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Things That Make You Go hmmmmm

So, this is interesting. 

This past week, KFDM did an interview with Lance Billeaud who is sitting in as city manager. Billeaud, the former Fire Chief, now dabbling in politics, And Billeaud makes his first real blunder as the Queen of Hate, the wig lady, the city council, and all-around stupid ass, heard him say this on TV:

“On one day, I believe they had 18 and they were able to get about 10 of them that one day,” says Lance Billeaud, the interim City Manager for the city of Groves.

And that is not bad – but this was:

Billeaud emphasizes the city’s infrastructure isn’t the cause for the leaks saying, “Even though our infrastructure is a little bit older, everybody’s having the same problems. There’s nobody around here that is immune to the breaks.”

Rut ro…coving for the sister cites?

He then goes on to say that he put everyone out on the streets, including the road boys and girls to help the guys in the water department. 

And undercut the other cities? 

Then the rumbling started – who in the hell does he think he is? He has an older system but not as many breaks and problems.

So we thought today we would give him some political advice. Ready?

Shut up. 

How about this: “We are having the same set of problems here in Groves. Our teams are working hard at it just like all of the other cities. We are proud of our teams working on it! We need to work on infrastructure as that bill is coming soon and our council is on top of it. I am honored to have a council to work with that understands that our pipes are old and some have begun to fall apart. I think you will see Groves over the next few years follow the lead of Nederland and Port Neches.”

How hard is that? Go Indians?

When you come from a city position of chief into a real decision-making position like city manager – you have to stay positive and tell it like it is. You are one huge water leak away from that wig lady coming after you. And we are told she (or it) is ready to pounce. It might not be a fun city council meeting this next go around? 

And everyone wonders why the last city manager Dee Sosua bolted. Billeaud needs to take a lesson. Although, he has done a good job in running the joint. 


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