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The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that there is one sealed indictment that is prepared and ready to be executed for a “high ranking Jefferson County official.” That said indictment is being held in order for another “person that has been cooperating with state and federal officials” to sign off on a plea agreement after the first of the year.

The Review has further learned that another indictment is pending with the office of the Attorney General regarding campaign finance law violations. According to our sources, a check that was meant to be deposited in a campaign account was in fact deposited in a personal account of the person being charged. The amount was $5,000. However, our sources are being tight-lipped regarding whether or not the person that cashed it is a current elected official or not.

Our take?

There is a gray cloud over the Jefferson County Courthouse. And it seems that the corruption boys and girls have had enough. You can swing a cat and hit an investigator in Beaumont.

First, we think that the indictments surround recordings and FISA warrants that were issued to listen to phone conversations.

Second, we think that the indictments are going to focus on corruption between those that have money in Jefferson County that tries to control the courts.

We are told that January 4 or after the indictments will be unsealed.

When we hear more – we will tell you more.


Hello Jefferson County – we have DRAMA in the courthouse. Well, maybe not so much, but there is DRAMA for one judge.

So, Larry Thorne, who is a judge in the Jefferson County Courthouse wants to be the administrative judge. And that is simply not going to happen. 

Administrative Judge? Well, that is the chief Judge who gets to make the decisions on what is who and who gets cases that get kicked out of their courts for different reasons – such as the judge is a golfing buddy with one of the plaintiffs or defendants. 

The story goes that Larry Thorne, a domestic Judge says he is up for the job. According to his fellow judges, he does not have the temperament to garner the job. The administrative judge for many years was Judge Gary Sanderson. And then to Judge Floyd. Now that Floyd takes the walk into retirement land – the county is looking for the new guy or girl. So as we said Thorne wanted the job – but he is going to be outvoted in a big way.

Now, who will fill the place?

Well, sources inside four of the six judges office tell us that it will be Kent Walston as the Sr. Administrative Judge. He has the votes. And we here at the Review like it. 

Walston has seemingly been ejecting cases, laying the law to cases and frankly is not scared of many of the players in the legal community. He is well connected to the Federal side of the court system and seemingly gets that the US Attorney’s office in Houston and Dallas is watching the Jefferson County Courthouse like a hawk. And he gets that the boom is coming in January – if – and we say if – what is leaking is true. 

So there is your drama for the week. Larry Thorne wants to be admin judge – the other judges say no – and Walston will get the admin position. 

Ya…that was the drama….right?

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