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Well, what can we say other than it has been a big day for BISD! Wait, it’s music time BISD THUG STYLE:

Okay, so let’s review this big 24 hours up in here! As everyone was acting the fool?

So, we kicked it off last night with a Homicide. But never mind that – BPD’s homicide teams have that crap covered.

Then, this morning, Westbrook and United got shelter in place for some type of issue (bomb?), and then another gig being a fire alarm. And now it has spread to the Middle Schools – as one of the middle schools got an active shooter call which called in the SWAT teams and all local law enforcement. And nothing.

More Music Please!!!!!

Thank goodness FRIDAY is coming! Let’s all jump around in Jefferson Counties HOUSE OF PAIN!

Again, you cannot make this up! BUILD DOWNTOWN!!!!! God help these people.


So, we are cruising around on the net doing some research. As we are looking around we come across (again) this gig called Knowledge is Power, hosted on FACEBOOK by Tony Renfro. His guest on his EMERGENCY PODCAST is none other than the good police chief Joe Malbrough. Yes, the police chief.

Now many of you are asking the question: WAIT WHAT? Or maybe if you do not know, who is Tony Renfro?

Okay, we can help. Here he is!

Theressssssss Tony! Now you ask, self, why is this important enough to make it into the news cycle? Okay, self, check these stories out:

Ya, like, do what? We have a PODCASTER that is arrested for sexual assault of a family member that started at 5 years old, and he IS INTERVIEWING THE CHIEF OF POLICE FOR BISD!?! Why is the BISD keeping this guy employed? No really, why? Is the chief stupid? Is he retarded (slow for you PCERS)? Why is the BISD administration allowing him to do this? Or do they even know?

So, you BISD Trustees and administrators – Your chief law enforcement officer is doing Podcast interviews with an accused Pedofile. And that is a problem. You are a school district with children and your top cop is hanging with an accused Pedofile. 

Are we alone in our outrage? Someone help us here. 

The Difference

Many of you friends to the Review out there are asking us questions as the lines become more blurred on the difference between democrats and republicans. And we want you to know from the RIGHT side of the world the clear message of what is going on. 

First, the democrats. They are not scared of the GOP or the voting citizens of the United States. They will put up, they will pay off, and they will press for their candidates to win at any cost. They will say what they say, they will do what they do and they will flat out lie to the citizens of the United States. They have figured out many of the old-time donors have moved out of the giving money stage as they are dying off, and they have been able to tap into the Gen x, z, and this newest group of numbnuts that are radical beyond belief. They have their own army, being black lives matter, far-left anti-establishment groups, environmentalist groups, and radical big-time donors like George Soros. They have the message givers – the media. All levels of the media strike fear into everyday citizens. They again have money and control of the message. 

Second, the republicans. They are behind the eight ball all of the time. Not just some of the time. All of the time. Many run around scared of their own shadows. Not many are willing to do what they preach while in office like put the word out – what America is falling into which is simply put anarchy. Crime running wild, schools teaching anti-American values, and most of all radical socialist government control. Yes, there are some portals where things are talked about. But in general? Nope. And they will not get out there and be strong. 

If there was a number race – it would be Democrats in the direct lead of the direction of this country.

Let’s go right here to Jefferson County. 

A group of democrats is running a young lady by the name of Chelsea Ramos. We around here at the Review have met her. She was a strong republican over in Harris County but changed into a liberal democrat when she filed for office in Harris County. Here is her flyer:

So she lost that race and now the democrats are pushing her, but the black community, Hispanic community worst even, the dark blue radicals in the democratic party are asking if they can push the button for her. Anyone that says that they are not choking down their political vomit has another thing coming. 

As for the GOP in the race, we again have a republican and his name is Gordon Friesz. A well-accomplished lawyer from Nederland. He has lived in Jefferson County just about all of his life. He is a part of the community. He is respected and well-liked. He has never been in trouble, he has the respect of almost all of the bar, and he has pushed for reforms in Jefferson County. He is what everyone would want in a judge. 

The problem?

Blurred lines because nobody wants to go after the nice lady with blond hair. And that is the truth. Republicans are sitting on their asses with their checkbooks out and not giving the cash they need. But the Democrats are confused but are trying to come together in this race. Friesz is working the neighborhoods, he is working the grassroots, and has a rather large TV buy coming up. But team Ramos and her supporters are doing what the Democrats do – run around making promises. And that is how it works. 

Case in point again – here is a copy of a lawsuit that was put in from the media. It is so shocking that you might want to sit down: 

So now we learn there is a practice in the Jefferson County Courthouse called “Play Days.” Meaning an entire staff gets up on days during the work week, and goes home, but charges the citizens of Southeast Texas money. Payroll money – meaning your tax money! The person suing didn’t like it and got fired from a very nice job in the county. The judge is a democrat – and we understand the plaintiff in the case is an independent honest woman. 

Where are the republicans? Why are they not raising three shades of hell about the loss of tax dollars? About the rights of this woman? Ya know, women’s rights?

