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Tricky Nick Comes Out To Play

At 72 years old – with a cush job over at some hospital group that pays you pretty well – you would think that it is time to bounce the grands on your knee and enjoy your last years of life. No really – we are being sincere. So the question begs – why in the hell would Nick “Tricky Nick” want to come out and play in another election to which he has little or no chance of winning. 

For those of you in South Newton County – let’s go on a little FLASHBACK!

Nick Lampson is birthed as a teacher on the government nickle. This is not bad – it just is. Then he meets up with a bunch of politicos hanging in the same circles as the big boys in the Unions and he pledges his political soul to none other than the democratic machine. They run him for Tax Assessor and he loves it and wins! A government paycheck and authority. He runs that shop until around 1996 and then BOOM! He is going to run in the 9th against Steve Stockman. In 1998 he wins again. In 2000 he wins again. In 2002 he wins again. In 2004 the 9th is redistricted – and he looses to Ted Poe. And he is gone from DC and is looking for a job. Now to 2006….while he is looking for a job Tom Delay is attacked by the democrats and charges are filed. He moves to Stafford Texas to run for the HD 20 as a carpetbagger. He returns to his government Job in 2007 after winning which garnered the interest of all republicans in Texas. In 2008 Lampson is soundly defeated. And he goes back on the hunt for a government job. After awhile Nick gives up on the government job – and lands a real world job with Riceland Medical. He is Vice President of the group. 

Welcome back.

Now – Lampson for some reason is eyeing the County Judges position. Why? Well nobody knows? He is 72 years old, he is taking a real step down from a congressman to a county judge (if he wins). He is going against a very popular County Judge. Sadly – Lampson was doing a very good job as Vice President hooked his star in healthcare which has more problems than a crashed airplane. 

So you know – this is Jefferson County – and things are what they are – and therefore Lampson has something up his sleeve like? Well we don’t know – other than a power grab. This race is NOT about the current County Judge. This race is about a power grab back by some new forces as we have told you many times before that in fact Jefferson County is a sucking wound looking for leadership. New leadership. 

We will dig around a little. We think that in the end the ownership of Riceland is making a play for power for Jefferson County and that it looks like we are going to have to watch who gives money to Lampson and read up on how he spends his money. Will he go after Branick – or will he sell himself as superman because he was in congress? 

Let the fun begin!

Bellow Is Out

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned late this morning that executives with the Jefferson County Republican Party have met with counsel and the state party – and that the decision was made to remove David Bellow from the ballot. As well Bellow will lose his $1,250 filing fee. 

Shockingly, Bellow is still defiant has living in his own little crazy world – he released the following press release this morning :

Yesterday I filed to run for Criminal District Attorney of Jefferson County, Texas. The chances of me winning are admittedly not very high, but that is not why I decided to run. I decided to run to give the people a choice and force the issues of corruption and illegal activity within the Current DA’s office to be addressed. I have filed today in hopes that, at the very least, a contested race will give the people a voice and a choice, and the issues will have to be addressed and fixed. The people of Jefferson County deserve a fair and just criminal judicial system.

Contested elections are an important part of democracy. Unopposed candidates are never held accountable and never have to address the issues and problems facing the people they serve. The Current District Attorney was supposed to be the “anti-corruption DA” but instead, he just ushered in a new era of corruption. There are currently state investigations against Bob Wortham or his staff in the District Attorney’s office. Bob Wortham should be held accountable for engaging in or at least allowing and protecting criminal activity within his own office. He turned his back on the people he is elected to serve by over prosecuting or falsely prosecuting innocent people, and he turned his back on law enforcement and victims who came to him with legitimate concerns and allegations of criminal activity only to be dismissed.

For instance, a current lawsuit filed by former deputy chief of the Port Arthur Police Department alleges that this police officer went to Bob Wortham about Criminal activity within the District Attorney Office but Bob Wortham refused to prosecute and told the Deputy Chief, “That’s my Boy.” This deputy chief was then retaliated against by Bob Wortham and forced to retire, according to the lawsuit.

This allegation of criminal activity being allowed or covered up by the current DA is one of many from many different people from all different ethnic backgrounds and walks of life from Republican to Democrat. My story is one of them too.

Two years ago, I blew the whistle on the lead criminal investigator for Jefferson County District Attorney Bob Wortham.  This investigator, Marcelo Molfino, had been taking money to do illegal work. As more research was done into this investigator, multiple other violations of law and the Constitution were discovered such as falsifying a government document and use of his power to oppress those who opposed him or those he was paid to investigate and charge. After I blew the whistle on this criminal activity, the Texas State DPS Investigator determined that this DA investigator did in fact violate the law. The current DA refused to prosecute his own investigator, and instead put this investigator directly in charge of bringing false charges against me as retaliation and as an attempt to discredit the state investigations against him that I blew the whistle on. The bogus Felony Stalking charge brought against me was dismissed, but the damage that this false charge had done was enormous and life changing.

