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The Fall Of David Bellow

It is over – for now. This past Friday on the eve of his second trial – David Bellow pled out on a charge of attaching a tracking device to his ex-wives auto. The plea stopped all proceedings and now the once advocate for the Republican Party is now a convicted criminal.

Bellow started in Hardin County as an excited young man ready to run for office – and ready to take on the world. He showed talent, he showed the want and most of all he showed that he was interested in his community. However, then red flags started to pop up all over the place.

First, he took an extreme position in the GOP and started to follow an extreme right-wing position on just about everything. When you disagreed with him, he attacked you rather than sit down and talk about positions.

Second, once everyone started to see this – serious questions began to emerge into his background and what he did for a living. His service to our country was suggested to be exaggerated – and then it was discovered that there may have been more deep-seeded issues when background investigations were started – and what he said did not match what —– was.

Then the wheels went off. After having kids – his wife left him due to unstable behavior. Some say he had a melt-down and became a stalker to his soon to be ex-wife. He started to show up at events where she did not tell him she would be. She was confused – and then it was discovered that a tracking device had been placed on her car. The police contacted the device dealer and the software dealer and it was discovered that in fact he had put the device on and was live tracking every move she made.

His first trial ended in a mistrial – with all but a few voting for conviction. He then was to face another trial – however – in best wisdom he pled out – received fines and probation and was done.

This is an example of what was a talanted young man years ago in the republican political world that fell hard on his own ego. He could not stop himself from himself. When others reached out – he slapped their hand away. And then he went after the police – which was the wrong thing to do.

He runs Facebook page called “Jefferson County Corruption.” It could have been good – but all he did is attack the wrong people because of his arrest. Nothing on that page is credible any longer. He even tried to run the District Attorney – but learned quickly that you must be an attorney to run for district attorney (ya…stop laughing).

So there you have it – a fall from Grace – and a fall from any sort of political future. David Bellow is done in politics. The question is can he get any reputation back? So far he has been quiet. That is good. But there are many concerns to his mind thought. And many will be watching – including us here at the Review. Can he make it though his probation – and stay out of jail? Keep tuned.

Our other point is this – when he is done paying his debt to society – he should be left alone. He is not a politico any longer……unless he gets dumb.

That couldn’t happen….could it?

A Message To The Black Community

This is going to be a controversial message to the black community – as I know many of you that will read this. 

First, please read what I have to say, then read it again, and then one more time so that you get the context of it before you run around and call me racist or some other silly name. 

You, the black community, are steps away from being the majority in Jefferson County, Texas. In some communities and school districts, you are already the majority. You are rated by the state in how you run your districts, how you perform under testing and your crime rate (s) throughout your communities. 

To the black leaders, pastors, NAACP, and communities – so far you have failed in your quest to be leaders.

Let’s examine this …..

BISD – The school district in the biggest city in Jefferson County failed. The state had to come in and take over the district. Millions of dollars were stolen, personal agendas were pushed, nepotism ran the district, and the corruption was so deep that BISD may never ever be fixed unless the state kicks out the entire school board system and puts a master in to run it from Austin. I am told – that is what may just happen. 

However, and take a look at the black community and the NAACP, which wants to keep the name of a stadium that is named after the man that brought the district to its knees? And they want to have a press conference and some guy that looks like a black Cowboy Dan, stands up and says that if you don’t agree with them that you are racist? Here look :

That is Michael Cooper, who the media gives a pass to, as he is the executive director of the NAACP. He is jumping around saying that he is proud of the accomplishments of the former school board super – Carroll Thomas? FBI investigations, convictions of those who stole money?

My guess is that if Thomas was white – well we know what Cowboy Dan would be saying. He would want him hung. 

This is why the black community is failing. These snake oil salesman that have one thing on their mind : white v. black. It is killing Jefferson County. And it has killed BISD. There is no recovering. Watch and learn over the next 200 days before the master is brought in. 

