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The Queen Did What?

List this under what the hell did she say? 

Ya you all are gonna love this as on her way out Queen Becky Ames looked over the audience this week and saw none other than former Mayor “David Moore” in the audience crying about crossing guards. What did she say? 

Well, look we have a dignitary in the audience today. Or something to that sort? Did she call him a dignitary? Isn’t he a convicted felon? Didn’t he get convicted of crimes against the city of Beaumont while Mayor? Why would she do this? Has she lost it? No really, talk about a political fumble? No, not a fumble, but a hand off to the other teams. 

And what was he there to lobby for? Well crossing guards as Mouton and Samuel again put on the agenda. And you ask yourself why is the city of Beaumont paying for crossing guards? Isn’t that that job of BISD police? Doesn’t the taxpayers pay more to the school district than the city brings in? Doesn’t the school district have its own police department. Wasn’t that a selling point for the crossing guards paid for by the district? 

No, really, what the hell? 

What bothers us is that Ames should be riding high and going out on a high. But she is not. She is still trying to manipulate the situation…and entertaining a convicted criminal? Are you again kidding us?

Maybe there is something we should know? No really – maybe we are off. 

Arnold Sneaks Into Politics

Well, hello to the newest elected appointed commissioner to the Sabine Neches Navigation District – and who knew? Well of course we at the Southeast Texas Political Review. And like the corruption at DD7 of past – welcome Sheri Arnold – ya know – that Sheri Arnold who was appointed to fill a term that is left over by Vernon Pierce?

Yes – it is true. Eddie Arnold told the world he was done and moving West! But, what really happened is a political move. 

FLASHBACK – Sheri Arnold runs for the seat in the Republican Primary this last go around and got fourth or third if our memory is correct. But now she got hooked onto a set on the Navigation District Board how? We heard that it had to do with fixing to be former Mayor of Beaumont Becky Ames – as Ames and Arnold are besties? Gezzz…high school crap.

So, without notice or applications and vetting (we keep thinking we do not live in Jefferson County), she got appointed. 

Rumors flew earlier this week that she did not live in the city, or, Jefferson County. We checked and here is what we have found :

Well, okay. Hmmm…head on a pillow? Never mind the deed is now gone in 2018. Sigh….

Arnold, a big republican, well, maybe not – said this on her Facebook :

Do what? One of the biggest liberals in the city of Beaumont – who (as we showed you) cannot even fill out her campaign contribution report correctly? Are you kidding us? Oh, wait, Becky Ames endorsed Robin for her sure defeat. 

Now, our take? 

We have been at odds with Eddie Arnold – but we like him. He has had terrible health issues and we prayed for him then and do now. But now Vernin Pierce leaves the Sabine Neches Navigation District and Eddie Arnold’s wife is appointed to his seat? With no interviews or announcements?

Wait – hold on! Our bad. It is just another day in this place we call Jefferson County Texas!

Our apologies. No nepotism in the Navigation District office and for sure no backdoor deals! And big republicans endorsing liberal democrats!

What is that song? Oh ya – BLURRED LINES!

Republicans – line up to run this lady!

Beaumont City Council!

Okay, we know all of you are dying to find out who did what with the city council candidates! Right? Oh, are you going to love this – and get this – you are going to love who didn’t even turn one in – which we believe is a felony in the State of Texas!

And – we are going to add in how much money they have collected and report they have on hand after the wonderful math they put out! You are going to die laughing – and what is even more fun? The City Secretary has done NOTHING to report it all!

So…off we go :

Albert Turner                   At Large     Filed Properly       On Hand Cash : $4,015

Randy Feldschau           At Large     Filed Properly        On Hand Cash : $21,500

James Eller                    At Large    Did Not FIle – Should be charged with a crime.

Elias Ibarra                    At Large     Filed Wrong Report   On Hand Cash : $ $3,531

Brian Nepveux              At Large     Did Not File – Should Be Charged with a crime

Taher Quraish               At Large     Filed – But Wrong      On Hand Cash : $1,700 (New Math)

Mike Getz                     Ward II      Filed – Correct            On Hand Cash : $15,277

Miles Haynes                Ward II    Filed – Incorrectly       On Hand Cash $4,311

Alfred Dean                 Ward II      Filed Incorrectly         On Hand Cash $1,308

Audwin Samuel           Ward III      Filed Incorrectly Wrong Form    On Hand Cash $5,391

Robert Walker             Ward III      Filed Incorrectly Math Works     On Hand Cash $817

Brandon Johnson        Ward IV     Filed Incorrectly  On Hand Cash $1,850

Kevin Reece               Ward IV      Filed Just Simply Wrong  On Hand Cash $ Zero (Stop Laughing)

Charles Durio              Ward IV     Filed Wrong – Wrong Form   On Hand Cash $2,200

And there you go! Yes, these are professional political campaigns that many of them cannot add, understand what is being asked of them, or even fill out the right form. And we are not kidding. This is for real!

Oh, and two, are now late and subject to fines and possible charges. And they want to have a vote on running the city of Beaumont? 

God help Beaumont!

Golden Arches

How do the high school kids on the net say? Oh, ya, LOL. Do we have a funny story this Sunday?

Get this, Boston Avenue is shut down today in Nederland, Texas. An Emergency you say? Or maybe a water leak? Or sewer problems (as the city is now having?). No, Nederland and its Economic Development Commission are investing in the city! They are putting in Golden Arches to the entrance to downtown Nederland! 

No, we are not even kidding. Here is the artist rendition of the way it is going to look :

Now first, we get it, you are going to say FAKE NEWS! And we will tell you hell no, no fake news. This is what is being built. And second, you may ask why the hell they are writing welcome in Dutch! Because? Well, it is cute we are told! No really – this is happening. Can you say massive confusion to elementary school children?

And the cost (s) to the taxpayers? A cool $200,000. No really – almost as much as was stolen from the Nederland Heritage Festival that was hidden from the community. How much was stolen you ask – a cool $380,000! And the lady that stole it? Sitting up at the lake in her new home and nice deck – oh – the deck was built with stolen credit card funds from the Festival. Did we mention that she was never charged and no formal investigation was undertaken – and get this – she NEVER PAID TAXES ON IT! 

Do you want to Flashback to the last $250,000 arches in Jefferson County!

Politicos never learn – right Kay?

Got to love Nederland! We beat McDonald’s is missing out on this one!

Anyway, the citizens are pissed because (get this) now FIVE PARKING SPACES are gone in the area where PARKING SUCKS! No, really. Hardworking thinking there!

Now, who is the smart guy that came up with this? Why of course – Nederland’s own Golden Girl Kay Ducuir who should have been fired months ago. This numbnut is responsible for taking five properties off the tax roles to the tune of just over $500,000 more, and will be the broker to whom buys it in the future? Ya know, taking out the public sector and putting the government in its place? 

No, we are not kidding. 

And now we learn the Feds are still looking into Ducuir and the NEDC as it has come to light that Decuir has a child that is in business in Nederland. She touts it on their website. Does it seem that the EDC is giving her son’s business just around $30,000 for improvements to his property? No kidding – we crap you not. If you go to the agenda – you can see where it came up – but there are no minutes to the meeting. We know…nepotism. 

And did we talk about the NISD School Bond problems – like we told you there would be? We know – More Kay Ducuir and that is overload today – so we will bring it to you later this week.

Other Peoples Money – OPM disease! Kay Ducuir has it big time! Trust us – she may just land in jail. At least she will anyway…the most corrupt county in Texas!!!

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