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Press Club Drama

Well, we have drama in the press. Yes, drama. And it has to do with egos – again.

First, this Thursday is the monthly meeting of the Southeast Texas press club. And as always there is a speaker that shows up to give the press some of what is going on in their world. This week WAS scheduled to be on Greg Bostwick who was going to be honored at the meeting as the longest-standing media guy in Southeast Texas. A true honor. 


Off we go to the outright silliness of the media.

Once word got out that Bostwick would be honored – the news director over at KBMT raised hell about Bostwick going to be honored by the club and wanted his guy in to also be recognized. 


So the wonks on the board of the press club called Bostwick and he politely said he didn’t need to be honored. And passed on the meeting. 


Word got back to the folks over at KBMT and their guy didn’t want to be involved in the drama. So he backed out. And that was that. 

According to our sources, the news director at KBMT, Paul Bergen, was the one that made the calls to the executive board at the press club. Sigh…

Our take?

Okay, we get it. The press club is not the cheerleader for six news! But Greg Bostwick is maybe one of the least political guys around. He is simply a guy that does the weather for over 40 years on the same set. He has seen them come and go from all stations – and in fact – he has seen stations go. He minds his business. No drama. And did we say he has been around for over 40 years?

And we feel really bad for the weather guy from KBMT who got thrown in the mud for no reason. He too would tell you that the press club honoring a guy in the press that has been around 40 years is an honor. 

We dug around a little and found that guys like Al Caldwell, the longest-standing radio guy around were honored.  Nobody raised hell. Nobody said anything. 

Here is our point. Why? Paul Bergen should be the first guy to walk up and shake the hand of Greg Bostwick. And we mean it – the first guy in line. Why? Class. The industry is dying. Local news is dying. When everyone bans together to help each other it should be an honor to support each other. 

It is what it is folks. And it is ugly and full of drama. The good old days are over. KBMT – TV has egg on their face on this one. Not good. 

Again and Again We Tell You!

Folks, why do we even bother telling you guys the story of Southeast Texas? It just goes over and over and over your heads. And Government trying to be a solution here in Southeast Texas just goes on and on and on and on and on.

The media did not report it to you – but we did. This guy – his name is Henry LeBrie. He is a local guy who got in some trouble with Homeland Security – and a big fight out in Hampshire / Fannett with the fire service. Well, not only that he owes (notice how we said owes) the county hundreds of thousands of dollars in Back Taxes! 

Memory lane?

The Jefferson County Commissioners court got mad at the City of Nederland EDC because they are…well…inept. And they seemingly feel that they are kings and can do anything they want. A company named Glow Investments with a pie in the sky idea came along with the EDC, after failing five times now to bring investors in and develop the land around the airport. Ya know, the airport land that cannot be bought because it is on lease. 

Ya….we know. Stop shaking your heads. 

So, Commissioners Court broke away from their 4 million dollar deal with the EDC and GLOW, and went out to find their own investor that develop things. That investor? Of course, Henry LaBrie. 

Well, some little web site got a tip from someone in the Tax Office that LaBrie owes hundreds of thousands of dollars in back taxes to the county. And we published it – and commissioners court was shocked as they had no idea (read your monthly report given to you by the Tax Assessor we would say). So they laid down the law! Pay your taxes or no deals. 

Ya, right, like that is going to happen. 

So the mouthpiece for Government shows up, being the Beaumont Enterprise. And guess what? They write a glowing announcement that LaBrie showed up at the courthouse and paid $82,000! Yippee! 

But that is now what he owes. 

Seems he owes a bunch more – and get this – to the tune of over $140,000. But wait – there is more!

So the tax offices cut a deal with him and he is going to pay off his back taxes! But what about the LaBrie family trust? And some of the other properties he has a stake in?

Nothing – nada. 

Well, there you go! The Commissioners Court is going to do business with a guy who owes the county money. Lot’s of money. 

“But he is paying it,” will be the rallying cry from the 4th floor! 

Now all of you try and get your license plates if you owe money? Or try and buy a piece of property? Or get your DL renewed? 

Do you see what we are talking about? 

It just goes on and on and on and on. It never ever stops. Why would commissioners court bend over backward to do business with LaBrie when he was in deep with Homeland and he owes taxes all over the county? And why would commissioners court tout his big project called the Silos Mall, when the Silos Mall owes taxes and cannot pay? 

Again…it just goes on and on and on? 

How did the media miss this and is actually dismissive? Why did the media miss the GLOW gig with the City of Nederland EDC? Which was really a scam operation right under the nose of the Nederland EDC? Maybe hire someone to do some backgrounds on these guys before you do business with them? 

Or maybe … backdoor deals? 

Everyone watching – and what is great is that the Jefferson County GOP is watching. And the 1st meeting they bring this up – we expect some fireworks. 

Shall we sing together…never mind?

# # #

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