Philip R. Klein, Editor

One of my first memories as a boy was being held by my father in a swimming pool. I remember how strong he was and how I felt safe in his arms. Nobody was going to get me for any reason…..

In such I remember his upper arm. He had a Tattoo from his days in the military. The one he got was an anchor. I asked him one day who did that to his arm. He laughed and told me that he and some buddies went out one night and before they started up in WW2 they all wanted to have the same kind of tattoo. 

As we got older I used to kid him all the time about his tattoo that the anchor was turning into a glob of ink. Meaning as he was younger it looked mean and good – but now it was looking pretty bad. And in fact unless he told you (to which he did not) what it was it was hard to figure out. 

Over the past few months I have been noticing around Southeast Texas as the short sleeves come out – a bunch of people with a bunch of Tattoos. And I mean big stuff. And from males to females that are now showing off what they think is beautiful Tattoos – is well….not so beautiful. 

In fact – I have a very close friend of mine that is a lawyer. She has this massive Tattoo on her back of Angel Wings. She is a very beautiful lady – and frankly she is a show stopper. So when I was out in California a while back I got the guts to ask her – “what is up with the Tattoo.” She explained that she was up north in a college and all her friends dared her along with her sister to do something outrageous so she did. And her sister did. Now she regrets it as she works in a very big law firm and she is a top lawyer with the firm. She has to wear a jacket everyday – and she cannot wear any clothing while she is working that shows any part of the Tattoo. She says : “I was young and dumb and made a big mistake.”

And this brings me back to southeast Texas where I know another women – now in her 40’s that has a “sleeve” all over both arms. She works in Law Enforcement. And I asked her what all of the Tattoos were about. She as well told me regarding why – which was having the sleeve tattoos to make her be strong and look tough 10 years ago. As she says now – as I grow older it just looks like colors on my arms. I messed up.

Over the past few years – as I hire folks being both male and female – I see more and more people coming in with Tattoos. Some are really ugly – and really offensive. Some are from ex-military guys that have fought for our country. And some are simply stupid things like an ex-girlfriend or maybe even an ex-boyfriend. For whatever – they have painted up their bodies.

Now I really don’t judge. Your life is yours and if you screw up it is on you. Not me. But these kids and some older folks really think they look cool. Well here is a shock for you – you don’t. But it is your body – do to it what you wish. 

Our world has changed so much. I wonder sometimes what their children think. Like me when I was a young man – being what the hell were they thinking when they had a guy with a needle changing the look of their bodies. And thinking it was cool? What do you say to your kids? 

Maybe I am old fashion – but in politics looks are everything. And you can explain some of it by saying that it was from the war?

My advice for some politicos is this – take a chill pill. Don’t get drunk and stupid. And don’t think some Tattoo is going to do anything justice. It means something to you – then by all means. But to the public when you turn 50 it is going to be nothing but a glob of ink which looks silly.

These Millennials  have a mind of their own. Everyone wins a trophy – everyone owes them something – and everything goes?

God help us with this crowd…..maybe I am just getting old. Or maybe this Generation is making a political statement? You know – live wild live free? 

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