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Not Slowing Down

Well, all we have to say is if you don’t have a gun – get one. And we are not kidding as crime continues to roll in Southeast Texas. 

From McDonald’s to game rooms, to even standing in your own driveway. Shootings, stabbings, robberies, and beatings – the holidays are here!

But it doesn’t matter if the holidays are here or not – Jefferson County is way on the way to show the state that it can be number one in something – that is the crime. 

And frankly, nobody should be surprised. 

The murder rate has increased slightly – but the hard crime of the shootings and stabbings are way over the normal limits of society in Jefferson County. 

So you ask why? 

The simple answer is this – corruption from the top down. Are there snips of bringing it back down? Not until the judges put folks in jail – for many years. And we mean many many years. Not until the Federal Government makes a change in Beaumont, Texas, and scoops out of the crime and criminal activity in government. As elections have bi-products. And those bi-products can hurt communities. 

So as it always goes – hold your breath and follow your safety protocols. It may be along time before this all clears. And don’t cry – you voted some of them into office – now live with it. 


When Garrett Peel announced he was leaving his post at the Jefferson County Republican Party – many went into a panic mode. The question swirled in the backfield of republican haunts “can she handle it.”

Well that answer has been given.

For the first time in the History of Jefferson County – Republicans in Jefferson County will hold two key seats. That is county judge and the 172nd District Court.

Longtime judge Jeff Branick is on his “last four” and wanted to go out leading the county back from the brink of financial suicide from hurricanes, mismanagement, and good old boy deals from days of yonder. When you are a democrat – deals are made in the backroom – not the front room. Branick says he is going to change that.

And newcomer Mitch Templeton will be taking the seat in the 172nd district court. He has sworn to the public that there will be no more corruption whatsoever when it comes to his court – and if he sees it in the courthouse – he will report it. No more lawyers in his office – if you have something to say you will do it in open court.

Now you may be thinking that we were talking about Judy Nichols. And we are. Branick and Templeton ran great races – but Judy Nichols was the one that makes the history and she put together an army of ground workers along with Branick and Templeton that made history happen.

There is one thing that is different with Nichols – she is a ground worker and can make things happen. And it has garnered her much attention these past two weeks.

As Cade Bernsen, the democratic chairman laid back until the last minute and then got vans, buses and screwed around with a three-time convicted DUI lawyer to file a slimy lawsuit that never helped him – he lost. Nichols sat back and laughed because they took Bernsen off his game.

You see Bernsen tried to use a trick of the past in our opinion – he tried to infect the courts to win the races. IF FAILED? Why? Because Nichols had alerted the AG’s office and inspectors were at the voter barn – so that didn’t work so they put together another plan – early ballots. And when that didn’t go their way they tried to change the election laws by garnering a judge that they could use. Remember this friend – 3 times convicted DUI lawyer Sparks is great friends with the judge – and Bernsen and Sparks tried in our opinion to pull a fast one. In the end – it hurt them and their candidate. It backfired.

So – can Judy handle it? We say hell yes and our hat’s off to her. As the former chairman, Garret Peel said on election night: “She has proven herself to be a leader – and all should stand up and applaud in the Republican ranks.”

We agree.

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