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Philip R. Klein, Editor

When you put yourself out there as I have since 1994 with this website, which at first was sent by FAX to those who subscribed, it is expected that you will take some flack. And I take the flack.

And that is okay. 

Way long ago for those of you who do not know the story I came back from a political campaign in 1993. I was asked to start a group under President GW Bush’s “Points of Light” call CALA. That was called Citizens Against Lawsuit Abuse. It was sponsored by many groups, including the National Chamber of Commerce, Texas Chamber of Commerce and other smaller groups that wanted to push for tort reform as well as workers comp reform.

It worked and there was reform in the civil justice system. Looking back now I think that there was too much reform that has now hurt some individuals that suffer at the hands of others. But it is the law of the land, the Texas Supreme Court has upheld it, as well as the US Supreme Court.

So…..in the years to follow as I wrote I took hits from the plaintiff attorney’s side. It was the standard operating procedure that the Democrats and attorney’s use. First, come up with the story whether true or false, get it published by the media, then point to it to discredit the other side. And when it goes against the attorney on the other side? The media will ignore the story of the loss because it opens them up to civil liability and it will just go away. Leaving the victim damaged and it will be what it will be…a hose job by the media. Thus why every single story we write we keep – and if we are or were wrong – we fix it.

I am a firm believer that everyone has the right under the 1st amendment to post their positions or political beliefs. Some of the people that absolutely despised me and this site are now cheerleaders for it. Some that loved the site now hate it. I have been called, and this site has been called the “equal opportunity basher.” That is not true – we just (really) talk about corruption and political corruption and exploit it for what it is: Corruption.

There is a web site, owned and operated by the National Chamber of Commerce called the “Southeast Texas Record.” We have written about them and how they operate. Long ago there was a writer by the name Maralyn Tennyson. She started the ball rolling because of a personal dispute and her anger at our web site. We were growing, I took shots at the mainstream, and she got pissed off. Now she will scoff at what I just said – be we both know it was personal. She just didn’t like me. And that is fine. Not all people like each other.

Unprovoked, she began to take shots at me in the Southeast Texas record. And we shot back calling her out for 1 sided reporting. Like taking a petition (allegation) and reporting on it – but not giving the other side time or even ask to respond. I and my firm were victims of such day in and day out. We sat there and took it. Then the editorials started. We sat there and took it. Then she failed at the job, she lost that job, but then another failure in the news media took over her job by the name of David Yates, a buddy of Tennyson. And it continued.

Today nothing has changed. Yates does what Tennyson does and plays with words, skews a petition, throws false and misleading comments into commentary, and frankly spins so bad it is laughable to the people in the know. And he is getting good at it. And as usual he never corrects, never (rarely) asks for comment and never does follow up stories because if he did it would make him and The Record look foolish – as they are.

I have always kept them on the front page of the Review because I wanted everyone to read what they wrote. They make up (according to our stats) less than 3% of the clicks to secondary sources. Meaning out of the 19 million page views (more) they are less than .03% of the secondary hits. Meaning less than 1,900 hits over to there site to ours.

Today, I have removed them from our website. I urge you to read them. I urge you to find them and bookmark them. But for the 1st time in the history of this site, we are removing them from our site. We just don’t want to be associated with a group that simply lies. Not only to you the public but to the business community that they represent through the Chamber of Commerce.

The Southeast Texas Record has made it a quest to hurt our firm. We accept that – and we expect it to get worse. But we will not participate any longer after almost 11 years on our front page. We are not throwing a fit – yet what we are doing is saying that the Beaumont, Texas and Federal Chamber of Commerce need to wake up and revamp their attacks on many lawyers and “bloggers” or “political commentators” because they disagree. If any of us screw up – fair game. But to skew a story and tell one side because you want to attack? Well…..

So with that – before you call up here and scream folks – the Record is gone. It is not coming back. And it is what it is.

# # #

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