Kids Dead In Florida – Guns?


Philip R. Klein, Editor

This past week the United States suffered another huge loss of our youth. In Florida 17 children lost their lives in another horrid act of sensless criminal behavor. 

The story is again the same. A dysfunctional young adult – brought up on a broken home – that was crying for help – that lost both his mother and father – that used drugs – and had no real direction in life walked into a school and killed a bunch of young people and teachers. 

Of course the first thing that happens is the democrats jump on the band wagon and say take all the guns. They want to start this slippery slope of punishing all of you law abiding citizens for the act of one. 

Using that theory – we should all have our cars taken away – because last night one person killed another in a drunk driving accident. Or there was 18 stabbings last night around the United States that killed 18 people – so we should all have our knives taken away. 

Yes, I get it, that was a silly statement. But that is what the left is doing – trying to take away your 2nd amendment rights and now they are lumping it on the back of some young kids. 

It is crazy what the left and the media is doing. But you must ask yourself why?

Let’s look at the real problem – because guns don’t kill people – people that use guns kill people.

First, look at many of the young people that are killing others. They have the same common denominator, which is :

  1. Come from broken homes. 
  2. Come from homes with little or no religion. 
  3. Have a strong history of playing video games regarding killing others in war or war games online. 
  4. Have a history of using drugs – or being prescribed drugs in elementary school to control behavior.
  5. A strong disciplinary issue (s) with authority. 
  6. Inability to hold down a job due to authority issues. 
  7. Multi contacts with law enforcement. 
  8. Outward projection of anger on social media.
  9. The inability to hold down a relationship.
  10. Anti-government tendencies. 

Those are the basic ten signs of trouble. And this young man was 10 for 10 on the scale.  Not the gun. 

Then there is the “Jump on Trump” with blame that he allows mentally ill people to buy guns and advocated through executive action to allow guns to be bought by the mentally ill. Which is a false narrative by the media again – like the Russia gig. 

Some on the right want to say that this is a full play to get the guns so that the deep state government can control us – and move us towards full socialism like Bernie Sanders wants to do. 

Uh ….. never going to happen. 

Some on the left want government to protect them from life. From how much they are paid to healthcare, to those pesky guns. 

We are so broken in our society today – that we cannot even agree on a policy of who comes into our country. All the while – the same laws we have – other countries have. The difference? They enforce their laws and we start to think and say that we should ignore ours? 

Gun control is silly. If you are going to have gun control then do knife control, bat control, car control, and rock control. They kill more Americans every year than any gun shot victim there is. 

Or maybe another thought?

How about we teach our children that not everyone wins or gets a trophy? You have to learn how to lose sometimes – then pick yourself up – dust yourself off and hit it again. How about we teach our children that hard work is not just 40 hours a week. If you want to be successful and win – you have to work harder than 40 hours per week. How about weening our off of government – as government is not our solution to our problems. How about getting back in schools and teaching reading, writing and math – not how to put condoms on carrots. How about teaching our children that there is no such thing as equity in life – you have to create that equity by staying out of trouble, listening to teachers and authority figures, and working harder each day. How about getting our kids back in church and understanding the teachings of the bible. And in the end – how about teaching our children respect for their elders being parents and grandparents. Maybe a lesson of doing the right thing might help them. Our pews are empty in church, the word of right and wrong is being missed, the word of faith in a higher power is gone, and most of all the honor of Christ is not being heard. 

I do not have all the answers – but I do have a few that maybe you barfly parents need to hear. Everyone is not a winner, and your kids need to learn how to lose, pick themselves up, do it again, and figure it out. Learn from your mistakes, learn from your wins, and be a better person. Learn that drugs only hurt you and deaden the pain of your hurts. To learn not to hurt – you need to feel the hurt so you can always remember it. And lastly, learn to be humble, help your fellow man without taking credit, and give someone a helping hand up – not a hand down. 

FACEBOOK and TWITTER are killing our country. We are all in each others business – thinking that we are better than the other when in fact – the true story is we are all created equal. We are all brought into the world pissed off that we are cold, then we feel that warmth of family and get a nice sip of milk and a warm blanket. Then the learning begins. Maybe we ALL need to be better parents, grand parents and family members. Maybe we all can do better with what we have. 

In the end it is up to all of us to work with each other – because guns don’t load themselves and pull their own triggers – we do with how we treat our children, what we teach them, what we let them watch, and who we let them hang around with, and what they put in their mouths. 

My thought – we all need to do a better job – and maybe we wont have kids go get guns and immaculate their anger with a gun. 

Yes – I just said it – we are all responsible.  

# # #

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