Philip R. Klein, Editor

Sometimes you just have to say it – and let the chips fall where they will. And so hang on kids – here I go. 

First, from everything I have been able to read and talking to witnesses – a MAJOR THEFT has happened in one of the public events that help service non-profits. That is there was over $350,000 stolen by an executive director at the Nederland Heritage Festival.

Now for the hard part – only $100,000 or so was given back.

When it was discovered – and reported to the board – they sat there like bump on logs and came up with a sweetheart deal to sweep it under the rug. But it leaked to this web site – and we posted it.

Second, not only did it leak to our web site, but many of the “leaders” of the Nederland Community allowed it to be swept under the rug and did not demand answers from law enforcement or the NHF board of directors. And if you look at it – where are the leaders? HELL – where is that board of directors?

Now let’s get serious for a minute and we want you to think about this :

  1. The NHF 501-c-3 status with the IRS is in trouble. They knew about the theft and did nothing – and cut a deal to get only $100,000 back. What about the other $250,000?
  2. Law Enforcement – if they knew about it has done nothing. Where do you want to go with that?
  3. The NHF board of directors have a fiduciary responsibly to the association and the public regarding the money. They have failed that fiduciary responsibility to the public. Now see #1.
  4. The entire board – or past board have opened themselves up to lawsuits. If some smart trial lawyer woke up and figured it out – watch out board of directors.
  5. The person that stole the money is now open to lawsuits – and frankly – IRS problems as they have had $250,000 of unreported income. That is TAX FRAUD. Think about that.

What am I trying to say? This is a big fat scandal that the city government and the NHF better stand up and get counted very fast. If not – there are repercussions coming that nobody wants to deal with.

Now here is where the sickness comes in – I have been getting calls by some close to the city government. They are saying that I (Philip Klein) need to leave it alone. The poor woman had given so many years…blah blah.

Well here is the fact – she did give many years – but she ripped off the non-profit for her own well being. She robbed the bank. And now we know she gave “some” back – but has not paid it all back and law enforcement (who knows) is doing nothing?

Again – this is what is killing our county. It is things like this. I guess I could go to the bank and rob it and when they caught me I could pay it back and happy days would be here? Right? All is good. Or maybe pay some of it back and all is good?

Right? What the hell?

In the end the citizens of Nederland get screwed by a bunch of good old boys that simply want to sweep things under the table for their friends.

Now it begs the question – where are the real bodies laid? Anyone?

Wake up people – this is anarchy. And when you laugh at that – know you are a part of the problem.

And you folks that are hiding this : SHAME. 

# # #

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