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Not A Joke

Okay folks – this is not a joke. We are going to let you read the press release from the US Attorney’s office in the Eastern District of Texas….no kidding…..

BEAUMONT, Texas – Acting United States Attorney Brit Featherston announced today that a Disaster Fraud Task Force has been created in the Eastern District of Texas comprised of local, state, and federal agencies to combat hurricane Harvey related disaster fraud activity.

The Justice Department established the National Center for Disaster Fraud (NCDF) following Hurricane Katrina and it is specifically designed to be ready for situations like Harvey, Irma, Jose and Maria.  The Center acts as a clearinghouse of information related to disaster relief fraud and has already received over 400 complaints of suspected fraudulent activity since Hurricanes Harvey and Irma struck the Gulf Coast in August and September.

Although the Eastern District of Texas has witnessed acts of heroism, compassion and generosity from its citizens and from across the nation, there are individuals and organizations that will use these tragic events to take advantage of those in need.  Examples of illegal activity reported to the NCDF and law enforcement include:

·         Impersonation of federal law enforcement officials;
·         Identity theft;
·         Fraudulent submission of claims to insurance companies and the federal government;
·         Fraudulent activity related to solicitations for donations and charitable giving;
·         Fraudulent activity related to individuals and organizations promising high investment                    returns from profits from recovery and cleanup efforts;
·         Price gouging;
·         Theft, looting, and other violent crime.

“Relief funds provide critical support and assistance for those whose lives were profoundly affected by Hurricane Harvey, and our citizens have the right to expect that those funds will be used to the greatest advantage,” said Acting U.S. Attorney Brit Featherston.  “Anyone who illegally diverts those funds, or fraudulently profits from this disaster, should face a storm of their own creation and this task force exists to ensure that happens.”

Members of the public who suspect fraud involving disaster relief efforts, or believe they have been the victim of fraud from a person or organization soliciting relief funds on behalf of disaster victims, should contact the National Disaster Fraud Hotline toll free at (866) 720-5721. The telephone line is staffed by a live operator 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can also fax information to the Center at (225) 334-4707, or email it to (link sends e-mail). Learn more about the Department of Justice’s National Center for Disaster Fraud at

The Disaster Fraud Task Force for the Eastern District of Texas is comprised of the following agencies:  the U.S. Attorney’s Office for the Eastern District of Texas; Homeland Security Investigations; Environmental Protection Agency-OIG; Federal Bureau of Investigation; U.S. Health & Human Services;-OIG; U.S. Internal Revenue Service-CID; U.S. Postal Inspection Service; U.S. Department of Housing & Urban Development-OIG; U.S. Small Business Administration-OIG; Jefferson County District Attorney’s Office; Orange County District Attorney’s Office; Beaumont Police Department; Jefferson County Sheriff’s Office; Orange County Sheriff’s Office; Orange Police Department; Hardin County Sheriff’s Office; Port Arthur Police Department; and the Social Security Administration-OIG. 

Okay…so now we are going to go after Hurricane fraud? Like they did in 2005 and 2007? Really? When does that happen? What the hell?

Let’s all FLASHBACK : It is found that the SETRPC covered up and helped hide fraud, misuse of government funds and giving loans and grants to elected officials – all the while screwing the public. Oh…..and burning a church down in Kountze Texas to cover up all of the crimes. One guy was arrested and charged – but of course this is Jefferson County and he plead guilty – but right after the plea the feds dropped the charges on him? After promising the 1st Baptist church membership they would never stop until they got someone in jail? 

No really…that is the Flashback?

Welcome back kids. That was then – this is now. 

So now they have a TASKFORCE? No really that is what they are saying? 

C R E D I B I L I T I Y – NOT!

And that is all we have to say about that. No credibility! There is more cheating per square foot in Jefferson County. You could swing a cat by his tail and hit a hundred people that are cheating. 

God help us….and watch and see. Another puff play. 

Getz The Gadfly

There is one politico that pisses off everyone in Beaumont and around Southeast Texas. And it is not our editor!

He won the Gadfly of the year award and get this – he simply doesn’t care about being Politically Correct? 

His name is Mike Getz and he is the man.

So Mike has been in the paper for a few weeks. His claim to fame this week is a 23 year old AIDS patient that Mike made a statement to saying the young man need to worry about his health before politics. That pissed off the boy (young man) and off went the yahoos on the Internet saying Getz is a white racist (because there are black racists as well). Getz, who is Jewish, has never said anything racist to anyone, but because he made a nice statement to a young man – everyone in the world jumped on him. 

And Mike stood up and walked out of a concert when the singer started humping on Trump. He posted it on Facebook and of course he is a racist for walking out of the concert (wait for it) when the singer was bashing trump – and the singer was of course black. Ya…we know…silly. 

Then Mike got the tri-fecta! 

Last year when Mayor Ames and the Council gave raises to the five people they control Ames made a pledge to have a review system put into place like any other business or company. Well, that was then this is now, and no reviews were done. Simply let’s jack their money up. So they did. And Getz voted no saying that the employees needed to be Reviewed. Not gonna happen said the rest of the council – ye ha!

What do we think?

