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All Eyes To City Of Beaumont

Well, he made the deal of the century. He got rid of one of his oldest buildings in Downtown Beaumont, cashed into the turn of 4 million into his back pocket, got to keep the HAVAC to resell (for those of you in South Newton County – that is Air Conditioning), and back taxes are now gone. And what is even more funny – he had the support of the Mayor and City Council to get the deal done. 

Say these words fast: POLITICAL EGG ON FACE.

Then, a nice lady came into a restaurant downtown and told the staff something funny. “A big brick and a bunch of glass came down on top of the sidewalk. Almost hit me you know.” And that lady started a conversation inside of the media – who owns the building where it is falling into the street.”

Ya, one of the nice buildings where the ditch in downtown is to be built?

But who is the owner of the building? Thomas Flanagan. Who by the way this week was raided by the Texas Comptroller’s office and seized all of his Stevedor bank accounts for past due taxes! You know, the same Thomas Flanagan that rents to the FBI, DOJ, Secret Service, ATF, and other government agencies downtown. But he cannot pay his taxes. The same guy who rents around downtown and had the electricity shut off at his buildings. His tenants called him a slum lord. 

But now the rumors are that Flanagan is being investigated by the Building Codes for not one, but six buildings downtown. Ech….

Do we smell a deal? Maybe ANOTHER buyout? We don’t know. But it smells. And the local mainstream is sitting on it. And we wonder why. You know, the path of the Hidden Ditch In Downtown? Where is the Beaumont Enterprise? Girl, that is what sells papers. 

And we wait – again. Smells bad friends.

Say Hey Willie Mae

It is a sad day around here at the Review this past weekend. We have learned that former PAISD Trustee Willie Mae Elmore died this past week. She was 76 years years old. 

Who is Willie Mae Elmore? She was a good friend to the Review after we posted a story called TJ’s Prom from Hell. That led to a lawsuit filed against the Review by the Port Arthur ISD for liability and slander. That lawsuit cost the PAISD over $200,000 as many of you know – The government cannot sue its citizens for telling or reporting a story about their district. 

It all started when Thomas Jefferson High School had its Sr. Prom. In the middle of the prom, rival gangs started to fight inside the event, and parents and teachers called Port Arthur 911 to report that the fights were breaking out, but that children were getting hurt. The Review, who was there, reported the story on a Sunday night as the media ignored it. This set off a firestorm after the story leaked and the Review had its first 50k hit day in its history. After the lawsuit was filed, the dumbasses in the mainstream reported the lawsuit, not the story, and the suit was dismissed by Port Arthur and money was paid to the Review for violation (s) of its 1st Amendment rights. That was never reported to the public – and then the media went silent on the Review (they figured out we fight back) except the Southeast Texas Record which continued to report lawsuits filed, but never the dismissals and judgments by the courts against those who filed fake a frivolous suits against us. The Review eventually dropped the Southeast Texas Record from all URL associations. 

Willmore was the first trustee who called the Review and told the real story about what was going on inside the PAISD board room. She even camped out over at our offices and would brief us on what was happening and the crazy planning on going to bilk the taxpayers on their money. Between the Review and Elmore over sixteen investigations were launched and three convictions inside the district were had. Elmore knew the difference between right and wrong. And our editor and Ms. Elmore grew throughout the years into a true friendship.

On behalf of all of us here at the Review – we wish nothing but God’s Speed and prayers for the Elmore family. We will miss down the hall of the Review the sound of Mr. Klein’s voice: “Say Hey Willie Mae” when she would come in for lunch or to just visit. 

We all loved her and will miss her!


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