PAISD – Which is run by the black community of Port Arthur. Which has one of the LOWEST graduation rates in Texas that nobody talks about? And the drop out rate is in the top 5% of the state. Yes, the black community was sold on a bill of goods – tax those bad plants and companies and let’s get all their money and build great schools! The best in Texas – yet the failure rate is so beyond imagining? And they want MORE! 

PAISD is an emulation of the city itself. 

City of Port Arthur – Speaking of the emulation of the city? Well, welcome to Port Arthur! Where 11 homicides have occurred, drugs run wild, the Port is a cesspool of crime and drug imports (and don’t act surprised), streets are falling apart, water and sewer are falling apart, and all the city council wants to do is argue? No team unity? Can they not find a city manager to hire after firing the one they hired? And all they want to do is see black and white. And a city council member assaults a firefighter that is trying to help? And they do nothing but bring up the fire chief of the department try to talk to him about hiring blacks over testing? 

Talk about failure – take a good hard look at the city council of Port Arthur! You folks in Beaumont – there is your future!

The city of Port Arthur is the future of Beaumont. 

City of Beaumont – What can you say as this bunch is dancing in the graveyard. Buying buildings to build a riverfront when they have not even fixed the water system in Beaumont? City Council and Manager override the Police Chief when he has a man that is drunk or high on the job – only to give him his job back over the objections of the chief and commanders – then the same thing happens in the next two weeks? Homicides number 10 for the year – to which nobody says thank you to the CID of Beaumont PD who is doing a great job? Six, count them six, (6 for those of you in South Newton County) shootings this past weekend? Another homicide? Drugs coming into the Port of Beaumont like water flowing down a stream? And throwing money around like it is candy on a Christmas float? Flashback Port Arthur? City Council is one step away from being majority black – but you do not hear the outrage of the black city council members regarding BISD? Or black on black crime including homicides? Instead and again we are talking about downtown development? Shock notice – nobody wants to come downtown because IT IS NOT SAFE! DUH!

The Beaumont City Council is out of whack. And they have to wake up and work together – and maybe just maybe they need to listen to Mike Getz – as he is the voice of reason? 

Jefferson County Texas – Here is where we are with the black leaders and even the NAACP. Jefferson County is corrupt. It really is and anyone that says it is not – well you have another thing coming. For the judges it is not about the law – it is about what the law can do for them. They are powerful – and other than one or two – they do what is right for them – and not the public or those accused of crimes. 

But the black leaders in this lead are smart. They are putting up the BISD and PAISD attorney Melody Chappell to run for judge. The 172nd judgeship. And they are not being smart by running her – they are being smart as there will be a district court bench that is leaving Jefferson County and going to Hardin County. And they know it will not be the 172nd Bench. This court is being called the “black court” as the current judge is a black male. What the black leaders don’t understand is that the current judge is run by the white plaintiff lawyer community – which will change if either Chappell or her running mate win. Neither are controlled by the power base in Southeast Texas. And most of the kingmakers are sitting out. 

Jefferson County is has had within the cities and counties over 23 homicides for the year. Not all of them are gang related – but must of it is. And it has to stop. The sheriff and all local police departments must ban together and form a task force to combat the crime. And it has to happen with black leadership and support. Where is everyone and why are they not screaming for this in the black community?

And now for the most controversial – the black pastors. 

Someone has to get to this “pastoral leaders” and shake them – no really shake them. They are so out of touch with their community and so political power hungry – they have lost their flocks. They need to get into the communities – they need to work with at-risk youth, they must stand up to the gangbangers, they must gather and pray for our police and leaders, and most of all they must stop enabling. 

Yes, I said enabling. 

I turned down the opportunity to speak at one of the black church’s a while back because I felt that I was too controversial and did not want to bring politics into the church. But since, I have learned that the preachers are the politics. They do not stand up against the NAACP as the NAACP does not speak peace – only war. They support and defend criminals – not the great leaders of the black communities. Everyone once in a while they will stand up for what is right – but as the joke in the black communities is pretty simple – “they want to be kings in their little kingdoms which is not enough sometimes. So now they get into politics.”

