killings, and our youth is just what they are in Beaumont! The future is ours!


The state of the city is this if the COC does not tell the truth to anyone that shows up! Beaumont is in serious trouble. The school district sucks. The unemployment rate is high. The taxes are high. People at beat feating it out of town as fast as you can say HARDIN COUNTY. The cops are working their butts off. EMS is trying to patch them up and save them. Beaumont Fire (rumor) is considering getting FLACK JACKETS for their guys in certain parts of the city. The Feds, are, well, how do you say sitting on their asses. And the FBI – well what ribbon of the day is it? 

Our point – the Chamber of Commerce needs to raise the red flag now. The city is in serious trouble – and what you see on the video is what is really going on in Beaumont. This is why families are SCARED to do anything in the city. This is why families are moving. Corporations will not come here to set up shop. Drugs are everywhere (but don’t say anything about the drugs coming into the Port). 

Again, it is not us saying this, it is the citizens. Okay, maybe us too.

Once A Jerk – Always A Jerk

We just love political jerks. Yes, we do…and today we feature one of the biggest political jerks that we know. And we are not playing around. Talk about a sore loser. Talk about a government wonk. Talk about someone that simply doesn’t get government.

Who are we talking about? How about Thomas Sigee!

Who is Thomas SIgee – he is a big dog government wonk that works for the county collecting your tax money and he is an elected official being president of the worst school district in Texas – Beaumont ISD. 

Sigee came on our radar when he ran for public office a few times before winning a spot on the BISD board of Trustee. We simply pointed out to those that read this site that he was rude, arrogant and pretty much a loser when it came to politics. 

Now those of you that read us know we always like to point out the positive in people. Sigee served our country in the Reserves for many years and we should thank him for his service. Here is his BIO :

“Thomas Sigee, a product of BISD schools, graduated from Charlton-Pollard High School in 1979. Sigee then went on to earn an associate’s degree in business and finance at El Paso Community College and a bachelor’s degree in criminal justice and political science from Lamar University. During that time, Mr. Sigee served in the Army Reserves, ending his service in 2014. He has served in Jefferson County as the Director of Pre-Trial Release Program, a member of the county auditing department and is currently serving as a Treasurer’s Collection Officer. Sigee has a vast array of volunteer service and community involvement serving organizations such as CASA, Jefferson County Dispute Resolution Center, Black Adoption, BISD’s ROAR program, G4G ministry, youth basketball coach and Spindletop youth baseball. Mr. Sigee is a member of several organizations as well such as Kappa Alpha Psi Fraternity, American Legion Post 817, Life Member of the YMBL, the NAACP and VFW Post 1808.”

Now you would think a true war hero and leader of the community and all of the “childrens” of BISD would have a political side to him? Well, you would think wrong – and this is why he is a loser. And not because of what we are going to show you today.

There is a political web site called Jefferson County Corruption. It is run by another loser named David Bellow. We all remember Bellow because he files complaints on elected officials and then calls it breaking news on his web site – because he was the one filing the complaint. For a few years now he has said that everyone is going to get arrested. 

Nobody has been arrested.

So Baby Boy Bellows, as he is called in Law Enforcement, wrote a bash piece on our editor. And that is okay – because when you get a true nut-bag to write a story on you it is like a badge of honor. Bellow was also a criminal stalker that completed his probation then announced to the world (in his sick mind) that he was exonerated which made just about everyone in the justice system laugh. Numb Nuts like Sigee read that stuff. They think it is the gospel until about a year later when they figure out guys like Bellow are just mentally ill people. 

So Sigee, the president of the Beaumont Independent School District, writes his funny quip on-site under David’s latest exciting story :

Too funny huh? 

In the law enforcement world, it is called “imaging.” That is when you get a mentally ill person or someone that has stuff in their past, they spew out hate in an image. That image is projected to someone they do not like or most of the time from females to males – or criminals to law enforcement. 

Hello Sigee!

So now we have the President of the biggest school district putting out hate talking about one of the largest political blogs in Eastern Texas and number 3 in Texas? What a dumb ass you say? No – it just goes to show you the mentality of what runs BISD and why they continue to fail!

Continue to fail you say?

Well, the media came out and told us all that BISD is now the number one suspension and expulsion rate in Texas! No, not in the top 10, the NUMBER ONE!

We win again! Right, Beaumont? 

Folks, Southeast Texas is dying. And it is dying fast. Jefferson County has more problems with criminal activity and horrors that we just are tired of listing here every week. The people of Beaumont continue to cause their own problems by electing people like Thomas Sigee to office. He is NOT a leader – he has no moral compass and now that he has been elected and appointed to a big slot – the true Sigee comes out. 

In the end – Sigee will be judged by history. Not guys like us here at the Review. We are an equal opportunity for political corruption bashers. We assure you Sigee will screw up, the state will catch him and more criminal charges will come.

How do we know? Shhhhhhhhh!

Again, Beaumont loses, the kids lose, and there is a loser in the big seat at BISD.

And the crazy continues. 

# # #

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