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Keystone Bye Bye?

You libs wanted him, now you got him and crazy pants Kamla? 

It was announced this morning by Biden minions that one of the executive orders that president-elect Biden will sign is the shut down of construction of the keystone pipeline project over federal lands. As well, there is a question on Fracking and how he can get it to shut down. 

Now…all of you sit down and shut up. 

You got pissed because Trump Tweeted? You got pissed because he stood up to the house and senate. You did not like how “he spoke” to the media. You didn’t like how he operated with a firm fist and not like a little school girl on a Friday night. Now, you will pay here in Southeast Texas. 

Union jobs, like those that the AFL-CIO support and push their members to vote for Biden – are going to get it now. Job losses and cutbacks as the cost of fuels and regulations will skyrocket. So you guys in the unions, bend over and get ready. It is coming. 

And for those of you who will lose your jobs here in Southeast Texas? Will be clear what is coming to you. Those $200k a year jobs, gone. 

Ah yes…elections have effects on everyday life. Do we just wonder how governments are going to make up the cost of money? Yes, we do…more later in the week.


As the weenie Democrats and weak republicans hide under their desks this week, then come out and break into the big-government cha cha dance, the Lt. Governor has made his move with Senator Brandon Creighton and add in a little speaker of the house action with SR Dade Phelan, Southeast Texas is not on the map. 

On page 3202111 of the Beaumont Enterprise, and for those of you who are stupid and buy the Beaumont Enterprise, it was announced that Creighton is the only senator in Texas that racked up a bunch of appointments. Two of which have to do with Ports (he is chair) and Higher Education (giggle as professors around the state have started to bitch). He will also dig around in the Business and Jurisprudence committees.

Some of you may be saying – so what? Well, if you are from South Newton County, you will know that these two committees have a long history of playing with the big boys around the United States that lead to bigger offices and bigger chances in the political communities. 

Ya, he is a young gun with Senator or Congressman written on his back. 

As for Dade Phelan, he may just be one of the most powerful in the state, and one of the nicest guys you will ever meet. However, he is being thrown in the big pool with no mask or flippers. The question many are asking in Austin (as we were there last week in meetings) is if he can swim. 

The anger, the crazy feel of the capital is reminiscent of our trip to DC a few months ago. Absolute anger, absolute crazy thoughts of not working together, and absolute get you mentality. Less the baby tears from Pelosi. 

For Southeast Texas, the Enterprise (which now consists of five people in downtown Beaumont in a huge building that nobody will buy) is simply not explaining to the Hitler Youth of Jefferson County how powerful this thing is going to be. We are talking about two men, in two houses of Government that will have more power than in the entire history of Jefferson County or for that matter all of East Texas. Not since Carl Parker has anything been seen power wise. No matter if you like Parker or not, he was one of the most powerful people in Texas. 

So, here is the gig kids. The session starts after everyone gets out from under their desks and figures out all the scary routines are meant to sell papers and have you glued to your TV. We say turn your TV off, get off of Facebook, Twitter, and whatever TICTOCK is, and simply enjoy the wonderful air and know that Southeast Texas is really on the political map. Yes, New York and LA run the country now. Let it crash and burn and then these two guys will figure out a way to fix it. 

Simple math on this Sunday. So now, get your asses out from under your desks, closets, and whatever, and get back to work in planning the future clean-up that will be needed!

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