The Arrests Of Sheriff Stephens, Joe Stephenson and Ray Beck


Philip R. Klein, Editor

There is a great book that I have read about six times – and it is called why Good People Do Bad Things. It is written by Dr. James Hollis – here is the cover :

The book goes into great detail how very successful people that have climbed the ranks of their trade, their lives, and their ambitions go to the dark side of their lives to take that one last little step to get ahead. 

It is a great book for investigators and lawyers to understand what makes someone tick. 

Saying that – it is important to understand that Zena Stephens, Ray Beck and Joe Stephenson are good people that made a bad mistake. As what will come out is pretty simple – these three people took money from a bookmaker with ties to the mob in Vegas. They all knew who he was as he had been running gambling operations in Beaumont for over 25 years and ALL LAW ENFORCEMENT looked the other way because of his relationships with many power brokers in Jefferson County. You screw with them – they will screw with you as it has been said – and I have learned the hard way.

Now before everyone goes gaga throwing the race card – the special prosecutor and the federal grand jury which will act in the next few months I am told – will show you how the corruption works. My personal belief is that all three of these folks wanted to be sheriff so bad – they simply rode the line that everyone else has done in elected office for years.

Republicans have screamed for years that this process has shut them out – as money flows to many democrats from the big names in the area. 

That is bull. As Ray Beck was a republican in the race. 

What is true is when you are a politico – you will do ANYTHING to win your office. And they ones that won’t – well they will lose because the citizens of Jefferson County are drones. They are told who to vote for by advertising that is controlled by the money and they have thought forever that all of the talk of corruption was just talk. 

Now, for Zena, Ray and Joe, they are on tape. Their phones were being monitored. The Feds and the State know what they said – and if their attorneys come into court with the “black card” or the “they didn’t know card” they will be done out the gate. Those tapes will be released one day – and it will kill any hope for redemption. 

As I have said publicly – you do not accept a bag of cash for your campaign from a known bookie with ties to Vegas and the mob. But what I say today is you do not accept any cash from anyone tied to the power structure. Even though you need it to win. It is better to lose than be connected to that type of operation – because they will call in their favors. Trust me – I have seen it uptight and close in two times trying to have myself arrested for something I not only didn’t do – but showed proof that I did not do it. 

Next I am told comes the judges. In such you will hear horrific stories of rulings overturned for favors, sentences that are so outside of the law it stinks, and of course pay for play. You will hear about trips – and the money flow for some of these folks. You will hear via wiretaps instructions to judges on how to rule. And you will hear how the Jefferson County Justice system really works. You will hear how a bookie slipped money to these guys – and how he paid them back for certain favors. Many in the divorce courts who have been hurt will hear about rulings that the judges were instructed. 

It is all on tape I am told. 

Again – a government job is a great job. You don’t worry about cash flow, you have insurance and a pension. 

And speaking of pensions – if I were one of four judges up on the bench in Jefferson County – before the hammer comes down – I would retire next week and shore up my pension. Once you are off the bench – they cannot take your pension. But if you are sitting – charged and convicted – you are done. I would retire, go down to the USAA in Houston or Chambers County Special prosecutor and cut my deal so they can go up the food chain.

And if you think I am kidding? Ask yourself this question – why is the grand jury over in Chambers County and the Southern District of Texas? We have the answer – because EVERYONE will be touched by these guys. They have been watching cases even in the federal courts where certain magistrates have either called for hearings over things that should not be – or they have been listening on what to do and not to do. Again – over 52 officials, lawyers, and important people in the community have been monitored. And anyone who tells you that they have not – is lying. 

So why do good people do bad things? Who knows. But now is the time for the Samuel brothers to sit down and stop calling this a black thing. And the rest of the power structure to understand – it is over. 

As they say – get a lawyer – do the right thing – pay your debt to society – and have a good life. Because that is all that is left. 

Again, I love Zena, Ray and Joe, and others that will go down. They are just good people that tried to use a system to further their government jobs. It was the wrong thing to do – they did it according to what is said – and the corrupt system they are used to using cannot help them. 

To you the citizens that have read the Review to the tune of 100,000 people this week – it will be okay. There are great people to fix this county that are honest. Let the system work – pray for those accused,  pray for those that are getting ready to be accused, and please pray for the prosecutors and police officers that have been working on this case for two years.

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