An Open Letter To Former Police Officer Steven Broussard


Philip R. Klein, Editor

Dear Mr. Broussard,

I wanted to make any comments as it relates to your call about me being corrupt in public.


Because it is not true – and you know it. 

You are upset at me and my company called the Southeast Texas Political Review because you got caught lying, stealing evidence, tampering with evidence, and most of all simply being a corrupt police officer with the Jefferson County Sheriff’s office which you left in disgrace. You are, were, and continue to be a disgrace to the law enforcement community which services all of Southeast, Texas. I for one am proud that I helped take you down. 

Now, that the incident which changed the face of the Jefferson County Courthouse is passed us all over 10 years ago now, you have attempted to try and push away any involvement that you had. True, you were never convicted of a crime, but the grand jury did indict you, but that is not where the story started.

So let me refresh you so that those you lied to and told so many stories about me can have their day and people can once again laugh at what you say. 

The story, Steve, is very simple.

A young man that worked in our sister company had to serve former Judge Layne Walker (which is another story) a citation in civil court. The employees would not allow the process server to serve him papers in Chambers. The process server then went into the courtroom and sat very quietly and politely in the courtroom to which you were a bailiff. There is a bailiff’s desk that sits right on the upper part of the courtroom. That desk is where everyone checks in if they have business with the court. During a small break in between cases, the process server came to the desk, just like everyone does, and told a female officer that he had to serve the judge. She gestured over to you, and you moved towards him using a loud voice and told the process server to leave – which was your first crime. Interference with a court officer, being a process server. You then arrested him on the orders of the judge, which was his first crime, being Interference with a court officer. The process server advised you very quietly that he was sitting on the third row and when the judge had a chance, he would approach. In your statement (s) to investigators – you said he tried to get across the bar. 

So then, according to all of the records, you placed him in handcuffs and took him away. Again, he asked you why you were doing that, and you said the judge told you to. That was your second crime, illegal arrest. 

Then, the process server was taken to jail. When he got to jail, he noticed that the recording device that he used to document all services was gone. It was a video device. You advised the judge and it was testified that he recorded the entire event for his safety, as this judge had a very bad reputation.

Depending on what employee you spoke to, you hid the device and eventually took it home and out of evidence (the locker itself) two more crimes, one of which was a felony, and the cover-up was on! The cover-up included two more officers of the court, the judge, and you. And then it expanded out to three Sherriff Deputies and the judge himself. This led to a special Grand Jury and incitements for you, and four others including the judge. 

The contents of the video recording device were wonderful! They proved your corruption by taking evidence, tampering with that evidence, perjury, and of course it caught all of you trying to cover up criminal activity! 

And just when you thought it could not get worse, you and a few others were suspended after you were booked into jail (if you call it that) and your mug shots were taken. Then you started running around calling on lawyers. Big name – but then your ego got you. 

Then, when big names turned you down in representation, you went to other big names. And those folks knew that this corruption would lead up the hill to some other judges and maybe even the district attorney’s office. So you knew what would happen, someone got to the special prosecutor and in the middle of the night on a Tuesday night, he dismissed the charges on all. From the judge to the cops and even you – the charges were dropped without explanation. The special prosecutor got his big fat check, and it was on, a war that lasted over 9 years until the attorney died and his minion that raised hell and who tried to get me and my companies was found dead in his house with his throat slit. Even today, Steve, nobody knows who killed him. 

So you, being who you are, get onto the internet and try to pick up the sword and call me corrupt and other corrupt in Southeast Texas. The big joke is you went to some pretty big dogs to represent you, however, after they turned you down you got another big law firm to get your charges dropped (and they did it because they did have that kind of pull). They were scared that maybe in fact you would talk about what you know, just like you proffered to some in the legal community. 

Now, here we are again Steven. You dodged two felonies, but you lost your badge and gun. You made a mockery, along with three others and a judge, of the criminal justice system. You blame your woes on not being a cop anymore on me and others in the community, when in fact, you were the criminal. You ignored all that was honest and true and regulated yourself to being nothing but a sniveling former cop that is lucky he is not just now getting out of prison. Ya, you lost your job after you were aborted by the same group of lawyers that you ran to for help. They hired your judge, and he screwed them too. And then went on to screw his brother. And the other cops, well, keep their mouths shut and keep their badges.

It was stinking politics over a stupid lawsuit. 

A couple of good things came out of all of this.

First, the courthouse powers got a remembrance that they may be powerful in Jefferson County, but maybe not so much when the feds come calling. And all of the oversight groups that looked into the process server issue and you stealing evidence, they found for the process server. From Austin to DC.

Second, that guy, his name was Thomas Retzlaff? Well, he was not so smart as he lay there dying on his bed in Arizona. He had pissed off the FBI in Arizona and he did something that he should never have done. He kept emails, he kept evidence and he documented everything! He recorded phone calls and he had the personal numbers of some very very powerful people. All of which have no idea what is coming next. And you too – you are not out of the woods. 

Here is what I am trying to say to you. Shut up. You are a nobody. The only person that is corrupt is you. You did the crimes and big named lawyers got you out of it. Is Jefferson County Corrupt – yes. But those that made it corrupt saved your ass because I think they did not want you to talk. And so you are not – until now. I would remember every single time I got on my phone and spoke to whomever. Why do you think you got aborted from your little group? Why do you think your judge resigned? Why do you think that the House of Cards is coming down on some? And others? You are smarter than that. The funny thing is that those that got your charges dismissed ended up screwing your career. You are just a citizen now and not a big badass cop. You are nothing. 

So next time you try and use my name again, or call me corrupt, remember that all I did, and some other really honest people did is point out who you were, who you were hooked up with, and how they screwed you in the end. You and some other members of that former court should never ever show your face in the justice system. You make all of the good cops and employees look bad. Most are gone, some are still trying to hang on, and Jefferson County is being taken over by honest leaders that have led to Republicans running the courthouse. You see, Steve, when you sweep up the dirt, sometimes there is a nice clean floor to work on.

I want no ill will to you, I just want to remind you on why you have no badge, no gun, no authority, and no job in Law Enforcement. You actually, by your and your judge’s corruption, have led to Jefferson County getting just a little cleaner.

Never forget buddy, where you come from and what you did. Why? Because I for one will never forget and there are some other good people that tried to give you advice and you did not listen. As Eddie Vedder says – I am mine – and rode the wrong wave. And that wave is not over yet for you and some others. Trust me when I say that. Time is on my side now.  

Philip R. Klein

# # #

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