Here is my advice to the black preachers……get out of politics and get into the streets. Come together with all the other preachers and pray for peace. Pray for the lost souls – pray for their children – and by all means stay away from the politicos…..they are dragging you down and only use you. 

Lastly, a message to the white community, the Hispanic community, and all other colors – come together with the black community. Don’t point fingers. If you disagree – give your reasons why and move on. The black community is losing their babies. They are losing their religion. They are losing their futures which are our futures. Do the leaders need to embrace their responsibility in the black community – yes? But so do you. So do you. 

Six shootings, one stabbing, one dead, another set of shootings in Port Arthur, drug overdoses, and crime out of control. A new police chief Tim Duriso who will take over Port Arthur as soon as he can. An old Police Chief Jimmy Singletary who needs to be let go by the power structure and let him do his job. And a new Sheriff with progressive ideas who is trying to be a community leader and stop crime. And some judges that give a slap on the wrist to those that need to be in prison because some momma or daddy knows the judge. That is where we are – and we need to put it together to stop crime. Stop crime now. It is killing us – and white, black, Hispanic or whatever – it is killing this county and must stop now. 

To the black community – you will by 2020 be the majority in Jefferson County. Start picking your leaders very closely – very very closely. Don’t listen to snake oil salesman like Nick Lampson that only wants the Medical and Insurance money from Jefferson County for his bosses. Vote your minds – not your color – and listen. This is your time to step up. Remember the civil rights lawyers from the past. And most of all – please don’t make the mistakes of the yahoos before you. 

If you, the black community, want to be leaders then be leaders. You have a bunch of clean up to do in your backyards as some of these snake oil salesmen are holding you back. And remember that not all blacks are victims – some are leaders that will lead you into power over the next four years. And remember with power comes the responsibility to which some of your current leaders are failing. 

To you leaders in the black community, do not let the public down. This includes blacks and all other races. We need you to be leaders – not charlatans with your own power agenda to keep you in power. 

May God bless Jefferson County – protect our babies and young people – and stop the massacre that our families are witnessing. We need our county to come together – now. 

It’s Tim

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned, as we told you, that Tim Duriso will become Chief of Police – of the Port Arthur Police Department on Tuesday.

According to five sources inside city government and city council – tells the Review that Duriso will be voted on tomorrow. 

Duriso is a long time DEA chief in Beaumont and is a former police officer for the City of Port Arthur. 

“Tim is our man. He is going to bring us out of this crime crisis we are in. He is a Port Arthur boy and we think that he will bring order back to our community. We are proud of him,” said one source. 

Another told us – “Ya, Tim is up. He will be fine. He is a great man and has deep contacts. He doesn’t pay politics. He doesn’t like politics. He is a cops cop.”

Our take?

YES! We are happy and proud of Tim Duriso. We around here at the Review have known him for many years. And he has always been right on with the law and he just will do the job! And we know – that honor and ability to try (operative word – try) to clean up Port Arthur. 

Our hats off to Tim Duriso!

Media Madness!

When we first got wind of this – our first reaction was no way! But then we got the copy from the Orange Leader – and get this – the Orange Leader came off the fence in a way that we just have not seen since MSNBC or CNN threw journalism out the door.

First, read this that was posted on the Orange Leader and spread throughout the community :

By Bobby Tingle

Dayna Steele is running on a platform of health care plus education resulting in an equipped workforce.

Steele was in Orange Thursday and stopped for a visit at The Orange Leader office in the Dal Sasso building behind the new Burger King on MacArthur Drive.

Steele is running for United States Congress. She was elected by 72% of Democrat voters in the primary election held last spring.

Steele would like to represent all residents of United States House District 36 in the State of Texas.

Congressman Brian Babin currently serves as congressman for the area. He assumed office in January 2015.

