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Another Caught – This Time?

Well, we love our citizens here in Southeast Texas as they are doing the work that some in Law Enforcement should be doing.

Meet James Nash, of Labelle, Texas. James was alleged to be out looking for booty on the internet and found a 15-year-old – but it was not really a 15 year old. It was a sting operation. And guess what – it got recorded :


Well, all hell has now broken out in the sleepy community of LeBelle Texas. And the questions are being asked that if a group of citizens can call out and hit these alleged preditors? Where are the cops? 

This is now the fourth alleged preditor caught. 

Why is this guy important? Well, he was a member of the Fire Department in LaBelle and was involved in all the FEMA crap we are told. 

Investigators are working on it we are told. Stay tuned – more to come on this one!

EMS Crisis Hits

We have been preaching this for years and now it has come true. However, it is not just in cities or counties in government service – it has spread to the private sector as well.

What are we talking about? Emergency Medical Services in Jefferson County have hit bottom. And sadly – there is no answer in sight.

Here is where we will start – with the government-run 911 system. Beaumont, Texas, has hit bottom. They are to run 5 units per day. And those units are spread all around the city. As well, there was a plan to have fly cars and a supervisor unit to respond to major events. That has all been thrown out the window and in fact, the city of Beaumont is now using a FEMA EMS system to help staff the city.

In mid and south county, Acadian EMS, a private service, is contracted to run 911 EMS calls, for Port Arthur, and all three mid-county cities. However, they too cannot staff their units to cover the cities, and in six cases that have been documented in the past month have had over six times being without having an EMS unit available for periods of time of over 45 minutes. Meaning, if you call 911 – no ambulance is coming. So firefighters in Port Arthur are so frustrated, that they have considered taking major cases with life-threatening conditions into their trucks and racing to the emergency rooms.

The crisis is so bad in Vidor, that the ESD fired Acadian EMS and hired another private company that has dedicated two trucks to the 911 system and a third in the station in case firefighters need to use it.

We contacted our sources at Beaumont EMS – and they told us the usual. Low pay, low staffing, and most of all employees who sometimes have worked so many hours that they just cannot come into work safely – leaving at times three EMS units for the entire city. And with only three units – it pressed the system where the EMS director went to FEMA and asked for assistance and six FEMA units are in the city operating trying to keep up with the call load and giving the medics time off and lower call ratios for the EMS crews.

We have been told by two BEMS crews that on some days they will run over 20 calls per truck on a 24-hour basis. Meaning no sleep, no food, and no rest for the crews.

As for the south county area of Jefferson County – it is worse.

“We are out of trucks every day and sometimes for an hour at a time. We just look at families and explain there are no ambulances or they are coming from Jasper, Orange, and sometimes from Lousianna. The response times reach 45 minutes to an hour.  Meaning there are sometimes dead bodies in the homes and on the streets of south county.

Fire Fighters from Port Arthur tell us: “We have just given up. And I mean just given up. Our city council just doesn’t care. They are not going to make changes and we guess that people are just going to die on the street. There is nothing we can do. And our chief is going to live with it as he just lets it go on.”

Our take?

There is nothing left to be said. It has reached critical mass as we told you it would months ago. Nobody cares. Nobody is going to make a difference. Not one city council, not one administrator, not one EMS company. They cannot find employees and pay them enough to keep their jobs and the horrible hours that they work. And it is just not in the Jefferson County area – it is everywhere. And as the baby boomers get older it is going to get worse.

The government is going to have to step up. And as we said before and will say again – not until an elected official or someone in office dies – will there be change.

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