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Working Together

We are pretty amazed at what the GOP has done this year and has broken with tradition in every man for himself. And it is a test for future candidates in Texas. Ground zero Jefferson County.

So there are local GOP candidates that are working together to come to a common goal – get elected.

The team is led by Jefferson County Judge Jeff Branick – who by the way – has announced that he is endorsed by none other than the GOP Governor Greg Abbot. And that is big because? Abbot has not endorsed any other County Judge in Texas…..

Here is the endorsement that will hit the airwaves today : HERE

Now, on to what we want to talk about. The teamwork atmosphere.

In just about every event Branick, Templeton, Wingate, Funchess, Reedy, Wiggins and the GOP leadership block walk, speak at events together and have shared voting lists and voter poll information with each other. And it is seemingly working.

According to internal polls – all are at break even if not some over 10% over their opponent. And that is amazing.

Now the downfall, if it doesn’t work – then all godown. But the polling is indicating that is not happening with around two weeks to go.

So – here is the latest that has come out – a flyer and it has hit almost every home in Jefferson County :

The flyers are produced professionally – and frankly, they have impacted the  election already.

So the fever is real folks – mid terms are here. And we will have our predictions next week!

Weber Walk

There are some races where you just shake your head and wonder what the hell is going on. And why would Wendy Davis be sending someone into the 14th Congressional district to get slaughtered? Well, welcome to the slaughterhouse Ms. Adrienne Bell. 

For some reason – Bell got convinced to jump into the politically solid 14th Congressional district race when it was thought that Donald Trump was going fail. That was then, and this is now. And Trump is killing it in Texas and around the United States (other than New York, Washington DC or LA). But back about 18 months ago – Davis and crew thought that it was a sure bet that Trump would be out of office now. 

Uh no. 

So they got together candidates to run almost every congressional district in Texas. And as Trump arrives Monday in Houston, and big names like Sean Hannity who arrives in Beaumont and Houston this weekend, are drawing huge crowds – and in fact, the advance teams for Trump are now talking about a bigger venue for the event in Houston as the venues have sold out. 

Welcome to what we in the political business call the wall. Welcome to Randy Weber’s world. 

Weber, who may be one of the hardest working congressmen in the Texas delegation, has made a note to be quiet, keep his head down, and work hard. And he is doing just that. Leaving people who choose to run against him in a problem – how to beat him.

Some in the Republican party tried to put up a candidate by the name of Bill Sargent. However, Sargent had some serious allegations and issues with his past and women – and how he treated them. Weber killed Sargent by winning with 75% of the vote. 

Thus why we say there is a wall where Weber could not be beaten. 

Our anticipation is that no matter how much the Democrats in the 14th wish – the crossover for Weber will be huge – and Weber will win by 65% of the vote. 

It is now up to Weber to have coattails and use them. The stronger the locals are – the stronger Weber will be. Thus why the president is coming to Houston. 

As they say – ticket down. With Cruz looking to win by 60%, Weber to win by 65%, they should pull the ticket up. And that is what we hope for – and Cruz and Weber to be pulled along. And we believe that is going to happen. 

Besides that – Weber should win. He is maybe the best congressman that has graced Easttexas along with Brian Babin. 


In a race that may be as boring as watching Bubble Guppies in the middle of the night – seemingly has turned into a messy race. And there is a good reason – someone is not telling the truth.

So let’s look for a race for County Treasure. Ya…we said County Treasure. 

Now, what is the county Treasure? They are the person that holds the keys to the voter’s cash. And frankly, it is very important. 

So……who is Charlie Hallmark and why is he running for County Treasure?

According to Charlie’s political talk – he is a former two-time board member and president of the Port Arthur ISD where he touts the grades were good, the budget was fine and the “childrens” were at the top of their game!


Then he says he ran Hallmark Cleaners…..which was closed around 20 years ago (our bad…sold). 

Then he says he runs Hallmark Reality. When it too was closed (not sold). According to the state of Texas, he works for Pat Holmes Realty. 

There have always been questions about Charlie Hallmark that have raised eyebrows in Law Enforcement and those who run the county. That is what was his involvement with two convicted felons, one of which was his brother. His brother and a former longtime Democratic operative Tommy Gard had to go to jail for some hanky-panky they got caught up in. Hallmark was said to have been floating around that gig – but didn’t get in too deep. 