Well Getz likes to be a Gadfly and he likes to pose political questions. And that is all good. Just because someone is black on the stage and picks on the prez – and he walks out? Well that is okay too. And of course because Mike tries to be nice (ya we know stop whining – he really didn’t mean it) says something – and it is spun around by many in the BISD crowd – well… know.

The bottom line is that we NEED 10 Mike Getz’s. No really we need 10! And we will tell you this – someone needs to wake the hell up. It is silly at this point. Really silly. The black community looks silly. Where are their leaders saying “WHAT?” We will tell you – their leaders are pushing it. 

Look folks – we have too much to worry about right now. WAKE THE HELL UP! And you in the black community that run around and say DEMOCRAT OR NOTHING – enjoy your ride. Let us know how that is working for you? 

In the end – enough is enough. So put the Facebook down and stop it. Really!

And for those of you that don’t like Getz? Figure it out – he is what Southeast Texas needs. A dose of hard fresh air. 

Ramping Up

Okay….here we go with the folks that are running for office. And we want to give you just a brief run down as we approach November. 

Jefferson County DA – Bob Wortham will be running as a democrat we are told. Layne Walker will be running as a republican. This will be a wild race. 

252nd District Judge – Raquel West will run again as a Democrat – nobody has shown up in the race. 

Criminal Bench – Judge Stevens will run – unless something happens in the DA’s race – and then maybe he might run. Which the citizens will cheer like never before. 

County Clerk – Baily Wingate has thrown in his hat for the GOP and long time clerk Carolyn Guidrey will run as a democrat. 

State Legislature – We have Cade Bernsen that is dreaming, and we have powerhouse attorney James Payne who will be all democrats. And we have Joe Deshotel that may bail and run for judge…more on that later. 

Now on to some folks that want to run for various judges slots : Gerald Eddins will be running and we expect and have heard that there will be another democrat – but nobody has shown up. Clint Woods will be running again we are told – and the democrats will run him as well. The two divorce court judges will run again, and we hear that Jolie Shipley is thinking about it. However, sources tell us she is JUST thinking about it. Mitch Templeton may throw his hat in the ring for a judgeship. As is Wells Payton long time attorney Melody Chappel as long time judges start to fade out and away. 

The GOP will keep its gang in place. As for the democrats people are screaming that if Bernsen runs that there will be ANOTHER fight between the lawyers and the far left gang. 

There are other races – but they will be un-opposed. 

The democrats have started a grassroots effort called ActBlue where they are starting to raise money for the local candidates. Success unknown.

The republicans are getting cranked up – but there is a strong need for candidates. 

So there is your simple brief. As we get near November we will let you know what is being said – and who really steps up. It will get interesting fast. 

Until then – get your wallets out – here they come!


Well kids – we want to show you how things are legally supposed to go. Now let’s flashback :

NEDERLAND TEXAS : A female director of the Nederland Heritage Festival – being one of the cool kids in town dips her hand in the well of both cash and merchandise. She builds decks on the lake – she fixes up her casa and she spends money as the casinos. Then more comes out – being all that money that is going to charity is really paying for? Well nice trips to hotels at resorts for the board of directors and really cool dinners at high end places around Southeast Texas. 

Welcome back!

Well it has happened again in Southeast Texas. No – really it has. 

Here is the story on behalf of our friends at KOGT (a cool radio station) HERE 

Now for some of you kids that don’t like to read the stories – lets run it down for you.

  1. A lady was an executive director for CASA in Orange!
  2. She got caught they say stealing $40,000. 
  3. It was investigated and reported to the police. 
  4. The police did their thing and poof!!! The DA (Mr. Kimbrough) filed the charges. 
  5. She lives out of state but will have to come back and face the jury (or cut a deal). 

Now what does that sound like? 

The good guys at CASA did the right thing – unlike the people at the Nederland Heritage Festival. 

Here is our point? 

You can get in your car and drive a few miles into Orange County and there you will meet the sheriff and Mr. Kimbrough. And they will tell you two things – follow the law and if you work for a charity follow the law better than you have ever followed the law? 

Questions? Na….us either. 

We Will Help

Well the message has been sent loud and clear to the Citizens of Port Arthur and their elected officials from FEMA and the Federal Government.

That message?

“We will help you get started to fix your city – but we will not fix it for you.”

This is a shock to the city management and city leaders as they have expected that the city would get a full support of money and people.

“A city must be able to provide for themselves. We are there for a jump start – not to take care of the city,” said one FEMA operator that we spoke with Friday.

“This city has far more problems than just waste from ruined houses. FEMA has come through three times to the city in the same areas that have been flooded. There is a point and time that stops. That time is here,” said the operator.

Now let’s talk?

Port Arthurs problems are worse then they know. The city is a little Detroit. There are problems with the police union and the city – there are problems with the city and the city employees. There is a long history of mismanagement – which has lead to criminal charges. But what many not understanding – other than those from the outside of the area is that the criminal charges should have been brought against many in the city management side. And it has not – and has not been brought.

In the end – Port Arthur may survive complete failure because of the oil companies and that tax base. However, the city will never been the same as out in the Westside and inner city continue to fail.

Are we saying there is no hope for Port Arthur – ANSWER : Yes.

# # #

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