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So we showed you this last week how the corruption works in Jefferson County. And you wrote us overwhelmingly,  both democrats and republicans, asking us to explain in depth how certain factions went after us here at the Review in an attempt to have our editor arrested for…..who knows? 

So let us set it up for you so that you understand how the machine works in Jefferson County and how they “get there enemy’s.”

Let’s start with what we call the “set up.” 

According to witness statements our editor, Philip Klein was in one of the numerous court hearings with Houston Attorney, Jeffery Dorrell. If you do not remember who Dorrell is – he is a lawyer that was outed as “Operation Kleinwatch Editor.” Here is his picture :

Now to be fair – here is Dorrell today who says he has cleaned up his act :

And here is how he was outed as the editor of Operation Kleinwatch :

Now Dorrell is hooked up with this man Mark Sparks of the Ferguson Firm in Beaumont, Texas :

Neat guy huh? Helps people :

If you will recall – Sparks is a three-time convicted DUI criminal who as also been outed as being involved with websites that have attacked this site and our editors. He had friends in high places to keep his law license. 

So back to the story – to which on January 18, 2018, there was a hearing in the Jefferson County District Court #60. Dorrell is trying to block a very large judgment that our sister company has against a deadbeat the did not pay his bills. Dorrell picked up the case reportedly after his co-heart Thomas Retlaff, who reportedly works for Dorrell, and Dorrell has played games around the United States claiming that he does not know Retzlaff, but now Retzlaff is a client – and Retzlaff admits on his blogs that he is in fact allegedly working for Dorrell and his law firm. Here is Retazlaff and Dorrells law firm :

So Dorrell reports to the Jefferson County Sheriffs Department that our editor, Philip Klein, threatened Thomas Retzlaff’s life. Here is his report :

So there you see – Dorrell is so scared that his buddy Retzlaff is going to get Killed By Klein (KBK) that he is doing his civic duty and reporting it over one week after the alleged incident occurred? And even worse he quotes some type of criminal statute to make his point? Talk about a bafoon. Oh….the alleged picture that scares him so much? A shotgun? On a picture of our editor in training with other scary people?

Oh no!!!! Scary!!!!! Ewwww…….(old photo from back in 2014). <Fun Fact – it is not a shotgun – it is a High Tech 9mm Assault Rifle – Standard Government Issue>

If you read the sworn statement – you would see how silly, stupid, and how much Dorrell attempted to set our editor up. However, he forgot one thing – there were other credible witnesses in the room – and they swore under oath that in fact our editor never said anything even close to that – and there were no problems whatsoever. 

Meaning – Dorrell lied and made it all up to attempt to have our editor arrested for a crime he never ever came close to committing (unless being nice and trying to communicate nicely is a crime). 

Now you would think that the Jefferson County Sheriffs Office would have something better to do after a slew of people were interviewed and laughed at Dorrell’s suggestion? Right? Wrong.

They opened up a three detective investigation (not even murder’s get that). And get this – when they called over to the DA’s office and told them there was nothing – the DA’s office demanded them to double down and do more investigation. 

Meaning – The DA’s office kept going (why who knows) and the Sheriffs Department kept going on no evidence. NONE. In fact, the only evidence pointed to a fake and false statement by Dorrell. Even Retzlaff distanced himself from Dorrell (that happens when two criminals work together).

So, our editor demanded that a reverse investigation is made on Dorrell and Retzlaff. And . .. .. well you know – the Sheriff’s office was busy – and the DA’s office is busy. And well….they have a right to file anything they want?

So, let’s make it simple for you folks in South Newton County Texas – Klein/Dorrell walk out talking nicely to each other. Dorrell is to appear in front of the grand jury – and he is dismissed. He walks up to a DA investigator and tells a wild tail to get Klein in trouble over a week later. The DA’s office, licking their chops, sends him to the SO. The SO officers advise their command to spin up an investigation at the ORDERS of the DA’s office. Thinking they could just go on Dorrell’s statement – and they could file charges against Klein – they (uh oh) find out that there are witnesses that heard and saw it all and it was all made up. Each witness gave a sworn statement. The plan is foiled. So everyone scrambles and tries to make it go away. But Klein asks for an investigation regarding false allegations which is commonly called “filing a false police report” which is a crime in Texas. 