Our question is this – Republicans cannot seem to wake up and why? Are they not willing to fight for the right or wrong in our government? Is it all about abortion? Is it all about boys cutting their penis off and dressing up like a girl? Or a girl dressing up like a boy and taking hormones?

Or how about Abortion? This is important and affects less than .02% of the American Public. And frankly, this is what the democrats are worried about. Even in the black and Hispanic communities? And they go to church and ask for forgiveness? 

This is what we are talking about – no fear DEMOCRATS! And Republicans are scared about their own shadows. Who are they seen with? What functions do they go to? Someone in the GOP needs to wake up!

This election cycle will be a strong indication of where we are going as a county. And we all better wake up. 

More Dead In Port Arthur

A nice lady, according to media reports, was hanging at the bar in PATOWN this weekend, got up to say a few words, and got her ass shot. She is dead. 

This now makes for Port Arthur well over the % number of dead from gunshots, stabbings, and overdoses (shhh don’t say anything). 

One died at the jail which some insiders at the jail tell us was an overdose. And everyone, before you start beating the drum, be quiet. The cops have nothing to do with any of this. It is the out-of-control nature of what is going on in Jefferson County. The COUNTY IS NOT SAFE.

Now many of you wild things out there say you got a gun. And nobody is gonna mess with you because of that gun. Well, okay. Who is going to shoot who first? You, or the guy that already has it pulled?

Jefferson County does have the same problem. No parents in the home. No sense of morality. And wanting to take some drugs just to feel better. And you cannot stop it. Fights in schools, around schools, and frankly social breakdown that we here at the Review have been telling you about it for years. Shall we flashback?

FLASHBACK JUNE 2011: “If the leaders in Jefferson County do not watch out, the formula of high taxes, will lead to high unemployment, which will lead to high crime. And that might just shut down school districts and price homes out of the housing market.”

Welcome back. 


Yup – back at you. Until then – stop whining about those laying in our streets dead. Right, Port Arthur City Council? SAY HER NAME: Shy’ne Levene Holden.

Rah Beaumont?

Sometimes we really wonder where Beaumont and its leaders find people. And in this case, we have a new Chamber of Commerce Director. The guy’s name is Steve Ahlenius. A really cool name – right?

Anyway, this is the newest bullet in the breach of Beaumont. And he comes with baggage. Imagine that right? He has had a very hard time playing with others. He got in trouble while working with the McAllen Chamber…you know not getting along. He was around McAllen for 24 years and he walked away one night and went on the job hunt. He found one in Beaumont, Texas. 

So he has a vision – and we want you to read an editorial he wrote to the citizens of Beaumont, Texas. Here you go:

I have now been in Beaumont for two months and I have thoroughly enjoyed my experience! Great people, a strong sense of community, and a willingness to give back have been some of my first impressions. There is a real sense of wanting to take Beaumont to the next level and, with all movements or opportunities, it starts with the “will” to make something happen.

I have seen that desire each time that I have met with the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce’s Board of Directors. I sense a real desire to move the needle, to make something happen. The Chamber Board is outstanding, with a strong mix of ages and demographics. The board’s cohesiveness and willingness to step outside the traditional roles a Chamber can play in a community are what attracted me to this opportunity. There is outstanding leadership on the Board of Directors at the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce.

The economic base and opportunities are off the charts for Beaumont. There are communities in Texas and across the nation that would give their “eye teeth” for the economic base that Beaumont has. The Port of Beaumont, the rail system, the pipeline system, the road transportation system, and a downtown that has a strong foundation and can go to the next level, are only a few examples. There is a strong pro-business attitude that is driving Beaumont’s success. This business-centric foundation is poised for the next big jump for the community. Beaumont is ready for what is next, supporters and positive boosters for a community should be its citizens.  We need to stop being the biggest critics of Beaumont. Great things are happening here. The Greater Beaumont Chamber is committed to being a catalyst for economic growth and opportunity and to telling positive stories about Beaumont. 

As a community, we need to develop a long-range economic development strategy. We also need to explore “place branding,” which is different from marketing. Some things make Beaumont unique and different from other cities and we need to keep developing those qualities and those stories. Both the “place branding” and an economic development strategy will take buy-in from lots of different stakeholders. Beaumont is ready for that effort and process.

We need to move beyond the fear of failing, thinking we would look foolish, or thinking less of ourselves for trying and failing at doing new things. Greatness is found in the ability to risk and fail and to come back again and again. That is where Beaumont is going to succeed: in the ability to keep working and trying and moving the needle on things that will make this community a great place to work, live, play, and entertain others. I will conclude with what I have been telling civic groups – keep the faith, hold the line. I promise you, Beaumont is going to win. 

Steve Ahlenius is president and CEO of the Greater Beaumont Chamber of Commerce. 

Okay, rah Beaumont – and that is good. But the reality is far better. Like horrible schools, crime waves, racial tensions, and most of all the flight of all racest getting out of Beaumont. Should we just stop talking about the corruption in the city, or close our eyes and click our heels three times and say Beaumont? 

Once again, Beaumont chooses an embattled leader from another area of the state thinking things will be better because we are more corrupt. 

Hold on kids – it is going to get wild again. 


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