Unfortunately, many people are not as lucky as me. They either do not have the ability to speak up and fight back, or they are afraid to.

These innocent victims, of the crime and corruption that has been allowed by the current DA, deserve a voice. This campaign for District Attorney against Bob Wortham will give them a voice. It will give them a vehicle in which to come forward and tell their story. It will give the people a voice to express the issues and demand that the Current DA address the problems and clean up the corruption.

So even if the chances are slim that I actually win the race, I have filed yesterday for Criminal District Attorney in hopes that, at the very least, a contested race will give the people a voice and a choice, and the issues will have to be addressed and fixed. The people of Jefferson County deserve a fair and just criminal judicial system.


David Bellow

Candidate for Criminal District Attorney of Jefferson County, TX

Now for the crazy part.

What Bellow is trying to do is garner mojo for his upcoming criminal trial (which starts in two weeks). Bellow is charged with putting a tracking device on his ex-wives car – because he says he has a right to know where his children are everyday. Since he got caught – he has attacked the investigators and the district attorney’s office which investigated the crime. One of the investigators that is investigating the crime was involved in Bellows divorce trial regarding his phone and whether or now the investigator was allowed to download that said phone. 

After a two month investigation – it was found that in fact the investigator was allowed to do the job – and was exonerated in such. As well that the District Attorney’s office did nothing wrong.

What Bellow is trying to do, according to our sources, is trying to create a cloud around his trial. Bellow, who for years has been at the forefront of controversy in now three counties, has done nothing but create havoc for Law Enforcement, District Attorney’s, State Attorney’s and now Jefferson County. He boarders on filing false police reports – and government reports – but he has never ever been found to be anything but a liar in each of the reports. Or at least an exaggerator. 

The point is this – Bellow has set this up. He will find some dumb ass lawyer to push the issue with the Jefferson County GOP. To which – the GOP will be ready with their lawyers. But as it goes today – this hour – this minute – it is over for David Bellow. 

One last tidbit – it seems the former Mrs. Bellow is going back to court for contempt of Mr. Bellow. Seems Mr. Bellow cannot pay his child support – but can pay a filing fee for a job he is not certified to do? That is contempt – but folks – David will not see a day in jail because NONE of the judges that interact with him will stop him by putting him in jail. 

And David is right about one thing however – about corruption. This time – it is he that is corrupt. 

Advice to Bellow – get a job, pay your child support, enjoy your life, play with your kids, have a great Christmas and move on. Leave your ex-wife alone – and enjoy your kids. Er…uh…that is not going to happen because everyone other is wrong – and Bellow is right. 


Sigh….a crazy county meets a crazy man. 

Crazy David Bellow

Chalk this up to crazy – and beyond crazy – or CRAY CRAY!

David Bellow, who is under felony indictment for putting a tracking device on his ex-wives car – has filed as a republican for the office of the District Attorney of Jefferson County Texas? 

Ya he did. 

But it gets better – he lives in Hardin County, he is not an attorney, and he is under indictment! No really – Bellow has lost it. 

Even better – he came up with the $1,250 filing fee – but he is alledged to be behind on his child support? This is the same David Bellow who filed for office as wanting to be both a city council member in Lumberton and (don’t laugh) county judge in Hardin County. 

According to the republican party Bellow walked in at 5:59 p.m. and filed. And get this – they asked him if we was even an attorney and sources say he would not answer. 

One of the Senior members of the executive committee told the review : “Obviously his application will be rejected and his money will be returned. Maybe now he can pay his child support.” 

Ouch – but the truth and AMEN. 

Democratic Porn Web Site?

First, let us apologize for being down for a few days – we forgot that we needed to do some work on the servers and we finally have it done. 

So we are back!

Oh…..and we are back. 

So we had a story all spun up and ready to go! And so……we killed it. Not because it is not a good story which we will run Tuesday – but this story takes front and center. 

We were given a tip that the Jefferson County Clerks office has links to all of the political parties! And some of the area citizens have been doing their research. And that research leads them to this site HERE

Well that is a good place to go to find information about our local parties? Right? Well we wanted to click on the Democratic party link – to check out how those scampy democrats are doing. And guess what? Ya – you guessed it – the site is now a porn site! 

No we are not kidding look here :

And that picture above – that is the nice picture of many that POP UP!

So now the Jefferson County Clerks office is …. promoting PORN instead of Democrats? How things change quickly?

Okay….so that is an bending it a bit? But God is that funny?

So broom boy – AKA the Jefferson County Democratic Chairman was told about it about a week ago. And it is still up? Hmmmm….

Anyway……a funny start to the week. An interesting start to the week…..

Click your heels and repeat after us : “There is no place like Jefferson County.”

# # #

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