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The 2024 Prediction Issue

We will be posting the 2024 prediction issue on Friday by Noon. You will want to read it and you will want to keep score. 

In our previous issues since 1996 we have called 8.8 out of 10 – meaning out of 10 picks – we got 9 right. So, will we flop this time or keep it rolling – remember because we pick a race does not mean we are endorsing it (lawyers make us say that). 

So, get ready – it is going to be a good one!

Puff Puff Give

Well, maybe it is not like it was back in the 1970s, but BISD’s drug problem hits front and center as some kids started to pass around some gummies laced with THC. And two kids (not one) ended up at the hospital. 

The school? Not the high school, but a middle school Marshall Middle School in Beaumonts Westend. 

But it’s just pot right?

Well, according to our sources in the Beaumont Fire Department, two of the children could not even communicate. Meaning, they were so high on THC that they had overdosed. But it is just pot, right?

Sadly, as we have said time in and time out, nobody in Southeast Texas gets that kids and their parents are using this stuff – and it is not the old stems and seeds from the 1970s. It is high grade dangerous stuff and who knows what it is laced with. Paramedics and Fire FIghters are now using PPE when dealing with these drugs if you even touch them – you might be next.

How does the saying go? Oh ya – it is another great day in Beaumont!


Once Again

And here we go again as we approach spring and the season of shootings begins – this time over the weekend.

Now, the first thing we will say IS NOT DO NOT BLAME LAW ENFORCEMENT! These guys in Beaumont and frankly around the Southeast Texas area are doing their jobs – and doing it well. It is the continued social breakdown of Beaumont and surrounding areas. 

What again is bringing Southeast Texas to its knees – well we have talked about it a thousand times. It is the total breakdown of society in Beaumont. From the kids to parents divorcing, pastors running around more worried about their shuck and jive than their flocks, and most of all the drugs that continue to pour into Southeast Texas. Add in civil unrest, costs of everything blow out pocketbooks. Well, you get it. 

And what do our local governments do? Rather than fix roads and bridges, water, sewer, fire, police, and EMS? Well, they want to build ditches in downtown.

Now to the bad news. Nothing is going to happen. The collision course has been mapped out for years. And now the payday for the mismanagement by mayors and their managers is here. Remember, they have to have their pork projects to make their dream of a socialistic government come true. Remember how they think – your tax dollars should be used to create entertainment for you. As the costs of doing anything go through the roof. 

And no one cares. Tax more, spend more and expect everyone to have money to spare for a nice dinner next to some ditch in downtown. 

But again – who are we? Right? As crime skyrockets again! And you wonder why?

Pollard Bombshell

The Southeast Texas Political Review has learned that “the Texas Rangers will assume a case this next week regarding Constable Jevonne Pollard in which she has been double dipping from the Jefferson County Constable’s office and the Port Arthur Independent School District, and as well, has attempted to hide an arrest in 2010 for theft of check – a class b Misdemeanor. 

We did some research on the tip sent to us and we did indeed find a mugshot of her arrest:

According to records, she paid restitution for the check, and she was not sentenced for the crime. 

Then to add insult to injury, we learned that Pollard, the elected Constable of Jefferson County Pct. 1, was getting paid by the county for her 9-5 job, and saying that she was on the job, however working for the Port Arthur ISD with a government auto unlicensed outside of her job. We were able to garner one-time sheet of what we are told may crest over 32 counts – here is that example:




The time schedules show how Pollard and others in her office work side jobs while being on the clock with Jefferson County. In effect, double dipping. 

“It is common practice in Jefferson County for Law Enforcement to work two jobs, one being paid for by the county and the other being paid for by either another government or private security to which nobody is registered,” said the Law Enforcement source that has been monitoring it.

“The Rangers will get the case and file the necessary charges. They have the information, and they are awaiting her election. But either way, she is going to catch charges,” said the source. 

Pollard and Donald Jackson are in a wild race for the position with accusations running all over the place. According to our confirmed sources over at KFDM, stories were produced by KFDM and when Pollard learned that she had been caught she called the reporter doing the story and Pollard threatened to sue her and the station – which the story was killed. 

Then the story changed to a report about double-dipping from county employees and the reporter could not get anyone to go on the record admitting that the practice is illegal. Now, as the Texas Rangers get ready to ramp it up – two commissioners have been speaking with the mainstream media and are willing to go on the record. However, the practice continues with the use of county fuel and property. 

Our take? Let this one play out. Let’s see who calls who to shut down the practice, or if any of the commissioners reach down and feel their balls and/or grow a set. Our guess? A special prosecutor is on the horizon in Jefferson County.

Tick tock – now we know and we are going to look into it. BIg time. 


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