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Another Walker Investigation?

Write this one up again as just another day in the park. But we are told that this case could be a felony and it is all about former judge Layne Walker, who is rumored to be running for Jefferson County District Attorney.

Where do we start?

As we have told you, there is a beach house near Galveston that was owned by Glynn Walker. It was on a piece of property that his father, former judge Ronald Walker had on the beach. Well, it seems that when times were good, Glynn and his brother Layne shared the property and were in the construction phase of both beach houses. Glynn had a construction loan on his half of the property, and Glynn came to his property to work on it one night. And he was told to leave, by his brother Layne, as he was told that Layne had claimed a deed of trust, signed by his father, who had Alzheimer’s and actually stole the property from Glynn. And also according to our sources and pleadings, a lawsuit was filed which is pending in Galveston County. Meaning, nobody can sell anything to anyone on Glynn’s property.

So what does Layne Walker do? Check this out :

Ya, that is a document taking property away from Glynn Walker in which he swore under OATH that the property was his – and that he gave it to the new owners. Now, because it is an alledged lie, we understand that it has or is going to be referred to the Texas Rangers. 

Now before you get all excited on this, know that of late the Texas Rangers have become a little more political and have lost their luster in East Texas. And we will follow with a story that will make your head spin.

So what do we know? An investigation of Aggravated Perjury is being spun up. And Layne Walker may be the target. And the County Judge is pissed because … well, he was lied to. And now there are new owners to a lake house that have to give back some property?

Can you say here comes the CRAZY TRAIN again?

We will update you as it goes – but we are told it is serious. Right….?

A Special Editorial – “Wake Up SET – Officer Down”

By: Philip R. Klein, Editor – The SET Political Review

It is a very sad day this week in East Texas.

A police officer died, and another was seriously injured. And the political people have started their banter – and I am here today to say shut the hell up. As some of you in our political world has caused the actions of this young man this morning.

At around 2:30 a.m., a Beaumont Police Officer and her partner were coming northbound on Highway 69. According to our sources inside BPD, a Ford Mustang being driven by a male had somehow gotten onto the northbound lanes, and at a high rate of speed hit the police unit with the two officers head-on. One of the officers, a female, died at the scene and her partner was taken to the trauma center at St. Elizabeths hospital in serious condition.  The driver of the Ford Mustang was sent in serious condition to the same hospital. The officer and the Mustang driver are expected to live. 

According to our sources, the driver of the Mustang was x4 times higher than the legal limit. Meaning? He was drunk and way, way, way too drunk to drive. 

Now your question. Why are the Review and its editor Philip R. Klein even addressing a news story? The answer is very simple – it is more than a news story.

As I sit here today taking time to write these thoughts – there are many in the political world that helped caused last night’s incident. 

So now, the brothers and sisters of law enforcement in East Texas must morn the loss of a two-year rookie that died in the line of duty because some drunk in a hyped-up car got on the wrong side of the road and speed up to 90 miles an hour and hit the police car head-on. You know, you folks in the black lives matter movement, some of you on the city councils in our area that hates on police officers, some of you pastors that call yourself pastors in the community, and some of you “community activist” (scammers) love to beat up on the police. 

So, in signing my name as being one of the first editorials, I ask you to listen up. 

There is this guy, his name is Jimmy Singletary. He is the chief of a department called the City of Beaumont. He now has the hardest job in the world. Burying one of his officers. Then, try and put back together his department to move forward. All the time, keeping this young female officer’s family in his mind. He has to deal with a city council that JUST DOESN’T GET IT! And I mean it – they just don’t get it. 

You have a mayor that panders to the black community. This black community in Southeast Texas is made up of radicals with a political agenda. And then there are three on the council, being Pastor Feldschau, Audwin Samuels and Robin Mouton that frankly are some of the most radical politico’s in the East Texas area. They have not, and continue to not, give a one rats ass about the Beaumont Police Department. NONE. 

Feldschau is running for office. He changed the name of the church he pastors to “One City Church” from Cathedral in the Pines. He slapped the good name of pastor Dabney, his family, and frankly the church family in his political quest for some goal yet to be announced. Feldschau is trying to be Mr. Popular with the black community. That has backfired on him when he slapped in the face the Catholic Church, the Baptist Church and all other churches in the area. One City Church? How arrogant and we have heard that the black community is saying that there is no one city church – there is a city made up of churches. All of this turmoil has charged up the community again in choosing sides – which has created social unrest – which causes nothing but problems for the Beaumont Police Department. 

Crime is high. Murders are on pace to break records. Robberies and thefts are off the chain. Maybe I can give Feldschau a break and say that he was just trying to make the city better? But that is a reach. He is on CITY COUNCIL. He is on church boards. HE KNOWS BETTER DAMN IT!

As for frick and frack, being Mouton and Samuel? Well, they are on a black thang! They are trying to say that Beaumont Police are not doing their jobs. Well, may I humbly suggest they are? When was the last time you road along with them?

And Mayor Ames, you need to call in your Manager, and your Police Chief and ask them what they need. You know, and I know, your time is up as Mayor. Go out with a cause. Make it about this lady officer that died. Say no more. You will be remembered like Maury Meyers is remembered, that sometimes the cause is greater than your good. 