Steele and Babin will face each other in the general election in November.

<Started Out Normal – But Here We Go Kids!>

Steele’s priorities are commendable and logical. <Huh? Is This An Editorial Or A News Story?>

To compete we need people who are healthy and productive in this district. To succeed people need the proper tools and training. When we provide others with good health and good education, Steele believes we will equip them for success in the workplace.

Who can argue against healthy, educated and productive citizens with a good job? <Now An Advocate In A News Story?>

Steele did not ride in on a blue wave to Orange County.

The Democrat Party in Orange County has struggled for several years to post viable candidates for any office.

Nationally the party is hoping for a blue wave across the country creating a tidal surge of elected congressman returning control to the Democrat Party.

But in Orange County, the chances look slim.

Steele seems confident in spite of the odds against her here.

Her priorities are excellent. <What the hell?>

No one would argue with her priorities. <Do What?>

But the question is how we achieve her stated goals.

She provides an outline of her ideas on her website.

Her ideas to achieve healthcare goals include providing Medicare for all. She also wants to ensure preventive care, long-term care and pre-existing conditions coverage are available at affordable rates. <Hello Mr. Newsman – who is going to pay for this?>

She proposes achieving education priorities by providing free internet and laptops to students whether young or old. She proposes free community college and career training. She wants to emphasize science, technology, engineering and math in her educational initiatives. <Who Is Going To Pay For This and How?>

Once equipped she expects productive employees who are capable and willing to achieve the employer’s desires. She also wants to ensure a decent wage by raising the minimum wage to $15.00 per hour. To ensure long-term effectiveness she proposes tax incentives to companies providing continued training and education of their workforce.

Steele also advocates for gun violence prevention, women’s rights, immigration law reform, equality for all, care for the environment, and adequate care for our current veterans while reducing the number of veterans we produce by avoiding unnecessary involvement in conflicts. <Gun Control…….new way to put it – gun violence prevention>

I suspect any political candidate for office could find some common ground in her goals.

Personally, while I agree with her goals, I disagree the federal government will ever find a way to accomplish these objectives.

The federal government is more of a hindrance to achieving goals.

Take for instance her suggestion of tax incentives to employers who provide training to their employees.

Providing training to employees by employers is beneficial. But why link behavior with tax rates?

Why not simply reduce taxes to all companies and allow each to determine how best to prosper their company.

Related to taxes the federal government should focus on spending less. A lot less!

Steele made the decision to run for office after meeting with a politically active group of 55+ women over a period of time.

The group was concerned when Babin ran unopposed in the last election. So they sought a candidate to counter him.

Steele emerged as the candidate.

Her home is in Harris County where she worked at a rock and roll radio station for 22 years. Her campaign headquarters is in Harris County with offices also in Newton and Polk counties. Her campaign is considering additional campaign offices in Orange, Liberty, and Harris counties. <Uh…….is she a carpetbagger? No really?>

She wants to be available to the people of South East Texas she desires to represent.

Steele is open to a town hall meeting in Orange to allow area residents an opportunity to meet her and interact with them on the issues important to voters.

That is commendable.

Could the Democrat Party in Orange County make it happen?

We shall see.

So there you go….the Editor of the Orange Leader writing a story about a political candidate and expresses his left wing tactics. 

Here is the question? Does he own Brian Babin the same? You know – let Babin have his own column? Or maybe even a visit with the editor? And let’s see what comes out of the editor’s mouth?

Here is our take?

Newspapers are dying. Why? Because nobody wants to advertise with them? Why? Because they have gone from being down the middle to leaning left. And no matter what you say – Southeast Texas is not left. There are factions – that run the county – like many of the lawyers or elected officials that threaten to pull their public announcements (gravy for a paper). 

Now you get to see it – how newspapers refuse to challenge politicos. Front and center…..just like we told you.

Oh….and by the way….Brian Babin will crush this women 60-40. But we will see? Right?

# # #

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