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And here we go after a little while away!

Mommy Dearest – oh lord, what now? It seems some wars are breaking out Inside the courthouse. This is going to be fun.

Broussard – Polliing at less than 20%. Stephens in the 70% range.

Flanigan – Says he is going to sue everyone. Good luck with that.

Pilot City – This is the third time they have put this scam on.

Love You Long Time – Another whore house in Beaumont. Gezzz…

BISD – Big problems post the 3 million dollar verdict in Federal Court – they didn’t have the money

The Economy Is Good – Another restaurant closed. Real Cajun.

That is enough, and have a nice weekend!

We Told You x100

“Cross Couburn is a problem. He is not all with it.” FLASHBACK TO THE SETREVIEW!!!!!!!

We said it before as we interviewed the guy years ago. He was a city council member for Groves with the other freak, wighead. And sure enough – we were right again (do you ever get tired of us being right all of the time?)

This time the kid beat a cop and he is going to have to do time.

Here is what KFDM said:

Surveillance footage shows Coburn shoving an officer to the ground, causing him to hit his head on a wall, at which point Coburn got on top of the officer.

The officer tried to place Coburn under arrest, giving him commands to get on the ground. The officer then used his Taser, but Coburn continued struggling on the ground.

They both stood up, at which point Coburn placed the officer in a headlock.

And yup! There goes Cross into the throws of a felony crime. By Cross. The wonderment is if the DA’s office will throw him a deal. Why? Well, he is gay. And the kid was said to be drunk – which now will end any chance in Politics ever again.

Here is what he looks like now:

Looks bad huh?

The cop is okay – got checked out and testified in front of the grand jury. You do not hit a cop. Nope, not at all Cross. You are a nobody and the time you get is worth it. Maybe now you will learn.

And it is off to prison until someone reaches down and feels for balls and none are there. We will watch it.

Sigh,,,, right again.

You Knew It

So now another sweetheart deal for Thomas Flanagan and his band of Merryman. It makes us sick to our stomach. Flanagan pulled a last-minute bait and switch when he called his buddies in Austin with the Historical Society and had them send a pinch letter. In the letter, the city was pushed (if that can even happen to some of the weenies on the board) to make the council not to knock down the building, for the city’s safety. No really, bricks over safety. 

Three businesses are being impacted, with traffic diverted all over downtown. One business that contacted the Review this week tells us they may have to shut down.

But it doesn’t matter. Politics (like we warned you) is in play big time. 

So, what deal was made?

  1. Flanagan has three days from today to put a chainlink fence around the property at his expense. 
  2. Flanagan has 60 days to secure the building if he plans to keep it – or the machines come in and the place will be torn down. 
  3. Flanagan (giggle at this one) will be charged with any expense for tear down after 60 days if the city or a contractor comes in.

What does all of this mean? Nothing but a good deal for Flanagan. The expense would be in the million-dollar realm. So Tommy gets a good deal!

But here is our question to you the taxpayers. If the building comes down on its own? This is a big possibility, what are you going to do with the bill then? 

The building is dangerous. The downtown sector of Beaumont is in trouble already. And now we give a guy another 60 days? THIS AFTER OWN THE BUILDING FOR THE LAST 10 YEARS with promise after promise. 

Who has balls? Only one man – THOMAS FLANAGAN and he wins again against a spineless city council!

Who Is Travis Rierson?

As promised, we are looking into a guy named Travis Rierson and his continued out on bail or no bail from the Jefferson County Correction Center. And his continued release from Jail with the knowledge of a sitting district judge. And the Deputies and Jailers are furious.

Here is his conviction history:

And get this – here is his most recent DPS conviction PIC:

Who is the judge that is bailing him out? A district judge? Judge Worthum seemingly has a soft spot for this guy. He has now bailed him out on drug charges three times? The question is why?

So our question is now is there some inside gig going on? This guy should be in prison with that type of history and for sure he should be held until trial on that criminal history. A district judge jumps in and releases him.

No wonder the Jailers and Deputy Association is furious. No wonder. It leaves us wondering. There has to be more to the story!

Watch City Council Close This Week

Ohhhhhh Kids. Calling all taxpayers. Watch this week (on Tuesday) when politics flies into high gear and Mayor Roy West does one of the two options he has. First, do the right thing and REMOVE the Beaumont Fire Department investigators from the downtown fire featuring once again Tom Flanagan, or, two politics are normal and ignore the problem facing the city – that one of the largest buildings in downtown burned and it was arson – but slip it under the rug.

Flanagan, who is in full defense mode on the fire, is waiting quietly, and back door deals are being discussed like the DITCH IN DOWNTOWN and moving forward with the project, now that one of the builds next to the project is held back. What did we say – well Flanagan opened his MOUTH and said some pretty interesting things. Like now with the insurance money he wants to build back the building that just burned. Uh, what? According to every single investigator who has spoken, there is NO WAY that the building should be saved. It cannot as structurally it is a safety hazard and one big bump is all over and coming down. And God help the other buildings around it. Or across the street.

The question is why after over 100 citations to the building to Flanagan, didn’t the city act. We can tell you. Inept leadership, a city council trying to protect Thomas Flanagan, and speaking of which – where is the Federal Government? Why are they not barking up his ass? 

So the City Council is putting on a dog and pony show on Tuesday. Watch for them to seek cover for Flanagan. Why? It is politically good for them. How do you cover up over 100 citations for the building not to mention the other slum lord locations? Some of which house Federal Agencies? Do what? Right?

So watch live on Tuesday. Mayor Ditch West will preside and the cover for Flanagan will begin. We will talk more about it later in the week!


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