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Welcome to Reader Mail! This section of our website is dedicated to the emails sent to us, comments made on other websites, and the answers to questions asked of us in public.

If you have questions that you would like us to answer – and we will answer any question sent to us – please email us at and we shall post the question and our response. From time to time we will answer posed to us on other websites. So fire away! And we shall also!


The Southeast Texas Political Review

From Port Arthur:

I am a black lady from Port Arthur. Please accept our apologies from our community for the actions of our elected officials on the council. We have problems. But we will solve those problems next election! BESURE!

Answer: We will see right? We hope you do.

From Beaumont:

I moved here from Port Arthur to get away from the crime. Now I am in Beaumont which feels like it does in Port Arthur. Am I wrong Klein?

Answer: No, you are not. 

From Port Arthur:

My goodness! What a great year-end for your Review Klein! What would we do without you?

Answer: You would be just fine.

From Beaumont:

I am a cop. I work the streets in Beaumont, and I want to thank you for your coverage of the Park story. You are right on it and please sir stay on it. Beaumont needs serious help and leadership. 

Answer: Thank you for your service and stay safe. We go nowhere. 

From Port Arthur:

I live here in Port Arthur, so, I guess you cannot even be safe when you are dead? Back to funeral home ambulances?

Answer: Why not? Really – think about it. One-stop shop?

From Beaumont:

What happened to the big money he had?  Weren’t there two big investments with Allstate Ins.   Did the Feds get them for taxes owed?  

Answer: Great question. Maybe the court and DA need to ask that question. Jail time. 

From Houston:

You fxxxxxx people are a joke over there. How screwed up can you guys be?

Answer: We have more material than you could dream. 

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