Hallmark, who comes across as a used car salesman, seemingly doesn’t understand the job and is talking about running around like some type of ambasitor? Uh…dude…the job is a bean counting job. It takes millions of dollars and redistributes it. 

As well, Hallmark filed on the last day at the last hour with (wait for it), Nick Lampson on the democratic side. As many of you know – he has illegal signs up – and has his eyes on the prize of (wait for it) the county healthcare gig. And who pays the bill? You get it —– ding ding! If Charlie Hallmark gets in he will be the man!

Smells? Oh yes. 

So that is the woof woof on this crazy race. This is a race for the taxpayer’s money. And Hallmark is a Lampson pawn it is said in the trail. 

Our take?

Uh…..yes. It is face value. That is all – face value! 

So here, in the end, it is seen again – a money grab by the Democrats. And folks – it will be a money grab if the voters allow them in. 

This might get interesting…….and to think we were thinking about retiring? 

BISD Police – Not Reporting?

We have a problem in Southeast Texas. It is that violent crime is running hard in the county now. And frankly, there is no other way of saying it – as the cops are doing a bang up job figuring out where and who the bad guys are and hang. 

This past weekend there was an issue at one of the middle schools. It came in as shots fired – active shooter at a dance (we wonder if that will make the yearbook?). A massive response was undertaken by BPD (as BISD called them in as well as many 911 calls). Upon arrival of the units – it was determined there was a question regarding if it was a real call. According to some that were there at the school – there were shots. According to the BISD police department – there were no shots. 

Yes – we get it. BISD issued this joint press release :

We say tell that to the children running down the streets to get away from the noise – of whatever it was?

So we wanted to do some research after getting the release. How many incidents have gone on in BISD? That is when we got a shocking discovery. 

You see that BISD police is a reporting agency. And they don’t report to the FBI for any reason. Meaning – we have no idea what kind of crimes are reported in BISD. None – nada – and we mean NONE!!!!

You don’t believe us – here LOOK

Every other police agency reports? Really and BISD cannot? We just don’t understand it?

Then we go to flashbacks…..BISD hiding things. Then the Board of Managers and being told that they knew stuff and did not give it to the public? And then we get paranoid – after all it is BISD.

Here is the bottom line for us here at the Review. Be open – be honest – stop trying to save your political ass. Just stand up and say something – or things happen. BISD around the state is seen as the bottom of the barrel. It is what it is…you cannot get much lower. 

Or can you?

Beto Place

So traveling this weekend around Calder Place – in fabulous Beaumont – there is a section of town that has arisen – to which we shall deem it Beto Place!

Yes, folks, Beto signs are everywhere in many different yards! These 400,000 dollar homes are backing Beto the criminal! And it is interesting to see who these folks are!

Seemingly, as usual, the lawyer community has sprung again into action and put signs up in their friends and families yards. And these folks don’t even know who Beto is – but they think that they know who Cruz is. 

In fact, it is funny to see some of these retired folks going for “Beto the Burglar”. 

So we did a small walk today – and found out why folks are going for Beto in Beto Place!

Here are some of the quotes :

“I hate Donald Trump. I hate what he stands for. I hate what he has done to the country. Cruz has helped him and I will help get Cruz out of office.”

“I am a Democrat. If it has a “d” next to the name they have my vote.”

“Cruz is a mini Donald Trump. He (Trump) has to go. I want the Congress to go Democrat.”

So these three people we asked – we asked the second question. “What has Beto done while in Congress to help you?”

“He is not in Congress yet son! Why would you ask that question.”

“I don’t care if or what he has done. I want a Democrat in Congress.”

“Is he in Congress?”

Yep…..what we want you to notice in all three interviews is that nobody can name anything Beto the Criminal has done. Nobody. Meaning nobody care and they are anti-trumpets. Meaning……Beto loses. 

The polling is pretty simple here folks – Beto is good for anti-trump. And his name is being floated already as the “Vanilla Obama.” 


So here is a poll for you……Beto or Cruz?

If The Election Were Held Today - I Would Vote For :

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