So about a month ago, Klein sends a letter to the Jefferson County Sheriff demanding an investigation regarding the false police report and asking for charges against Jeffrey Dorrell. A copy of such goes to an FBI agent that is in charge (shhhh) of possible criminal offenses against Dorrell, Retzlaff, and others in Jefferson County government. 

Crickets. Nothing. Crickets again. 

Now through the knowledge that the FEDS are looking at them, the rats begin to run. It seems there is a connection with the former “drunk lawyer” Mark Sparks, Jeff Dorrell, Thomas Retzlaff, two lawyers in Beaumont, and of course the District Attorney’s office. It seems that quietly the Federal Government (not the lazy ones in Beaumont) is doing their jobs. In fact, if rumors are true, there was a raid in Arizona that seemly garnered some interesting emails from SOCK accounts. And get this – it seems that those emails come back to Jefferson County Government? No……could all these guys be friends with each other? Common enemy? 

You see folks – the Southeast Texas Political Review has been around for about 24 years now. It is the most read political website in East Texas and get this – number 3 in Texas? And when you shine a light on roaches – well they don’t like that. And these guys don’t like it. We have a shadow government running  Jefferson County with corrupt judges and lawyers. Not all – but there are enough to keep control. 

That is what we are talking about for years. First, they could not shut us down with opposition websites that made up fake and false accusations under the defense of “it’s just parody.” And then they turned to litigation (Dorrell heading the pack). Now that hasn’t worked – so they go to trying to get the Jefferson County DA and Sheriffs Department to take away Klein’s civil liberties – NOT ONCE BUT TWICE. 

It’s sick. It’s fake. It’s false. And most of all it should be taken on by the Sheriff and her staff in Jefferson County. But all we get is – Crickets. Most likely because Sheriff Stephens knows that it would never make it through the DA’s front door. 

So there is the base story. And there is much much more – like getting screamed at by a commander on the phone because Klein is talking to the sheriff. Leave her alone he says – er…uh….she called Klein? Ya….ugh. 

In this one instance you the taxpayers were charged over $13,000 for a fake investigation. And nobody will charge the guy that started it all with a crime. And we all know why – it would put some in the DA’s office on trial – and it would name some pretty big names in this community as for the criminals we all know they are. 

It’s not over. Inaction in the knowledge of a crime is a crime. And folks – lying to a police officer is a crime – unless you are trying to reach a political goal. 

Our website has been around for 24 years. It is not going anywhere. And we fight corruption. And we well continue to. It is a shame to have the power base come after you – when you expose the truth.

Hey Enterprise, Hey Media people – do your frigging jobs and maybe you can grow with us. We are now up this year over 18% in readership? How did that happen? 

We go after corruption. Try it. 

Keep your hats on guys – help is coming. 

Sign Fight

It just had to get frugly – now didn’t it?

There are many stories running around on the net – so let us get to the truth for you? Ready?

This past week sitting City Council Member and GOP guy Mike Getz saw a sign on republican Dade Phelen’s property somewhere in Southeast Texas. Well, Getz called Phelan and boom. Phelan told him that he did not support Melody Chappel and does not and did not give permission for her sign to be on his property. Getz asked him what he wanted to do – and he said to get rid of it. 

So as Getz was getting rid of the sign – and putting other GOP signs up – here comes the Police! Yes…the police. They said they got a call from Melody Chappel regarding Getz taking her signs down. Getz explained and called Phelan in front of them. The nice policemen (three units) spoke with Getz and told him to do his business and they were satisfied. Chappel was notified that she filed a police report that was just not true as she said in her report to BPD that she had Phelan’s permission. They asked Phelan again – he said he never spoke with her.

Rut ro – a false police report. 

So what? It doesn’t matter as this is Jefferson County and frankly they don’t file charges on Fake Police Reports – just ask our editor. 

Our take is simple – just go campaign and stop the drama. Really – it is silly. Signs are egged, taken down, burnt, smooshed and peed on. Who cares – they are signs? And the damage is VERY limited. VERY VERY. 

All is good in Jefferson Countyville. Signs here and there……and laws being broken…..who cares? No really who cares?

# # #

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