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Nobody likes this story. However, the media continues to spin this out as some kind of horror film and the internet is a jitter! So we got with some of our friends down south and they give us a new way of thinking about this story.

What is the story?

Well, down on the border right now there is a slew of children that are being taken from their mothers and fathers and put into holding facilities. Everyone is upset – including Laura Bush. Why are we taking babies from their parents – you bad people in the government? Bad Trump!

The story is very simple according to our friends in the border patrol – whose story will never ever get out – but we will out it. 

First, there is a huge movement regarding immigrants from South America. These immigrants are being told by the Mexican government to keep moving towards the United States. And when you get to the border tell them that you want asylum. 

What they didn’t tell them is there is a process to go through asylum. You don’t just walk up to the border patrol and say what you want and get what you want. It does not happen that way. How it happens is under the law both civil and criminal law. Violate it – like trying to cut into the border by sneaking over the fence or attempting to get into the country by an illegal method means just what it is – a violation of criminal and civil law. 

Second, some of these famlies (and wait for it) know that if they carry a small child with them they might have a better chance of getting across because of the child. And thinking (and being told by others) that if you have the child they will not arrest you. 


You get arrested and just like any other crime, your child is put into the protective custody of the state / federal government. But no – the media wants you to think that it is Trump that is doing this even spreading pictures – when it was widely known that the pictures were taken during the Obama administration. 

And of course third, and you guessed it, some really bad guys that are trying to get into the country are finding children along the way, kidnapping them and trying to pass them as their children. This is scary and happening. 

Now when we tell you the rest – it will scare you.

According to our sources, they tell us that there are hired operatives helping these people to the border. And when they arrive at the border they are helped and told what to do and say to the media upon their arrival. And the Mexican government is helping by escorting them to the border in order to create the situation as it is. 

But nobody in the media will report it. 

Here is out take? 

The national media and the political forces in DC are trying to do anything they can to create situations to hurt this country. However, the people are smarter than that. This morning the president hit his highest approval ratings and support of the American People. 

Mid-terms? Bring them on we say. 


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