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From Beaumont:

This is what happens when you put shrimp on sale! Love you, guys!


Woman gets beat up by chicken restaurant employees for being disrespectful
by u/GamerDabiTodoroki in PublicFreakout

Answer: What can we say? Port Arthur is in Beaumont!

From Beaumont:

Klien you have to give our new mayor-elect a break buddy. He has never run a multi-million dollar business like the city of Beaumont! He will do fine!

Answer: He will be okay – cut out the downtown crap. Flush pots, clean water, and fix the EMS system. Fast. Let the cops do their thang – and the fire department focuses on doing their thang…

From Port Arthur:

We lose a gain buddy! Another city council focused on getting their pockets lined! Thank you for your support of Super Dave!

Answer: Love us some super Dave! Port Arthur is a joke. 

From Nederland:

Everyone knows the best way to get your name on a building at Lamar is to run a successful sexual pleasure business. Whose name will be on the next building?

Answer: Oh Stop, but that is funny. Sins of the fathers. All will be well! Four whorehouses to choose from. 

From Nederland:

Man, I am getting a little nervous here in Nederville! They shut down four ladies in the night joints, two guys wake up a family in daylight and attempt to rob them, and big drug busts, shootings, car chases, and our friends from Port Arthur robbing us. Time to move? Kind of getting worried!

Answer: Now is the time to sell. The taxes are out of control, unemployment is high, and crime is crime. Out of control. 

From Groves:

We were able to track back the 1st attempt to Lamar University LIT Port Arthur.” So, once again, sources at Lamar University are working to subvert the truth & immobilize free speech? Glad you’re taking these pissant bullies on! So happy to have you back!

Answer: Thank you…sorry for the delay. We had to rebuild and put in new safety systems! 

From Houston:

We will trade you our mayor for yours. Right now. No cash down!

Answer: No way no how. 

From Beaumont:

I read your article today regarding Lamar’s football with great sadness.  I have been a season ticket holder since the beginning and have loved the game, even in the losing seasons.  I hope with all the hype this new coach has been bestowed he can bring the program back to winning one.

Answer: We get it. We will see.

From Port Arthur:

Port Arthur Mayor working hard for the city in DC????  Along with some of the council……Yes, this city is circling the toilet.

Answer: It is already there. Just turds floating around scamming the taxpayers. 


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