While the Mayor, the Council members, and city judges are running around trying to tax citizens for not wearing a facemask, drugs are rampant, DUI’s are up, people are flocking out of the city, and businesses are shutting down right and left unless you are a nail salon? They don’t give a rats ass about your business people. They just want to bitch, control, and stay in power. Of course, this leads to high taxation, which leads to high unemployment, which leads to taxation. Where is the support to the police? How about a go get ’em gig. ZERO TOLERANCE to DUI?

Well, one is a pastor that believes in forgiveness, one is a defense lawyer that believes in first-time offender status, and one just follows the lead of BLM that the police are picking on the minority community. Leaving the Beaumont Police cleaning up – only this time – they lost one of their own. 

Are you ready to get real now?

The Jefferson County Courts and DA’s office hold some blame here. First-time offender status?

How about Bob Wortham and all of the DA’s in the seven-county areas and every single police chief as well as sheriff in the seven-county area call a presser and say NO MORE. If you drink, you drive and get caught or hurt someone – we are asking the courts to throw the book at you. When you drink, and you put that key in the wheel, and you start that car, we are going to be looking for you. Form TASKFORCES for DUI’s. Pull them over, take them to jail, and let the courts have them? DO IT IN HONOR OF THIS YOUNG FEMALE OFFICER WHO LAYS AT THE FUNERAL HOME AS WE SPEAK.

And as for your numbnuts judges that allow DUI 1st offender programs? Life is about choices. Yes, most have made bad choices. But your programs don’t work. And you in probation that is reading this – stop your smirking right now – you numb-nuts let some of these people get away with drug usage, alcohol usage, and you do not revoke them. Why? Well, the judges don’t stand up and you don’t want to lose your jobs? NEXT TIME THINK ABOUT THIS YOUNG OFFICER AT THE FUNERAL HOME!

You, the city managers of our seven-county area, and you the elected sheriffs of the counties need to stand up and make a statement. ZERO TOLERANCE. NO MORE. Open the checkbooks, assign DUI teams, get these slime bags off the road. Zena, when they sell Ford Park, ask for most of the money for a DUI TASKFORCE. They will give it to you – maybe?

And now you “pastors” in every single church in the seven-county area should call on one Sunday to preach to your flocks – no more. Send the messages home. No more drinking and driving. 

Not but least last, MADD. How you are operating is not working in East Texas. It is time to put political pressure, raise money to not aware of the public on the drunks, but to aware of the public on the elected officials and their inaction. Get their asses in a sling. Where can I send my check? Send me an address ASAP and you will get your first check for a public awareness campaign on these people we have elected to office that have forgotten our police officers and the jobs they do. Trust me when I say that when they see their names, faces, and backgrounds on TV or a web site showing they do not support MADD or some of these judges that are not hard on these criminal drunks who kill others with their cars,  or DA’s that play the political games with those that seemingly still do not get that just because you know someone – you get a pass? MADD – get off your ass and get going in the NAMES OF THE DEAD. 

What many of you don’t know about me is that for the past 25 years, I have quietly, humbly and honorably given part of my life to a local city as a “Volunteer” firefighter. Before that, after college, I gave some time to a city as a paid firefighter. So for around 28 years of my life, I have worked the streets of East Texas. I have gone into burning buildings, I have had buildings collapse on me, I have helped birth babies, I have held people as they died. I have seen what drunks have done to families and sometimes my fellow firefighters in East Texas. I have stood up for and helped buried two. I have put in my papers to retire this next year – and I will miss being on the streets. 

But what I will not miss is the death – the carnage – and most of all the inaction of the political people on drunks. In the end – you carry some of the blame.  I am so tired of seeing the drunk that just killed an innocent person or child, stands there, and says two beers. Or ask me as I am checking them out, “are they okay?” – as I just want to punch them out in their drunk state. 

What am I saying to you, the over 55,000 a day people who read this web site – FIX IT. Kick out the weak in our leaderships, support the police, and the hard jobs they do, remove these vagabonds that are elected to office. Put pressure on the power structure. And most of all, you that are elected to office, DO THE DAMN RIGHT THING. And you judges – stop it. No really stop it. You are the final stand to what is right and wrong. Honor the police departments and those that are sent out to work and do the job. 

Lastly, to the public. The next time you go out, or when you line the roads with your flags and signs, and put your hand on your hearts, as the female police officers body goes by, think about those you have put into office and given a job. And watch what they do. You will see them all over TV giving sad condolences or political speeches but watch not what they say – but what they do. Watch leaders like Getz, Neild, and Pate. Watch what they say about what has to happen. And then get behind them. 

Three lives changed forever on Sunday Morning at 2:30 a.m. An 18-year-old boy who got really drunk drove a fast car into the wrong way of traffic and then killed a police officer going out to do her job, and hurt terribly her partner. Nobody’s lives will be the same. The boy will go to prison for many, many years, a family lost a loved one, and one officer may never work again as a police officer. 

Say enough to all of it. Help MADD, help these families, and most of all stand up for the police officers of Southeast Texas.  Give to the 100 club. And please friends – stop drinking and driving. Preach it in your homes. And honor this young lady who gave her life helping others. 

Damn it all – FIX IT! We as a community can make it happen.

God Bless The Peace Keepers and those who serve our communities. 

# # #

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